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Part 61: Final Chapter: The Azoth of Destiny

Final Chapter: The Azoth of Destiny

As every story must have a beginning, it must also have an end. Palaxius awaited high up in the clouds, at the temple’s peak.

Video- “Palaxius”

Watch the Ultimate Battle

Ahhh… You showed up. I’m impressed.
Oh, that girl isn’t much more than an empty husk by now.
The power within her has almost completely been siphoned into this body.
Let me demonstrate the combined power of the greatest alchemist and the greatest Mana.

But the Crimson Power would not avail Palaxius this time.

That skill doesn’t work anymore.
Hmph, you always were trying to get in my way… such a nuisance.
If you want to see Hell so badly, I’ll bring it right to you!

Nor could he be reasoned with.

Lilith’s power is the foundation of all others!
We pursued all possibilities of alchemy, and wound up here!
Don’t you see that it’s not a power for humans to control?
Palaxius, I must destroy you!
And save Iris!
And free Chaos!
Then step right up, boy!

Boss Battle: Palaxius
Okay, so the biggest thing to keep in mind about Palaxius is that he hits incredibly hard. His single target attacks can potentially take weaker characters out from full health and his group attacks can leave you both low in health and afflicted by bad status/debuffs. Those Cure Crystals you hopefully just made are going to come in real handy here because they’re the best way to cope with some of his attacks. I’d go over things in specific but really just keep throwing stuff at him while healing and he’ll eventually drop. You’ve got a whole second party you can use to bring everyone who’s down up if it comes to it, though you need to make sure you’ve got items like Altena Jar in stock for that case. As with most bosses in this game he’s not really ‘hard’ but he’s a worthy challenge for the final boss of the game and pretty fun.

With Palaxius’ power broken, Chaos was able to regain control of his body. But there was only one way to destroy Palaxius for good…

Video- “The Azoth of Destiny”

Watch the Story End

No, that’s…
Felt! Use the crystal!
Don’t worry about me! Keep using the crystal!
Ah, this is it!
Palaxius: Grraaaaaahhh!!!
Elusmus: Felt, this is the final stroke.
Elusmus: I shall release all the power of the crystal to put an end to Palaxius.
Elusmus: I am honored to have met such diligent alchemists at the end.
I was able to reaffirm my belief that alchemy is about helping people.
Elusmus: I am sorry. The life you saved must be sacrificed so soon…
Now, my master, we must depart.
The world no longer has a use for us.
Cast aside this power and learn what true alchemy is.
Palaxius: Elusmus!

And so the era of the Azoths came to a close, and the power that Palaxius had pretended to was released into the world.

The power of Mana…?

Light? No, not quite…

I can sense it. The loving power of Lilith…
It appears the Crimson Azoth has released the power of Lilith.
How can I describe this… this gentle light…

I feel your love in this light.
The power of Lilith has spread throughout the world of Belkhyde.
This may in fact be the very world Lilith hoped for…

I suppose it is rather cliché to end a story this way.

Iris! Iris!
Are you okay?
Thank you.

But at least for the moment…

Elusmus: Their history ends here.
From this point on, there is a new world, filled with the power of Mana.
A world for kind and pure alchemists.
May Lilith bless the future…

They all lived happily ever after.

Video- “Project A7 Credits”

Time to Go Home

And finally, after so long, Felt got to go home.

Thus ended the tale of Elusmus, Palaxius and the terrible wonders they created.