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Part 27: Where's Rurona?

Update 27: Where's Rurona?

Atelier Norman: Booze Bombs

Music: Waterdrop Waltz

All right, it's time for another update of pure side content goodness! Since I'm going to zip all over the place this time, I figured I'd just link to random songs for your listening pleasure.

A drifter stopped by the other day. He told me about an interesting drink. It's supposed to be healthy, but still pack a tasty kick. Even hard core alkies can't get drunk from this one.

Sounds like a challenge to me! When can I have some?

Oscar sells Crank Snakes, so I've stocked up on a few of those, and Norman himself sells all the rest.

...Is this alcohol or medicine? Are you trying to trick me?

Haven't you heard? Alcohol is the solution to life's problems.

Hmm...You still can't make me drink it.

Well, I'll certainly try some.

I'll have Lando Juice and a salad, please.

Delsus, meow...I think you fell for it.

No way! The taste, the smell, the buzz...This is medicine, no doubt about it.

It's still alcohol! It can still mess you up...Besides, a salad's healthier than some tonic any day. Am I allowed to have seconds?

Vegetables or no, you shouldn't eat so much.

I hate alcohol AND veggies, meow...

You now what that means – we have to make alcoholic veggies. I think some rum infused carrots would hit the spot.

Oh yeah, I also got some money and a Glowing Mana for Growloon murder.

And now, let's skip ahead a bit to the next time Norman had things to make...

Is something wrong?

Huh? Oh, Klein! I was just thinking about my drinks.

What? Did you stock some new drinks?

Yes, I did. I heard this one from a guy up north. It's supposed to be really strong. As in, too strong for most normal people to drink.

Is that so? Bring it on!

I'd like to serve it to customers...but I can't have people collapsing in here.



That's right, it's called Dragon Slayer. The traveler said they use it as a weapon.

Hmm...really? That just might come in handy.

If you're sure...I'll add it to the menu.

Oh man, more dragon tongue? Those things are expensive. Well, let's start with the default recipe...

See this one? It's called Dragon Slayer.

Oh ho! I've heard about this. Let's try it!

No way, buddy! You wanna burn down my bar? If you're gonna drink it, go outside.

I guess this is supposed to be good at killing dragon enemies, then? But what if we tried using something besides a Dragon Tongue?

Wait, Demon Slave? That has to be a typo.

Oops...I guess I didn't mix it right. It's darker than it should be.

It's still a stiff drink, right? Maybe it'll work on demons.

Not a bad idea...I'll call it the Demon Slave.

Oh...not a typo. Mistranslation, then? Whatever.

Now let's replace the eye/tongue with a Puniball.

Gah...These ingredients were bad! It turned into gelatin.

Hey, it looks like a Puni!

...Guess you're right. Okay, I'll call it Puni Slayer.

Is this the best drink or the worst drink? I can't decide. At any rate, that's all I did with Norman for a while. Let's see how some of our other friends are doing.

Music: Hot or Cool

I'm just bummed about the Flawless Marvel. I'm just so tired lately...I don't feel like doing anything...This isn't like me at all. I always look on the bright side, don't I? Well this just won't do. I need to get back on m feet and exploring again. Hey, do you guys know of any good ruins around here?

Well, we've been to a few places...

The screen fades out as Klein describes these places, making this sidequest about ten times longer than it really needed to be...

Sounds great! I'll check 'em out. See you guys later!

And...there she goes.

I think she'll be just fine.

This is an official sidequest, so naturally I wanted to do it as soon as possible so I don't accidentally postpone any others while it's active. The catch is, well, it's basically just “travel around the world looking for Rurona in various places.” The good news is when you find a correct dungeon you'll find her right as you walk in, but there's still a lot of places to look and no real hint as to what they may be.

Find anything?

I sure did! Man, I've been searching all over...check this out.

Hey, pretty cool.

You can keep this, I don't have much use for it. See you later!

Each time we find her, she hands over a Mana Stone, because sidequests are all about getting more Mana Stones.

My first two guesses were right on the money, but the third place was harder to figure out...

Ka Luda's Playground seemed like a good place to look, but no dice...

And she wasn't at the Cleft of Nelvia either. Then I thought perhaps she went to Avenberry now that that's opened up, so I started to head that way, and on my way there...

Music: Frozen Lithograph

… …

What kind of sales pitch is that?

Oops, wrong person. Hey, the name's Pattote. I'm a street vendor.

A street vendor?

Yeah, I go all over the place and force peop-...ASK people to buy stuff. psst...Just between you and me, I have a buncha forbidden items. Here, have a look at my stock.

Interesting...Pattotte can show up in all kinds of places. I know one of his homes is right outside Hagel's shop in Kavoc, so I usually look for him there if I want to buy any of his stuff, but I usually blow so much money early game on ingredients that it's not until quite a ways in that I can ever get him to talk to me.

He sells some elusive ingredients, several poisonous mushrooms, and some high caliber weapons/accessories that I can't really afford. I'll try and get some stuff form him later, but for now I just stocked up on animal paws and lando.

Anyway, Rurona wasn't in Avenberry, either. I used the teleporter to the fairy blacksmith's house to leave, and while I was there I decided to chat up the fairy shopkeeper there.

Uh...I wouldn't say “a lot”, but I interacted with him the one time.

How'd you know that?

Don't underestimate my intelligence network. I know everything that happens in the world of business. Anyway, I thought I should warn you...Don't do business with that sleazeball. He was banished from the fairy world for selling forbidden items, you know.

Forbidden items?

There are strict rules against the sale of dangerous goods. Or, as I like to call them, bad goods. But, anyway, he's still selling bad goods anyway...It's a shame.

...I see.

So, that's a good reason to shop at my it? just want us to buy everything from you, then.

Hmm, even the fairy vendors get a little bit of personality and dialogue. Also, “bad goods”? I can't tell if that's an intentional oxymoron or not.

My search for Rurona continued. I tried the Mana World, I tried Airfen's Tower and Henmil's Gate, I tried the abandoned tavern where Pamela scared off those bandits...nope, nope, nope. Turns out she was in a much simpler place.

Alexia Cave. It actually makes sense when I think about it, since there are ruins further in the cave where we fought Delsus' Dragon Distraction. Once we've visited Rurona in all three places, we can find her in Lapis Woods to resolve the quest.

So you enjoyed your ruin tour?

Oh yeah! I realized just how much I love adventuring. I can't stay home crying and eating ice cream forever...There's always another adventure out there waiting!

We don't get a reward for talking to her here, it just officially ends the quest so we can start others if we want. I actually did stumble across another one, but first, let's check on Blaire.

Atelier Blaire: The Most Rotten Recipe

Music: Sleeping Reality

By the way, thanks a lot for participating in my new bread experiment last time. Your bravery and honesty inspired me, and I created a special seasoning.

I added seasoning to the regular Fluffy Rolls, see? You should try it out. I fully back this product.

That's...interesting and all, but why can't I actually make new bread products yet? Oh well, this is still worth checking out.

...Blaire? I don't think your store meets local health code standards.

Here y'go. I call this Secret Ingredient!

Um...I know it's supposed to taste really great and everything, but...

Hm hm hm...I wouldn't necessarily say “great”, but go on.

Why do you have to use rotten meat?

Yeah – that's a strange ingredient, meow! How's it work? Tell us the secret, meow!

Silly kitty, that secret is for me and my kids. It will stay a family secret. Hm hm hm...

Incidentally, I used fairly good ingredients and still got a 0 score. I'm assuming the spoiled meat just nukes the score no matter what.

I visited again later...

Um, excuse me?

… …

Is anybody there!?

…!? What? Oh, sorry. What do you need?

Someone could have just walked off with the bread, you know?

It's okay, I'm fine now.

We could come back later, if you're too busy.

No, really...I'm not that busy.

...and this unlocks...nothing. Dammit Blaire, I want to get your character arc going but you need to give me some recipes before I can help you.

Meanwhile, at the mines...

Are you okay!?

Yes...I-I was cleaning the top shelf...

What a mess!

We need to help clean, everyone! Delsus, start sweeping in that corner...

What!? You expect me to clean up?

She needs our help! Don't you have a policy about this sort of thing?

Yeah, yeah...

Hey, Marietta, you call that cleaning?

I...I'm not good at fine details. Speak for yourself, Delsus.

Hey – I'm a guy! I'm supposed to suck at cleaining.

Cleaning has nothing to do with gender! You can be so pigheaded!

BE QUIET, MEOW! Less fighting, meow, and more cleaning!

You heard the cat girl! You guys need to get back to work.

So, who's betting on Delsus and Marietta being the game's secondary couple?

Okay, I've got one more store to visit, and that's the relatively forgettable store in Duran. Let's see how Delsus' grandmother is doing.

Music: Village of Snow and Glass

What's wrong, Grandma?

Jajima: Oh, nothing...Just a little tired, that's all.

Are you sure? You're not too young anymore...

Jajima: I know, I know, I don't have much longer...

Whoa, I never said that! You've got plenty of years left in you.

Jajima: Well, I haven't felt so great lately...

Is there anything I can do to help?

What flowers?

Jajima: It's always so snowy here, you see? I can't remember the last time I saw flowers. Why, the last time he picked me flowers, he must have traveled very far...

Do you remember what kind of flowers they were?

Jajima: I don't think so...It has been a very long time. They were beautiful, though...And white as a snowflake.

White as snow...Got it. Rest here, grandma. I'll find you some flowers.

Jajima: Oh, you don't need to trouble yourself over an old woman...

Of course I do! You took care of me, and now I'm going to return the favor.

Jajima: ...If you say so. I appreciate you trying.

Beautiful flowers, coming right up!


You promised to bring her flowers. Do you have any idea what you're looking for?

… …

For a minute, I actually thought you were capable of being sweet.

She's going to be devastated if we don't bring her the flowers!

You think I don't know that? Chill out, I've got it under control. what's your plan?

When in doubt, ask Lector...right?

… …

… …

...She's scary, meow.

You can't expect other people to solve all your problems!

What else am I gonna do? I don't know jack about flowers.

...We might as well ask her. If she can't help, you guys can argue with Delsus then.

You're getting pretty good at handling this sort of thing, Klein.

What if Lector doesn't know about flowers?

I'll just think of something else.

It's kind of funny to me that Klein has to play dad to the group, considering he's probably the second youngest of the lot after Norn. Of course, if he's the dad then that would make Lita the mom and that doesn't work at all...

Actually, we're looking for something. Maybe you can help us find it.

Flowers as white as snow, huh? I know I've seen those before...

Any idea where?

I remember a mountain...You might find them in the highlands.

A mountain in the it, we'll check it out.

Thanks a lot. Take care!

You're leaving already...? Next time, bring me some items!

My first instinct was that it should be in the Cleft of Nelvia, but as it turns out on the mountainous path to Avenberry.

Curiously, it doesn't fall with the platforms it's growing on, so you have to use Deimia to reach it. Weird.

Jajima: Oh my word...They are! They're so white...just like I remember...

I'm glad we could find the right flowers for her.

Jajima: Thank you kids. I feel so much better now.

Well, I can't ignore a damsel in distress, you know. It's policy.

What a moron.

You don't have to be so mean all the time, you know. was really sweet of you.

What was that? Say that a little louder...

Jajima: Well, I'd feel bad if you went all that way just for I have something for you. Here, take this ring. It's been passed down through my family since...forever.

What? Oh. I couldn't accept such a precious heirloom...

Jajima: It's okay, child. I wanted to give this to my daughter...but I never had one. Please take it...for me.


Just take it, already. It's something to remember my Grandma by.

Thank you, ma'am. Thank you very much.

Jajima: I can't mope around here all day. I need to get off my keister and do something.

That's the spirit, Grandma!

Jajima: Don't worry about me...I'll be here when you're chief of this town.


She's looking forward to it, Delsus.

...I guess she plans on living forever.

The ring is...not too impressive statwise, or so it seems. Still, it has a bunch of empty slots so maybe I can make something good with it through smithing or something.

Join me next time as we have a new Veola-centric update and make some of the best-named items in the game!