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Part 28: Pieces of the World

Update 28: Pieces of the World

That's right, it's time for another super synthtastic update! Let's see what Veola's up to lately.

Atelier Veola: It Does What a Hoover Does

Music: The Laughable Pair

You look tired. What's the deal?

None of your business. However, I was thinking of how you said I didn't have fashion sense.

I dunno...the Paw Gloves were cute.

Well, I'm sure you'll enjoy my new styles very much.

You're still trying to design clothing?

My target demographic was too narrow last time. Now I have a much better approach. You might even want to wear it out in public this time.

Why didn't you design your clothes that way the first time?

It doesn't matter, now. Let me know what you think of the new clothes.

I talked to Veola periodically while I was searching for Rurona and doing stuff with Blaire and Norman last time. This scene unlocked three new outfit recipes. Later...

Yeah, but...It's mostly a legend. It's supposed to be a very difficult spell.

I see...I was hoping I could use it.

For the Chronolex, right?

Yes. I've thought a lot about it. Alchemists use mana power, correct? I can't use mana energy, so I'm hoping the Chronolex doesn't require it.

Can you tell me any more about the Chronolex legend?

From what I've gathered, the village prospered by creating spells and items. The Chronolex was the greatest of these inventions. The reason it was so great was because it allowed people to meet dead spirits.

...Veola, you aren't really trying to meet your brother's spirit, are you?

He was the only family I ever had. I just want to speak with him one last time.

Stop! It's too sad!...Maybe you should tell us the whole story some other time.

We'll let you know if we find anything about the Chronolex.

...Thank you.

For now, it'd be really nice if you dropped the price on bombs.

That's not possible right now. But giving you some clothes wouldn't be a problem.


And that adds yet another recipe. I'd forgotten just how much Veola ends up doing with attire.

It was quite interesting...I discovered several new formulas. By all means, try them out.

Okay, that should give us plenty of stuff to make for an update. Let's start with clothes and see if Veola's really improved her taste.

Music: Town Where the Bells Chime

We'll need a few Cornet Jewels throughout this update and the next, which Veola makes herself. Add some cloth of your choice, and...

I made these Silver Pants especially for you, Lita.

Why are you obsessed with dressing me up in horrible clothes?

I thought maybe your legs were cold. I was trying to do you a favor.

A favor!? These pants were cut for a man!

Well, I had to guess your size. I mean...your legs ARE pretty thick.

I...You...Did you stop to think that might have offended me?

It wouldn't have stopped you.

I should have actually checked to see if Lita will even equip these or what their stats are like, but I wound up immediately using them in another recipe...

Not this one, though – I don't have a Dragon Horn. We'll need a few of those to do everything, and they're kind of difficult to get a hold of. This will probably have to wait for a while.

Instead, I had Veola combine them with stained grass to make a...swimsuit...?

The Alluring Bikini is ready. What's the verdict?

Your names really accentuate the obvious, don't they?

I'll say...I can't wait to see fine honeys sporting that floss.

Yeah, I'm sure perverts like you really enjoy bikinis like that.

Hey, Lita, why not try, nevermind. Bikinis need models with a little more – oops.

What the hell are you trying to say!?

Just thinking out loud. Hey, Marietta, that'd look really good on -

Stop while you're ahead.


This is also going to get spent on something else shortly.

Around now, I visited Delsus' grandma to buy silk and got sidetracked by the flower sidequest. Upon my return, I noticed that people were getting all mad about Veola's Craft being too hard.

Thing is, there's...not really anything I can do about that. Hard is baked into the stuff we need to make Craft, and subsequently into any other Craft I make based on it. However, I did take a moment to make the biggest craft around.

Cueparts are pretty rare. Totopop sells them for 9 Karikari nuts, and there were one or two in Avenberry. By combining one with a sufficiently large Craft...

Extra Craft is ready. I've decided this will be as large as they go. If this happened to go off now, all of Kavoc would be completely destroyed.

Talk about a powerful bomb.

How the hell did you make a bomb like that?

Look, I just used the materials you brought me. It's a shame I had to stop here, but a bigger bomb wouldn't fit out the door.

I'm sure I'll end up throwing this at something – perhaps the final boss. But now it's time for a very special article of clothing...

All three of these are mandatory to make it.

What do you think of this Erotic Bikini? I added some jewels to spice things up.

Yeah, that's not the only reason it's hot.

… …

Hey! What were you thinking about, Klein!?

Give the guy a break – we're guys! There's nothing wrong with him picturing you in that bikini.

Wait, what!? That isn't what I -

Men! You have a sick mind, Klein!

I wonder how she would have reacted if he said he was picturing Veola in that bikini.

I think Marietta is actually the only one who can equip this. Erotic Bunny Bikini Suit? It's actually a great piece of equipment if you want to make Marietta a caster, which is...a thing you could do to justify making her wear this, I guess.

Of course, even that's assuming that “Braindead” doesn't just ruin her casting anyway. I wonder what that even means?

Now it's time to move towards two of my personal favorite items from Veola. We start by making an Empty Box.

Empty Box is ready. You can have it.

That's really nice, Veola. Did you make it?

Of course.

She finally made something decent. Quick, let's put something in it!

No. You must never place anything in this box.

Huh!? What's the point, then?

The shape's irrelevant. This material is very high's just coincidence that I turned it into a box. However, if you place something inside, the spell of emptiness will be broken.

I don't know what you're talking about, so I'll just assume the box is worthless.

Hmph, Lita the Philistine just can't appreciate art when she sees it.

We won't be putting anything in the box, but we can combine the box with other things via synthesis...

The Vacuum Cleaner requires an Empty Box, a Metal Pipe, and either a Prismoon or a Star Prism. Which one you use impacts what item you end up getting. Let's use the Prismoon first.

...Um, Veola-

I invented a machine that inhales things. It's a great way to clean the rug!

We aren't home very often, so it won't do us much good.

Well, you could use it to lure enemies as well.

What are we supposed to do then?

That all depends on what you do with the monsters. Most people defeat them to gain experience.

Look here, little miss smart ass -

Hmph. Why don't we call it the Suxital?

I'd rather use a name that isn't embarrassing to say out loud.

And if we use the Star Prism instead...

I've created a machine to blow things out of the way. It's great for cleaning leaves off the walk.

I bet! You could blow away all kinds of garbage.

We're really not home that much...I doubt we'd need that.

You could use it to blow away enemies, too...Duh.

Okay, then, smarty. What are you gonna call this amazing new monster repellent?

You do realize... … ...Never mind.

I can't help but wonder how/if they managed to make this innuendo work in the original Japanese, but regardless I'm pleased with how it came through in translation.

Okay, let's get back to more mundane stuff. Remember StretchyStretchy? I still love that name.

The Slingshot is ready.

Yet another terrible name!

You can use this to awaken sleeping allies in battle.

It hurts so bad even Delsus would wake up.

Eh, I already have a Mana Item that can do that. I don't think I've ever even used one of these, although I really should just to see if it actually damages the target. That would be funny.

And now for Paint. This one I really like because it's easy to collect the ingredients for (although Moist Glowgrass you may need to buy from the Mana Shop), and you can substitute higher quality water and stained grass to get a really high quality product without any real trouble.

I feel like this was a Kirby power at some point. From Kirby Super Star, maybe?

Here's some Paint. Splashing this on invisible enemies will make it easy to see them.

...So Paint is literally just...paint?

What? Why is that bad?

I could buy that as House Depot! What a total waste!

Calm down, guys...

Yeah, fuck off, Delsus. I like that Lita actually backs Veola up in this one, though.

It looks like synthing the paint made everyone love Veola's store again – and yet, they continue praising the Gogo Suit instead. I don't really get it, but as long as they keep saying nice things about Veola I won't have to plant Micro Craft in their food.

That's a silly question. If you buy a globe, you get a globe...Do you even know what a globe is?


I almost forgot I was talking to Lita.


It's simply, a globe is a sphere-shaped map. It's easier to store than a flat paper map, get it?

Are you sure that's right?

Some believe globes can be used as weapons. However, I don't think that's true. If you actually try it out, I think you'll find it's quite strong. How's that?


If you have any further questions, I'd suggest you try it out.

Atelier Iris: the game where anything can be a bomb. Now we just have to get Blaire to make some explosive bread.

The Globe has been in Veola's synthesis menu since the beginning of the game, taunting us with all the strange parts it needs. Now that Lita's asked about it, we've opened up synthesis recipes for two of those parts, the frame and the round surface. We also need Machine Oil (buyable form Hute) and an actual map. Let's start with the frame.

Oh, the...wait...fungus!?

Violet Fungus is ready.

Wow, so THAT'S what the frame of a globe is called.

No...I just picked a random name because it didn't have one. Did you notice how the frame looks like the Grim Reaper's scythe?

I'm not really sure what that name has to do with anything...

Wait, I think I get it. So if you eat a violet fungus, you'll probably die, and you'll see the Grim Reaper's scythe, which looks like a globe frame. That's...sort of tortured logic, but still logic.

The Nonbouncy Ball is supposed to take Wax, so naturally I substituted that for a cooking ingredient for my own amusement.

What's this for?

It's a globe. What are you, blind?

It's shaped like a ball, but the surface is so smooth...

Heh...I'll take that as a compliment.

And now let's back up a step and another of Veola's Strange Dictionary recipes that is less directly needed for a globe...

A quill pen! I always wanted to try writing with one of these. We need either a phoenix quill or a phoenix tail for this. - which one we use alters the result.

The Angel Quill Pen is ready.

What a beautiful pen! It's such a pure white...

This pen would give even Lita flawless penmanship.

There's nothing wrong with my handwriting!

~OF COURSE there isn't~...

And if we switch the quill out for a tail feather...

”Little dissonant”?

The Devil Quill Pen is ready.

Why would I want to use an item with a name like that?

That's why I named it. This pen compels the writer to document what's truly on their mind. Nobody can resist it.

I...I'll never use this pen! You take it, Klein.



I named it the Devil's Quill Pen because the ink is so dark. But why'd you get so worried? Are you keeping something from Klein?

No!...Of course not.

I think it's a little late to deny it, Lita.

Just leave me alone, okay!?

While just about every synthesis chat is great, my favorites will always and forever be the ones where Veola burns, pranks, or otherwise humiliates Lita.

Okay, time to switch gears for a moment.

Atelier Totopop & Mofuma: The World Map

Music: Animal Village

Veola may be my favorite, but I still maintain that Mofuma is the adorablest. Now that I've made a little progress with Norman, I can start on some of Mofuma's stuff.

Let's start with Nectar. I need the all-natural Herbal Elixir booze form norman to make this, plus some sugary stuff.

You ARE the completeness.

Here is the, how you say, drink of god? Nectar. Drunk as the gods get, yes?

Hmm...drink of god?

Maybe there's a god inside of it?

Don't just stand there. Drink up!

Um...I think I'll just try the Moon Milk.

Yes, yes! Moon Milk is the key to the open mind you having. Humans are more affected than the ones called mystic creatures, yes? It is addictive.

Key to opening the mind, hm? Sounds interesting.

Ohhhh, yeah!! This is delicious! Barkeep, another!

Lita, you're...already done? Wow, you really have a sweet tooth.

What's your problem, Klein? You haven't even drunk yer first one...!

...Are you okay, Lita? You're acting a little strange.

Here, I'll help you drink it! Hand it over!

Whoa, Lita! Hold on a second!

Meow! Wait! I'll help Klein drink it, too, meow!

Ha ha ha ha! Girls gone wild, huh?

Ohhhh... … … huh!? Ack – headache!

So you're finally awake?

This scene's a little weird to me in that what the characters are drinking is not the same thing as what we actually synthesized. Not that that makes it any less funny.

Can you please be collecting the ingredients to make favorite the food of the creatures mystical, yes? The ingredients do you say...only be prepared by humans. I am confident that with your human help, my wish can be true the coming.

What are these ingredients that only humans can produce?

Zee leftovers!

Leftovers...? You're kidding.

But not just any leftovers will do! I am for searching ze heart felt leftovers, yes?

Heart felt?

Can you make sense of anything he said? Because I can't.

Please, little humans...Please to be finding it. You I thank. I will make you a dish of ze gratitude if this you do.

Don't worry, meow! Blaire's Leftovers are the best, meow!

Ahhh! Zees Leftovers are being zee best leftovers! Oh the excitement mystical creatures will be the feeling! I'll add recipe to the new right away! Please be trying the new recipe, yes?

...Hmm. I'm not really sure what sort of sweet dessert type good starts with this, but I guess it's wroth a try.

It is done, yes? The favorite treat of all, Nekotreat.

… …Nekotreat?

Meow! It looks sooo yummy delish, meow!

I am glad you are thinking so.

Uh...I think I'll pass.

Heh, yeah, me too...

I dunno, it looks tasty. It still kind of gives me the impression that's it's food for my cat and not me, though.

Next up, we have Eyescargo, which requires Blaire's Secret Ingredient. Even though it's kind of problematic at times, I really do like how the shopkeeper's items build into each other like this.

Quite the mystical creature delicacy...These are the Eyescargo.

Those are...eyeballs! It's totally gross!

This is the privilege of honor! How dare you bad talk!

Food was meant to be enjoyed! I...can't enjoy that.

I can't believe we found something Lita won't eat...

Don't eat things that can watch, meow... is hard to think about the speaking when it is hot to this degree, yes? So hot it is being today...My body is going to melt.

Hot...? It feels the same as it usually does.

Yeah, ti doesn't seem any warmer to me, either.

It actually feels kinda nice.

Something must be wrong, meow...

Oh, of courses! Humans cannot tell, yes? It is hot because of the Mana of winds. For mystical beasts, the temperature is being judged by mana frequency. I will make the Leheruun Cream for the hot day, I think.

Leheruun Cream?

Yes...the human word is being silly...Wheat Cream? No – Creamed of Ice?

Ice Cream!

It is popular with the humans, yes?

It sure is, meow!

The recipe is written down...

Oh, it takes Frozen Rain? That's unfortunate. I still have one left, but sooner or later I'm going to have to figure out a good spot to get more.

Here, for zee bipeds...This is the Leheruun Cream, yes?

Oh, yummy, meow!

Let me taste it!...It's freezing!


Hold on...mystical creatures sense heat from mana, not temperature, right?

That is the correct. Leheruun Cream reduces the mana of excess.


Mmmm...Each bite like a...A!

Um, Lita?...I don't think you should eat any more.

Oh Klein, please!? I'm fine! I...can't resist this flavor!

...Fine. But I'm not going to carry you home if you pass out.

Remember, kids, ice cream tastes great but it will kill you.

Now, let's check up on our friend Totopop.

You can tell just by looking at me?

Of course, po! I can see it on your forehead. Reading from the right, we've got super luck, small luck, deathly bad luck, and medium luck.

I have medium luck, meow...

Wait...DEATHLY bad luck?

Definitely, po. But it's no reason to be sad. A few hundred years ago, there was a man we used to call the Watching Man. He had deathly bad luck 283 days in a row.

Watching Man...? How do you remember that if it was a few hundred years ago?

He told us, “I travel to every single world.” We called him the Watching Man because he saw the worlds of humans, mystical beasts, Mana...

...Was he an alchemist?

Not sure, po. But I did ask him to draw me a map of the human world. If you bring me the right materials, I could make you a copy, po.

And here we have the last thing we need to make a globe – the actual map! As you can see, we can use either Angel or Devil pens, and either Crystalite or Crystaleavy. As you might then guess, there are a few different outcomes...Let's start with the default recipe.

This is it, po! I'm finished! This is the World Atlas, po. It maps out the entire world!

So...This is what the world looks like. Hey, there's Avenberry.

Yeah, but...Kavoc isn't on this map.

Of course it isn't, po! I copied this from a map that was 100 years old!

Oh, yeah, I guess things have kinda changed since then. I wonder if the Puni God and Ka Luda's playground have been around that long?

Now let's use Crystaleavy instead of Crystalite.

This is it, po! I'm finished! This is a Map of the Stars, po. I copied each star's location onto this map.

Whoa, it's beautiful!

This is exactly how the night sky looks. Feel free to check it out tonight, po.

Hey, that's pretty cool. I'm not sure why the materials were important for what he copied on the map, but I guess it works anyway. And now let's try out our evil pen...

This is it, po! I'm finished! Here's the Vigilant Eye, po. I feel I've copied the map quite well.

What's it a map of?

It's the underworld, po!...I guess it's good you don't recognize it.

It's pretty scary looking, whether it's a map or not.

Why would the underworld be shaped like an eye? Ooh, I know, it's saying that Eyescargo is the fruit of hell. You know, that stuff that you eat and it forces you to stay in hell forever. Maybe I'll make Mull eat some.

Even me?

No, of course not. You still have deathly bad luck.


Hey, po! Don't look so down! Here, why don't I play a song for you? That should cheer you up.

Um, no. Really, I'm fi-

Yo po, yo po! Mystical beasts are we!

...Why does this sound familiar?

We're fuzzy and loveable, ferocious but huggable...Buy some items, yo po!

Huh? It's making sleepy...


If you have eighty Cole...huh?

Huh!? Wha – Where am I...?

The power of my song must have taken over. My 6 String Accoustic can actually put people to sleep, po. I didn't expect it to work so quickly, though. Maybe it's more effective on humans, po. If you want, I can make one for you.

Another easy recipe. I used some higher quality items for the hell of it, although I don't know if that matters as much for Totopop and Mofuma.

It's done, po! I call it the 6 String Accoustic! I named it because po it has six strings and it doesn't plug into an amp. It should put you to sleep, even when suffering from insomnia, po. Good night, po! It even works on enemies!

Sounds good to me. I still have weapons that can do that, but more items is always good.

Now, then, it's time for a return trip to Veola's so we can finally have our Globe!

See? You can spin it like this...

Hey, that'

That's all for today. If you spin this globe fast enough, it will explode and damage your enemies.

Explode!? What the -

I love this game.

The Astral Globe's ready. There's a new map on it this time. A regular globe has a map of the world printed on it. See? You can spin it like this...If you spin this globe fast enough, it will explode and damage your enemies.

I just wanted to show off that some of my items are getting a ludicrous amount of reviews lately. The game still deletes all but five of them, but when you're using four items that each have five reviews the screen can get rather cluttered like this.

I made this Under Globe. There's a different map on the surface.

The Vigilant Eye's always a little creepy to look at.

See? You can spin it like this...If you spin this globe fast enough, it will explode and damage your enemies.

And just like that, we have three globes! But do we have the BEST globe?...

Music: Hagel's Song

You seem pretty down. What's wrong?

Oh, I didn't mean to bother you...

I'll listen to all your worries, miss.

Leave her alone, Delsus!


I clean the shop every day, but it doesn't seem to get any cleaner. I was wondering if there was some other way to clean...oh, I'm bothering you again. Sorry.

Cleaning products, maybe? Any ideas?

What about that item Veola made for us?

I'm not giving my Blowmaster up, you'll have to take the Suxital instead.

Probably this one...I don't know.

Yeah, that's the ticket. Try this one.

Wow, this is great. I can really use it?

Of course. Now Veola can rest easy knowing someone is using her crazy invention.

Thanks so much. I'll try it out later.

All right, I think this update's gone on long enough. Join me next time for yet even more synthesis, including (but not limited to) bread!