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Part 4: Daphne's Book

Update 4: Daphne's Book

Music: Klein and His Pleasant Friends

...That can't be good.

Most people are impressed, actually. Nobody really likes the Alkavana, anyway. The knights used to be popular...but that was a long time ago.

What's changed?

Now Alkavana's full of bullies who throw their weight around. They won't do anything to us, of course...They have to keep up appearances. Anyway, thanks for what you did. Now it's time to get back to work.

Yes, let's!

Here's a job for you...People have reported hearing a ghost down in the sewer.

A ghost?

Yeah. It sounds a little fishy, but it's worth checking for sure.

Sure thing. I wonder if this ghost is hostile, Pamela, or hostile Pamela?

(I'm guessing it's probably not hostile Pamela)

It's nice to know that, while our objectives may change, the plaza is always here if we want to annihilate it.

Oh, and I also tried setting a child on fire. It didn't work. Oh, and speaking of children...

Then why are your legs shaking, huh?

I'm...really cold. Yeah. Oh, shut up, Yach!

We're talking about the ghost.

Yeah. Our parents won't let us play in the sewer 'cause of the ghost.

As opposed to the fact that it's disease-ridden, filthy, disgusting sewer?

Well, I'M gonna play in there because I'm not scared!

I dunno...It is a little scary.

Leave it to me, kids. I'll get the ghost for you.

Really? Y'mean it?

Of course. I'm stronger than I look.

Yeah, even ghosts are afraid of her.

What was that?


You promise?

I promise! So run along home for now.

Yay! C'mon, Yach! See ya, lady!

We can still run up to Alkavana headquarters and chat up the knights outside. They don't really seem that invested into catching or fighting us.

Music: Waterdrop Waltz

We just need to make a pass through the sewers, and a little ways in...

Guess it's just one of those urban legends...Alligators in the cemetery, ghosts in the sewer...

???: Boo! I am the ghost!...tee hee!

Oh, it's you guys again.

You're the ghost who's been scaring people?

Oh, no. I've been with Dia most of the time. You must be thinking of another ghost.

Okay...then where's THAT ghost?

I don't know, but I need to get going. I promised Dia we could play today.

I don't think anyone would be afraid of her.

Let's just head home.

Well, that was fruitless. A few randoms and a trip through the grocery store later...

No, we haven't seen him. Is everything okay?

I've looked everywhere, but I just can't find him.

Hi. What's everyone up to?

GAH!!...Don't DO that! You nearly killed me!

Sorry. Moving through walls is just faster.

Yach's gone. Nobody knows where he went.

Really? I saw him earlier, down in the sewer.

Dia immediately runs out of the room at this news.

Wait for me, Dia!

We should go, too.

And so we make yet another trip through the sewer (it's not as tedious as it sounds – the main path through the sewer is super short)...

Lita throws herself in front of Yach and takes a fireball to the gut.

Are you all right, Lita?

...I'm fine...I told you I was strong.

So, this must be the infamous ghost...Let's kick its ethereal ass!

Music: Ferocious Drive

Mr. Ghost Man tries to be a boss, but honestly he's really just a tutorial on spectral enemies. This game has a lot of enemies that are straight up immune to physical attacks, and as you might imagine these enemies tend to be a nuisance (particularly since they're a problem that Lita can't negate simply by existing).

Instead, they're a problem that Klein can negate simply by existing.

I also figured that since this is a “boss” and I don't really need to worry about MP conservation in the sewers that I might as well show off Lita's Force Blast. It only did about 70 damage, not nearly as much as I remember it doing. Still, it's pretty much Lita's only means of dealing magic damage.

Anyway, I win the battle with no effort...

In an amusing twist, the levelup Delsus got from this fight taught him HIS magic-based skill. Dark Arrow isn't very powerful but it's cheap (4 MP) and can inflict negative status effects, and of course is handy against physically resistant/immune enemies. Definitely a worthwhile ability for his arsenal.

Beats me. Maybe it got lost.

I'm just glad Yach's okay.

What were you doing in here? didn't want you to think I was a coward.

What were you thinking!? If you died, who would have done my homework? Which reminds me, you have math to do.

...Okay. Let's go home.

Thanks for saving him. Here's my most prized possession.

She hands over a Red Bracer. Not super exciting, but decent.

So...that was the last ghost, right?

I guess so...

Time to head home once again...

Music: Voiceless Poem

Lita? You don't look so good.

I'll be fine. I'm just a little tired.

If you say so...

Why don't you two go for a walk? I'm going to take a nap.


Psh...girls. Don't worry about it.

Lita walks downstairs, and the guys leave the house...

How long will it last? What am I supposed to do?...

There's not much to do right now. As far as I can tell, all we have to do to proceed is go to either the screen by Hagel's shop or the screen by Veola's, then return towards the bar.


Yeah, I feel great. Thanks.

And turn around and leave again...

Fellow: It's freaking amazing. You have GOT to see it.

Lady: I'll check it out as soon as I finish this.

Female: Hurry up, slowpoke! It's about to start!

Guy: Relax, we still have two hours. Let's take our time.

Female: Are you crazy? All the good seats are going to fill up!

...Where's the fire?

What's going on, Yach?

There's a show going on at the Outdoor Theater! Speaking of which...gotta go!

That sounds like fun. No wonder everyone's excited. C'mon Klein, we should go, too!

I feel like this update is a little more scattered than the others have been. Don't worry, we're getting close to a real goal.

Music: Small Workshop

Kid: I can't wait! This is gonna ROCK!

Missus: I'm so nervous, I've got butterflies!

Don't look now, but the knights are here, too.

We can't disappoint Sir Beggur! The theater must be secured!

...Think we'll be okay?

I don't see the head honcho. It should be okay as long as we keep a low profile.

Shh. It's starting!

The cat girl takes a spot next to our heroes...

Douglas: Will our unbridled passion never find the release of fairest matrimony?

Princess: You know my father won't allow such a thing, for thou art but a Doll Knight.

Douglas: Then hereby I shall go on a journey. Whence I return, I'll be more a man than Adam himself!

Princess: Don't go, sweet Douglas!

*sniff* It's so beautiful...

Are you serious?

The cat girl starts walking suspiciously close to people, while the game makes a suspicious noise. Then...

Music: Two Funny People

...She jumps Klein. Why not?


Meow! Next time watch where you're going!

The girl brushes past Delsus and storms offscreen.

What was that about?

I dunno, but – hey, wait! My book is gone!

Dammit, my flask is gone, too! Not that I had any booze...

Ma'am: My cookies have been pilfered!

Dude: Where'd my surfboard go?

We must report to Sir Beggur at once!

My grandma gave me that book...We have to get it back!

What about my hooch? That stuff is expensive!

C'mon. We'll find her.

Well, there's nothing else to accomplish at the theater for a while. Let's see if anyone in Kavoc can help us out.


Hold it right there!

The cat girl does not, in fact, hold it right there. Our group chases her towards Alkavana headquarters...

(dammit cat girl why is your portrait blocking your model)

...Of course, you WILL have to be punished. You've been a bad kitty...

These two knights are Vier and Neun. The non-Beggur knights get introduced kind of haphazardly (you'll notice I say that a lot about this game's opening) but I still think it's cool that they get introduced at all.

Anyway, Team Panther runs up alongside the two knights.

There's nowhere to run!

The thief immediately runs away, proving Lita quite incorrect.

What do you know...She got away. I suppose that's that. The Captain will know what to do. Come, Neun.

That girl still has my book. We have to find her.

But how?

???: She's in the forest.

You need to hurry if you're going to catch up with her.

Arlin immediately turns around and starts to leave.

Wait...Why are you helping us, anyway?

...I don't need a reason.

Right-o. I guess we can figure your story out later. For now, let's head to the forest...

Music: Bullfight

Video: Battle with Beggur!

So...this is the little girl who made a fool of the Alkavana knights? You may be a child...but you'll pay for what you did!


And our team once again rushes onscreen...

Pick on someone your own size, old man!

Whuh!? So, YOU'RE behind this...

Strike two, champ.

Silence! The noble knights of Alkavana will not tolerate this insolence! I've been looking forward to this...You'd better be ready!

You'd better watch out! Take cover over there.

There's still time to beg for mercy, you little punks! Ein, two ready?

You can count on us, sir!

We've got your back.

Have at you!!

This fight is...also a tutorial (and an odd example of one, given that we'll get a tutorial on what it's trying to demonstrate AFTER the battle), but it's a little more dangerous than the ghost was. These guys hit for about 20 damage apiece, so you need to pay some nominal amount of attention to your health.

Each enemy has a standard attack and a special attack that has to be charged up. While an enemy is charging an attack, you can interrupt their action. I still don't fully understand the mechanics behind this, but I've found that some attacks work better than others at interruption.

So I accidentally overrode that concept and tried out Delsus new Dark Arrow skill, and, well...

...I didn't actually interrupt Ein's charging attack, but Dark Arrow put him to sleep so he didn't get to use it anyway.

With Ein asleep, I decided to beat Zwei up a bit. I'd hoped to reduce him down to a puddle of elements, but no dice.

Once again, I feel no particular need to conserve Lita's MP so I might as well use the one blast of magic damage I can.

Beggur's charged up attack hits everyone for about 20-25 damage. It hurts, but it's still pretty manageable. Ein's special only seems to hit two characters (although it might hit all three if he targets the person in the middle) and I never got to see Zwei's in any of my attempts.

Easy enough! Klein learned a new passive skill called Magic Resist, which provides all those lovely +20s you can see in this picture.

...and Lita learned Jump Kick, a powerful and spammable physical attack that's great for dealing single-target damage when you're up against fewer but tougher enemies. I went ahead and leveled this skill up because I think it's great.

But now I'm mad...You won't escape my vengeance. I'll follow you through the gates of Hell if I have to...!

Okay, okay. Let's go, sir.

Beggur: the best villain.

Phew...I'm glad that's over.

I'd like my book back now, thanks.

Meow! Zeldalia wants the picture book, meow!

Hold on a second!

And the thief once again rushes off. This is getting kind of tiresome...

...She got away again. How are we supposed to find her now?

Don't worry...I know where she's headed.

You're kidding!

It's a long story. Let's head home for now.

Music: Popo's Pleasant Money Lecture

Today, our special guest will teach you all about's HIM!?

Your professional attitude is quite inspirational. Thank you for coming, even after Klein handed you a beating.

Well, I'll always help those in need, even if they are sworn enemies. That's what being a REAL man is all about!

Well, you're the man!...I guess.

You and your enemies both have different skills to use in battle. We can divide these skills into three types. I'll describe each one's characteristics and strategies. First off is the Single Type. It works as soon as you select it. Most characters have Single Types.

Next is the Double Type. With these, you perform the move twice as fast. Then, using the time you've saved, you can perform a second action.

This sounds kind of confusing...

Then, with the rest of its action, it will breathe out the fire. The advantage of Double Types is that they are much stronger than Single Types...But they do have a weakness. If you're attacked before completing the second action, the skill may be canceled. For example, if an enemy nails me while I'm preparing to use a Double Type skill...

...The first move's canceled, and you have to start over again...Right?

Usually, yes. So if you keep attacking me while I'm preparing my'll probably win!

What the heck!? You just told us your weakness, dude!

True skill will prevail, even if you do know my weaknesses. The third type of skill, which we like to call the Other Type, is unique...You may have noticed that wolves like to leave to find support when they're in trouble. But they won't get back until the next turn.

Oh! So if we defeat the rest of the enemies before the wolf returns, we win the battle!

That's right! Only if you aren't fast enough, a whole new pack of wolves will show up.

Double and Other Types are risky to use in battle...but your enemy can use them, too! Make sure you defeat them as soon as possible.

So you're basically saying that you're a pushover without your special move, Beggur?


That's all for today! See you later!

Okay, quick recap. There are three kinds of moves.

-Single Types are just normal moves like you see in any RPG.
-Double Types only take half a turn, and are frequently used to charge up an attack with one half and then execute that attack with the other half. If you damage an enemy while they are charging an attack, you may cancel the second half.
-Other turns temporarily remove the user from battle. If an enemy uses one of these and you kill everything else before they get back, you win.

Meanwhile, in the real world, Beggur is back at his headquarters...

Don't just stand around! Go arrest Klein!


Right away, sir!

Yeah, okay.

Enjoy your freedom while you still can, boy! Bwuh ha ha HA HA HA...ooooh...ouch...He hasn't seen the last of me. Klein will pay...

Well, did you hear her mention Zeldalia? Well, there's a witch named Zeldalia in Poto's Forest.

I guess you're not entirely useless...

Heh, well, it's not that easy. There's a huge fortress blocking the way. It was built back during the war, but it's just used by bandits nowadays.

That's the only way to the forest?

Supposedly there's a path by Lake Forwel, near Iris' Grave. A merchant told me that, but I think we can trust him.

We don't have much choice. We'll have to try it.

Alright, we've almost got this update finished, but let's chat up Lita real quick before we get go.

Are you okay?

I just noticed your always so cheerful.

Of course. Smiling helps you feel better. Besides, you only live once, right?

Do you think smiling really helps?

Of course it does.

It definitely helps me when I see you smiling.


Wh-What's that supposed to mean!?

Music: Beat of the Rumbling Earth

Little Girl with Old Lady Voice Well, well...It's been a long time.

Mysterious British Gentleman: Too long. Yet we haven't changed a bit.

Her: You didn't come all this way to discuss old times. What do you want?

Him: I thought you might like to know that my experiment is nearly complete.

Her: …!? You cannot defy nature!

Him: We'll find out soon enough.

Her: You fool!

Him: You can't stop me. Though you're welcome to try...

The man teleports away...

Her: ...If that's true...then testing his power is all that remains. Hurry back, Norn...