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Part 19: Bonus Update 3

Bonus Update 3


Lulua concept art 1
Lulua concept art 2
Eva concept art
Aurel concept art 1
Aurel concept art 2
Totori concept art
Arklys landscape art


Remote Inn: For Lulua

Ah, the beloved Modis Ruins. This map first appeared in "Atelier Meruru". My colleague told me during debugging that he liked the ambience of the accompanying music. I remember those simple words of praise fondly; somehow they affected me deeply. It was just around the time I was beginning to grasp the practicalities of how to match music with the artwork of the "Atelier" series, so I guess the fact that my efforts were appreciated moved me all the more. (Yanagawa)

Rundown Monastery: For Lulua

This is a piece for the monastery...or rather, its ruins. This is an arranagement of Nakagawa's composition. I kept it pretty close to the original, but I think I managed to engender a fresh quality though change in tempo. By the way, there is no way you would ever see me work up enough courage to enter a place like this. (Yanagawa)

Tick Panic

My old director used to tell me that the battles in "Atelier" are not combat scenes but, rather, slapstick comedy. Let's just say there were arguments for both for and against this theory of "slapstick combat". For "Rorona", I was instructed to go with the original piece for the battle theme, another call which caused a lot of controversy... Things were rough... (Nakagawa)

For Those Sleepless Nights

In earlier titles, there used to be sorrowful or melancholy versions of the event tracks, so that they could be used when a character was troubled or feeling lonely, as well as in comic scenes. But I seem to recall these were gradually reduced in number due to the change in scriptwriters. (Nakagawa)

I've never particularly paid attention to who was writing these games, for one reason or another, but I'd be interested in knowing when this change happened. I did hear, though, that Lydie & Suelle and Lulua have the same writer.

Keep Her Steady!

Here is a solid "older brother" kind of young man. I recall always being in awe of these "dependable older brother" types when I was a child. I also recall thinking that I, too, would one day automatically become one. I just thought it was a given, being a boy and all. However, that did not come true at all... They say one no longer has any doubts at the age of 40, but I've reached the age of 45, and most of the time I still have no idea what I'm doing... (Achiwa)

Sun Bathing: For Lulua

I received a request to come up with a leitmotif for Rorona, but this piece is actually not an arrangement of Rorona's original theme music. It is, in fact, an arrangement of a track entitled "Father and Mother". The end result is the track "Sun Bathing". The father and mother refer, naturally, to Rorona's parents. The melody of the Frixell family theme, so it's not like I went too far afield. (Nakagawa)

Princess March: For Lulua

Long time no see, Meruru. In the original piece, I opted for a simple marching rhythm. Here, though, I thought a more free-spirited feel with a samba arrangement more suitable. I dub it "Princess Samba". Just as in "Atelier Meruru", Lulua too has stunning looks that all protagonists of this series seem to possess. In the entertainment industry, too, there are idol groups full of pretty girls whichever way you look these days. Sometimes I don't know where to look. Well, I guess it doesn't really concern a fossil like me. (Achiwa)

Yeah, that's a pretty common theme with entertainment in general. I can't remember the last game I played where the protagonist or even a main character in general was ugly and designed as such. The roughest lookers tend to have rugged good looks at worst. People just like looking at pretty things no matter what, it seems.


When composing a sad piece, I usually conjure up a bitter memory for inspiration. I'm surprised at how much anguish I've managed to gather over the years. There's a never-ending stock, it would seem. Quite remarkable... (Yanagawa)


Rorolina Frixell - Mai Kadowaki

It's a pleasure to meet you. Thank you all for your time.

I am truly honored to be invited back for this title. I'm Mai Kadowaki, entrusted with the voice of Rorolina Frixell. So how would you rate my portrayal? Some of you would have heard me a while back, but for others, this would have been the first time.

Rorona started off a a young girl in her teens within the "Arland" series, much like her daughter, Lulua, in this title. Playing Rorona usually entails handling a variety of twists and turns, from being an alchemy master to a small child. This time, I got to voice Rorona as a mother too.

So what did you think of Rorona, now that she's all grown up? Do you agree she hasn't actually changed that much, though? In terms of appearance, she's still very much maintained a lot of her cute girlish looks. Personality-wise, she is still as innocent as she once was, with the added bonus of a little extra dependability and strength. At least, that's how I see her. I have long considered Rorona just adorable, and so pure at heart. My fondness for her resembles her own affection for Lulua, most probably.

Though, unsure of whether I have a patient motherly voice that is suitably patient, I can't help but feel a commonality with Rorona, in her role as a mother watching over her daughter, and find myself somehow deeply moved by this. There were many scenes that caused me to well up in this title, which made staying in character somewhat difficult at times. At those times, I felt that I was letting Rorona down by not being able to match her ability to impart knowledge to others, with such a pleasant air about her, never failing to wear her charming innocent smile.

But while it was not always smooth sailing, the recording was fun. This time round, I had quite a number of scenes with Sterk, and we ended up being good buddies. Eternal brethren, if you will. Reflecting on these scenes with Sterk, it made me imagine Arland in the future, with all of us that much older. I can't wait to see it. I loved the chance to be able to mingle with familiar faces in Arland, as well as new characters.

I know I'm just repeating myself here, but I do hope you will keep returning to our beloved Arland from here on too. I look forward to seeing you all again.

This is Mai Kadowaki, the voice of Rorona, signing off. Thank you all for your time.

Totooria Helmold - Kaori Nazuka

Hello, everyone. My name is Kaori Nazuka. I play the role of Totori. I'm overjoyed to be able to voice Totori once again.

I've been very fortunate recently on this front. I am truly delighted to have had so many opportunities to play Totori, and to mingle with you all here. I just hope we get to keep enjoying this delightful time together in Arland for a long time to come. The fate of Arland is wholly in your hands. Keep on playing!

I recall specific lines or words in my script that were familiar from earlier titles, and that elicited a sense of nostalgia. They mostly reminded me of my earlier scenes where I experienced the most trouble, though. Reflecting on them now, it's these more difficult experiences that manifest as treasured memories. I hope more and more of you will keep on playing the game so that we can create many such happy memories together.

Before I sign off, thank you for clearing the game. I hope you will continue to have success in your future adventures with Lulua and her friends in Arland. See you again soon! Bye! Your Totori!

Wild Klinsmann - Yuki Yonai

Hi, Yuki Yonai here, the voice of Wild.

Firstly, happy 20th anniversary to the "Atelier" series. I am truly delighted to be part of a creation so beloved and cherished by so many for so long.

Wild is a lively, passionate character with a real backbone. In order to portray his "wildness", I made sure to cultivate a strong and powerful voice. I do hope everyone heard me loud and clear. Here's to everyone enjoying this title, as well as more to come. Oh, and let's not forget the earlier titles in the series too.

Here's to "Atelier Lulua: The Scion of Arland". May it bring you joy. Thank you all for your time.

Keina Swaya - Yuki Iwabuchi

Hello, everyone. I'm Yuki Iwabuchi, playing the role of Keina Swaya.

So, this is the fourth title in the "Arland" series. Keina made an appearance in the last title, "Atelier Meruru". She's hardworking and reliable, but we love her for her rarely-seen but charming scatterbrain moments.

Wouldn't it be great if there was someone like her in every household? Despite that, she is now more adept in her skills than before. Entertain youself with the comical interactions between Keina and Meruru.

Nice to see you all again. Until the next time.