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Part 17: XIV: Pages of a Certain Homecoming

Part XIV: Pages of a Certain Homecoming

Getting better

Hehe. Looks like you're doing well, Lulua.
Oh, Stia! Actually, I've got some good news for you! Now, I'm not 100% sure, but if I can figure out this chapter, I think we can get to the heart of Fellsgalaxen!
Oh...! That is very good news. I knew you could do it, Lulua. The control unit has been left alone for so long, there's no telling what state it's in now... I'm glad you're here with me. With you here to help me, I"m certain we can make it to the control room. I'm really grateful to you, Lulua.
Ahaha! It's no problem, Stia! Besides, we're friends, right? And friends are supposed to help each other!

Come on, Teach, don't tease! *ahem* Anyway... Opening that door in Fellsgalaxen was one of my goals from the beginning. And as an alchemist, I'm going to do my best to reach my goal! So-- ...What's this? *Alchemyriddle glows*
What's wrong, Lulua? Oh... Is it "Alchemyriddle"?
Looks like it... Hmm? Why would it...
Hm? What is it? What does it say?
Well, you see... It just says "Go to Arland atelier"...
Huh... What a strangely specific instruction. Arland atelier... It means Ms. Rorona's atelier, right?
Yeah, I think so...
Well... I guess it's best we do as it says. That book has always helped you before. I'm sure it wouldn't lead you astray now.
Yeah, you're probably right... Thanks, Stia! The way it's written is a bit strange... But let's just go to Mom's atelier and see!

And in a fade to black immediately after that scene ends... The Apprentice of Arland

Eh? Ms. Meruru?? Is everything all right?
Well, actually... I have a favor to ask... Could you... Could you take me with you on your travels?!
WHA?! Yeah. But why?!
Well, it's quite simple really... It looks like fun... Traveling together with you, going to different places, gathering lots of valuable experience...
Ohh, in that case! Of course you can travel with me! It would be a great help if you joined us!
OK! I won't disappoint you! Thank you, Lulua!

I'm sure she won't. If you have the Meruru DLC, she joins right at the start of Chapter 6, as you can see. This is also an important chapter because it's the first time you can unlock a location that has tons of the next tier of traits in it, so you can start making powerful compound traits for weapons and items and such. So, it would be in your interest to not dawdle on the plot stuff. Of course, since it's the start of a new chapter, there are a few events around the country. Let's start in the frontier hometown. Recollections

All set, then.
Hello, Father Is that...a diary?
*closes book, puts it away* Argh, Lulua! Ah, no! It's not! Definitely not a diary?
"Argh"?! What do you mean, "argh"?! This smells veeeeery fishy... What do you have to say for yourself?
Ah, no... Really, this is just...
I'll have to resort to force then! *rushes at him*

Dang, punched his lights out again. This time for evil purposes, though...

Now, what have we here... Hmm?
"February 3rd. The kids are doing well today. We do have a lot who like to play outside here. Children hardly seem to notice the cold. With my strength declining, I should start some kind of exercise..."

"February 14th. It's Lulua and Eva's birthday. We should have a really grand celebration, so I'm going to go buy food. I wish I could give them real presents, but I hope a curry dinner will make them happy at least..."

Another Arland protagonist we now know the birthday of. The other is Totori, who was...March 8, I think? Something like that. I do know it was March. We also know that Ayesha's birthday is around January 20, since there's a scene late in her game that's predicated on her reaching legal drinking age.

It's all about the orphanage... He really cares so much about us... Hm...?
"August 22nd. Monsters have appeared near Arklys. We're short on able hands, so I'm going to go fight. I'm not as good in a fight as I used to be. I'm just lucky the monsters weren't very strong. Honestly, I don't want to fight. I'm more suited to taking care of the orphanage than I was to adventuring. When I'm with the kids, all the pain in my heart is healed. I hope I never have to put on armor again..."
Adventure... Armor...? Did Father Benon used to be an adventurer? Hm, what to do. If I go a little further back...

Eek! E-E-Eva!?

Ah, um! No, that's not it, you see...
What's not it? Sit down right there young lady! You're in for a lecture! And a spanking! And no dinner!
Waaah, Eva, listen to me! I actually found in the diary that...

Eva, no, please forgive me! Waaah, I'll never do it again I promise!

You lose a whole day after seeing that scene. Best not to ask about the punishment actually delivered... Maybe Arls will be safer for Lulua. Always a princess

Were your travels fun, Princess?
Hi guys! It was really fun! Also, stop calling me "Princess"! Just call me "Meruru"!
Even if you say so... *sigh* All right, then... Lady Meruru?
Meruru...Oh, I just can't be so informal! You're definitely a princess, haha!

I'm with him. It's just hard to imagine her not being a princess. Her still wearing the crown isn't helping things.

Ahaha, well I guess there's no helping it. See you around then!
Princess Meruru!
Oh, Lulua! Oh, for the love of... I'm not a princess anymore.
Hehe, I said that on purpose. But you sure are popular, Ms. Meruru!

You really are amazing. I admire you a lot!
Haha, that's not true. I just worked as hard as I could to get here. Though I'll admit that I do get on well with everyone. Because I never liked to spend time cooped up in the castle.
Oh, really? Is that true?
Yeah. Living in a castle is incredibly boring. I'd sneak out secretly to go to the town. And that's why I know everyone. Hehe, are you surprised?
Yeah, a little. But...hehe. It fits with what I know about you. This might be rude, but... You're like a tomboy princess!
Ahaha! I actually get that a lot. Well, anyway... I'm a former princess, right? So you don't have to worry about that. Because I'm just me. Got it, Lulua?
Hehe, roger that! Well, once again... It's good to have you with us, Ms. Meruru!
Yeah, same! Ahaha!

I'm sure these two will get along famously. Further down the street... A seaman on land

Hahaha! I told you, don't mention it! It was truly the least I could do.
Hehe, thank you very much. Please let us know if you ever return to the sea.
Hah! You got it!

*woman leaves*

Hello, Niko. Do you know her...?
Hi, Lulua. I wouldn't say that... She's just a customer I guided once.
Customer? I thought you used to be a pirate? And what do mean by "guided"?
Hahahah! Hey, who'd'ya take me for? I am a great pirate whose name rings throughout Arland. Indeed, Niko the Storm-rider they call me. Don't lump me in with those other good-for-nothing pirates! A true pirate simply longs to live a free life at sea!
O-OK... Live a free sea?
Hey! I was born and raised on the ocean waters! I'm a true-born son of the sea! In fact, I am one with the sea itself! Hah hah hah hah!
Um... You're actually on land right now though?
Ugh... Well, you see... There's a reason for that.
Really? I can't imagine what that might be. I'd love to hear it.
You would? It's not like I've got anything to hide. Fine, I'll tell ya.

Just one? Must be some kinda nut. What kind, though, I dunno.

What?! Your ship was destroyed?! How did that happen?!
Ya see, somebody made the same mistake you did. They thought I was some evil pirate.
I see... I'm sorry to hear that...
Yeah... On top it all, I really don't know the first thing 'bout how to live on land... *sob* I really miss the sea. If only I could just... I'd give anything to go back!

He really starts bawling after this line. A big heart but easily broken, it seems.

Oh! Don't cry! People are starting to stare!
Uuuu...*sob* Oh my beloved sea! How I yearn to return to you! *sob sob*

As well it should, Meruru. As it should. But that's all our business around here for now. Luckily, only one scene in Arland before we continue the plot. Memento from master

Oh, Wild. What're you holding a frying pan for?
Ohh, hey, Lulua! I'm just polishing it up. The frying pan is the soul of a cook because it's the tool of our trade. That's why I have to make sure it's spotless after I use it. It's part of my daily routine!
Heh! The soul and tool of your trade! Ahaha. Once I get back home, I should polish up my cauldron...
Haha! Yeah, you should! Anyway, aside from all that... This is a very special frying pan. It's actually the most important pan I own.
The most important...? You mean like the easiest one to use?
Nope. This pan is the one Iksel... It's the pan I got from my master!
...! From your master...!

Then, one day, when I was starving, I wandered around and wound up here at Sunrise Cafe.
That's when I tried my master's food and... I was shaken. I couldn't even believe that something this delicious existed. AFter that, I begged him to accept me as his apprentice... And that's how I came to be here. And the moment I inherited this shop, I also received this frying pan.
Together with the shop! That makes the frying pan a kind of graduation certificate!
Exactly. My master left Arland in order to share his cooking around the world... And surely his message is conveyed through this frying pan. I have to protect Sunrise Cafe! For my master's sake! I MUUUUUST!! AHHH, I'm fired up now!! Cook! Cook! I need to go cook something!!
Ahaha! I can't let his passion outshine mine! I better head back and hit the books! One day, I'll gain the approval of my teacher and my mother...! And become the best alchemist ever.

We haven't gotten some encyclopedia entries in a while, have we? This particular bit of information may be important to a certain shopkeeper ghost down the line...

What did you want from a Wolf, Eva? But now we're going back to mom's atelier. If Alchemyriddle says something's there, something's (probably) there. Coming home

Music: Sun Bathing: For Lulua

HUH?! Lulua?! What're you--?! How did you get here...?!
Waaaaaah!! Moooooom!!
Oh, come on now! Don't cry! Try to calm down, okay?!
I've missed you SOO much!! WAAHH!

*Lulua invites everyone in on a fade to black*

*ahem* Now that everyone introduced themselves...! I'll introduce you to my friends, Mom! Listen up! This is Arland's finest alchemist, my really awesome and amazing mother! Rorolina Frixell!!
Ahaha, a bit on exaggeration, but yes. I'm Rorona. A pleasure to meet you all.

Ah, what can you say about the first Arland protagonist, as well as the first Atelier protagonist I ever controlled? Rorona's been through a lot in her day, mostly thanks to her own troublesome teacher, but things seem to have worked out pretty well for her. In spite of her advanced age since the last time we saw her, she's basically the same as always. Meant in the best way possible, of course.

A pleasure to meet you.
Tehehe... Hey, Mom! I know you were very busy with work, but since you're here now it must mean...!
Yes, yes. My work has quieted down for the moment. I'm sorry it took more time than expected...
Uh-huh, it's fine! You don't have to apologize! Oh, Mom, there are so many things I have to tell you about! About my friends, and "Alchemyriddle", and how the shop is now under my name! Let's talk a lot! Right, Mom?

Yeah, when you put it like that, a lot HAS happened in young Lulua's life over the past 9 and a half months.

Hehe, of course. I really am sorry I left you for so long... Oh.
Oh?? Did you just say "oh"?? What does "oh" mean?!
S-Sorry, Lulua... I forgot about one more request... I have to head to Parliament to meet with the client...
A request...? In that case, I want to help! I've gotten a lot better at alchemy recently! Come on! Let's go, Mom!! If we handle this request together, we'll finish in no time!
Aww, thank you, Lulua! Though I'm not sure what kind of request it is... With you here, I'm sure everything will be fine! Shall we?
Yes! Off to Parliament! Surely it'll all work out! Yay!

And so we did. Lulua's relationship to Rorona is great. Normally Lulua is so self-confident and proactive, but she completely goes to pieces emotionally, in a good way, whenever Rorona's involved with something.

And yet, it's the truth. A new job

Ah, Ms. Rorona! It is a most splendid honor to meet such an esteemed alchemist as yourself!
Ahaha... So, um, regarding that request... *begins a conversation with the guy*
Mom and that guy are deep in conversation. It's pretty bori--hm?
Ugh, this is terrible...

Hmm? Oh...yeah. I took on a request to go the Ancient Monastery, but... The place was absolutely crawling with ghosts. They beat me up pretty good. It doesn't look like I'll be able to make good on my request. Ugh. I really needed the gold...

Hm, last time it was infested by demons. Not sure how much of an improvement that is...

Crawling with...ghosts?! That sounds awful... (What should I do? Do I go with Mom, or... But it's Mom's job, so... She doesn't really need me tagging along. Besides, what am I going to do, abandon someone in need? No way!)

Huh, that's never happened before...

I'll help you out with your request!
A-Are you sure? Those ghosts really are tough...
Pfft, don't worry about it! I don't look it, but I'm actually an alchemist myself! Just leave it to me. I'll get it done in no time! ...Somehow.
I see... I guess I have nothing to worry about, then. Thank you! *takes off*
All done, Lulua! Sorry to keep you waiting. Let's head off and--
Ahhh! I'm sorry, Mom! I had to accept another request!
I want to become as great an alchemist as you... So I decided to work hard too. And before I even knew it, I'd accepted this request. I'm really sorry!
Lulua... I can't even say anything to that... Only that I understand completely. Just remember, once a request is accepted, a true alchemist will always see it through to the end. No matter what. Got that?
Yep! Thanks, Mom!
Hehe. Good luck, Lulua. *gets back to her own work*
You sure about this? I thought you wanted to travel with your mom.
I'm sure! Once I'm done with this, I'll stick to her like glue! Right, everyone! Let's see what the Ancient Monastery has in store for us! Even without Mom, we'll get it done! It'll all work out! ...Somehow. Let's do this!

I predict lots of ghosts in our near future. Just, I dunno, a hunch.

Things seem to gone well so far, though, but yep. Eva's wrath is not something to be taken lightly.

How very curious... But that's enough of the party's thoughts on the "legendary" alchemist for now. The Ancient Monastery is now available for travel. It's just northwest of Arland, about where it was in Totori. Hollowed shrine

Music: Rundown Monastery: For Lulua

Well, here we are, but...

Hahahahaha...! That adventurer wasn't lying! Look at 'em all!
You actually sound excited about this, Ficus... What are we going to do, Lulua?
Er, well, you see, I didn't think that far. But there's only one thing we CAN do... Fight them! Fight them and don't stop until they're all gone!
I see. Sounds very much like you, Lulua.
Ahaha, really? You're going to make me blush!
Lulua... I don't think that was a compliment.
Haha, nothin' wrong with a straightforward approach! Let's show 'em!
I agree. What can ghosts do against us? Haha!
Are you sure this... Ah, whatever. Ready, Lulua? Let's do this.
Yeah! Ready or not, here we come!

Music: Tick Panic

Wonderful... As you can see, these guys completely nullify Physical damage. And we have to defeat 5 groups of them to continue the plot. Ficus is going to be absolutely vital for this effort, since completely nullifying Physical damage means that a very large percentage of your allies' attacks are going to be worthless. Bench Eva since she doesn't add much of anything, but Aurel is good in the backline and backline only because he can remove one debuff from an ally with one of his support skills.

This sequence, among other reasons, is why we made a Magic Sword last chapter.

Bustin' makes her feel good, apparently.

Remember this chest in particular. I do know it has a recipe book in it, but I don't exactly recall what recipes were in it. Still, getting all the recipes is important, you know. When we make an upgraded Artisan's Key, I'll certainly return here.

As I've mentioned, Curse is one of the most annoying status effects to get hit with, because healing is now worse than worthless. It's actively harmful to heal.

The reason Eva doesn't work even if she has a Fire/Physical attack, Flare Bastard, is because it's one of those weird attacks where it's like a Fire-flavored Physical attack, which means the ghosts nullify both sources of damage. The only thing Eva can do, at all, is knock back enemy turns.

Ah, a chest hidden by the altar. It has an Archfiend Claw in it. Sounds like a cool weapon, but it is a material. After this, I decided to switch out Totori for Meruru, but unfortunately she becomes available for play during an unfortunate chapter since, you guessed it, these ghosts nullify everything she can do. Oh yeah, and Niko is worthless, too. Really, the only effective means of fighting these awful things is the Magic Sword if you ask me. Barrel Bombs are good, too.

If you're into that kind of thing, the Monastery does have really high quality Clean Water. Yeah... The materials in this place are pretty high quality, in all fairness. After you defeat 5 enemy groups... Brick wall

...Hey, Lulua.
Yeah, you noticed it too? This is not good at all.
Yeah... It doesn't matter how many we defeat, they just keep popping out!
Initiating area analysis. 1, 2... Indeed. The number of enemies remains constant. They seem to be reviving themselves somehow. Very troublesome.
We can't keep beatin' our heads against the wall. What's the plan, mateys?
Haha! We don't need a plan! I bet the Riddle will start glowing any moment now!
Ah, right! "Alchemyriddle" is...

Alright, I'll bite. Is it glowing or what?
Um... Not quite. This is strange. It's never let me down before...

I wouldn't have made this screenshot, but check out that...thing in the lower right. What is that? It went in and out of the frame like a fan blade, but I simply can't imagine what this could have been. I only noticed it when I was watching this video back.

So, what should we do? We haven't completed our task.
Yeah... Well we can't just give up here. I think it's pretty clear what we have to do!
Wait a second, missy, what's this? Where'd you whip that pen from?
If "Alchemyriddle" isn't going to give us new text, we'll just have to write our own! Let's see now... "To defeat ghosts that keep appearing"... "You need..."
Ahaha... That will turn it from "Alchemyriddle" into a journal for ideas... Ah, I guess it should be fine.
All right, all done! I think I've come up with the kind of item we need. I have no idea how to make it, or if it's even possible... For now, let's just return and think it over. I think it'll all work out! ...Somehow!

Yes, let's. That was entirely too many fights against ghosts for one update.

Yep, this entry is unique in that it's Lulua herself writing it, rather than mysterious text from...someone. Even so, pretty simple. You should have found a Destroyed Grimoire while in the Monastery, and after that, Magic Paint, which we learned the recipe for at the very end of the last chapter. By the way, making the Magic Paint is what got me to Alchemy level 25, if you want some perspective as to where I am in the whole leveling up process. After that, a scene in Ar Hollow. Gotta have some respite from banishing the supernatural. An alchemist and adventurer

...Yes, I think so. Please let me give it a try.
Oh, Ms. Totori! Are you working right now?
Yes. I'm just picking up a request from Ms. Lionela. If someone is in need, we must help them out. That's the adventurer motto, after all.
As expected from Ms. Adventurer...?
Hehe! Yes, that's right. Lots of people are surprised by this, but... While Totori is an alchemist, she's also an adventurer! With the amount of requests you've been getting... You're probably still the top requested adventurer in Arland.
Whaaaaat? Really?! W-Wow... That's really amazing...

Originally, I became an adventurer to search for my mother. But as I traveled... I fell in love with the adventuring itself. So now, as both an alchemist and an adventurer, you could say I have a finger in both pies!
Wow! And you've achieved so much in both fields... I really admire you! One day, I"d love to be like you.
I think you'll be able to do it, Lulua. After all, being an alchemist and an adventurer is not so different. If you set your heart on it, I think you'll have no trouble at all.
...Right! I think I can definitely make it work...somehow! Ah, that reminds me, Ms. Lionela! Give me some requests too, please!
Hehe. You're all riled up and ready to go! Hmm, which one should I introduce to you...

Mmm, Totori might have some competition before she knows it. Not until Lulua fulfills this ghost-hunting quest that doesn't seem to be going particularly well so far. Though, we seem to have a plan in mind. Fulfill the riddle Lulua wrote down to continue the story.

Oh... So, Lulua. Are you going to tell us what it is or not?
Of course I am! My secret weapon against the ghosts is... A charm!
A charm? You mean those papers? "I pray that the gods might blah blah"?
Exactly. A charm we can use to banish the ghosts! This isn't from "Alchemyriddle", just from me, so I'm not sure how effective it'll be... But it's got to be better than doing nothing!

Stia seems to like doing that. To be fair, it is really cute.

She's right, Lulua. You've grown so much as an alchemist! Chin up, chest out! Say "I'm the best, and my item will work for sure!".
Okay! Time to get synthesizing!

I also got a scene with Dragon where he announced that, because the number of Piana's orders have fallen, he can start helping us out more. That means the number of items we can register goes up to 5. Sounds good to me. You'll typically get this kinds of messages around the start of a chapter. He'll also periodically announce that Restocking fees are lowered.

The direct approach clearly isn't working at the ghosts. This can't do much worse, is how I see it.

Ahhh! It's somehow refreshing to not rely on "Alchemyriddle"!
Right? You did great, Lulua. Really, really great, actually. You came up with that recipe all by yourself, from scratch. You really have grown.
Th-Thank you, Teach!
*ahem* Well, perhaps I spoke too soon. We don't really know if this will work yet... And there's only one place we can find that out! To the Ancient Monastery!
Sure! Yeah... This'll definitely work out...somehow!

Well, it'll definitely work out, just HOW it'll work out is the question here.

By the way, we're making this item as a replacement for the Meister Tarte. This thing is an exceptional improvement over anything I've used prior to now, but there's only one thing holding it back: the fact it's only single-target, as opposed to the Healing Bell, which we unlocked at the same time as the Remedy. The Healing Bell is strictly the best healing item in the game, but enemies aren't yet powerful enough to warrant powerful AoE healing.

Once your preparations are done, it's time to head back. Ghostbusters

There are the ghosts, right where we left them. All set, Lulua?
Yep, should be! Charms are ready to go!
Right! Let's just pick one... This one'll do!
If it runs away, we won't be able to test the charm, so we should weaken it first.

Not going too well at first...

Right here!

Did it work?!
Enemy number reduced. No revival detected. The charm appears to be effective.
Congratulations, Lulua! You really did it!
Thank you! Hehehe. The ghosts should be no problem now! Right, everyone! Let's get to work now!

Agreed, Niko. We have...5 more ghost groups to exorcise before we can continue. Let's just skip a bit...

Phew, we banished a lot of them... We really put a dent in their numbers.
Yes, we definit--huh?!

??? Youuu will paaay!

Wh-What...? D-Did you guys just hear something?
...! Over there!

*ghost disappears through the door*

That one looks very strong. Maybe it's their leader!
Hmm... Does that mean that if we banish it with a charm...
Yes! We'll be able to finish this request! Everyone! This should be the last one! Let's banish them once and for all!

Yes, let's. After the above scene, you get access to a deeper part of the monastery, which we didn't get to see during Atelier Totori, and all the ghosts are replaced by ghosts, mushrooms, and bats. Much better, obviously. The door to the Archives is located in the northwest corner of the map.

This area and the next weren't in Totori, for the record. Just that main area with the altar. While you are here, you would be well-advised to beat up a Pulse Wind (bat) and Shiningshroom to fulfill a couple riddle clues. No need to backtrack if they're right in the way of plot progress, right?

The Archives are full of bookshelves and tight passages that can make navigating around enemies difficult. Our objective to get up to the second floor, which requires you head to the northern edge of the map and crossing back to the south on the far side of a gate.

This gate. You would also be in good hands smacking a pot and hopefully getting a Dark Dew. It's a fairly rare drop but they are there.

This place must have been a rager back in the day.

I'm conflicted. On the one hand, nobody knows mushrooms better than Meruru. On the other, this place is so old that ghosts consider it a vacation home. Apparently a lot of them, too. In the final analysis, Meruru did not say whether the mushroom was safe for human consumption. Just that it was "awesome". Ingest that at your own risk.

The pots closest to where you spawn in have a Boost Item called Sacred Water in them, which is one of a handful of unique Boost Items that sacrifice quality at the exchange of substantially boosting a particular element. In this case, Ice. Quality is only going to become more important, so I personally don't use these too much.

See that yellow bear? This is very important enemy to defeat right now, but while I was recording, I did the storyline boss first, just so I was sure I was able to defeat it before I challenged this bruiser. But, that kinda kills the moment of what happens next, so let's fight the bear first, then the ghost. Sound good?

Some pretty formidable stats, but we have an ace up our sleeve. Remember what it was?

Meruru's abilities right now are pretty limited. She only has a single Physical hit, pictured here, and an AoE Fire hit. But, of course, she'll gain more tricks.

Love that tankiness. This is actually thanks to another of his skills, which significantly lowers the damage he suffers for one hit. By 99%.

The Yellowsein is mostly dangerous because of Lightning Field, which causes a huge amount of damage and lots of knockback. Very annoying, any enemy who has this ability.

I grow weary of this. Our trick was the Dark Water the whole time. Since the enemy fell below 60% HP and is not an enemy who can resist insta-death, it falls prey to this trick. When you're ready to wrap up the main gameplay of this chapter, approach the ghost in the far corner of the attic. A painful moment

You will pay! Youuu will paaay!
No, you will pay. I cannot let you haunt Arland lands like this!
Yeah! Apologies, ghostie, but you're done for!
The charm is ready to go! Let's do this!
Youuu will paaay!

Hmmm...this ghost seems unusually bitter about what we've been doing. Probably nothing...

As far as the enemy itself goes, basically just boss version of the Twilight Phantoms you've been fighting all along. Which means, still annoying, but nothing you haven't seen before.

Thanks to Ficus using Misdirection as a result of Piana healing MP with the Secret Remedy, he caused this to happen...

I honestly got nothing for what this does. Almost certainly poorly translated. You know what this does? Gives the enemy a slight stat buff, that's what it does. Just 10%, but still. Really, just keep Ficus on the frontline if you plan to use him.

This part of the game is such a pain in the ass if you don't have a good Magic damage or other elemental damage item, good lord.

Lulua, now! Use the charm!
On it! Hyaah!

He ran up from behind the group, for the record.

Huh? It's that adventurer! W-What's wrong? Why do we need to stop?
I'm sorry! It's just...this ghost... I need you to let it go.
...? What do you mean? Aren't you the one who asked us to do this?
Well, yes. That's true. But after that, I did some research... And I learned a lot about this ghost. It was once a child whose parents abandoned it.
To pass away alone and unloved... I think it was only looking for friends... And that's why it summoned all other ghosts here.
Oh... I see...
Yeah. If I'd known that before... I'd never have asked you to come here.
Huh. After all, everyone has their own stories... Whether they are humans or monsters.
However... What are we going to do? We can't just leave it here to terrorize people.

*crouches down next to the ghost* Hey, you!
I'm sorry. We had no idea what you'd gone through... But I understand how you feel. I, after all, also was...
Oh, Lulua...
So, I, er... Will you become my friend? I know it won't really change things, but... It must be very lonely to be here alone...
Music: For Those Sleepless Nights

R-Really? Y-You want to be friends...with me?
Yeah! I'm Lulua, by the way. I'd love to be friends with you!

Hehehe...I made a friend... I'm not...not alone...anymore...

Where'd it go?!
If I had to guess, I'd say it finally found peace. All it wanted all this time was a friend.
It was just a frightened, lonely child... But I... I just attacked...
Lulua, you shouldn't beat yourself up about it. Like I said, everyone has their own stories and motives. Things worked out the only way they could have. Life is not something you can control.
I'm sorry. This was all my fault. Here. It's not much, but it's something. *gives 1000 Cole*
Thank you very much. Alright, Lulua. Let's head back to Arland.

Dang, that was rough... Really puts this entire ghostbusting quest in perspective, huh? Well, before we head back to Arland, don't forget to pick up the Spirit Robe in the treasure chest. Let's see if Lulua can come to terms with what she's done back home... What my mother taught me

...Ah! Lulua!
Rorona! Have you been here the whole time?
Yep! I knew you'd be home sooner or later. Hehe. I'm done with what I had to do. And what abou--wait, what's the matter?
You look awfully down... Did something happen?
Well, it all started when... *explains this sad chain of events*
Oh, I see...
Yeah... I did it again, didn't I? Just ran blindly ahead without stopping to think. I wonder what that poor child thought of me... Did it really think of me as a friend?
I just can't stop thinking about it. Was there a better way to resolve things...? Ugh... I hate this. Why doesn't life come with do-overs? If I could just go back and try it again... Maybe I could have...

Lulua, listen. I've got one piece of advice for you. Believe me, I know exactly what it feels like to want to change the past. But you can't. I've tried to change the past with alchemy. But even if you change the past, it won't change your present.

Actually don't know what Rorona's referring to with that last comment, but yeah, changing the past seems like a bad scene.

What do you mean it won't change the present?
*sigh* Changing the past only creates another branch of reality. Your own world remains unaffected. So... You can't undo what's been done. You can only make sure not to act in a way you'll regret.

Helpful illustration of this concept.

Uhh... Sorry, Lulua. I guess that was kind of harshly worded.
Oh, no, not at all! Thank you, Mom. "You can't undo what's been done." There's no going back to fix things...

That's my Lulua! Anyway! Like I said, my work for now is done. I was thinking we could spend some time together?
Really? That would be great! I love you, Mom! I can't wait to learn from you again! I want to become as great an alchemist as you!
Ah... That's a lot of pressure! Haha. Well, I'll try my best not to let you down...
Whaaat?! I'm going to need more than "try"! And I'll keep deciphering "Alchemyriddle" too! Ah, that reminds me...

(My regrets about my recklessness nagged at me. I'd marched to my own beat and paid the price. "You can't undo what's been done." One of the most important things Mom taught me. Now, I appreciate what those words mean. But back then, I don't think I really understood... I still thought that if I became a powerful enough alchemist, I'd be able to change things in the past. For the time being, I was just happy to see my mom. And so marks the "Chapter of Reunion." And...a great turning point in my life.)