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Atelier Iris 2

by Feinne

Part 59: Chapter Fifty-Seven: The Fury of Alchemy

They paused briefly before pushing on to the Temple of Creation, as they wished to marshal the alchemic powers at their command. After acquiring materials from around the world, they began with the mysterious Globe.

So, this is what the world really looks like…
It doesn’t feel real to me.
That’s because we are fighting in such a small part of the world.
It sounds so insignificant.
But, we must save this world.
You’re right.

And with some small alterations to the recipe, a ‘globe’ of the sky could be created.

What’s an Astral Globe?
It’s just like a globe, but instead of a world map, I used a map of the stars.
It’s beautiful…
Wars have always been fought over land, building and destroying nations…
But, the stars have always shined down on us, unchanged.
It might be that eternal sparkle that makes them so beautiful.
Check out our little poet.
I just said it was beautiful.
And it is.

As could a map of the underworld.

Under Globe? What’s that?
It’s a globe for a world where humans can’t go.
If humans can’t go there, then why do we need a map?
Hmm… That’s a good point…
For future reference, we don’t need maps for places we can’t go to.
I guess you’re right. Hahaha…

Feinne’s Fourth Wall Lectures: The Globes
The Globes are powerful single target attacks with very strange ingredients. The first is the Globeball, which we get from using the Item Wish Mana Item on substantially weaker plant type enemies (but NOT mushrooms). The second is the Violet Fungus, which we get from using Item Wish on salamanders, which are most easily found in the Lalizatt Cave. The third ingredient is some sort of alcohol, and using Item Wish or Nectar it’s easy to get a cost reduction (XL) onto these. The final ingredient is also variable, and it’s one of the three variants of the Nautical Map item. The Nautical Map results in a normal Globe that does heavy Physical damage, the Celestial Map results in an Astral Globe that does heavy Lightning damage, and the Dark Scroll results in an Under Globe that does heavy Dark damage. The Globe is the most useful, as Physical damage is almost always effective.

These were not the only great powers called down, though.

Ringing this bell will call upon the embodiment of fear to destroy everything…
That might not be a good thing…

Including one that was hidden in their own home for so long.

Don’t you think it’s great? Its color, texture, everything about it is superb.
But, isn’t it just an Uni?
What?! No! It has a real ultimate power!
You’ll just have to use it to see how super it is.

Feinne’s Fourth Wall Lectures: The Other Two
There’s nothing terribly hard about making the Element Blaze or Super Uni fortunately. The Element Blaze is a singularly brutal piece of magic, it does amazingly high damage of every element to all enemies and almost surely kills any trash enemy dead, especially with Power Item. The Super Uni is a lot like the regular Globe, but costs a mix of elements instead of all Stone. I’ve made a mix of all of these so I have options that I can throw out with Power Item if I need them.

With all that complete, they were ready to enter the Temple of Creation and face the dread alchemist, Palaxius…