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Part 44: The Chronolex

Update 44: The Chronolex

Music: To Each Their Own Way

Hey, it's a Chronolex.

… …

Excuse me, Klein...I need to tell you...

Veola, stop! Don't even think about killing yourself!

Kill...!? What the -

There are people who care about you! Don't do this to them!

...Thank you, Lita. Now, allow me to explain this item.

… ...


What do you mean?

It's called a Bio Frame.

...I think I've heard of that before.

Totopop posted:

Po! I almost forgot. We made the Bio Frame at about the same time. The materials are almost the same, but the effects...

Music: Village of Snow and Glass

Wearing a Bio Frame will protect you from death. In fact, it restores life.

Veola, didn't you mention meeting the spirit of death using the Chronolex?

I apologize, Klein. I kept some important information from you. The Chronolex could allow you enter the underworld...though doing so would end your life.

End my life!?

The...The only thing I wanted was to see my brother again...However, meeting you guys has encouraged me to continue clinging to life...

I've decided not to use the Chronolex for a while, now. If I were to die...I'd never see you again, Mr. Klein.

Hey, what about me?

You don't matter.


Just kidding...Heh.

How can you say freaky stuff like that as if it doesn't matter?

Please take this Bio Frame as a token of my appreciation. You've all worked so hard. I hope it will always protect you.

Thanks a lot, Veola.

Just...don't try to kill yourself again. If you do, I'll have to hurt you.

I doubt you could stop me if I wanted to do it.

I told you to stop talking like that!

It was only a joke, Lita. In reality, I'll probably outlive you.

...Why, you...

I truly appreciate your friendship. Thank you, all.

I hope we'll remain friends...Forever.

Sounds like a plan.

You can count on it!

The Bio Frame is indeed an equippable accessory – I could have sworn it was Klein exclusive but the weapon synthy FAQ says anyone can wear it. I'm letting Klein have it anyway, although I might pass it to Lita instead depending on how stuff works out.

So it looks like a piece of trash in the above screenshot because I'm comparing it to my Super Fairy Bracer Deluxe™, which currently offers huge +spd, +def, and some +HP/MP. But guess what?

You can put a Mana Crystal in the Bio Frame.

Ohhhhh baby. Great stat boosts AND constant HP/MP regen. This thing is easily one of the best accessories in the game (possibly THE best, but I think there are a few coming up that match or outclass it; we shall see).

That's all I wanted to do for this update. Never fear, there is still more Atelier Veola in our future, but I guess it's about time I did that “main plot” thing I've been putting off. Let's get on that, next time.*

* Unless I can make a certain scene trigger that I want to happen but might not be possible right now, in which case it's Ka Luda time.