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Part 2: II: Pages of New Challenges

Chapter II: Pages of New Challenges

*flash-forward to 3/4...*

The "Ancient Text"

I can tell what it says in general, but, like here... There are these places where I don't know what it means...!
Are you still trying to read that "Ancient Text" of yours?
Oh, Teacher! Yes, I was! I'm pretty sure this is a book about alchemy! It must be some kind of great discovery! It's an ancient text, after all!
Nano Master, that is incorrect. That is not an ancient text, it is "a book that looks like an ancient text".
That's too long, I'm not calling it that! Just call it an ancient text already! It's easier!
Right... This book that fell from the sky and appears entirely blank to everyone but Lulua... I suppose it is a fairly incredible artifact in that sense. I do wonder what it really is.
That's what I'm trying to figure out! Hrm... Hrmmmm...
Haha, you're excited to learn at least. No one becomes a great alchemist without a healthy dose of curiosity. ...Oh, right. Lulua? I was wondering if you could keep an eye on the atelier for me for a bit?
Huh? Keep an eye...? Are you going somewhere, Ms. Piana?
Yes. I've received a request to do some investigative work.
It's not far from here, so I thought I'd go on foot. So could I ask you to watch the workshop while I'm out?
Sure! I can watch the workshop, no problem!

I'll be off for now then! Make sure to study while I'm gone!
Don't slack off, Nano Master.
Yeah, yeah, I know.

*the two lecturers leave*

...Hm. If I'm going to stay here to watch the shop for a while, I should probably go get some clothes and daily necessities from home first. And wait, if Ms. Piana's not here, I can totally have a curry party without her finding out! Yes, this is amazing! OK, I'll just pop back home and get everything together, then run back here!

Despite it being Lulua's home, you actually only rarely come here during the course of the story. Very few scenes take place at the house.

The surly knight

Let's see... Hehehe. What should I take...? Curry ingredients, of course... And then...

*knock on door*

! Huh?! It can't be... Mom?!

Music: Gazing at the Sword

Oh, uh, no! Nothing! Umm... Who are you?
...Hmph. This is the atelier of Alchemist Rorona, correct?

Well, yes. It is, but... What about it?
I see. I've come to make a request of the legendary Alchemist Rorona. Is that you? Wait, no. You're Rorona's apprentice, right?
Nope, wrong! I'm her daughter!
Her daughter? Huh, I didn't know Rorona had a daughter... Well, whatever. If you're the daughter of a legendary alchemist you must be capable of some synthesis at least. I'd like you synthesize this item for me. That's all for now. *marches out*
Ah, hey, wait, don't just leave! Ugh, what is wrong with that guy! You can't just hand over a request and then walk off... Whoa, what is this?! I can't understand this at all! Oh no, what do I do? Ms. Piana isn't even here to ask for help...! But if I don't do this for him, it'll make Mom look bad! This is a disaster! But wait! It's too soon to give up yet! First, I'll go ask around. Maybe someone can help! Yeah, I'm sure it'll all work out! Somehow... *sigh*... Why is this happening to me... I guess I'll start at the Town Square...

And go there we did.

Tour of Arklys

Ah, it's that awful guy from earlier! ...Oops.
Uh, no, I meant...awfully...uh... You've come such an awfully long way! So I thought I'd better check and see if you knew where to find an inn, and everything, you know! Aha, haha...
Huh... You're more thoughtful than you look. You're right, I have just arrived in Arklys. All right then, you can be my guide, uh...?
It's Elmerulia Frixell. Long, I know. You can just call me Lulua.
All right. I'm Aurel. Christoph Aurel Arland.

Wait, Arland?!
Heh, so you noticed. I suppose to hide it would--
Taking the name of the country... Wow, your family must have been some real patriots!

Uh, you could say that...

That's not it! My family is--!
Enough with introductions! Come along, I'll give you a tour! *runs off to begin tour*
Ugh, I can't believe this. This is going to drive me crazy. I just...ugh.

Now, first on our tour, we have the Golden Axe! It's a bar and tavern combined!
...Hm. It smells nice around here. So I can get food here when I'm hungry?
Yes, you certainly can! And the lady who works there is very pretty too. But I'll warn you, try ogling her and you'll be in big trouble!
Wh-Why would I do that?! Let's go to the next place already!
Yes, sir!

This is the Silver Chisel! It's a jewelry store...but they sell a lot of other goods too!
I see. It looks like they have some high quality wares. I didn't expect to find a shop like this here...
Hehehe. You'd best not look down on us just because we're a small town! If there's any shopping you need to do, just stop by this place! *runs off to the next place*
Mhm. As a traveler, there are various necessities that... Hey, wait!
If you dilly dally, you'll be left behind!
Argh! Stop that! Wait up!

And this here is the inn! And that's Arklys, more or less. You got that, Aurel?

Interestingly, she decided to forego seeing the orphanage or the apparent industrial district right next to it. I guess she only decided on places with particular gameplay relevance. You can't even go inside the latter, unfortunately.

Hey. I noticed this earlier...but when did you get so casual with me? You were much more polite earlier.
Huh? Oh, I mean, you seem to be about the same age as me and all... So I thought we didn't need the formality!
*sigh*... I don't really care I guess... I'm very tired all of a sudden though. I think I'll get a room at the inn and call it a day...
Yeah, good idea! Arklys may be small...but it's a great place. Have a good time while you're here!
Yeah, sure... See you. *walks off to his room*
Whew... I wasn't really planning on being a tour guide today, but I guess it's all OK... Wait, it's not OK at all! I didn't get to ask anyone about that job request! Well, let's see, if I go now...I can still make it. I'll go ask around at the Golden Axe and the Silver Chisel! Or I guess I could just ask Aurel himself. I'll try that later I guess...

True to form, the following two scenes can happen in either order. But since we'll be going to the Golden Axe more frequently over the course of the game, let's start there. The following two scenes are in the same video. The sisters

Well, the "pretty" part is certainly self-explanatory, but "ravenous"?

Hi Lisa! Things look busy here today!

Lulua actually calls her "Lisa-nee" which in Japanese is an honorific used for older sisters, but these two are not related. Just a sign of familiarity and closeness.

Yes, business is booming. Are you here to eat with us today?
Well, no, actually...there's something I wanted to ask you about... *tells her about the item*
Hmm, I see... So he asked you to synthesize this item?
Yeah... Do you know what this is, Lisa?
Hm, well... Nope, not at all.
Ah, oh well. I guess this is an alchemy problem after all...
Yeah! Maybe if it were a request about cooking or drinks I could help, but... Sorry about this, Lulua...
No, don't worry about it! Just talking to someone about this is a huge help!
Is it now? Heh, well, next time you come by, stay for a meal, all right?
Of course! See you then!
See you!

Music: No Sneaking a Bite

Nice, cozy place. Unfortunately, we can't buy any meals from Lisa, as you might expect, but this place will become relevant soon enough. But for now, let's check the shop across the way. Based on what Lulua said, that seems a more promising lead than asking a tavern owner.

Ah?! Oh, it's Lulua. Welcome.

Lisa's younger sister, as you might expect. There's a fun thing about these two being related, but you'll just have to wait until the first Extra update for what that's all about.

May I help you with something? Or have you found some rare minerals perhaps...?
Oh, no, neither of those, actually... You see... *tells her Lulua's business here*
An alchemy request...? Well, if it's anything I can help with...
Well, it's this...
Hm... Oh no, I'm sorry... I don't think I can help you. I'm very sorry. I'm still not fit to be a real shopkeeper... I need to study harder, I have so much to learn...!
Uh, no, please don't worry about it! It's a job for an alchemist, after all! And this is a jewelry store! And I can tell you work really hard here!
Hm, I wonder... If I studied more...hmm, hrmm...

*Lulua leaves*
Ah! Lulua... Hrmm...

*sigh* Well, I found no clues about this item. And I can't turn down the request, so there's no going back either... I guess there's nothing else to o but to pull an all-nighter and come up with something! OK, I can do this! I'll just hole up in Teacher's workshop and think as hard as I can! Time to move!

After the short above scene (which I included as part of the Refle scene), you get a tutorial about getting materials in town. This includes water by the well near the Wagon Atelier and Uni, as seen here, but there are other spots. Of course, none of the materials are all that great but you can't afford to be picky in the early game, y'know?

The book

Aurel will be really mad at me... And I'll make Mom look bad... Arh, aaah... Waaah, Mooom! I'm sorry I'm a disgrace to my family!
U-Um, Lulua, what's wrong? Why are you a disgrace to your family?
Aah! Eva! Why are you... Actually no, never mind. Just listen to this! You see... *explains*
I see... So you took the job, but you can't make the item... Lulua... Why don't you just tell him so and apologize?
No, I can't... I can't... 'Cause if I do it'll make Mom look bad... Ah... I understand. And Ms. Piana isn't around either...
This is quite a dilemma. It feels like we're out of options...
I know... Please, somebody, anybody...! Someone please help!

...Huh? Hey, did the book just...glow?
That book that fell on my head a while ago... I thought it just glowed. Maybe it's just my imagin...huh?! No way! What's going on?!
Lulua, what's happening? You're getting really worked up about something, but I...
M-More text has appeared in the book! And...this is incredible! It's about how to make that item Aurel requested! ...I think. There are some parts I don't understand, but I'm pretty sure...
Oh... It looks as blank as ever to me, I'm afraid.
Really? I guess I am the only one who can read it... But this is my chance! If I can just figure out what's written here, I can fulfill Aurel's request! Yes! Now I just need to try and figure this out! And it'll all work out! Eva! You'll help, right?
Of course I will! After all, I'll do pretty much anything for you, Lulua!
Thanks Eva. I knew I could count on you! Let's give this everything we've got!

So welcome to another major gameplay mechanic: deciphering riddles in the "Ancient Text" (I hate having to call it this when I know the thing's actual name, but work with me here). So throughout the game, you'll get riddles in the book and you'll need to decipher them either to continue the plot or become eligible to make new items. There's a three stage process to doing so: fulfill the first hint, the second hint, and then formally deciphering the riddle. Let's go to the actual menu and I can explain in more detail.

Take a close look at the text on the left page. The green text gives you some kind of hint as to that part of the riddle, and the red text is the actual objective. Once you accomplish that objective, the red text disappears and is replaced by the clue you found. Once you fulfill both parts of the text (every riddle has two clues), you can fill out the entry by just going to that riddle in the book (from this point on, you can access the book just by pressing a single button on whatever controller you're using), but to formally decipher it, that must always be done by accessing the book in the atelier.

Since this is our first riddle, obviously it'll be pretty simple, but it's a good field test for this mechanic.

But first, we have some events in town. As you might guess, a star icon next to an area name usually means there's an event there. Events in this game are actually a little strange if you know more or less what's coming. There are a lot of events in this game that don't strictly have anything to do either with the story or the important optional content that's on the path to achieving one of the game's 9 endings (technically 10 if you include the Bad End). Like, don't get me wrong, there are tons of scenes in every Atelier that are just for a gag or minor character development or something like that, but Lulua handles it a bit differently in that there are entire little character arcs that never amount to anything in terms of *actual* game progression.

For example, good ol' Refle. She'll never have anything important to add to the story or any character storylines. She could have just have been Generic Shopkeeper Behind A Counter and absolutely nothing about the story's progression in any sense would have been changed. Nonetheless, apparently the game wants you to do events related to her just because they're there. Hey, works for me, especially since Refle has a lot of very cute scenes. She is certainly not the only character like this, let's put it that way.

But as for now, let's start from the Golden Axe.

Beauty contest
Um, Lisa...? You're devastatingly pretty, you know...

Oh, well I noticed it just now. When I looked at you, I just thought it... You're pretty, and nice, and everybody loves you. You're also well known as the face of the Golden Axe... They even call you the Smiling Goddess! Eek... I guess I really am no match...
That's not true! I'm just busy trying to do my job... Besides, you're really cute, Lulua! And it's not a competition or anything...
Stop it, Lisa! Your kindness...! It's too much! Showing that level of maturity just adds to it!
Hahaha! Jealousy doesn't suit you, Lulua!
Oh, hey Mana! Did you want some juice?
Yeah! By the way, Lulua, have you heard the rumors? About the Belles of Arklys?
The Belles of Arklys...?! What are they?!
Heeheehee... It's exactly what you heard. That there are two beautiful women in Arklys. One of them is Eva. And so the other must be...?!

O-oh no... I can't believe such a thing...
That's what it is. So, Lulua. You haven't got a chance. Just give up.
Maaan... I mean, Eva and Lisa are definitely pretty, but... I'm pretty too?! Why can't I be one of the Belles of Arklys?! It's not fair!!
Well... That right there is probably the reason. Hahaha! Lisa, could I get some snacks too?

Mana is tremendous, as I'm sure as been demonstrated so far. In particular that cheeky laugh of hers is great.

Sure thing! Just give me a moment!
Hey, WAIT A SEC! What does "that right there" supposed to mean?! I mean, I know I don't compare to Lisa, but come on! Right?? Mana! Lisa!! Come on, say something!! Are you listening to me?? Hello!!

That's rough. Maybe Refle will be more accommodating to Lulua's hurt ego.

Being frank

Ah, Lulua...! Welcome! Thank you for stopping by. We've got some lovely things in today. Take as long as you like.
Thanks... Hey, Refle?
Yes!? How may I help?
I was just thinking about how super formal you are all the time.
Um... Yes. I suppose I am?
Yeah... I thought it was just a work thing, but...

How do you do, Lulua? Isn't it a splendid day?

Hello, Lulua. Please excuse me... Today I'm having...

*back in the present...*

Really? I'm very sorry. I can't say that I do it on purpose...
The gag here is that Refle uses very very polite Japanese, which is what instigated this scene in the first place.
Haha, I see. I mean, it's not like being polite is a bad thing... But you know, when it's just me, feel free to maybe loosen up a bit?
L-Loosen up?! Loosen...up... Ahhh... Luluuuaaa... Hooww can I help youuu...
That's not really what it means! I think I explained it badly... Hehe, I meant you should relax and be frank with me. I'm not a stranger, am I?
Oh... Yes, I understand. Since it's you asking, I will endeavor to make efforts in that area!
Ahaha... You'll need to work on your "frank" a bit more! Though, it is kind of charming...
Frank... All right. I'll try my best! Frank!

Sounds like we need to give her some time to work with that. Last stop: the orphanage.

The rascals

Come play with us!
Haha, certainly. What are we playing at?
We're playing adventurers!
Hehe. Everything is as usual here, I see?
Yeah... As popular as ever!
Ahaha, I see, I see. And everything's as usual with Father Benon too?
Yeah... Including, you know... Taking on other work to save up money to keep the orphanage running... And eating less himself to make sure the children get enough...
I see... He's actually pretty incredible.
Yeah. I think so too. So...
Yeah... We have to do the best we can to support Father Benon.
Yes! And that's why you're focusing on your alchemy studies...right?
Yeah! Hehe, I've got a long way to go, but I'm trying! I've got to do my best for Father Benon, for you, for all the kids at the orphanage!
Hehe, we're all supporting you, Lulua! But you might want to be quick about it. Or else...

Mana, Renen, let's go! Ultimate attack, Einzelkampf!

Ahaha... I don't know if he'll make it...
Mana, Alf, Renen, stop! Please!
Aw, c'mon, why're you so weak!
Father Benon's weak!
Hahaha... I guess I've lost then... Urgh.

Yeah, sounds like he could all the backup he can get. We should probably get started.

Shopkeeper inventories this early in the game are, uh, limited. In general you shouldn't ever have much need to buy things in this game. Definite exceptions, of course, but you'll know those exceptions when you see it.

Music: Supplementation

And now we're back on the road. Also as you might expect, a ! over an area location means there's an event happening there you should probably get on top of.

Music: Lulua Chasing Stars: Fields

Upon resuming control, you'll get this pop-up about the first part of the riddle being achieved just from coming to the Summer Breeze Road for the first time. Now then, it said something about plants in the second entry, so let's get on top of that.

You usually don't get a notice at the top of the screen about a riddle entry. The second shot there is what fulfilling an objective usually looks like.

Well, the other clue talked about plants, but the plants were only necessary as a means of making ?simple medicine?, which is what the actual objective is. I'll just say it's a Healing Salve, because you can only make three items right now. The other two one are a Craft, and the other is a Red Supplement. Don't take a genius to figure that one out.

If you're curious enough to look around, you'll notice these conspicuous coverings of cave entrances. No matter how hard or how long you smack it with your staff, its durability won't budge a bit. Clearly we're going to need some heavy ordnance here. This is actually different from how the same mechanic was handled in Lydie & Suelle, where, no matter how tough something was, you could hit it enough either with Suelle's foot or Lydie's staff and eventually break it. Here, though, things are different.

On the docks, you'll get this message if you investigate that shimmering light. This is obviously important, and we can't interact with it right now. Soon, soon we will, though.

Near the entrance, you can smack wheat stalks for Wheat. Cute scarecrow, too.

That oughta do it. These boxes are actually just the thinnest veneer of telling the player that can't progress further in the game until the first riddle is formally solved.

On the furthest windmill from where you start, you can find a treasure chest with two Phlogistons in it, which, if you've played prior games, are usually used for Bombs, the strongest very early game attack item. So you'd expect it to be the same here, and you'd be right. You can either get the Phlogiston from this chest or rock piles scattered around here.

Nice touch of the sun slowly starting to rise over the horizon.

Wanted to get some combat experience in, but three Green Puni are a bit much at this point. Let's just Run away. Your chances of running depend on your level versus the enemy's. If it's lower, you'll have a harder time fleeing, but higher gives you a higher and higher success chance depending on the difference. At max level, 100, you can run from every fight you could possibly escape from no matter what the enemy's level is. For weaker enemies, you'll always be successful running away, but you can fail against the absolute highest-level enemies in the game, even still.

Instead I fought a mushroom. These guys are also pretty dangerous at this point in the game because they can Poison you, which acts as it does in all RPGs. As a note, status effects aren't carried over between battles and KO'd characters are automatically revived at 1 HP after a battle ends. Losing a battle just sends you back to the atelier, and you lose a certain percentage of items you had gathered. Or none if you gathered nothing, of course.

The first time I used an Uni against an enemy on any of my playthroughs. Slow (just because this Uni had the trait Inflict Slow on it) here prevents Running away on your end, but it also doubles WT values against any combatant inflicted with it, which is the real penalty. Status effects in this game are actually pretty potent because enemies can be inflicted with tons of them, even the bosses, and the success rate is quite high. Some enemies are more or less completely resistant to debuffs, but that's only the highest tier of adversary.

Close one. But this is Very Hard, after all.

Believe it or not, this is one of my favorite looking areas in the game, even if it's the second area of the game to open. Looks like a real nice place to pass through. Once you get some Magic Grass and some other plants, head back to town.

When you get back to town with items in your Basket, you'll always get this pop-up before items go to your Container. Maximum capacity of the Container in this game is 5000, and can never be upgraded. 5000 is a loooooot of stuff in this game, so if you're bumping up against that limit, you probably need a better filtering system.

Yeah making multiples of an item *sounds* nice and all, but I never do it. Why? Making up to 9 items this way means you can't transfer traits to the final product. Definitely not worth it, so there's basically no reason at all to use this mechanic.

Everything starts from small beginnings.

When you make a new item, you get a small bonus to the EXP you would otherwise earned from an item you've already made before, so to get to Alchemy level 50 as soon as possible, make lots of new items to speed the process along. Level 50 is the highest alchemy level in the game.

I was never particularly sure what this mechanic refers to, when you reach certain Alchemy level thresholds, but I think it's the number of traits that could potentially be on the final product? It's not something to worry about, in any case. Anyway, once you visit the Summer Breeze Road and make a Healing Salve, the next scene happens.

OK... Maybe if I try putting it all together...

When both icons next to an entry are flashing red, it's ready to be deciphered. Another note about the "Ancient Text" is that the icon next to the entry refers to the kind of in-game activity will accomplish that objective. A magnifying glass means an environmental thing, like examining a specific object or going to a certain place, cauldron means something related to alchemy, and a sword is for some battle achievement. Just press X a couple times after you click on a finished entry and it's in the books for good.

The first riddle

What is it, Lulua? Could this mean...?
It does! Look at this, Eva! Oh, but you can't see it, I forgot... Um... Well, I put together all the hints from the book! And now, well, heh.

What?! Really? That's do I say this...unbelievably convenient?
Mm, well, that's fine with me! Unbelievable or not, if it helps me get the job done, I'm all for it! So Eva, first I think we need to go to the "Eternal Spring"...
Why the "Eternal Spring"? Is there something there we need?
I'm not really sure! And I don't really know much about the "Eternal Spring" either! But from what this book says, it sounds like we can get the materials to make this item there! So we should go check it out!

And it's not like we have any other leads.

Oh, I see... Well, if that's what you want to do, I'm on board! I've heard there are lots of monsters there, though, so let's make sure we prepare properly, alright?
Got it!

We now get access to this *super* important mechanic, Interrupts. Interrupts are basically free-item using turns for the alchemist party members. What do I mean by free? Well, when the Interrupt gauge fills up, you can press one button + another (on PS4 it's R1+(button)) to immediately give that user priority in the turn order (even if it's another party member or in the middle of the enemy's turn) just to use that item.

Now, here's why this mechanic is awesome. On my first playthrough, my impression was that Interrupt uses would deplete the item's use count, so although you'd get a free turn, you'd still be using that item normally. That's why I didn't make use of this mechanic much for a large chunk of my first playthrough. This is absolutely, 100%, not the case. Interrupt uses have the item's use count when equipped as Interrupt items, but their uses are refilled at the end of every battle for use in the next, no matter what the item is or how powerful it is. So Interrupt is just free uses of an item that *greatly* compliments the abilities of your alchemist party members. Once you get to the end game, you're going to be using Interrupts *a lot*. Get used to it now.

Now, the one catch with Interrupts is that once the use count for the equipped item reaches 0, the recharge time until you can use it again substantially goes up. But again, free refill at the end of each battle.

This is the Interrupt slot for Lulua, and later, for the other alchemist party members. This is in *addition* to the items you have in your regular usable item screen, by the way. For now, we can only have a Craft or Healing Salve in this slot, but of course, both are very valuable this early in the game.

And here we go with the next objective. But first, let's start at the Empty Neighborhood.

Music: Lulua Chasing Stars: Wetlands

Actually, there aren't many places at all where the Wetlands version of Lulua Chasing Stars plays. I think only here and in another place if I remember correctly. There's a lot of new materials to gather and monsters to fight, but it's here when the enemies get pretty dangerous, like birds and fish. If I were you, I wouldn't fight too much here until you go to the Eternal Spring. Call it a hunch.

Like this bird, which can come out of a whackable tree. Definitely don't want to mess with this guy until the right moment. Also, do you notice the Interrupt Craft hasn't filled up for use yet? Every item in this game that can be equipped as an Interrupt item (Attack, Buff, Debuff, Healing) has a certain WT time associated with it, with higher-level items taking longer to charge / recharge usages, of course. The Craft, because it is a very weak item, charges very quickly. Progress toward a full charge happens whenever any combatant takes a turn, either friend or foe.

But that's about all important business here other than gathering as much as you wish. Let's move on to the main event.

Pure water

Music: Song of Trees and Water

Quite dramatic music for a place this early in the game. It's very nice.

*gasp* Wow...! This is the "Eternal Spring"? I've never seen it before, it's so beautiful!
Ah, the air's so fresh and nice...! Such a relaxing atmosphere.
Right? ...Don't get too relaxed though! We're here to collect materials after all!
Yes. Speaking of, Lulua, what kind of materials did your book tell you to collect?
Uh... "Fish's Whiskers". It said the Guardians of the Eternal Spring would have them.
I wonder if that means the Guardians are some kind of fish... But...

Yeah, there are more monsters here than I was expecting... It'll be hard to find the Guardians here...
I guess so... This is Arklys' main water source, maybe monsters like to have a drink of clean water

Is that...Aurel? Wow, he took those monsters out with one hit... Heey!
Hm? Oh, it's Lulua. And...?
I'm Eva. It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm Lulua's friend.
Oh, all right. I'm--
Aurel, I believe? You're the one who forced...ah, asked Lulua to do this job.
I'm getting some attitude here... Or maybe I'm imagining things?
Ahaha... Ah, um, right! Hey, Aurel, what are you doing here?
Oh, right. I heard there were a lot of monsters here, so I thought I could do some training by clearing them out.
I see! Isn't that handy, Eva?
Hehe. Indeed it is, Lulua! What an excellent stroke of luck!
What's up with you guys? Why are you smirking like that? You're freaking me out.
Don't worry about it! Say, Aurel, we did come here to fulfill your request after all... So why don't you join us?
Excuse me?
You're not excused. You're our client, aren't you? As our client, you should help us!
What are you talking about?! Why would being your client mean I have to...
Don't worry about it! Wouldn't you feel bad leaving two girls alone to fend for themselves against all these monsters?
Hehe, I'm so glad you came, Aurel! We'll be counting on you!
Hey! Stop it, I never agreed to this, hey!

See? It was just that simple to get this rather short-tempered fellow on our team. He just had to see things Lulua's way, is all. Everything would go so much quicker if everyone kept that in mind.