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Part 43: Night on the Cliff

Update 43: Night on the Cliff

Last time we stuck mostly to Blaire's stuff. Now let's approach the climax to Veola's story...

Atelier Totopop & Mofuma Veola: You're Not Alone


They sold it at the item shop in their village.

...What? You traveled all the way there just for me?

Well, yeah.

We happened to find the village on our way somewhere else. We were lucky.

Why are you helping me out so much?

It's not a big deal.

...It is to me. The only person who's ever been kind to me is Norman. I've been alone ever since my brother passed away. It's been a long time...

Well, you're not alone anymore! You've got Lita and me now.

...I suppose I do. I'm beginning to doubt my decision.


Nothing, nevermind.

What's going on?

Forget it. Let's just finish shopping.

I tried and tried and tried to get more scenes to open up, but Veola wasn't having any of it (it turns out the next trigger was somewhere else), so...

Then I went home. There's a Super Secret Scene that can trigger here, and I got really excited because I thought this might be it. It wasn't, but it wound up being very important anyway...

You aren't kidding. Too bad it's back to work tomorrow! We'd better hit the hay. We should get as much rest and food as possible.

So our group heads off to dinner and bed...

I'm coming in, okay?

It's not unusual. I enjoy reading novels late at night.

That's bad for your eyes, you know.

My eyes are fine, I assure you. Is something the matter, Lita? It's very late.

You're not busy, are you? I'd like you to come with me.

Music: Sadness Is Whisked Away by the Wind

I heard something in the mystical beast's town...

… ...

You're planning to die, aren't you, Veola?


You're going to perform a soul exchange, aren't you?

How'd you know that!?

I'm not sure how...but I understand the beasts' language. “Rezareg” means soul exchange. The Chronolex allows you to appeal to the spirits of the dead. But that doesn't mean it will bring a spirit to you...It takes you to the underworld. You have to die...right?

… …

You can't use that thing! Don't throw your life away!

It's too late, Lita. I've been preparing for quite some time now. I'm ready to meet my fate. I can't turn back now. I wanted to see my last time.

But what if you can't even reach your brother!? Maybe you can't choose which spirit you get to meet!

He's gone, anyway. I will not regret leaving this world. My brother was my entire family...I've been completely alone since then...It was my decision. I couldn't bear to lose anyone else that I cared about. Never again! It's just too hard...That's why I haven't made new friends. I'd rather not risk losing them. That way I never have to lose anyone...ever again.

Music: To Each Their Own Way

That's...just pathetic!


And it's too late anyway! Klein and I are your friends now. You can't deny it – you're not alone anymore!

...Heh...That's not entirely true. Klein is my friend, but I don't care about you. See? I only have one friend.

What!?'s a good thing I wasn't actually worried about you.

Ha ha ha! You're so naïve. I was merely joking...You know, this is the first time I've ever had a chat with a girl my own age.

...I'm actually not human.


I'm a humanoid – created long ago through alchemy.

A humanoid? I believe I've heard of that before.

I've also been alone. I even thought about suicide...Just like you, I didn't want to be close to anybody.

But...that's all changed now. Since I started traveling with Klein, I haven't felt lonely, for the first time in my life. I'm actually enjoying life!...And, that includes meeting you.

I just remembered...There's a material I haven't yet added to the formula list. However, it's just a screw...I'll be sure to add it in the morning.

Thank you, Lita...for everything. I always thought you were annoying, but now...

Now what?

Well, you're still annoying.


Sorry, just another joke. You're fun to mess with, Lita.

I'll get even with you one of these days.

Just to be clear, I won't allow you to have Klein without a fight.

Huh? What are you talking about?

Heh heh...

...Ohhh man. This is getting really disturbing, guys.

Please don't kill yourself, Veola.

Music: Cute Witch

Sure enough, Veola added a recipe for the Moebius Bolt. I forgot to get a pic of the ingredients – it needs some kind of metal (e.g. Thin Metal), Wax, and Moist Glowgrass.

The Moebius Bolt is ready. It looks like an ordinary screw, but it's a valuable Chronolex component!

Great. That means we're almost ready to make one!

… …

What is it?

Well, that is...Nevermind.

...You know what? Let's veer away from Chronolex stuff for a bit. I went and nabbed a second Dragon Horn from Silencia; that should be the very last one I need for anything.

The Virum Horn's ready. This bugle's carved out of a dragon's horn.

How can you dishonor dragons by giving this such a lame name?

What? Haven't you killed a bunch of dragons? Isn't that a little worse?...Anyway, this bugle's very loud. Promise me you won't play it nearby – it curses anyone who hears it.

Curse? Why would you make such an evil instrument?

Shh...You might think less of me if I told you.

I doubt that's possible.

The Virum Horn itself sounds kinda neat, but it's also needed in a different recipe.

By combining these three instruments, we get...

Don's Clothes are ready.

Don!? Who the hell is Don?

The name doesn't represent a person, but your party's ability. These clothes were designed to enhance the rhythmic expression of your group.

What's that supposed to mean?

I guess you'll just have to see for yourself.

This accessory gives an asston of HP and Dark Res at the expense of not offering much else statistically (at least in comparison to the War Tuxedo). It also offers “DonProtect”. I'm hoping that means “invulnerability” but it probably doesn't. I'll most like end up slapping this on someone for the final dungeon to see what happens.

If you recall, the prism is a tool that makes things appear larger. I realized that if adjusted properly, it could be used to make the stars bigger as well. I created a formula according to this theory. If you have the chance, you should try it out.

Love Poems...what the crap? Where did I find this clutter?

(the bandit archer ladies have these. Remember back when we killed the bandits at Fort Galga? You can also encounter them nearby on the world map).

How about a Milk Scope? This will allow you to see the stars in the sky.

That doesn't sound fun at all.

It's actually very fun...sometimes I pretend there are little lines connecting the stars. Sometimes there's shooting stars...You always see something new.

...Who knew staring at the sky could be so intersting?

But what if we wanted to make a hate-based telescope?

(Hit Lists drop from Gunners, upgraded archer bandit gals).

Everything is a weapon.

One of the ingredients you brought me was a little off. I made this Milky Bazooka. I think it could be useful in battle.

Is there any connection between the name and its function?

Sometimes I name items in a similar fashion to whatever I was trying to make.


A bazooka that fires milk might actually be fun at a carnival or something. You know, just a weird novelty thing.

One last thing...

A LONG time ago, when we first synthed this, Veola suggested that I could make something else if I swapped the ingredients around. Well, it's time to do that...

Magic Pipe's ready. A wind sprite can pass through this tube. This is a key ingredient in the Chronolex. Other than that, it's fairly trivial.

Hopefully we can gather the rest of the ingredients soon.

That would be ideal.

Music: Animal Village

And now here we are, ready to synth Totopop's contributions. I forgot that we also needed the Organite for this. It's kind of a shame to get rid of our radio, but...

After several hundred years, I've done it! I made an Annual Gear!

There aren't any gears on it.

Don't be silly. There are so many that you can't see them, po! It takes an entire year for this wheel to complete a single rotation. One tiny gear cranks every second. There are 31,536,000 gears total.

There's 31...MILLION!?

It's a good thing you came to me, po. No human could handle such a task.

Handle it? I can barely comprehend the number!

What do you know? 60*60*24*365 does, in fact equal 31,536,000. Nice trivia.

After several hundred years, po, I've finally created another Twilight Board! This may be the pinnacle of my career, po!

It looks just like a clock.

When you get down to it, it is a clock. However, ordinary clocks count time, po. This clock counts dimensions.

Umm...I don't really get it. Sorry.

It's to be expected. Humans can't truly comprehend different dimensions, po. You guys can't really use it anyway. Don't worry about it, po. Whoever wants to use it po will already know how.

...Yeah. I guess so.

Well, guys, join me next time on Let's Play Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana...