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Part 49: All The Items

Update 49: All The Items

It's time for the final synth scenes, everyone. Since I got that super special candy, let's stop by Blaire's...

Atelier Blaire: A Feather In Your Cap

Music: What was Left Behind

(music links arbitrarily chosen)

I just had an epiphany! It's dangerous to leave town these days, and the sweet parlor is going to do something about it!

Haven't we heard this speech before?

Meow! You'd better not stop making sweets! Hiss!

Oh, I'll never stop making sweets. But, I will contribute to the greater good!

More military foods, huh?

I hereby announce a new product line for my shop! These are extreme sweets that you can both eat and equip!

...This is ridiculous.

Hmm, these don't seem too complicated. I always liked music based weapons.

I made a drum out of these rice crackers. So I guess these would be Drum Crackers.

Wouldn't hitting the crackers kind of break them?

Oh, don't worry about that. I made them very sturdy crackers.

So this is another one of those snacks we're not allowed to eat.

It's an instrument! Nobody eats instruments anymore!

Meow...I wish you'd go back to making sweets...

Our next item is -

wait, Cueparts!? Huh, I wasn't expecting to need those for Blaire. It turns out there's also a limited quantity of these things normally, although I think you can get extras from Pattotte's under the table deals. Fortunately, Totopop still had one for sale.

It's everyone's favorite new fashion: the Pudding Cap. This is the one and only, folks!

Meow! Nummies!

It might be hard to balance on your head if you're moving.

It'd fall off during battle.

Meow, hey! You can't eat it if it's on your head, meow!

Looks like it's just another flavor of the week...

Don't say that! It's NOT a failure!

The Pudding Cap is...not half-bad, actually. I think the cherry feather is a nice touch.

Oh, if anyone was wondering, the Drum Crackers inflict “Super Knock Back” and are a usable item instead of an equip.

And now, for Blaire's ultimate recipe...

Umm...I did it! Look everyone, a Sweet House!

Hey, that's really great!

Meow! Good job, Blaire! What a sweet house!

Hm hm hm...See? I'm pretty good.


It's too small, meow. Even I can barely fit inside it.

Yeah, that could barely feed two people.

It's the best I could do with the ingredients you brought me! Geez! If you want a bigger house, you'll just have to bring me 100 wedding cakes. I'll be waiting.

...Uh...This one's fine, actually.

Meow...I agree.

And thus ends Atelier Blaire. Like Norman's ultimate item, the Sweet House boosts Skill points, but it's also notable as one of the only items that can be converted into Time elements. I decided to hold of on having anyone eat this in case I wanted the elements more, since I'm not really hurting for skill points for anyone except sort of Arlin.


Atelier Veola: An Alchemist's Cane

Music: Eternal Eyes

I need to give Norman this Stained Grass. However, I can't leave my shop.

Is that it? Of course I'll help. I'll be right back, Lita. Wait here.

Wait up, Klein!

Klein doesn't wait up, leaving Lita and Veola together.

That's...shut up...

Do you really need to hide your feelings from someone who already knows how you feel? I'm a little jealous because you always get to be by his side. I've been alone for so long, and now I just want someone of my own...I'd like that to be Mr. Klein, but you and he make a really cute couple.

Geez! Give it a rest already! Hey, why don't you travel with us?


Yeah, you're always cooped up in this dingy old shop...that's why you're so negative. Plus, we could really use more of your items. The useful ones, anyway.

I cherish this job...So I'm afraid I can't go. Thanks for the invitation, though. Perhaps I'll make pendants for you two. They'll keep you both safe. I just require the correct materials.

Back already?

What do you mean?

Ha ha ha...

Heh heh...


I like to think that Klein is worried Lita and Veola are going to eat him here, even though that doesn't really make sense.

Anyway, we've got Veola's final recipes here, the lockets. Let's check those out -

...Wait, what is this? I don't remember this being there before or seeing a scene that brought it up. I guess we'll get back to this later, then.

Anyway, the lockets. There is one Spirit Prayer and one Spirit Protect each in the game. One is found in Avenberry's library area, and the other can be bought from Volco's shop in the Land of Mana. If we use the Spirit Prayer in the recipe...

Lita's Locket of Love is ready.

Isn't this a little weird? We're both girls.

Well, protection is protection as long as you wear it. I can make a Locket of Wishes as well. You'd just need to change a few of the ingredients.

Your Locket of Wishes is ready, Klein. As long as you wear it, you'll have protection. There's a connection between this locket and the Locket of Love. Klein, I hope you strive to make Lita's dreams come true.

Huh, both Locket's descriptions reference Lita. Weird. Anyway, these are both unique accessories that only Klein and Lita can equip. They're...alright, I guess, but once again their true power lies in that they can be loaded up with Mana Crystals.

It occurs to me that I could have nine Battle Lord PWRs on Lita if I wanted.

I doubt that would be particularly efficient, but I still kind of want to do it.

I also shuffled my existing Mana Crystals around a bit and put Marietta's Tank Time Crystal on the Bio Frame then equipped her with it, since Klein can have his Crystal on the Locket of Wishes.

Music: Frozen Lithograph

All right, now it's time to finish off Lector's item list. This is one of those weird things were getting every item but one (well, technically two I guess) is what you have to do to actually get the last one. Fortunately, since we've got all the synthesis done, we just have a few odds and ends to dig up throughout the world, mostly by revisiting old dungeons with Flight.

Over at the Tower of Marcus, we can use Flight to drop down to some pillars. One has this Evil Sigil, the other has Cueparts.

Over at the woods by Kavoc, we have this last Growloon I stumbled upon by accident. It turns out this is actually the LAST Growloon, so I can stop by Norman's later and get the final rewards for that quest.

Fort Galga has a few more spots that I need Flight to drop to. Actually, you might be able to get these with Bunny Mode as well, it just never occurred to me to try. The Ankh is the only new thing I found, though.

There's a sword somewhere on the ascent to Avenberry. This was probably the most obnoxious item to find, since there are so many levels and altitudes and all...

...But the really obnoxious part is these little altitude puzzles. Basically, there are stacks of blocks around the area, and you have to get on top of the shortest one, activate Flight, and then zoom around looking for the next highest stack to slowly increase your altitude until you finally get high up enough to reach whatever item you're looking for.

Ugh. At least I got a Crimson Mana out of the deal here somewhere.

There's another item that I have to find in the Forest of Ocean Mist. Well, as it turns out, I'm in the Garden of Eternity, which is where the Forest of Ovean Mist leads, but the path is one-way so I kind of screwed myself trying to go backwards.

Fortunately, stopping by the Garden of Eternity worked out very well because at some point (presumably after reactivating that furnace machine with Pamela's help) the garden filled up with Prismoons and Star Prisms, which are pretty rare and which I actually need as part of my deviuos plan to destroy the Golden Pigs.

I also made a brief stop at Ka Luda's to turn a Sentry into candy, since I apparently have managed to go all this time without doing that. They turn into Chocolate Cake, which is unique to them as far as I know.

And finally, this is the item I was looking for in the Forest of Ocean Mist. I'm not sure if I was supposed to solve a puzzle here or what – the layout of what I'm standing on makes it seem that way, but I was able to just examine the chest through the top block anyway.

And...that's everything! Time to pay one last visit to our least favorite antiques specialist!

Music: Future

That's great!

Meow, hooray!

I couldn't have done it without all your help...But, I still have much to do.

Like what? You finished the item list, didn't you?

Yes – but what if there are items that I don't know about? If you think about it, my list might not be complete at all. Please continue what you've been doing. Oh – let me give you this to commemorate our monumental achievement.

And so we have our final component for the last synthesis recipe...

I love how this requires two crazy rare, one-of-a-kind ingredients...and wax.

The Astral Cane is ready. It may have something to do with alchemy.

Really? Did an alchemist really use this?

I can't say for certain. However, the cane's design is based on alchemic principles. It was passed from person to person for a long period of time. Soon, it will be passed to an alchemist...Now it's yours. You're in charge of the cane's legacy now, Klein. Let the moon and the stars guide your journey., that's not anything amazing, but offering almost as good stats as the Divine Cane and being able to reap benefits from Mana Crystals makes this a better weapon overall, at least in theory. Sky Sonata adds an additional fire-based attack to Klein's attacks. I haven't tested to see how effective it is or if it stacks with any offensive action Klein does or just his basic attacks, but extra damage is etra damage so I'll take it I guess.

Sadly, there was no new cutscene or anything for defeating all of the Growloons. I hear there are actually 101, and that one of them is permanently missable – I don't really know for sure, but either way I managed to get 'em. Norman also forks over a cool 32,400 Cole for our efforts.

And...that's it for today. Join me next time as I cook some golden bacon.

Music: Hagel's Song

That's supposed to say "Heart warming stories", by the way. All of Beggur's portraits cut off part of the text...