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Part 22: XVIII: Pages of an Alchemist's Inspiration

Chapter XVIII: Pages of an Alchemist's Inspiration

One of the longer chapters of the game, only rivaled by Chapter 9. Depending on how comprehensive you've been in your playthrough thus far, however, it may not be nearly as long as you think. If your Alchemy level is in the low-to-mid 30s, you've killed at least one of most every enemy type you can fight right now, and you've kept up on Alchemyriddle entries, you can get through this chapter pretty quickly. We still can't explore the true depths of Ortho or Fellsgalaxen this chapter, but we can have open all but like, 4 or 5 areas in this chapter if you do everything you possibly can. Finding inspiration

What's up, Lulua? Looks like there's something on your mind.
Oh, Teacher. Um, can I ask you something? "What fulfills thine life?"
Eh? You mean...what am I living for? I've no idea. What's with the sudden question?
Yeah... Um... That's what Wind Stone asked me.
I'm sorry, Wind Stone asked you?! Oh...
Then there must be a deep meaning behind it.
Oh, Mr. Sterk! What... What do you mean...?
Do you know Wind Stone's other name? People call it "The Wings of Judgment". It lends its aid to those it deems to have potential. Essentially...
To be accepted by Wind Stone, you've got to find an answer to its question?
Yes. Exactly.
I see... Somehow, I feel like that question is also going to be important for my life as an alchemist.
Hehe. Then why don't you look for it?
If you need to discover your answer to that question, why not go searching for it? When there was something you did not understand before now, what did you do?
When there was something I didn't understand... I worked hard to figure it out!
Right? So why change your approach now?
You're right! My purpose in life... I've got to find it...or at least look for--huh?!
Don't tell me... Your "Alchemyriddle" is glowing again?
Yep. Um, let's see...? "Seek the words of the pioneering alchemists to create the motivation item." Huh?
The pioneering alchemists? Wouldn't that be...
My first thought would be... Totori and Meruru. And...Rorona?

I don't add the honorifics some of the seiyuus (such as Sterk) are actually saying in the voiced lines, but Sterk continues to call Meruru "Meruru-hime", which just means "Princess Meruru". Old habits die hard, apparently.

Good ol' Astrid. Rorona never brings her up and seemingly has no interest in her whereabouts in this game. But, knowing Astrid, she knows where Rorona is at any given time and if she wants to drop in, she will.

"That person"?
No, forget it. I was talking to myself. So, what are you going to do?
Huh? Hmm... I'm going to try! Maybe I'll actually find out what my purpose in life is! Yeah, I definitely will. It'll all work out! ...Probably!

*Lulua leaves*

Heh. All that positive energy... Doesn't she remind you of them?
Ahaha, she really does. Heh. Good luck, Lulua...

Well, with that open-ended goal in mind, we need to talk to all three prior protagonists: Totori in Arland, Meruru in Arls, and Rorona in Arklys. Let's uh...go in reverse release order. We'll start in Arls and move clockwise around the map.

But first, in Arls, let's see how Pamela's doing. Making bank

Ah, Lulua. Tehehe, pretty amazing, isn't it? This is how my clients showed up! And that's all thanks to you, Lulua!
Wow... I am shocked! I didn't think it'd be this many!
Hehe... Here you go.

Pamela gives us 5000 Cole for our trouble. Remember she took 3000 from us earlier in the game, so this is payment for services rendered as far as I'm concerned.

What's this...?
This is to pay you back for paying my rent for me. And I added a little bit extra too. Because you've saved me over and over. So please take it, all right?
Ms. Pamela! Sure, I'll take it! I'm grateful!
Good girl! Hehe... And guess what? Did you notice? Thanks to people in town trading in all the stuff they didn't need, now I have quite an assortment!
You're right! There's all kinds of things!
That's right. Anyway, while we're here, let me introduce some of them! This is a tool made by a scientist with busy hair... And this is a boomerang of great power...

Do recall that Marc had bushy hair, and that Hanna used a boomerang to fight as a DLC character in Meruru.

Hmmm... Huh? Ms. Pamela, what's that paper charm?

Pa-Pamela?! Let go! Let go of that charm!
Oh! Ah, that was dangerous. I almost got exorcised.
Exorcised? You're no ghost! Anyway, I think I get the picture. Lots of items.

Yep, Lulua still doesn't know about Pamela's little secret. The question remains how effective the inevitable surprise will be. It's been plenty potent on other Atelier protagonists, that is for sure.

Yes, that's right. I think there's a lot of items that I ahve that will be useful to you, Lulua. So... Hehe. Come to my store again, won't you?

She actually is selling some pretty neat stuff, so make your purchases accordingly. But now to stop by Atelier Meruru for our actual business in Arls. An Apprentice's Inspiration

Oh, Lulua! What can I do for you?
Well, the thing is, Lulua has something she'd like to ask you.
Oh really?

*fade to black*

Oh, er, I see. My purpose in life? Hrm... Hrmmmm... I don't think I've really ever thought about it.
Hahaha, indeed! You can't really live while thinking about complicated things like that!
Hahaha. It has weight when Ficus says it.
Huh? And just what is that supposed to mean?
Ahahaha... Um, anyway, Ms. Meruru. Is there something, like an item, you'd consider to be the source of your motivation?
Motivational item? Well, there is one thing that springs to mind.
Oh really? What is it?

It's just that...erm.
Hm? What's wrong? There's no need to beat around the bush...
Well... If I could, I'd totally give you the recipe right now. But the effect is so powerful, I sealed it away in the depths of Mt. Velus...
Oh, is that all? No problem! I'll just go and--

"Is that all?" she says. Good thing video games have long since been operating on the principle that lava and volcanos in general are completely harmless as long as you stay out of the lava. Even then, depending on the game, it might just be continuous health loss and not insta-death.

No, you don't understand. You can't "just go". Velus is a very dangerous, very active volcano! If you go unprepared, you'll never come back! You have to research and prepare properly!
I-I see! Research eh? Research... I suppose there's nothing for it. I'll have to--

What does it say in the Riddle?
Um, yes... It's something about Mt. Velus... If I can figure it out...

I already have. It's the only one you can bank before this chapter starts.

Help you challenge the mighty Mt. Velus... It certainly seems worth to try.
Ahahaha... I feel kind of bad for lumping all this on you...
Not at all! I'm very grateful to you! We'll be back in no time, and we'll have your special item.
OK! But Lulua... Please be careful. Mt. Velus can be very treacherous.

Well, that all sounds promising, at least. Probably. We have a bit more business here... Portent of disaster

Ficus, what are you looking at? Wow, what a beautiful stone! Let me see!
Oh, sorry. This stone is...dangerous.
Yes.'s a whole lot of trouble. But since you've seen it, I guess I should explain... This stone is called a "Demon Crystal". Something terrible is sealed inside it.
Something terrible...?!
Yes, terrible indeed. If you're careless with it and that thing is released, the whole world might be done for.
Ahaha, ri-ight... You're always joking around, Ficus!
Hehe, I don't remember telling any jokes? Anyways. Do you think you can break this stone, Lulua?
Huh? Hmm... It looks really hard.

I see. Hahaha, that's fine. That's really fine.
Now, Lulua. Don't tell anyone about this Demon Crystal, OK? If you do... My Pilche will come after you!
Ack! Oh no! I don't want to be attacked by that thing! I swear, I won't tell anyone! B-Bye now! *runs off in terror*

Goodness... Ficus has never had that kind of expression before...'s probably fine. Probably. Ficus wouldn't get us involved in any really serious trouble. Let's just head on over to Arland and forget this. Next scene has a bit unusual activation requirements. It requires you to make at least one weapon for every character, so that means everyone but Totori and Meruru, if you have them. Pages of manliness

Huh? Cole? What's the matter?
Ah! Lulua! Check this out! I was rearranging the books on this shelf and found THIS!
Huh? What's that? It looks like...somebody's diary?
Yeah! It's my master's diary!
Huh? Your master's?! Um...what was his name again...?

So this is Hagel's diary! I wonder if he left a lot of the pages bare? You know, nice and shiny...

Careful with that talk, Lulua. The walls have ears.

What in the world are you talking about? Anyway, here. I want you to have this.
Huh?! Why are you giving it to ME?!
He's been close with a lot of alchemists over the years. Might be something useful to you in there. So, I figure you're the best person to hang on to it. Take good care of that thing, alright?
Wow! Thank you, Cole! I'm going to take it home and read it right away!
Good. Make a good use of it. See you later, Lulua.
I will! See you! ...I wonder why... Just holding it, it already feels so intense. It's emanating such a bright, raw aura...

This book just has one recipe in it, but it's a special one... But anyway, let's see what no-doubt down to earth item inspired Totori on her adventures. She's the most consistently sensible of the Arland protagonists. I'm sure we won't have to go to a volcano for her. Following video incorporates the next two scenes. An Adventurer's Inspiration

Hm? Oh, Lulua! What's wrong?
Well, the thing is...

*fade to black*

Hmm... I see. You're looking for your purpose in life?
Yeah... It has been bothering me a lot. So I want to know, what's your answer, Ms. Totori? And what an item that brought you the motivation?
Let's see now... Motivation... An item... There is one item that may fit into that.
Really?! What is it? Please tell me!
Er, wait one second... Here you go.
Are you serious right now? THAT of all things?
Haha, yeah. I really worked hard to come up with this, so it stuck in my memory.
Wh-What is this?

Oh brother. THAT item.

Hmm. There are way too many jokes I could make. Is this really something that motivated you?
Yes! Making it was very complicated...

Not a ship wheel, or anything related to fish... But the Guardian Liquor.

In more than one way... Anyway.
...All right. So this is something special to you. I guess there's nothing else to do but to try! Thanks, Ms. Totori! I'm going to head back to the atelier and think it over! When it's done I'll come show you!

*Lulua leaves*

Are you sure that was the way to go? There are other items...
Uh-huh. I think it has to be this one. Hehe.

Goodness. Seems like our beloved Totori is scheming something... Well, that can wait, I think.

I don't get what it means by "Sea Guardian". Is that different to the Eternal Spring Guardian?
Ordinarily, people use that title to refer to the creature at the top of the local food chain. I'm afraid my knowledge may be a bit outdated... Hmm. Sea Guardian, Sea Guardian...

Whoa, Niko! You nearly scared me to death!
Something caught my ear just now... Are you lookin' to hunt the Sea Guardian, Lulua?
Yes... I need a Sea Guardian Leg for a reciple. Do you know anything about it?
Of course I do! That brute and I go way back... I'll never forget that moonless night when I saw the monster from the deck of my old man's boat. Then and there began our war!
But I haven't set my eyes on it since that day. Heh-heh, this is my chance to even the score! Lulua! You up for some Guardian fishin'?
He seems very excited about this. What do you think, Lulua?
Well, I mean, of course we're going! We've got to make Ms. Totori's special item.
Hehe, I knew you'd say that. So, Niko. Where can we find the Sea Guardian?
No idea!
What? You don't know?
Nope. The beast moves around a fair bit. But don't fret--I'll ask around and find out! Lulua, you sort out...that! Get us that! Y'know, the Sea Guardian's favorite food!
We aren't going to recognize it from "that"...
That thing! Argh, what's it called? It's the...thing! It's on the tip of my tongue!
Ahaha. I have no idea... Oh? "Alchemyriddle" is glowing again... "Ecology of the Sea Guardian"... I wonder if deciphering this will lead us to the, er, that thing?
Oho, good old "Alchemyriddle", eh? Righto, I'll leave the thing to you! While you figure that out, I'll find out where the brute is hiding!
Sure thing! Thanks for helping out, Niko!

Well, that outline tells me it's a Sonne Fruit, which we found at the Grune Rainforest on the Primordial Island in Totori and was also used as Guardian bait. Unfortunately, as mentioned before, Alanya is the town-not-appearing-in-this-game so I don't think we'll be taking a trip there. More's the pity, so it seems we're making a Sonne Fruit of our own. This is another riddle we can't have prepared for in advance, because, even if we had harvested a 100+ quality Uni before, that won't count, and Forest Dew, needed for the second part of this riddle, doesn't spawn in the Guiding Light Forest until now. Thankfully, our next alchemist lives in the direction of Guiding Light, so we're headed to the Arklys region next.

"Herculean Symbol", huh? Well, Heracles was an avatar of pure, unbridled masculinity. Seems pretty fitting for Hagel. Just don't mention his fondness for making cute clothing. Now we're off to Arklys. An Alchemist's Inspiration

...Hey, Mom?
Hmm? What can I do for you, Lulua?
I was wondering... What is your reason for living?
Huh? What? ...What?? What do you mean?! Eeeh?? Is this the rebellious phase?! No... Have I failed you?! Oh Lulua! I've failed you!
Lulua! I think you need to work on your wording. And your timing.
Huh? Ah! Ahhh! No no no! I didn't mean it like that, Mom!

*Lulua and Eva calm her down*

Ohhh. So that's what you meant... Phew... I really thought you had decided to hate me.
Ahh, sorry, Mom... I guess it's a weird thing to ask.
No-no. My purpose in life, huh...
Yeah... Wind Stone asked Lulua, and she's been trying to figure it out ever since. Hmm. Well, I think I know what you mean, but... Here. Do you think you could make this?
Hmm? What's this? A recipe? Let's see... "Philosopher's Pie"?

Of course! You fought really, really hard!
Well, this pie is the item I made to complete that mission. You could say this item was what made me think about my..."reason for living".

Huh, so Rorona turning in a Philosopher's Pie was the canonical gameplay ending for Atelier Rorona. That's uh...something alright. If you don't quite remember that item from Rorona, that's good, your memory is fine. For some reason NISA liked to translate "Philosopher's Stone" as "Ruby Prism", and thus, the pie made with a Ruby Prism was a Ruby Pie. However, it was always supposed to be the legendary Philosopher's Stone. When Koei-Tecmo took over localization of these games, which started with Ayesha (but the Stone wasn't in the Dusk Trilogy), things changed. In the Mysterious Trilogy, however, "Ruby Prism" was a relic of the past and KT began translating it as "Philosopher's Stone".

The item that made you realize...
Oh! In that case, I'll try making it!
Hehe. I'm sure you'll have no trouble. It's tricky, but it just takes a bit of thought.
Got it! Thank you, Mom! I'll try my bestest! C'mon Eva! It's pie time!
Ahh, wait up, Lulua! Bye, Ms. Rorona!

And now back to the Wagon Atelier. Magnum opus

There's a skip a few hours ahead of time after this screenshot.

Gnnnnnn! Gah! This recipe from my mom is way too hard!
Oh, really...? Is it that difficult?
Yeah... I thought "It's a pie, how hard can it be?" But you need a Philosopher's Stone to make it...
Oh, I've heard of that. It's a pretty big deal in alchemy, right?

Uh, that's certainly one way of putting it.

Yup. It's one of the ultimate goals for alchemy students... I think it's beyond me...
Are you going to give up?
Mr. Sterk?! Uh, um, hi...
You know, when your mother made that pie, she wasn't that much older than you are now.

Yeah, Rorona would have been about a year older than Lulua is right now at the end of her game.


Are you her daughter or aren't you? Because Rorona's daughter would never quit. Especially since you are going to become as accomplished an alchemist as she is. Don't you think?
Mr. Sterk...

I'm my mom's daughter... The daughter of Rorolina Frixell! I need to get myself together and find out how to make a Philosopher's Stone! This is going to work out...somehow!
Wow, she suddenly is full of enthusiasm again. That was nicely done.
Heh. Call it experience. Besides, kids should always stay positive. Especially alchemists like these two.
Haha, you're right... Good luck, Lulua...

Well done! So you think it'll all work out fine?
Of course! Didn't I say? It'll work out! ...Somehow! I'm really close to making a Philosopher's Stone. I need to try it out!

She did indeed. Hard to argue with iron-clad logic like that.

Alright, well, Rorona's recipe is gonna take a bit more work than Totori or Meruru. First, it requires reaching Alchemy level 35, which we're just shy of. The other part is a bit unusual. It calls for high quality Ashes of Failure. Normally you can collect all the junk items at Forgotten Village at fairly high quality, but for this riddle, those won't count. You need to actually fail a synthesis, and the failure product has to be an Ashes. We'll handle this last.

Inspired by that above screenshot of Rorona looking in on her beloved daughter, did you know there are actually two entrances to the Wagon Atelier? The more you know. As far as leveling up goes, you should have a handful of unmade recipes, so I'd advise working on those. In particular, make a high quality Crystal Ball for another riddle from...Chapter 11 I think? I know it's in a future one, that's for sure, so save a little time.

Hmm...we got our work cut out for us this time. However, take comfort in the fact most of the riddles are for areas we have to explore this chapter that we haven't yet unlocked, so at least we haven't missed out on things we could have accomplished. The exceptions to that are Allure of a Healing Aroma and Demon's Nest. The former requires us to use Healing Bells / Secret Remedies enough, and Demon's Nest requires defeating a Draconia (the teal dragon at Ster Highlands) and getting enough battle experience, which I presume is level 50. Not too bad. We'll just have to make a decent Healing Bell to motivate me to use one.

As for Fairy's Tears, the first clue can be accomplished by defeating the Echo Elemental at the Modis Ruins right now or waiting until a future location unlocks to fight one there. Let's just say...I'd strongly recommend the former.

Hmm, not bad Effects on this Witch's Salve. Level Down XL reduces the enemy's level by 10, but that effect wears off after a few turns. Restricts Movement M increases the enemy's WT by 150, which means it does much the same thing as our Omega Craft, including with the caveat that the effect gets weaker and weaker until the enemy takes a turn.

I bet it wouldn't see that coming.

So I'm busy in the process of making a good Sunlite for upgrading things pretty much across the board, when I discovered the whole "TP addition over and over" thing is deeper than I originally thought. It turns out it's not even as specific as slots: if you add multiples of the same TP enhancing traits even in the same slot, they keep adding those. I screenshotted here just because these Distilled Waters have those TP enhancing traits. Those are both added.

While these Ashes would qualify for the whole Philosopher's Stone riddle business, we're not making these Ashes for that purpose. Instead, we're making this as part of the aforementioned Sunlite: one with Stats Mega Charge (Attack x Defense Mega Charge + Attack x Speed Mega Charge), Stats Charge, and Stats Boost (Attack x Defense Boost + Attack x Speed Boost). Yeah, all the same thing, but I think you'll soon find that stat builds are actually the best in this game. Just make sure to Awaken (Ore) with your item that has your Stats traits on it. Large Scales have Awaken (Ore) on them and can be used in a Medicine Base synthesis, so that's just what I did.

Yep, that'll do. Star Flowers are from the Ster Highlands, and I'm more than willing to sacrifice Quality on this thing for a much better Effect in the Earth category. That's the nice thing about earlier syntheses, you don't avoid these Quality-reducing Boost Items like the plague. The total cost of Stats Mega Charge / Boost / Charge is 75, so make sure you get those TP enhancing traits or you'll be settling for a weaker Sunlite. Don't have to do that if you know how to play the game.

Another advantage of making a Sunlite with all those traits is that they're all easily transferrable to a Black Mist Symbol. As well as any other Symbol that takes a (Metal) item. If you're making a Black Mist, I would advise fitting TP enhancing traits on a Superb Black Supplement Awakened as a (Poison) from a Boa Venom Gland.

That's a little better, but again, all this outfitting is mostly just to get us to good ol' Chapter 9 when we can finally get access to the real cream of the crop traits.

Believe it or not, this is a very important item for making good quality curry items. Mainly because, thanks to the Royal Crown (the mushroom we got from Mushroomer). It can awaken this item as a (Vegetable) item, which can be used in...every curry synthesis, I believe. You can make this thing at very high Quality so you can make the curry at super high quality. This is also good for Omega Crafts and anything that takes (Gunpowder), since this is a (Gunpowder) item with high Fire elemental values. All about being resourceful.

Lulua's adventure now takes her to the Guiding Light Forest to gather Forest Dew. As mentioned, they only spawn when you get that scene where Niko says he'll start hunting for information on the Guardian. They spawn here near the far end of the forest and from the plants on this landing.

They all have the trait Healing Essence on it, which is very valuable. The exact description says "When the target is knocked out, the target will recover and restore 5% of Max HP." This description is a tad misleading, which makes you think that, once the target is KO'd, they'll revive when their turn comes up or something. Not how it works. It's basically just the Nectar's effect, but it can be applied to any healing item. I shouldn't have to tell you this is very good on the Healing Bell, since it's an AOE KO revival.

But now, for the second part of the Sea Guardian riddle, we're headed back to Arland. Time together

Whoa, Lulua? Y-You seem pretty energetic today...
Yeah. Um, I have a favor to ask...!
Yeah! Um...well...! You and me...!

Hehe, Mom! There are so many exciting things!
Yeah! And we've already bought a ton. But, I'm a little surprised... You said you had a favor, but... I can't believe it was just, "I want to go shopping together". Hehe, you should have just asked me!

Well, Lulua does have some other business with you, but wrong town.

Uhh, but... I thought you'd be busy... Besides, I was too excited just thinking about inviting you.
Lulua... Hehe, sorry. You're right, with work and all, we haven't really been able to talk. But it's OK! From now on...we can spend more time together.
Mom...! Yaaay! I love you, Mom!

Hehe, we've got many good wares! What do you say to a matching set? Perfect for sisters!
I-It's OK! We aren't sisters, she's my mom!
Huh, your mom...? M-My mistake!

Well, easy mistake to make. According to the OP, Lulua's actually just a tiny bit taller than Rorona, when Rorona is like 25 years older than Lulua. But to be fair, maybe the aftereffects of the Potion of Youth stunted Rorona's growth a bit.

Ugh, again...! Right?
Hehe, right... Well, want to do a bit more shopping and head home?
Yeah! Let's go! C'mon! Ahahaha!

Aw, that was a nice scene. It's weird you have these minor character building scenes for the party members but Stia, ostensibly very important to the plot, hardly gets anything like that. But, like I said, you'll just have to get over the fact Lulua is very very emotionally invested in the existence of a not-quite human she's known for a very short period of time.

But, we have more business before returning to Neumont at the Parliament. Letter from home

Ah, Ms. Totori... Is that a letter?
Yeah. This came from my hometown.
Huh, from home... What? Pardon me. Ms. Totori, where were you from again?
Ah, it's a place called Alanya. A village near the sea.
Oh, wow. Um, Ms. Totori... Would it be alright if I asked you about Alanya?
Yeah, sure. Alanya is a small, quiet place... The people who live there are pretty easygoing. My family lives in Alanya. My mother is an amazing adventurer, my older sister is good at cooking.

Some shade being thrown at her own dad. Then again I think Guid knows it's hard for his daughters to recognize his presence no matter how close he is. I actually had to go back to my old Arland thread to remember what that guy's name is. I think it's said all of once or twice in dialogue? Easy to forget.

But recently everyone's been busy with construction...
Construction? What kind of construction?
They're building a harbor. They're trying to get a harbor ready so they can go to the Eastern Continent. Apparently it's a huge one, so I'm definitely looking forward to seeing it for myself!
Wow, a harbor! I want to see it! I want to see it, too!
Ahaha... Sorry, but right now only the villagers are allowed to enter the village.

So there's your explanation as to why we can't go to Alanya this time. Poor place. Hometown of one of the main characters from three games in a row in this subseries, only playable in one. You even only *see* it in one. Meruru at least had a cameo appearance for Artisan's Way.

Is that so... Well that can't be helped. Um, Ms. Totori... When they finish the harbor, will you take me to the village of Alanya?
Ahaha, sure. That's a great idea. Let's take everyone with us, so we can all see the sights!
Wow, that sounds so fun! I'd love to go!
Yeah. It's a wonderful place, so I think you'll definitely like it. So, anyway. Alanya's most exported item is fish...

A shame, it would have been fun to go back there. Mostly to see if Gerhard's is still in business. The whole Guardian Liquor thing was popular for a bit, but we don't really know if he stabilized his business model.

Alrighty, that takes care of that. 5/6 of the new story clues solved in a single update. Not too shabby. Thanks to Sterk getting some valuable experience in, we have another scene with him. The girl's parentage

Oh, Lulua. You seem in good spirits.
Yes! That's my best quality! By the way, Mr. Sterk... Earlier, when you stopped by the atelier... You said there was something you wanted to ask me. What was it? Ask away! I'm all ears!
Mmm... If you say so...

Oh, sweets? Thanks... But why are you giving me this?
No, hm... It's It is rather unrelated, actually... Ahh... I-I really must go... I have matters to attend to. A-Another day...
Ehh?! Uhh, Mr. Sterk! If you have something to ask, spit it out!
Mm, I see... T-Then I'll get straight to the point. My apologies if I upset you, um... A-Are you truly Rorona's...daughter?
No, I mean... Suddenly you... And then... Who on earth... Well I have many questions... However, I couldn't bring myself to ask Rorona... Well, asking you is not right either, but...
Ahaha, so... That's what you wanted to ask? Then I'm happy to say...yes! I'm Rorona's daughter. But we aren't related by blood... To put it simply, I was adopted.

The secret of Lulua's parentage revealed. This is why I didn't say anything about whether Lulua actually *was* Rorona's daughter before now. The way Sterk talked to Lulua during their first scene together could certainly lead a reasonable mind to think that they were father and daughter, but even though Lulua, Rorona, and Sterk knew otherwise, I didn't feel right revealing she was adopted before now. This is also presumably how she knows Eva; they were both in the orphanage before Rorona came along and adopted her.

Adopted? Oh, I see... I believe I understand now. Lulua, I'm very sorry. I asked something insensitive...
No, it's alright! Ahaha, and of course you'd be concerned...

Normally I'd screenshot when her eyes are fully open, but had to get that effect in.

Hng! No, absolutely not! F-Far from it! Hmm! It's time for the citizen guard meeting! Well, I must be on my way, Lulua. Farewell!

*Sterk leaves*

I-I think I hit the nail on the head... Hmm, it makes sense! But...hahaha. His expressions change in such interesting ways... Hehe, maybe he's actually a really interesting person! I'd like to get to know him better...

But for now, time to decode those riddles.

THAT'S IT! That's the thing!
Oh, Niko! Did you find out where the Guardian is?
Haha, who do you take me for? 'Course I did! They're sayin' that these days it lives on a beach near Arklys.
I see... Well, we know its location, we know what to lure it with... Now we just have to bring it down and get the ingredient we need...right?
Yep, that's right! Hehe, we'll be counting on you, Aurel.

Classic Lulua, signing people up for things they're not particularly volunteering for. Still, if this thing is any relation to the Guardian Totori had to deal with, we're going to need all the hands we can get.

I'm itchin' to get goin'! Time to put an end to my feud with that monster! C'mon Lulua! It's Guardian-huntin' time!

Seeing this scene unlocks Izuko Beach, which is just beyond Guiding Light Forest. Don't worry about doing anything special with the Pseudo-Sonne like putting it in your Basket; the game treats it like it's there when we get to Izuko Beach. The game will do a couple more times, but any time there's a special item that game wants you to make to proceed in the story, the game doesn't care where the actual item is.

I mentioned already having solved this riddle when this Chapter started, and I was right. Defeat a Snow Heart and Draconias, both in the Ster Highlands, and we can proceed on to Mt. Velus. After this short message.

Lulua! Have you found anything out about Mt. Velus?
Yeah, a couple of things... Like Ms. Meruru said, it's pretty dangerous. If the monsters don't get you, the lava will. But we can't give up now! I have to find the answer to Wind Stone's question! And right now, that means making Ms. Meruru's item.

Well, I'm not denying that Velus is dangerous, but let's just say it used to be moreso. All I'm sayin'.

Yes! That's the spirit! We're right beside you, no matter what.
Hahaha! Indeed! I want to help you grow into the best person you can be!
Thank you so much, guys. Really. Anyway, let's get going! Ms. Meruru's recipe won't find itself! To Mt. Velus!

Seeing this scene unlocks both Handel Farm (second major location in Meruru) and Mt. Velus, but as with the Ster Highlands before, you have to pass through Farm before you can get there.

Before we finish this update, time to make a decent Healing Bell of both good Quality and traits. Since the Tincs you've made prior to now were probably below Quality 100, remake one of those, ideally with TP enhancing traits, at a decent Quality and start getting ready. What do we want on this one? Well, definitely Healing Essence for AOE revival, MP recover from either Forest Solace or Clever Healing (Clever Healing restores MP at once and recovers Faint) but Forest Solace provides more MP / HP recovery over a longer period. Both have their merits), and a special one that I'll reveal shortly.

So, two reasons we're using this Azure Wing, from a chest in the Forgotten Village. First, it provides Awakened (Elixir), which means it can go straight into a Healing Bell. The other reason is that its special trait is Mystic Influence, which lowers the WT time of the affected target(s) by 30 and increases the power of the healing item by 10%. All very good for any healing item, dontcha know. I also Awakened that Black Supplement as a (Water) item so I can have Forest Solace, Mystic Influence, and Healing Essence on the same item for ease of making the Healing Bell.

Phew, that was close. Luckily that's just enough to hold everything. As with the previous Bell which I didn't use very much, I'm going with Damage Reducer Lvl 3 as a free bonus to my boys' defense.

Not thrilled to be sacrificing all that Quality, but I see no other way. Being able to clear debuffs, lower WT times, restore MP/HP, recover from KO, and reduce damage sustained all on a single item cannot be underestimated. That's the power of a Healing Bell, my friends.

But like I said, we got plenty done this update, so calling it there. Many more adventures, some more glorious than others, next time.