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Part 60: Chapter Fifty-Eight: The Heart of Creation

Felt and his friends charged into the Temple, ready to hunt down Palaxius and put an end to his horrible ambitions.

Yeah, and Palaxius is waiting for us at the end…
We’re coming, Iris.
And we’re gonna save you this time…

Feinne’s Fourth Wall Lectures: Temple Part 1
So, the Temple of Creation has a rather interesting layout. Every way you can go actually does lead forward even if it doesn’t seem like it will. The trick is making sure you loot out the things that are actually worthwhile, especially since some of them can make certain characters become death, destroyer of worlds. We’ll see the first of those after a brief interlude that comes when we first make camp.

After struggling through the Temple for a while, they found a safe place to make a base camp for the expedition.

Noin and I’ll make a camp for us to rest.
Leave the cooking to me!
I’m going to take a look around. Poe, Viese, will you please come with me?
You got it!
Hey, Elusumus. Can I ask you something?
Azure Azoth: What would you like to know?
I was just wondering… What happened between you and Palaxius?
Azure Azoth: Oh, I suppose I still owe you an explanation…
Palaxius was my teacher.
You see, I was an orphan and he taught me alchemy, step by step.
No, that’s not all. He taught me the value of life, and what it means to live a good one.
He was like a father to me.
I can’t even imagine Palaxius being like that…
Azure Azoth: He was kind and gentle. The kind of a teacher I was proud to have. And not for being an alchemist, but for being a man.
But, the power… The power changed him forever.
The moment he realized it was possible to harness the power of Lilith, he had a new dream…
He became an entirely different person.
I shall release him from his trap of greed.

Palaxius did not have a monopoly on personal agendas.

Azure Azoth: Felt, I have duped you into my personal business. For that, I am sorry…
Don’t be. I want to stop Palaxius, as well.
Let’s release Palaxius…
From his mad dream…

Feinne’s Fourth Wall Lectures: The Best Skill
An Alchemy Item in the next section gives Fee the best skill ever, Quick. This makes her often get to act again in half the time when she acts. Noin can also get it but Noin doesn’t have the strongest single target physical in the game so it’s less important for her. If Viese could get Quick it would be pretty broken, but she can’t sadly. Anyway, when you see a save point out of nowhere that sort of tells you one thing: boss fight coming.

As they approached the path to the Temple’s upper reaches, they found it had far more substantial defenses than they’d seen yet.

Video- “The Divine”

Watch the Battle

Careful! Something’s coming!

Boss Battle: Divine Judge and Divine Guard
This is a pretty fun little mini-boss actually. The Divine Judge is a caster and the Guard is a physical attacker. You want to focus on the Judge first, because she can heal. Keep her Broken as much as possible to minimize the number of actions she’ll get and build up some Combo, because once she’s dead you’ll pretty much never Break the Guard. The Guard gets stronger and stronger as its health decreases, but once it’s alone you should be able to take it out with no real problem.

The creatures were nothing they couldn’t handle, though.

Elusmus: He’s up ahead. I can feel it!

And deep within the temple, they found one final lithograph.

What’s this… book?
System Message: Received [Ellis]!
You now have the recipe for [Cure Crystal]!
The Creation Mana… Lilith.
She has always worried about Humans and Mana…

Feinne’s Fourth Wall Lectures: The Final Area
There’s two things to remember when in this area. First, of course, is that final lithograph. If you don’t get a little scene, you missed one and need to bug out to find it. The second is the Aroma Material in a chest in this area, don’t go forward without it because Aroma Materials are awesome.

They stopped just before the heart of the temple to prepare.

This stone will allow the holder to control time.
What kind of control over time are you talking about?
Either your time goes faster or the time around you goes slower. It’s all relative…
You mean, we can be as fast as Chaos?
Then this item is very important!
We should use it wisely.

Including the creation of the ultimate power.

So, what did you make?
A Cure Crystal.
It summons the protector of Mana, an ancient, holy animal that can heal any injury.
At least, that’s what Yach told me.
I don’t really understand what you just said, but I’ll heal us, right?
I imagine so. It is the holy protector of Mana, so it should be very powerful.
Then there’s nothing to fear!
Not so fast. It requires a lot of expensive materials.
So, it’s not easy to make.
Then, we should save it as a last resort.
Yes. Only use it if we need it.

Feinne’s Fourth Wall Lectures: What Did Those Do?
The Time Stone is actually sort of disappointing. It is a speed debuff instead of a speed buff, so it’s not likely to work on anything that matters. Shame really. The Cure Crystal makes up for it by being incredible. It’s an Elixir for the whole party and doesn’t require a really unreasonable amount of elements to make, though it does use Life so we are limited a bit. The Mana Clusters here are almost always Life, though, so it’s pretty reasonable to farm Life here. Anyway, we’re ready to go for Palaxius, and we’ll see him next time.

There was nothing left to do now but push ahead, and end this once and for all…