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Part 21: The Land of Mana

Update 21: The Land of Mana

Music: The Way to the Spirit King

My apologies for the delay. Real life, working for dollars, etc etc. Let's get on over to the Land of Mana, shall we?

(by the way, the above music link is for the Land of Mana section of the World Map. I usually won't have any real reason to link to it, so I am here.

The Land of Mana...I never really thought about where Mana came from.

Neither did I!...But that's probably because I've always lived at Klein's house.

We're about to find out.

Note that there are like twelve Mana Stones lying around here. Good of them to throw a bunch at me in case I totally botched smithing already. Sadly, the golden glowing one in the middle of the fountain is inaccessible.

Anyway, there's a portal up at the top of the area...

Music: Tree Spirit in the Mist

Who said anything about quitting?

Ooh, I bet this goes into some fantastical synthesis recipe. I have so much random nonsense in my inventory, I can't wait to clean it out a little for ultimate power items.

Hey, remember that dragon Delsus made us fight? Well, there are mini versions of him here. These guys have much less HP of course (though they're still beefy by random encounter standards) but they can use Flickering Flame do dish out a good 80-100 damage to everyone. Thankfully, they still have to charge it. I highly recommend busting out Arlin or Delsus to interrupt/deal status effects/kill it before they even get to use the attack part.

Incidentally, I'm reaching the point where I'm switching party members out pretty regularly even in randoms. One of the things I like about this game is that pretty much every playable character can excel against some kind of enemy, rather than one character being just generally outclassed by another at everything.

The gate to the Mana world is pretty brief, but we still have a ways to go before we can reach the settlement where the Mana actually live...

Everything's dying, meow...

This explains what I felt earlier...The Mana energy is very weak here.

Glowgrass...Glowgrass...I could swear I needed that for something. Probably one of Veola's recipes, since that doesn't really sounds like something that would go in bread or alcohol (well, maaaaybe alcohol). Anyway, there's a ton of standard Glowgrass and Dry Glowgrass here, so I stocked up.

This place has a great accessory. Klein and Norn both have pretty good magic setups but I'm finding Delsus' specials more and more useful so I handed this over to him to improve his MP and power for Dark Arrow.

There are also a few Growloons. For some reason this one was really difficult to get. I just don't really seem to get hitboxes in this game...

The Vilums are the most dangerous enemies here, but Rocs are kind of a pain as well. They can hit everyone for 40ish damage, and their standard physicals can inflict poison.

In other news, Delsus gained a counterattack passive, so every now and then he just gets to do extra damage. Pretty neat.

Basilisk inflict poison, too, but are otherwise less remarkable.

And we've got werecats, who aren't as pleasant as that one in Poto's Forest. They like to get fast attacks/first strikes, but aren't particularly strong and have terrible defenses.

Nice, uh...throne? I approve.

There are two very tall stacks of stones here. If you extract/destroy enough of them, you'll find that there are items on the very top that fall with them (both Mana Stones).

Geez, that's a lot of stone elements. Oh well, they're some of the easier to farm ones.

Hmm. That's some pretty weak damage, but I wonder if it might be better against different enemies – I don't know what that “Invalid” is about, either. Maybe I'll try this one again somewhere else.

Music: Spirit's Hometown

Who are you?

We are the Mana Chiefs...But our power has been diminishing of late.

Is that why the place is so unstable?

When alchemists were common, we shared great power. Alchemists and Mana have a symbiotic relationship. When one prospers, so does the other.

Like bees with flowers.

However, alchemists are no longer as common as they once were. Mana's activity has slowed down...and this has affected our world.

Iris? Iris was here?

Yes. Iris earned our trust.

You seem to understand Mana...but you must prove it to us.

In the ruin called the Flawless Marvel, you will find the Primal Gem.

The Flawless Marvel? Our friend was searching for those ruins!

Iris received the Primal Gem as proof of our trust. She built the Flawless Marvel to ensure the jewel's safety.

Return here with the Gem, and we shall acknowledge your wisdom.

I will now lead you back to your world, child.

Huh. I guess I should have figured that “earn the Mana's trust” meant “do an arbitrary favor for them”. Oh well. Let's talk to them again before we go. Most of them just offer generic advice, but the Chief of Water has something for us...

Cool! This is a Mana Item...

Iris asked me to hold onto that a long time ago...Once the right person came along, she wanted me to pass it on. I believe you are the right person.

Awesome!...except I can't synthesize any more. And it'll be a while before I even find a Mana who can handle Holy. Oh well, at least I get a freebie to use when I'm in really dire straits.

This cane is also just lying around in a chest behind the little shop. It's kind of fantastic and went straight to Klein.

All right! Twenty one updates in, and we're finally able to use those Pendelooks!

See, Valco uses Pendelook as currency (which is actually super creepy, but whatever). We need to collect various Stained Grasses and Mini Pendelooks, have Veola combine them into Pendelooks, and then we can spend them here. Naturally, most of the stuff he sells us is going right back to Veola for synthesizing other things.

Unfortunately, we can only make four Pendelooks at a time (we can carry up to 9 Minis, and synthing takes 2 of those), so it can be pretty tedious to farm enough to buy all the things we need here. Fortunately, both farming spots are near teleporter towns, and now the Land of Mana has a teleporter destination as well, so at least we can zip around all over without having to walk everywhere.

Speaking of Teleporters, while we can teleport IN to the Land of Mana, we can't teleport back OUT – we need to go to a nearby location called the Gates of Change, which spits us out... the Tower of Airfen, not far from Kavoc and Henmil's Gate. Henmil's Gate also has a teleporter to the fairy's house, so again, it's getting pretty easy to get around the world as I need.

I decided to walk home through Lapis Woods, and it turns out that was a good idea...

Music: Forest of Meeting

It must be a treasure map!

Nuh-uh...It's just an old piece of paper.

What are you guys up to?

We found a treasure map!

Really? Let me see that. Hmm...

It's just a piece of paper with an X on it.

I think it's a treasure map...but Yach says it's just dumb ol' paper.

Tell ya what...I'll find the treasure for you.

Really!? Okay! Then we can share it!

You have my word.

Come get me after you find the treasure, okay?

Well, I couldn't just crush her dreams, could I?

...And suppose there IS treasure, are you actually going to share it with them?

Of course. I never lie...To kids, I mean.

… ...

Relax. I'm going to go study this at the bar for a while.

Hmm, sounds like a decent enough diversion. Let's head over to Norman's...

Ugh...there's nothing on it. I give's not a map at all.

Delsus! You can't just give up! Those kids are depending on you!

I'll them toys or something.

Lemme see, meow!


Dammit, Norn! You got water all over it! Argh, it's soaked.

Look, meow! New lines are appearing!

Hey, that's pretty tricky.

So...It really is a map?

Great job, Norn! You've always been my favorite.

Scolded then complimented, meow? I'm confused...

This could be...and this one's...Hmm. And if I...Yeah, this looks like the ruins on the way to Nelvia.

You mean we're actually going to find treasure? This is exciting!

Uh-oh, looks like we might have competition. We'd better hurry to the ruins!...

Nah, let's do other random stuff first. This is our current Growloon Rank. Norman's handing over some substantial cash rewards, very much appreciated. RIP GRWLN.

Atelier Veola: Bombing Myself

Music: Spending the Night Together

I didn't say anything before, because I respect Norman...but I won't hold my tongue this time.

… ...

You actually want to meet the Grim Reaper? What kind of idiot believes those superstitions?

We'll find out if it's superstition or not after I complete it, won't we?

Ha ha ha! You're a whack job!

Don't talk to her that way!

What the – who're you!?

Someone who doesn't get his kicks picking on innocent girls!

... …!

Stay out of this, boy! It's official Chamber of Commerce business! Did you listen to her side of the story? You've got no idea what's going on.

Oh, I heard it all right – and I believe her.

Well, they do say idiots come in threes. It's not like you can do anything about it. We'll force you out of town, Veola. You hear me?

Mr. Chamber of Commerce Dipshitface walks out. I hope we don't see him again, or if we do that it involves Klein and Veola throwing explosives at him.

Don't worry about us; are you going to be okay?

I'll be fine...They're just empty threats. He wants to open his own shop here to improve his location and increase profits. Please don't tell Mr. Norman...I don't want him to worry.

Okay, we promise. By the way...does the Chronolex have anything to do with death?

If you came here to tease me, I'd prefer you just leave.

No, no, I just meant...well, there are similar spells used in alchemy. That's how I know you're telling the truth.

...I think I understand. I'll explain the Chronolex when I'm ready. Thank you as well, Lita. I appreciate what you did for me.

Oh, no sweat. I didn't really do it for you – I just hate that guy.

You could have just said “You're welcome”, you know.

I don't have a lot more to synthesize, but while we're here we might as well put that Glowgrass to good use. I wonder what this is, anyway?

This substance will erase anything you write on a piece of paper.

That might come in handy.

So I can write whatever I want...and erase it whenever I want?

Correct. However...If the paper you used is thin enough, you can still read the writing through the back.

What!? Then what's the point of using this at all?

Just don't write anything you'd regret.

Sadly, I can't seem to find a way to use this to erase my enemies. Perhaps it will be useful for yet more synthesis? (hint: yes)

We can also use the Silk we bought in Duran, and in one case it will alter our results...

I didn't have a lot of material, so I just made a hat this time. Behold, the Fairy Hat. You'll live the carefree life of a magical elf whenever you wear this and Fairy Clothes.

...How'd she say that with a straight face?

Norn's already a pretty carefree magical creature, so I think these will be a great fit.

Bombing what?

Oops, I meant Me, Myself & Bomb.

You should probably be careful with that.

I found something very interesting in that book. If you find a Gear somewhere, will you give it to me? I should be able to use it to create an effective bomb.

Oh, that's easy. I think I already have max capacity on those, anyway.

Oh, for me? Excellent. Thank you.

Why so happy? It's just a gear.

This should work...This wheel has 96 gears.

Huh? How'd you count them so fast?

It's quite simple, actually. Each wheel can be divided into 12 regions. Each region has 8 gears. See?

Hey, cool. Maybe you should quit your job here and become a counting instructor.

There is no such position. I've checked.

What kind of bizarre world doesn't have algebra courses? I can't decide if that's terrible or delightful.

I made a quick stop to collect some more Mini Pendelooks. You can assume I'm going to do this pretty regularly so I can start buying more things from the shop in the Land of Mana. Once I stocked up, I made my way north to the abandoned tavern on the way to Nelvia...

Music: Whistle

The characters wander around the tavern for a little while, until...

Norn pulls a little red treasure box out of the hole.

I'll open it, give me some room...Okay, everyone ready?

Hold it right there!

He...he told me he'd help me find you guys...

I didn't lie, did I? They're right there. Ha!

Leave them alone!

Let's make a little trade...These kids, for that treasure.

Don't do it!

Shut up, you little brat! Don't you get it? I mean business...

Who the hell said that!?

???: I'm right here.


How rude! I am not a monster. I'm a ghost. A ghoooo~oooost!

He-help meee!

The thieves run in terror of Pamela.

What took you so long, Pamela?

How'd you know where we were?

I saw those men kidnap the I followed them. But then I got tired...and I kind of lost them...

(...Do ghosts get tired?)

So...should we open the treasure?

Let's see what's inside!

I haven't been this excited since I became a ghost!

… …

What the hell!?

Polished stones, flower necklace...These are just toys!

Oh my gosh! What an awesome treasure!

Remember to share, Dia.

Here, pick the ones you want...

I wasn't expecting much, but...Come

At least you made the kids happy, right Delsus?

Hip hip meow!

We actually do get a reward – there are a few mana stones, and a Pikohammer (which we can also get from some low level monsters in the sewers, but it's a fun item so I'm happy).

That's it for today. Join me next time as we go on a journey to find Rurona and the Flawless Marvel!