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Part 34: Revenge of the Puni Brothers

Update 34: Revenge of the Puni Brothers

I ran into what I can only assume is an odd bit of railroading/detouring/whatever you want to call it – it's possible my memory is fuzzy, but I don't really remember this next part at all. We left off in Arcose after getting the Salamander Egg. Well, the teleporter in Arcose is out of order, so to get anywhere I have to either go to Poto's Forest or head through a Cliff area to get to Fort Galga and go through that to Kavoc.

As you can see, I tried taking the Cliff route, and, well...

Music: Beat of the Rumbling Earth


I see Marietta's with you guys, now.

What do you want, you bastard!?

Sorry, I don't have time to chat. Don't worry, I'll have the results I need soon enough.

I don't know what you're planning, but you won't get away with it!

My, my. You need to learn not to shoot your moth off...Or someone might shoot it off for you.

Klein, look out!

If you can't even understand my motives, you'd best stay out of my way. You'll have to wait for the moment of truth – just like everyone else.

Mull teleports away, as per villain prerogative.

Quick, let's get back to Zeldalia's!

I have to assume that this also happens if you try to go to Poto's Forest instead, since the follow-up cutscenes have to happen.

Also, as pleased as I am about Lita not standing around and watching other people throw attacks at each other, I'm kind of getting irritated at her need to throw herself in front of every attack directed at anyone.

Thanks...I'm feeling a little better already.

Try not to move, child. Just rest...

The group heads downstairs.

She's very weak. If you don't hurry, it will be too late.

… …!

There's no time. You must create a Ruby Prism.

...Can I really do this?

Hello? Where have you been? You're the only one who CAN do this!

… ...

Rest here for the night. Lita needs to recover.

Hey, shouldn't you be resting?

Klein, do you remember the day we met?

Of course I do.

I've been thinking about that day a lot lately...

Music: Voiceless Poem

The opening bit showing Lita walking alone through Avenberry repeats (plus awful reddish orange filter), but adds a very important piece of information we didn't see earlier...

I can't do anything...

That morning, when I woke up, I realized I was alone...completely alone. So I decided I would just jump off a cliff. But I couldn't go through with it. No matter how much I wanted to...I...I promised myself that instead of giving up, I'd live life to the fullest.

Music: To Each Their Own Way

I want to live!...I want to share the whole world with you!

...Thank you, Lita.


I wasn't sure if I could create a Ruby Prism...If I fail, the world will be destroyed. It would be all my fault. But now I know that I can't fail. I will create a Ruby Prism! I'm going to succeed...because I'm doing it for you, Lita.


There's the confident Klein I like to see. We missed you, buddy.

You know what? I'm happy with that scene. As much shit as I throw at Klein and Lita, I really think that scene was heartwarming. It helps that To Each Their Own Way is kinda fantastic.

...But enough of that! We have synthesis to do!

Atelier Blaire: Love Stories, Ghost Stories

Music: Village of Snow and Glass

Want to try out my latest secret product?

Meow! I love trying out new food!

Why's it a secret?

Because, I created a...cookie sandwich.

Is that a cream-filled cookie sandwich?

Hm...that does sound better. But it's probably too sweet for me.


It's delicious!

I thought you were only allowed to bake bread.

That's why it's a secret. After the owner goes to bed, I usually try something new.

I'm impressed. It sounds like you work really hard.

Hm hm...don't I know it. Well, this wasn't very hard to make, even in the middle of the night. That's because of my superb baking skills. My sweets are usually popular, so I'll add this to the list.

Huh, I wonder why this takes two different kinds of pies? I don't think there are very many recipes out there that require more than one item crafted from the same basic recipe.

Try this one. It's called White Love.

Huh? What's a White Love?

It's the cookie's name, silly.

It doesn't really sound like a cookie, though.

Would you like to know where the name comes from? Once upon a time, there was a young man who lived in a snowy village...

… ...

He broke one of the village laws and was exiled...during a terrible blizzard...He was freezing that night, out in the snow...But then, a girl came along...She was holding a cookie in her hands. You see, she had fallen in love with him.

When he ate the cookie, its sweetness gave him the warmth and energy he needed to survive. This cookie saved his life! That's the legend behind this cookie. In honor of the legend, they named it White Love. By the way, the young man and the girl lived happily ever after.

...I dunno, isn't that ending a little convenient?

What a total chick story...Waaay too girlie for me.

The name still doesn't make sense to me...

Delsus has awfully strong opinions about what is manly and what is girly. Maybe he'd get more girls if he wasn't so crazy about defining everything as exclusively masculine or feminine.

I've developed a hypothesis that shopkeepers (or at least Blaire and Norman, but probably not Veola) don't like activating two scenes/sidequests/recipes in a row, so I went to find something else to do in hopes that it would make Blaire activate another scene. So I checked out the antique store...

Holy shit, these things are never in stock! I don't think I've ever seen him actually have a Dragon Horn for sale in any playthrough! 2500 Cole isn't even that pricey for how rare these things are!

Rurona Rurona Rurona Rurona I have something for you!

Goddammit why aren't you Rurona!?

Over there!

Is that Finn? He needs our help!

We obliterate the monsters.

Oh my gosh – you're burning up!

We'll worry about that when I get back to Kavoc. I need to report this news to the townspeople!

If he's got a fever, we should make sure he gets to Kavoc safely.

Music: Klein and his Pleasant Friends

Will a brave hero emerge to cleanse the cleft? Tune in later to find out!

Why didn't you tell us about the Growloons earlier!?

The people need to hear the news, first and foremost.

Well, get some rest. We'll handle the Growloons, although we'd be done by now if you'd told us sooner.

Ah, okay. Thanks a bunch.

Let's get rid of them before someone gets hurt.

Yeah, yeah, in a minute.

This is it, right?

You did? Awesome! You guys are the best! Thanks!

Whoa, hold on!

What are you waiting for? Don't you want to make a Dragon Gem?


Then come on! Let's get moving!

I' from back here.

*cough* *cough*

How'd it go? I...I did it!

So that's what a Dragon Gem looks like...

I think it all worked out...I'll never forget this moment! But...I think you deserve this.

What? Why would you just give it to us?

I only wanted to make it. I don't really have any use for a dragon. I had fun. See you later, guys!

Huh, it's not every day you see someone gain the power to summon a dragon and then say “eh, I don't really need to.” Is there ever a reason NOT to summon a dragon?

...Okay, I guess there IS a reason not to summon a dragon, and that reason is that this mana item requires Time Elements. We have the elements, but we still don't have a Mana that can handle them, so I only get the one freebie from Rurona for now. I guess we'll have to make it count, huh? (also check out that fire element cost, good grief)

Let's check in on Blaire again...

Music: Dota!

… …

Uh, excuse me?

… …


…! Oh no!

You've gotta be kidding me.

How could I fall asleep on the clock!? This is my biggest mistake yet!

Are you sure you're getting enough sleep?

You look pale, meow.

No, no...I'm fine.

Are you still staying up to bake at midnight?

There's more to life than your job, y'know?

Hee...bread's like her boyfriend, meow!

That doesn't even make sense! I have goals, like any girl.

What kind of goals?

Well, you know...

...That's it?

One day my prince will arrive on a white horse to take me away from here. We'll have a gorgeous wedding cake that I'll craft to perfection...

So it all comes back to your job.

Any idea who this prince is?

… …

Everyone turns to look at Klein.

H-Hey! Wait a minute!

Huh? Ha ha ha ha! Don't worry, Lita. Nobody would ever confuse that scrub with an actual handsome prince.



My prince will be handsome, brave, and refined. He'll think always of me, even when far away.

… …

Unrealistic, much?

There's an idea! I'll create my perfect wedding cake recipe ahead of time!

Meow, this is so exciting! He could come at any time! doesn't look like we've got much headway on this one. Oh well, I guess Blaire doesn't need it right this second.

The Growloon sidequest in the Cleft of Nelvia is simple enough. There are only three, and this one by where we found Silwest is the only one that's really out of the way. Once we've killed them, we can check in on Finn back at the bar.

Yeah, actually. Thanks.

All the Growloons are gone, so get some rest, okay?

I know you guys wouldn't let me down. I'll be sure to mention you in the next report. Here's your reward.

He hands over a semi-rare Glowing Mana.

Why were you out there, anyway? Didn't you know it was dangerous?

For the same reason that Galgazits travel into dangerous territory. I have to find news where it happens. I'm just doing my job. I can't complain when it gets comes with the territory. I need to let everyone know that the situation's been taken care of. Later!

That was nice, but the REAL reward for this sidequest is the follow-up sidequest. Let's check it out!

Is it more bad news?

Well...that depends. The Puni God's in pain. It's been causing earthquakes. So I was hoping one of you Galgazits would come by to help out.

...And we just happened to be the first ones to stop by?

You got it! So, will you take the job?

We're busy people, man. It'd take a lot of money to convince us to accept another job.

Don't worry, Kavoc's Commerce Union is handling the bill for this one.

In that case...

Delsus! You're making it sounds like we're in this for the money.

So you want to pass on the job?

...No. We'll do it.

Well, then let's get this over with.

This is exactly why I don't like you.

I was hoping we'd find a reason to revisit the Puni God! Let's head there now.

Aww, the Puni God's eyes are xed out. I hope we can help him.

The screen shakes...

Whoa! Was that an earthquake?

Wasn't long enough, I don't think.

...and shakes even more.

Here it comes again!

This must be from the Puni God. Man, we better do something before there's a huge mess to clean up.

Let's go inside.

It feels so yummy in there!

Yummy? That doesn't even make sense.

...It will when we get there.

Music: Miraculous Little Universe

Mmmmm! It's so yummy, meow!

I still don't get it. How is this yummy?

Just don't worry about it.

Nothing looks out of the ordinary...

Oh! What about that Growloon over there?

It's gathering more monsters, meow!

This mission is also fairly straightforward. There are more Growloons, but they're easy enough t-

Jiro: We've undergone special training, and now we're stronger than ever!

Kichi: You don't have a chance this time! We're the new and improved Puni Brothers...

Taro: I'm the first son, Puni Taro!

Jiro: I'm the second son, Puni Jiro!

Kichi: I'm the third son, Puni Kichi!

Taro: Together, we're the moderately attractive Puni Brothers!...Get ready!

Still just regular Puni. They didn't even drop a Frozen Rain for me this time.

Where was I? Oh yeah, this is basically just going through the dungeon again. The Growloons are easy enough to spot, and can be easily killed with ELE EXTRACT or Destruction Blast.

And yet more shaking.

I don't think it's over yet...

Taro: Grrr! The Puni Brothers are gonna take you down!

What the heck?

Let's get out of here!

Taro: We're the dashing heroes of puni everywhere...I'm the first son, Puni Taro!

Jiro: I'm the second son, Puni Jiro!

Kichi: I'm the third son, Puni Kichi!

Taro: Together, we're the...moderately attractive Puni Brothers! You'll pay for what you've done!

Kichi: Hey, bro...Isn't attacking from behind kind of a dirty move?

Taro: This is war, little brother! We must show no mercy!

Kichi: Yeah, I guess you're right. Let's get 'em!

Taro: That's the spirit, Let's go, my brothers!

This is the last of them!

I think I stepped in something.

Worry about it later, we have a job to do.

I love this game.

These Faux Puni are tougher, but still not not anything too difficult. They just have lots of physical defense, so Klein and Norn murder them instead of Lita.

...Oh, wow...I didn't know that was possible. I'll definitely mention your work at our next meeting.

Not so fast...We agreed on a cash reward, remember?

Oh, of course. Here's your reward. Thanks again.

It's 5000 Cole. Not great, but not bad.

(also another Mana Stone)

Of course, the Growloons also count for our RIP GRWLN rank. Looks like we're making some good progress, but there are still plenty more out there to kill.

Okay, that's enough sidequesting. Let's have a little more synth time before we wrap up.

Music: Frozen Lithograph

What, you like being wrong? Hey, fine with me.

You're fighting again?

Oh, Klein, would you come over here and listen to this, please?

Hi. I was just telling them a scary ghost story.

It isn't that scary, don't worry. You've heard there's a ghost in Alexia Cave, right?

It's been going around for awhile. Something about groaning in the back of the cave. All the kids in Arcose know about it. It's turned into a local superstition.

Blaire hadn't heard about it yet, so we told her about it so she'd be in the loop.

Hmm...I hadn't heard about this, either.

Hmph...That stupidstition didn't make me feel any cooler at all.

That's too bad. Well, I must be getting home.

What!? Oh...Okay.

See you later, Blaire. Bye!

Are you okay?

Huh? What? Yeah! I'm not scared at all! Well, it's pretty late, and I have to close. So you might as well stay the night.


Wait a minute, what are you trying to pull?

It's nothing like that, Klein. She wants us to stay because she's scared.

Meow! Scaredy cat!


And when I checked on her the next morning...

Why the bad mood?

Oh, I don't know...maybe the fact that you never apologized for refusing to spend the night.


Something terrible happened to my bread because of that awful story...But it was too late. I had already added the recipe to my list.

How bad could it be?

I never want to see it again! You should go give it to Villa...

Wait, how does your bread magically go bad because of a ghost story? Why can't you take bad things off your menu? I don't understand.

...What the hell were you TRYING to make with those ingredients?

YIKES! It nearly scared me to death! What the heck is it made out of?

Meow! Scary bread! Now I'll have nightmares, meow...

Make sure you keep it in a safe place. You don't want it creeping around at night.

Klein! Sleep in bed with me tonight, meow! Please!

What? I was just making that last part up...I didn't mean to scare you! Even if you don't eat it you can probably use it to terrify your enemies.

Well, that's it for today. I'm glad we finally got to make a little progress with Blaire's stuff.

addendum: I have been informed that there is a potential alteration to Klein and Lita's scene at Zeldalia's. Apparently, if you pass through Iris' Resting Place and encounter Mull there (instead of going to the Cliff like I did), Klein and Lita hug instead of kissing during their talk as seen here about 6 minutes in (possible spoilers in the related videos I guess?). I have no idea why the developers thought going to a cliff instead of a ruin would make Klein and Lita kiss instead of hug in a later scene, but apparently that's how it works. Thanks to Shitenshi for pointing it out to me and Split Infinity for providing the video used as evidence.