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Part 32: Extreme Poison

Update 32: Extreme Poison

Let's have another synth update and see if we can't conclude the pseudo cliffhanger from earlier. To do this, we'll need to spend some time at the bar, so let's head on over.

Atelier Norman: Health Food?

Music: Fun Shopping in Kavoc

Yeah, I guess.

Oh yeah, Veola and Klein like each other a whole lot. Isn't that right, Klein?

Hey! Why do you have to be like that, Lita?

Uh oh, looks like another lover's quarrel...


Please, calm down. I was only trying to thank you for being Veola's friends. She's been smiling a lot more since you guys started visiting her. It's been so long since she's had something to live for...She doesn't really have anybody she trusts or relies on. She came to Kavoc alone, having lost her entire family, and all of her friends...And I know I won't be around forever; I'm not so young anymore...But I can relax now, because she has you guys. Please be loyal friends. I'm counting on you both.

Of course.

I'll be as good a friend as I am now!

You know, I think I have misspoken earlier about Norman and Veola's father-daughter relationship being superfluous. I've been surprised at how often Norman mentions Veola or even thanks the party for spending time with her, and she even had that sidequest where she made him a doll. It's maybe not at the forefront of their respective arcs, but it's still important to them and I think it's cool that there are some NPCs who have a bond beyond what our party sees. I still think it would be kind of cool to see Veola eating at the bar and chatting with Norman or something, but I guess that doesn't work with her hermit persona.

Anyway, I fiddled around with some old recipes to see if there was anything I missed or could improved. While I was doing that...

I guess it depends on the errand...

I'd like to get an Angel Quill Pen. Is there any chance you could grab one? I think Veola makes them, but I can't really leave the bar to check.

Sure, that's easy. You want an Angel Quill Pen, right?

That's right, thank you.

Sometimes I wonder how these sidequests trigger. It just seems like there are so many layers upon layers of things that happen between shopkeepers like this – I mean, to even have Angel Quill Pens I need to have given Veola some book or another, which requires her to ask for them in the first place, and who knows what's needed to trigger THAT, and...

Sometimes I suspect this game is secretly super complicated.

This is perfect, thanks!

What did you need it for?

Well, one of my instruments broke and I needed this to fix it.

I didn't know you were a musician.

I just dabble, really. I play Sitar and Eidaltone.

Sitar...? Eidaltone...?

They have beautiful melodies...and it really gets the ladies going. I appreciate this. Here, I'll prepare anything you have the ingredients for.

What? You can synthesize those, too? I thought they could only play music.

Ha ha, it's just a hobby of mine! Don't expect too much...Each instrument has a different sound, depending on who made it.

Is it just me, or does Delsus seem like he would make a great bard? He's already a loremaster who ran away from home in search of a lifestyle that trades responsibility for booze and wenches.

Anyway, the Sitar is pretty easy. The Angel Quill Pen is the only remotely rare ingredient (I made a couple extras when I got the sidequest one for Norman).

Nice to see the Sitar inherited Magic Paper's “medicinal” quality.

Check this out, guys. It's a Moon Sitar.

Wow, that's amazing, Norman. I didn't know you made instruments.

Ha ha ha! I've always loved making things, ever since I was a kid. Oh, the things I built...They say instruments reflect the personality of the one who created them. For example, no two sitars will sound exactly the same.

Hmm...There's a lot more to instruments than I thought.

The Eidaltone requires a Star Prism or Prismoon, neither of which I had at the moment. Fortunately, I had enough Pendelook that I just needed to make a quick trip to the Land of Mana to buy one (I went with Star Prism).

Look at this, the ultimate instrument: The Eidaltone!

Ultimate instrument? What's so great about it?

It's been said that this is the one truly complete instrument. Of course, an instrument is a blessing or a curse, depending on the musician's skill.

...What's that mean?

Well, it means this is also a difficult instrument to master.

The Eidaltone also bestows the elusive “Complete DEF” state, though given the scarcity/cost of Star items, I suspect I'll just stick with Rosie Ann Buns for that. Assuming I ever remember to actually try it out, of course. The Sitar is a standard charm ability.

Sudden tangent!


How'd you turn all those ingredients into such a great dish?

The secret to having guts and determination. If you have those, you could even turn paper mache into a satisfying meal!

Hmm...I think I'll pass.

The Chubby Bunny increases Mana – as in, a permanent boost to Max MP. I tried to give it to Lita to see if I could trick the game into increasing her bottomed out max MP by a lot, but it didn't work. If anyone has any preferences on who should get this, I'm willing to give it over to anyone, otherwise I'll probably pass it Marietta's way for extra healing.

(by the way, I suspect it's percentage based; it boosted Lita's “true” max MP by seven, but only boosted Marietta's by 6. I didn't think to try it on Norn or Klein to see if they get more out of it, but it's possible they would).

Back to Norman.

I bought some Palm Fish from Mofuma (plus an extra for Oscar) and made a double Palm Fish Sashimi out of it to see if it gave me a boost in quality. It...probably wasn't worth it, but at least now I know.

Then, while I was playing around with the basic drink recipe...

Here you go, try a Stardust.

Ooh, it's sparkly inside.

Sounds pretty good...

I'm going to stick with goat milk.

Here y'go.

That's too bad...Goat milk is pretty good – wanna try some?

I'd sooner die. There's not even alcohol in it!

This would be great if I had any dessert.

You really like sweets, huh?

Lita doesn't just have a sweet tooth, she has a whole set of sweet teeth.

I did a bit of running around collecting basic ingredients, just to get restocked while I wasn't busy with anything else. Sometimes I'd leave town just in hopes that leaving and coming back would get Norman or Veola or someone to trigger a new event.

It's kind of funny how stubborn players (that is, I) can get about refusing to progress the main story until I'm just SURE that the game won't let me synth any more. It's surprisingly addictive.

Eventually I figured out that Mountain Fish have particularly high quality so I redid some of Norman's Sashimi to emphasize those. As you can see, it bumped quality up a fair amount, but I still couldn't get him to trigger the sidequest I really wanted.


What's a happy bag?

These bags are a thank you to all my regular customers. It's a huge promotion.

Well we aren't gonna buy one just because you told us'd better not be pushing cheesy merchandise.

Are you kidding? My happy bags are the new rage among celebrities! Trust me. I'll let you buy one per person, okay? They're 4,800 Cole...whaddya say?

Happy Bags offer a few random items. Sometimes you get cool or rare things, but it's rarely worth the steep cost. Also, I'm pretty sure Pattotte sells Lovely Lando, which means Pattet is selling Bad Goods in his Happy Bags. I'm on to you, you little schemer.

Ooh, a new scene! Still not the one I want, but I'll take it.

We have to...? Why?

I'm afraid I have to force you this time. It's a new vegetable entree.

Wha – vegetables!?

Most people today just eat meat. I want to make sure you have a balanced diet. Fruit and vegetables are a crucial part of your healthy eating. That's why I made this.

I'm pretty sure the Secret Ingredient has meat in it. And also probably isn't healthy. Well, whatever.

You can't forget about vegetables, so I made this Veggie Patty.

It looks pretty good. Is it really made of vegetables?

Veggies are icky, meow...

Oh yeah, I guess cats don't eat vegetables.

Cat GIRL!!! You're so mean, Klein!

I have managed to go this far in life without eating a veggie patty. I should probably try one sometime just in case they're actually tasty.

Meanwhile, as I experimented with the grilled fungo recipe (which is to say I tried to make the nastiest one I could)...

...And we're done! It smells great, but it doesn't look so good. smells good!

I can only work with the ingredients you bring me, you know. How about something like...Charred Fungo?

And once again Norman stopped giving me anything new to work with. Hey, while we're in the bar, let's see what the town crier has to say.

The festival in Duran should be starting up soon.

Huh? Wow, is it that time of year already?

Delsus! That's your home town. How could you forget about it?

Whoa, cut me some slack. I haven't been around there for ages.

Festival, meow? Sounds fun!

It's no big deal...just a small party in a small town.

Sounds fun to me.

I don't think we really have time to spare.

You have to enjoy the fun things in life, Delsus.

Whatever, Lita. Why don't we let Klein decide?

I think it sounds fun, actually...

...I don't know why I ask you anything.

I guess we're off to Duran, then. I wonder what we're about to get dragged into?

Music: Village of Snow and Glass

We were just in the area, so we figured we'd stop by.

You're staying for the festival, right? I'm the oracle this year! I get to dance the prayer!

Yeah,'s not really our thing.

Marietta does something that doesn't really come across in the game's animation but which was probably physical violence.

Ow! What's your problem, Marietta?

What's MY problem!? That's your little sister!

You didn't have to hit me.

It's the only way you'll listen.

Okay, okay...geez.

… …

Huh? What's wrong, Faith?

…It's nothing. See you at the festival. Oh, I almost forgot. Dad really misses you, so go talk to him, okay?

But I don't want to talk to Delsus' father.

Everyone begged me to bring them to the festival.

Everyone? It was just Lita and Norn.

Um...I believe you had final say.

Yeah, pony up, meow!

… …

Why don't you tell us about the festival, sir?

Ohh...It's nothing fancy. The festival is our way of praying to Mother Nature. We give thanks to the Mana for another safe year.

Praying to Mana?

See? I told you so...Nothing fancy at all.

I dunno, it sounds interesting. I'd like to see it.

Don't you know when to quit?

Praying is very important, Delsus. You shouldn't dismiss it.

Well, the festival starts tomorrow...You guys can stay here for tonight.

The next morning...

It sounds like something is going on outside. We should check it out.

Yeah...Those aren't festival sounds.

Music: Looming Crisis

What's going on, Pops?

Villager: We got separated from Faith on our way back from the ceremony at Nelvia Spring. She knows the way home, but...With this snow, I'm a little worried.

Delsus immediately rushes out of the village...

...And charges on to the scene just in time to save little sis.

Stay there!

Oh, brother!

The rest of the cast shows up right behind him.

Took you guys long enough. Was I supposed to fight them myself?

Don't you know when to quit?

The festival's going to start soon, right? Let's go – I want to see Faith's dance.

Meeeooow! I just want to get out of the cold, meow!

Yup. Delsus came to my rescue...but right now we have to get ready for the festival!

You're right, we need to get started!

Music: Eternal Ground

Ooh, it's starting.

Is that a...Mana?

Note that a Mana does not appear onscreen at any point during this cutscene. I assume we're supposed to infer it's presence from the small balls of light that appear around Faith.

Yes. This festival celebrates the relationship between this village and the Mana we depend on.'s beautiful.

Look, it's snowing!

It always snows more than usual during the festival.

… …

What? What'd I do now?


...Then what's the deal?

You know, considering he's supposed to be this lecherous playboy, you'd think Delsus would be better at recognizing a woman who's ready to jump his bones.

Anyway, that's a sidequest. Let's check on Norman again.

Music: Sleeping Reality

What's wrong? You look a little distracted.

Oh, don't worry about me. Hm, maybe I should ask you...


I have a new job, actually. It pays well, but it's pretty shifty...Nobody wants to take it. But you guys are here, so maybe...

Ohhh yeah, this is definitely the one I've been waiting for.

I didn't know you hired for illegal jobs, too.

I usually don't, but sometimes I have to, you know?

So it's really that bad, huh?

I need you to collect ingredients for poison...but I don't know what the client needs it for. I can't tell you who the client is, but it's a 1,000 Cole reward. Not bad for simple collection, right? I just need you to find ingredients for the poison.

It doesn't sound so bad...What're you looking for?

Don't worry about it. This should be easy.

Are you serious? He said the job was illegal.

What, are you chicken?

What!? I'm no chicken!

Don't worry...I have a feeling Delsus excels at this sort of thing.

See? I know what I'm doing.'ll do it? Thanks a million, guys.

Thanks, guys. Here's your reward, 1,000 Cole. One last favor...Please don't tell anyone about this job.

Don't worry, we can keep a secret.

It's really sad that this type of thing is more and more common these days.

Don't lose sleep over it. You don't know the client is going to use it for anything bad.

Klein...I know you and Veola are friends. I especially don't want you telling her, okay? I'm the closest thing she has to family, and she'd be pretty horrified if she knew I was taking this kind of job. I have to deal with a lot of shady people in this line of work. But they say beggars can't be choosers, right? Veola's a nice girl...She wouldn't understand.

Heh...heh heh heh...HA HA HA HA

The game doesn't officially tell you, but after the sidequest you can synth the poisonous substance for yourself.

There are lots of things you can sub in for the Garigari Nuts, although I don't think it really matters since the Spoiled Meat will bottom out the item quality no matter what.

This is Powder...

What's so special about it?

It's actually very toxic.

Hmm...It doesn't smell poisonous.

Stay back! Even a tiny whiff could make you sick! It's a quick-acting poison...You can use it in battle.

You guys know what this means, right?

Atelier Veola: For Lita

Music: The Laughable Pair

First, the Love Bun. Then, the Ring of Love...

Unoriginal One posted:

That Veola, making an item just for that one annoying girl that's always following Klein around. So kind, so thoughtful~

You're giving us strange white pills?

Yes. If you take about 100 of these, you'll feel a lot better.

What!? Is this what I think it is?

By taking these, you'll forget about all of your sad heart breaking experiences. As an added bonus, you'll never wake up ever again! more heartache!

...So it's poison.

You could say that. I figured they might come in handy, so I made some ahead of time.

Why would we ever need these?

Well, I mean...Maybe you...

Nevermind, forget it...Say something, Klein!

Huh? What do you want me to say?

Geez! Why are you so indecisive, you big jerk! Fine. I don't need the pills, but maybe we can feed them to a monster.

That's the spirit. I hope you realize everything I said was a lie. You're smart enough to have figured that out.

...I don't know WHAT to believe any more.