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Part 51: Postgame Postscript Post

Update 51: Postgame Postscript Post

All right, I've tried the Golden Pigs fight ten more times and these were the only other scenes I found. It turns out you can get different items on your first attempt, instead of having to re-fight them on the same file, so I was able to just refight them with all my top tier alchemy items intact. Let's have a look at our other unusual spoils...

Items for singing...hey, you don't suppose -

Music: Hagel's Song


You took that from my stage kit!

Oh, is this stuff yours?

Why the hell would you take these!?

No, I didn't steal it! Let me explain...

...A pig, huh? Yeah, I've heard of that happening. Well...I'm just glad you guys found it. Thanks.

When I first heard that Hagel was involved in this sidequest, I assumed we would also be finding panties for him. The game missed an opportunity there, and I'm not sure if I'm sad or happy about that.

I wonder what we can synthesize with these?


Hanging from your bag..........Is underwear?

Huh!? mean this? It's a funny story...

...I did not realize you had such disgusting hobbies.

W-Wait! This isn't what it looks like!

Come on, Klein. Just tell her the truth.

This isn't funny, Lita!

Get away from me, you pervert!

That could have gone better...Oh well. That's the last of the super secret shopkeeper scenes I could find. I'll keep you all posted if I dig up any more.

But before we call it an LP, I have one more thing to show off. Let's beat the game again with Arlin in our party.

Arlin, you're still alive. What a pleasant surprise, now I get to kill you twice.

That's it for extra dialogue pre-battle. Sort of disappointing, but I guess there wouldn't be much point in lengthening the scene just for them to rehash their hatred of each other.

Amalgam was sort of challenging before, and I still think the fight is pretty fun...

...But now that I have a few more levels and my designated boss killing machine, the fight isn't really hard anymore.

For some reason, this time Veola replaced Blaire as Klein's chaser-after-ellipsiser. Maybe it's just random, or maybe it's based on how much synthesis I've done for them both? I don't really know.

It's over.

Arlin starts to walk away.

Where do you think you're going?

I no longer have a purpose.

Wait...I'm coming with you.

You don't owe me anything.

It's okay. I want to come. After all, we're friends, right?

… …