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Part 26: The Lady Knight

Update 26: The Lady Knight

We've got a bit of a short update today to get some main plot stuff out of the way before another synthtastic sidequesting spree. Let's head back to Kavoc.

Music: The Name's Beggur!

Because you're wrong! You don't fight for justice – you're just a big bully!

I do everything for the glory of Alkavana. Don't you understand that?

Are violence and force glorifying to Alkavana?

...You've gone too far. If you truly believe that, then fight me. Our blades shall decide the truth.


If you refuse to fight, then you'll die like a dog.

Why are you doing this?

I have no use for someone who questions my authority! Don't you see, Marietta? I'm doing this for you. This was always for you...

Music: Bullfight

Man, this guy just doesn't quite. What a creep.

Huh!? N-No, you have the wrong idea!

How can you treat women like that! You're a disgrace to men everywhere!

Must you ruin ALL my plans!?

We get into a, um, “fight”.

It is, um, “not very hard”.

...I'll hand you upside down by your toenails until you die!

Having exuded sufficient bravado, Beggur opts to flee.

...She's unconscious. Let's get her home.

Music: Sadness is Whisked Away by the Wind

...Where am I?

Hello again. Don't worry, you're safe now. Beggur knocked you out.


Don't worry, Delsus is with us. We're trying to help you.

…The Knights of Alkavana have changed since I left. My brother was a nice, caring man. Now all he cares about is power. This is all Mull's doing.


I just wish my brother and the knights could go back to normal again.

Well, I can't bear to see a damsel in distress.

What are you talking about?

Who's your brother, anyway?

Did you say...Nice and caring? THAT Beggur!?

She must mean a different Beggur, meow.


I don't mean to interrupt, but I need to see you right away.

Is that you, Zeldalia?

I have news about the girl. Get over here as soon as possible.

...Guess we'd better hurry.

This had better be important...We've got enough on our plate as it is.

Would you like to come along, um...what was your name?


And just like that, we have our final party member, Marietta!

The first time I played, I pretty much dismissed Marietta instantly because screw you you aren't my real Arlin. However, I've since come to appreciate that Marietta is a pretty good fighter in her own right. As you can see, Marietta has boatloads of attack power, HP, and defense, making her an effective tank who can dish out decent amounts of pain to back it up. Of course, the trade off is that her magic is low and her speed is abysmal, so she doesn't get to act as much as the other ladies on the team.

She uses swords, and for the most part shares an equipment selection with Arlin, so I actually do get to use that excellent sword that Book Eater dropped. I guess this means Arlin really did leave his equipment behind (or I forgot to actually equip this on him. Either/or).

Sadly, Marietta is still lacking a few of her skills, so equipping Mana on her is surprisingly limited in effectiveness right now. Halberd and Harken are physical attacks that have greater vertical or horizontal range, and Thunder God is a really powerful magic lightning attack which I don't recall being particularly worthwhile unless you give Marietta a heavy magic build.

She also has Healing, meaning we now have a non-Klein healer. This can be very valuable; while Marietta's heal is obviously less potent than some of the stuff Klein can do and is single target, it's still nice to have someone who can heal who is also able to survive a few attacks.

Anyway, I gave her Deimia because none of the Mana really boost her skills well right now so we might as well give her his +def/HP to accent her role in the party.

Now, then, what time is it?

That's right, it's bunny time.

Music: The Forest Where the Witch Lives

Took you guys long enough...Ohhh, my hip...

You better not have called us all the way out here to fix your hip.

...Brat. Of course not. There's something you need to know...Ahhh, ouch! I apologize, but I need Norn to help me out first...

One special Norn Kitty Massage coming right up, meow!

Why don't you all wait upstairs? I'll be up in a few minutes.

Glad I could help, meow!

Are you going to fill us in anytime soon?

Of course. It's time for me to explain what I've been doing.

What do you mean?

Klein, the real reason I tracked you down was so you could defeat Mull.


Arlin informed me of Mull's plan. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough power to do anything about it. chose me?

Yes, and I made the right decision. You've become a master alchemist. However, Mull's become too powerful. I don't think anyone can stop him, now...

Have you ever heard of the ultimate Mana fusion?

Wasn't that -

Yeah. That's the reason Avenberry collapsed.

Correct. Fusing enough strong Mana will revive the Amalgam. If that beast comes back to life, Mana all over the world will be destroyed.

Why is Mull doing this?

That I do not know. At the moment, all you can do is create the Ruby Prism.

That's why you must do it. Everything depends on your success.

How exactly do you know Mull, anyway?

Mull, Daphne, and I were good friends. We studied alchemy together. However, his outlook on it was very different from ours...

This filter is so nasty looking. What's wrong with a good sepia tone? It's boring, but it works.

Oh? Then why is it the only way that works?

Times have changed, Zeldalia. Iris is ancient history. Today's advanced theories can prevent the mistakes of the past. Soon, Mana Fusion will be a reality.

Don't you get it? It doesn't matter how skilled you are; Mana Fusion is not possible.

Don't accept Iris' teachings as fact. Think for yourself. Why can't we fuse Mana?

Because fused Mana isn't true Mana! When you transform a Mana into something else -

What? The world will end? That's only because ancient alchemy couldn't hope to control the process!

You're wrong, Mull.

Forget it. You and Daphne won't ever understand. Alchemy isn't just limited to what we have now. We need to advance the science for the good of humanity. Think of the power we could achieve by fusing Mana...A hell of a lot more than some Ruby Prism. Humanity can't advance if we're chained to the past. Iris' methods are holding us back!

I like this little bit because it's pretty much the only time Mull is remotely compelling as a character. I like the science versus ethics conversation the two alchemists have, and how some of what Mull's saying actually makes sense. I wish we could see more of this and less of the silky smug douchenozzle Mull of the present.

But Mull continued his research. It's up to you, Klein. Make your grandmother proud.

...I'm sorry for worrying you, Daphne...

I'm going to make a Ruby Prism. Nothing's changed.

That's good to hear.

And that's that. Join me next time for things that are not the main plot!


I choose you, Marietta.

M-Me? Is that a good idea?

It's just a simple massage. You'll do fine.


You can start anytime now.

Oh, okay...How's this?

...No...a little higher.

Uh, here?

Oof – lower.


The other direction.

You must mean here.

...How are you missing this?

I'm not doing it on purpose.

...I'm stiffer than when we started.

I...I'm sorry. I'm no good at this sort of thing.

It's okay. You tried your best.

… …

I was really surprised that Zeldalia still wanted massages after she gave me Living Item. Is there some other reward I forgot about, or is this just an excuse to see Marietta's scene? I guess we'll find out eventually.