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Part 24: XX: Pages of a Burning Land

Chapter XX: Pages of a Burning Land

And here it is, unambiguously the longest chapter in the game. Ton of plot, new locations to explore, lots of items to make, battles to fight...the works. By the end of this chapter you can have all but one location in the game unlocked.

Another reason this chapter is important is that 100% riddle completion unlocks the final Quality cap, meaning items can go up to 999 Quality, nearly double of what they can do at the start of this chapter if you've completed all the Quality Cap chapters up to this point. If you were so dedicated and know what you're doing and where to look, you can actually start making Ultimate Equipment as early as this chapter, but it's easier once Chapter 10 starts.

Speaking of Quality, Atelier games have never been super consistent about what Quality does and does not affect. In some of them, Sophie for example, Quality is very important on everything, because even if an item supposedly has, let's say a +15% boost to some stat, Quality can increase that further as a hidden stat. In Lydie & Suelle, Quality on weapons and armor seems to be mostly pointless. In our current subject, I couldn't rightly tell you what effect Quality may or may not have on non-consumable items, since you'd likely need to get pretty deep underneath this game's hood to know that, so I wouldn't go nuts if you can't get everything at 999 Quality. Close enough is good enough, but again, only on non-consumables. You should absolutely make every effort to get as close to 999 on consumables because the effect Quality has is quite massive. Destined crisis

Th-this... It...can't be...!
Wh-What's wrong? What does it say?

Oh dear. Apparently what also happened to Ehtogalaxen back in Stia's day.

R-Really...? It can't be...!
...It's entirely possible. Fellsgalaxen hasn't been properly maintained because of me. If the control unit inside has deteriorated... It's possible for Galaxen to be destroyed.
No...! We have to do something, Stia!
Yes. First, we need to check the interior...
Which means it's my turn. So much was happening, and I really kept you waiting, but... Stia. This time...for sure. I'll guide you to the depths of Fellsgalaxen.
If we're going on, we have to decipher the Riddle! For you, Stia, and for Arklys!

Luckily, a pretty easy task to accomplish. Just need to have found a Dragon Horn at some point in the game before now and achieved the title of Superior Alchemist, which I'm not sure of the exact qualifications for, but I'm Alchemy level 40 at this point in the game, which was apparently good enough.

Still, though, all that business about Fellsgalaxen collapsing seems pretty bad, and Stia seems to have metaphorically locked her keys in the car many, many years ago, but...I mean, Fells is still standing, so I am of the opinion a little sidequesting couldn't hurt. First, let's check out what our riddle completion looks like.

Alright, alright, looking good for finishing up the optional riddles this chapter quickly. Let's check 'em out. Moving Bag is for making a Living Rope at greater than or equal to 100 Quality and gathering lots of materials. No problems there, though Lulua's comment here says "Huh? Have I really gathered materials 750 times?". So I guess that's the milestone. I think that's materials gathered, not the amount of times you actually gathered, because 750 doesn't sound right. Silent Forest of the Sacred Tree requires defeating one of those black Puni and examining Stein Hill's monument, Soul-Devouring Gourd is for acquiring a Ghost Orb (this page says otherwise, but it is asking or a Ghost Orb. I got mine from the Eternal Darkness Demon at Runestone Nest) and gather Dark Dew, which can be found at Forgotten Village and Ancient Monastery.

As for the ones I haven't solved as of the start of this chapter, First Class Metal and Cloth is for gathering a material we haven't encountered yet, and Glittery Water, which can be found at Izuko Beach, but also in other places. Ultimate Panacea is for making a 100 Quality Nectar and gathering a Sage Herb, which can also be found at Izuko. And finally, Forbidden Woodland is for defeating a type of bear we haven't encountered yet and examining a note in Rolling Winds Cavern, which we already did a few updates ago. Solving these last riddles shouldn't take long at all. But, let's just proceed here with the plot riddle.

All right, I've finally figured out how to make it! The device to enter Fellsgalaxen's depths! There's no time to waste. Fellsgalaxen could collapse at any time. ...All right. I think I can make this perfectly! I must make it right away for Stia's sake too...!

Yep, it's such a crisis we can stop by Pamela's for a moment. One who has seen it all

Oh, Lulua! Welcome, dear!
Ahaha... Lulua, Pamela, you two know each other?
Mom?! That's my line! Do YOU and Ms. Pamela know each other?
We go way back. Pamela, Lulua is my daughter.
Oh, is that so? I can't believe. Rorona, with a kid! Times certainly have changed.
Yeah... But you haven't changed a bit, Pamela. I still can't understand the rhyme or reason behind--Huh?! Pamela, what are you doing selling this?!
Wait, is that the charm from before?! Mom, is it really so dangerous?
No, well, we'd be OK. But if Pamela touched it she'd get exorcsed in a flash.
E-Exorcised? You said that before, didn't you, Ms. Pamela? ...Wait. Wasn't that a joke?
Well... Since Pamela is...

W-Whaaaaat?! Really...?!
Absolutely. Well, I mean, I am possessing a doll right now, so I can't really go through walls or anything...

A doll made by Astrid, I'm sure you'll remember. Sometime after the events of Rorona, because she's dressed like this in Totori when Pamela opens a store in Alanya prior to the events of that game. Not sure about the actual mechanics of how she moves from a doll body to her ghost "body", but she can do it, as evidenced by the prior two games Arland's Pamela is in. I think the gothic dress form is her actual spirit form whereas the doll is just a husk Pamela is currently possessing to not seem so conspicuous in human society.

But she is definitely a ghost... Sorry, Lulua. It must be shocking to hear...
Hehe, were you scared? Did I scare you? Did I, did I? I'm a ghooooooost after all!
Ah, you did shock me a bit, but... I wouldn't say you scared me at all... I mean... I've seen more incredible things in my life than ghosts, you know.
Ahaha... Well, that's not wrong...

*Rorona and Lulua leave*

Eeeh? Whaaat?! Hey, wait a second! It's not fun when you don't get scared at all! See, see! I'm a ghost?! I'm a ghost! Are you surprised? Hey?! Hey, Lulua! Hey, I'm begging you here!! Hey!!

Huh, turns out Pamela is kind of out of tricks to play against Atelier protagonists if she can't scare them, unlike the previous three games in the series when she had no shortage of targets. Oh, by the way, if you still need a Ghost Orb, Pamela is selling some. A big help if you don't feel like heading back to Runestone.

As for new events, we got a couple in Arland. No time like the present to stop in. The battle begins

Now we fight!!
Excuse me...?
LULUA!! I challenge you to a cooking competition!!!
Umm... What is that supposed to mean? I'm a little lost here.
Huh... I guess I have to spell it out, huh? I am a chef. And you, Lulua, are also a chef.
No, I'm actually an alchemist!
When two great chefs meet, there is only one thing to be done. We must battle to see which of us is the superior chef...!
I've never heard anything about this!
Heh, I see you're just as fired up as me...! Heh heh, I'm glad...!
We'll keep things fair for this encounter. This time we're both going to make this recipe. I came up with this recipe. It all depends on hwo well you can handle your ingredients. Lulua! I hope you'll bring your very best to our fight.
Ugh... Sure, fine, I'll do it. So you want me to make this, right?

(Wild sure is fired up about this. I guess I can't back down now... *sigh* I'm not a chef or anything, but as an alchemist, I'm going to try my best...!)

To defeat our archrival, make a Special Plate (which you just got the recipe for) of, you guessed it, 100 Quality or greater. Piece of cake. The owners of Sunrise consistently overestimate their ability against alchemists. He'll never know what hit him.

As for this next scene, the unlock requirements are a bit unusual. First, you need to have seen all the Cole events up to now, which I *believe* concludes with that scene where he gives us Hagel's diary. You probably also need to have given him that Healing Bell as a part of it. Next, you have to buy lots of stuff from him, which is the reason why I didn't see this scene on prior playthroughs; it was only by looking it up did I discover that was a thing. See, in the Bonus Gallery, there were two ??? entries even after I did a 100% playthrough previously. I surmised that these entries were Pamela and Cole, since they didn't appear elsewhere in in the line-up in that particular menu. It's probably just spending a certain amount of money and not the number of items. Regardless of the exact activation conditions, I was able to unlock it. The successor

Hehe. All I hear lately is Lulua this and Lulua that!
R-Really...? I-I don't know whether to be happy or embarrassed.
No need to be embarrassed! You really are something, Lulua. Haha! People say it's like the second coming of Rorona! You should hold your head up high, girl!
HuH? The second coming of...Mom??
What?! Mom? Who is whose mom?
Huh? Rorona's mine. Mom, that is.
Get. Out. You, Lulua, are Rorona's daughter?
Um... So do you know my mother, then...?
Of course I do! Me and Rorona go way back. We had a lot of dealings when I was a merchant.

In no time at all, she went from a flighty little thing to an amazing alchemist. But she didn't use that power for her own profit--she used it to help others. Seeing that, well... It was a real inspiration to me.

She also helped him out by giving him a Nectar to cure his ailing dad, I do believe. That was kind of a hard to see little plot thread, though, because it required raising his affection level high enough, which was hard to do for NPCs in Rorona. But, Atelier sequels seem to take a "everything that happened in a 100% playthrough happened in-canon" approach, so if you ask me, that also happened.

Also, you know how Cole doesn't have a scene for making one of Rorona's weapons and I mentioned how that was kinda weird? Him talking about Rorona in this scene is what kinda explains that to me. Otherwise, someone who didn't know about Rorona and Cole's history together would easily be able to make the inference that Cole's "friend" and Rorona were, in fact, the same person.

Oh, wow. I didn't know. I mean, I always knew my mom was amazing!
Hey, but don't sell yourself short. You're well on your way to being amazing as well. I have no doubt at all that you'll end up being just as great an alchemist as your mom. Just keep at it! I'm cheering you on!
That's nice of you to say. Really. So, um, I feel bad but I have to ask. Since you know my mom, could I get a discount?

I have to charge everyone the same price, I'm afraid! That's how I do things.
Oh... I thought you'd say something like that! Then I'll pay full price like everyone else. See you soon, Cole!
I'll look forward to it! I'll make sure I've got plenty of good stuff in. Come back any time. Ahahaha!

Hey, Lulua won't tell if you don't, Cole. But anyway...

Meruru gets herself a new sword, because she'll be replacing Totori for much of this chapter. Moonlight Protection L isn't too awesome. Restores 15 MP at the time of Meruru's turn and increases the power of Magic Tools she uses by 15%, but if there is one thing I do appreciate, I like how everyone's weapons get some unique Effect. It's a nice touch that I don't see too often, especially for Effects that don't strictly relate to combat, like increasing item drop frequency.

Meruru shall also wear this fashionable Battle Scarf. The second Effect, is as you might guess, marginal, but Zealous Soul L is quite a strong Effect. Increases "Basic Damage" by 15 (no idea what that does. "This user does more damage" is all I'm taking away) and increases damage done to Stunned enemies by 30%. That means all damage, including damage from items. There are basically two metas to this game: one that focuses on grinding down an enemy fairly slowly but safely, and the other focuses on 1-shot kill builds using super powered bombs. The Battle Scarf is very important for the latter because enemies take so much more damage while Stunned. Oh, and after this, I made a Secret Bag, the *actual* last Exploration Tool in the game. What this does is...hey, it's a secret. I'll let Lulua talk about it. If she wants to give it away, that's on her.

Things are going to be what? Hey, Lulua. What's that bag you've got?
Oh, Eva! Perfect timing! You're going to love this. See, with this bag...

...So now we can send things to the container, no matter where we are! Pretty great, huh?! No more carrying around heavy stuff when we're out collecting ingredients!
Ahaha! Sounds like fun! From now on, we'll be packing light!

So unlike prior games, the Secret Bag only works one way. Basically, you use it, and all the materials currently present in your basket get immediately moved to the Container. Assuming you have enough space, of course, but as I mentioned early in this thread, you'd have to be an insane pack rat to fill up the Container, especially at this stage in this game.

After this, I made another Philosopher's Necklace for Rorona, since it also increases the power of Healing Bells and healing items in general, but it's just generally better demonstrated on bombs rather than healing items, you know. Anyway, finally time to make that there Personal Key.

The Personal Key isn't a special item you can only make one of, but you should only need to make one. Fun fact: even though there seems to be two slots for Awakened Effects, you can't attach any of those effects to this. In addition, can't use Boost Items after selecting all your ingredients. After making this...

Wow...! It's the Personal Key! I never thought it could be made with alchemy...! Amazing, Lulua! This should allow us to go to the depths of Fellsgalaxen! Thank you so much!

Wow, probably the most excited Stia's been about anything so far. But again, presumably she's been locked out of the depths for hundreds of years, so would stand to reason she'd be excited. But anyway, her getting super excited is why I made this short scene a video. Into the depths

Yay! It was worth the effort, hehe! So...
Mm... Should we head in right away?
Good question. To make some preparations, we need to know what's waiting ahead...
True. Let's go, everyone. We probably shouldn't put it off any longer.

Yep, agreed. Goofing around with sidequests can wait until later.

Um... We use the Personal Key here, right?
Yes, that's right. Lulua, may I ask you to do the honors?
Yeah! Open sesame!

And finally, after god knows how long, the depths of Fellsgalaxen are open again.

Woo! It worked! Stia, it worked!
Hehe, it did! I expected nothing less, Lulua!
Right?! Hehehe, I did my best!
Hey, it's much too soon for celebrating. We've still got a long way to go, right?
Right. If we can reach the control room, we can confirm the state of Fellsgalaxen.
The control room in the depths...right All right everyone, let's go!

And here we go. Because the area beyond the door in Stia's room is still technically the first area of Fellsgalaxen, the materials beyond are the same rubbish from the very start of the game. In addition, although it may look like a teleport maze dungeon, this is anything but. The platform nearest to each teleporter is the one you'll go to, and none of those are even the right way to go.

From the second area on, you'll start getting some decent materials. Although you can get a large variety of materials from the chests around here, Tonics won't help, because the game doesn't consider the chests as gathering points. The traits are very good, though, including many compound traits (such as Crystal Protection, the highest DEF buff you can apply to armor...normally), even if the quality cannot be helped. They're still decent quality, though, but not in the 200+ range like many other gathering spots either available now or shortly from now.

The red bats in the second area are pretty dangerous enemies, though. Don't mess around with them.

Fellsgalaxen is also the first area where you can get Divine Iron Pieces, which you need to unlock the recipes for the highest-tier of cloths / ingots for making the best equipment. A lucky drop but it's not that hard to get. You could have actually finished this riddle last chapter, because the ornamented chest in Runestone has a Divine Iron Piece in it.

You're a long way from home, friend... The final area has a dragon and numerous platforms on the sides of the area featuring chests with nice materials and difficult enemies. This dragon enemy is quite dangerous, so careful about engaging.

This fight lasted long enough for me to launch another Ultimate Attack, so why not? Maybe his attack can remind him of home a bit. Part of the reason I was able to get the Ultimate Gauge to rise this fast was because of one of Ficus' support abilities, Jester's Heart. It drains a certain amount of MP from the frontline in exchange for raising that Gauge. The more MP drained, the more it rises.

Music: Ocean's Bite

Luckily, if you don't wanna fight, you don't have to. These chests can also contain a Gomphrena. This plant has a trait native to it that, added to a healing item, increases the target's max HP by 50% for a few turns. Max HP caps at 999, for the record. Otherwise, with tankier characters like Niko, it would be really easy to get their HP into the thousands if there was no cap.

Speaking of materials, you can also find this hanging out in a chest. I smell "sequel hook".

As for these Ultra Puni, yeah, those are some nasty resistances. Tell you what, don't fight these guys, and we'll have a trump card over them very soon. Deal? Deal.

There's a lot of enemies you can fight here, but I'll spare you the details. As for this, huh, mmm. Let's, uh, hope the Personal Key still works. Final piece of the puzzle

Yea... Huh?! There's...another door?!
B-But, it's alright! Right, Stia? If we use the Personal Key, then...
I'm afraid not. We won't be able to use the Personal Key to open this door. What I mean to say is, this door can't be opened at all.
Can't be...opened?! Wh-what do you mean?
This is an emergency door, out of the realm of Fellsgalaxen's authority.
What...? But, isn't the control room through here? Then, let's get an "Elite Operator" to...
No, that too is impossible... You see, the "Elite Operator"... Sharm was... With the collapse of Ehtogalaxen...
Y-You mean to say? Then, the control room...!
I'm afraid so... It can't be accessed.
No way! No, that can't be true! Let's just destroy this door, like the first one!
It cannot be destroyed by force. It was designed for emergencies and is incredibly strong. The kind of blast needed... It is likely it will destroy the whole of Fellsgalaxen with it.
It can't be... We made it this far! Is there nothing we can do?! If Fellsgalaxen is destroyed, Arklys too will be in danger! How can we just sit back and watch...?! We really can't do anything...?!

All these past technologies, man... Pretty inconvenient stuff.


Mana?! Ugh, you came here by yourself again...!
Now, now, forgive me, Eva. This too is for Arklys' sake.
Arklys' sake...? What do you mean...?
Hehe... Can't you guess? I'm here to tell you how to open that door.
Huh...? Mana, why would you know how to...
Hehe. Don't you think it's not the time for questions? Take this, Lulua.
A...recipe? Authorized Key...?
Yes. First, you'll have to make this. Oh, right. The materials you'll need can be found in "Night's Domain" and "Fire's Domain"! I'm counting on you!

*Mana stays behind, everyone else leaves*

What in the world... Can we really believe her...?
I'm sure we can. Mana isn't the type to lie.
Right. And what other choice do we have? We'll have to trust Mana.
... Even so, the "Domains"... That brings back memories.
Oh? Stia, you know about these "Domains"?
Um... I'm absolutely clueless! Teacher, please enlighten us!
Of course. The "Domains" are unique areas that are filled with things quite...unimaginable. Night's Domain can be found near Arland. It's black as midnight, so much that you can hardly see anything... And Fire's Domain is a place in the Arklys region. It's extremely hot, with boiling lava everywhere. Both are dangerous places filled with powerful monsters. If we are to go there, we must be really well-prepared.
Oh. Is that how it is now? The Domains I knew...
Something wrong, Stia?
No, it's nothing... Could it be because Ehtogalaxen had collapsed...?

It's gotta be rough for Stia. Locked in her room for hundreds of years, the world she knew is long gone, and people she knew from back then are long gone, too. Good thing she met Lulua, indeed.

Well, no matter how dangerous it is, we'll find a way, somehow! Right?
Pfft, carefree as ever, aren't you? I'll take care of the monsters, no matter how many!
Yeah! I'll try my best and help, too! Right, Lulua?
Yeah, you're right. Let's go! So first, Fire's Domain, yeah? For Arklys and Stia! Let's do this, everyone!!

So that's that riddle down. We won't be upgrading yet, because equipment is not nearly going to be as important as a particular kind of item we can make right now.

And in fact, that time is right now. The path leading to the northwest leads to Fire's Domain and the continuation of the plot. Fire's Domain is just off-screen to the extreme northwest, closer to Arls than Arklys, nevertheless the game considers it part of the Arklys Area. But never mind that, we have some treasure chests to open. First, to Settler's Road.

The first one we found contains Himmel Linen, the highest-tier cloth. It has Stats Mega Charge and Saving Skill on it (+15% increase to skill power, -15% to skill cost), but the effects are much better: DEF & SPD +10 and Equipment Creation: All +5. After this, I jetted off to Arland. We got a handful of scenes there and there are some important chests nearby. Pure honesty

Hehe, seems like you're doing your best, huh.
Whoa, Mimi? Good afternoon!
Yes, good afternoon. I brought you some refreshments.
Oh, really?! Yay!
Here you go. You're always trying your best, so here's a reward.
Woo hoo! Thanks!

*Mimi and Lulua sit down on the couch*

Heh. I heard from Totori. How you've gotten pretty good lately.
Yeah, I'm doing the best I can, in my own way. I want to become as great an alchemist as my mother, but... I also want to get good enough to help Ms. Totori. Because I made a promise with you, Mimi!
Well then, that's a good attitude to have. Look, I came here today because I have something I need to say to you.
Lulua. You've got such talent. On par with Rorona and Totori, maybe. One day. So... Keep going forward, with that in mind. If you do, surely your talent will bloom.
T-That's all I wanted to tell you! ...It's gotten a bit embarrassing.
...Haha. Mimi! I'll definitely do my absolute best.

Wha-- Totori?! When did you get here?
I've been here from the beginning, of course. Lulua said she was going to share some rare ingredients with me.

Of course. Mimi will always be a sucker for this thing.

What?! How did you get that?!
Hehehe... I worked with the market lady... And managed to cultivate these Pure Truffles!
Yup. This looks perfect, Lulua. There's that talent again! Mimi, you agree, right?

Oh no, Mimi's mad! Lulua, let's run!

*Lulua and Totori flee*

Wait, Lulua! Hand over the Pure Truffles! You have too much talent to use them like this, you idiot!

Let's just say Lulua encountered this next one as she ran off into the square.

Whoa, Jeltje?! I didn't know you were in Arland!
Well, I am! Why, you ask? Arland is a city built by adventurers! Meaning there are lots of great adventurers! In Arland, my Amazing Adventurer Notes will--?!
Oh, Lulua! Hello!
Hi, Ms. Totori! Oh, Jeltje, this is...'am! I, um! I-I am...Jeltje!
Um, Jeltje...?
Oh, it's nice to meet you. I'm Totooria Helmold.
Ohmigosh, the real Totori...! Uh, um! I, uh, well, if it's not too much trouble, maybe... Could you, maybe s-s-si -- SIGN THIS PLEASE!
Are you asking for my signature? Sure, if you'd like...
Well if it isn't Totori and Lulua. What on earth are you doing in the middle of--
S-sterkenburg Cranach?! No...way...

*Jeltje faints*

Oi, Jeltje?!
Did that girl just faint?! Is she all right?!
Oh no, did Mr. Sterk's face scare her to death?!
Of course not! Hey, hang in there! Stay with us...

Um, she'll probably be fine. But I think you could make it up to her by giving her your autographs! It looks like she's a big fan of you two, so... If you wouldn't mind?
A f-fan...?
Hm... A fan, you say...
Ahh, so many autographs... Aha, so happy, I!

We'll uh...have to give her a moment.

Scorched Wasteland chest just has a Dragon's Eye. Lame, but the other two near Arland are anything but. Next up is another Jeltje scene in Arland. She only has one scene left in Arls, but even though she's in it, it's not part of her "quest line". Although this next scene really has two parts, only the first part is in this video. Behind that cheerful face

I'm sorry!
Eh, why?! What are you apologizing for?
I know, what happened before... With Ms. Totori and Mr. Sterk...I basically passed out, right? But afterwards I found I had their signatures and everything... I'm really sorry! And also very grateful!
Oh, that, haha. It's fine, don't worry about it!
Oh Lulua, you're such a kind soul... You've touched my heart. To tell you the truth... Those two are actually the adventurers I admire the most.
What? Really?!
Yes, really!

And Mr. Sterk, the greatest swordsman ever! Then on top of that, he supports other adventurers from the shadows! Heh, actually the reason I use this great sword is because I always admired Mr. Sterk so much... So yeah... Those two are living legends! ...Tehehe. Ah, I really got their autographs...!

I'll bet the Totori who started her adventure hardly ever considered she'd become a "legend", but circumstances certainly had their way with the course of her life. I do like how in Atelier games the prowess of the prior protagonists is all because of your efforts, as the player. You made them that way by finishing their games.

Haha, you seem really happy with them! I'm glad I could help!
Yeah! Really, Arland is incredible though! There are amazing adventurers basically everywhere you look! It's great... Though, it'd be nice if I could actually find my brother...
...Sorry, that brought down the mood, didn't it. Anyway, here's a thank you for getting me those autographs! I'll be off to colect more now then! See you, Lulua!

*Jeltje leaves*

Jeltje... *returns to the atelier*

It's great... Though, it'd be nice if I could actually find my brother...
Jeltje... She really does miss her brother... It's so sad for siblings to be separated... But finding him can't be as easy as just going out and looking...

And more important, we simply don't have the time what with the whole Arklys situation.

Still, if there was something I could do... Oh! Maybe I could make something like a good luck charm that could help one find the person they're searching for...

*goes over to the desk*

Yes, done! If I just make this item, I'm sure it'll help! All right, I'll do the best synthesis I can, for Jeltje...!

Yep, the best we can. When we get around to it. Next, the Ancient Monastery.

You don't say, Lulua... Definitely valuable for us to pick this up, even though the accessories aren't the most amazing. We just have to have all those recipes. This book unlocks Spirit Necklace and Mythical Ring, both of which are defensive items. The Necklace reduces lots of elemental damage but at the cost of some big stat penalties. Mythical Ring reduces all damage taken by a certain % by using MP as a "shield", more or less. If you don't have MP, the shield goes away. It's actually a really handy accessory if you're not planning on any world record speedruns, is what I'm saying.

For some reason, I warped back to Arklys instead of staying in the Arland Area, but it did give me the chance to complete another half dozen jobs from Lisa and get this scene. We're nearly approaching the end of her / Refle's character events. Only one shot left

Ahh! Lisa?! Wh-what's the matter?!
I'm so sorry about earlier! You tried your best to help me...
Ah... Um, I don't know if that's quite... Don't worry about it... I'm just completely useless is all...
Don't give up on yourself, Lulua! Come on! You have to help me...!
I guess, but still... I don't think there's anything else I can do except to attack the problem directly.
Attack it directly...?
Yeah... Basically... I'd have to make some medicine that suppresses your appetite.
Huh... Can you really make a medicine that does that...?
Yeah... Any alchemist could do it. What do you think...?
...OK. I'll give it a shot! I mean, I have to!

Oh, Lulua. Please? Please make some medicine to curb my appetite!
Alright... I'll do it. I'll be back later.
I'm counting on you!

We'll get around to that in good time, too. Next update, specifically.

Apparently I had forgotten about the Runestone Nest chest when I went to Dusty Nail Canyon here, which is the location prior to getting to Fire's Domain. Well, we'll have to go through here eventually. Lot of nice materials to find here with lots of composite traits on them with a Dragon's Eye Tonic. This is also where you can start fishing up Guardians (little more than bragging rights, though, but it will be necessary in the somewhat-near future) and make sure you pick up Rainbow Puniballs from a chest on the western edge of the map. As a bonus, none of the enemies around are too dangerous or annoying to fight.

Area boss is this, but basically a harmless enemy. Really, the funniest thing about this enemy is you can gather from the bush at the base of this structure while Lulua is on top of it. Don't know why, it's just funny.

Chest on the ruins in the SW of this area has a Mythical Ring in it. If you want to see how it works, well, you can get a test drive with this free one. I will be passing, however. One final note, fight one of the Isle Fish around here to save yourself a trip very shortly.

Remember to stay hydrated.

Yeah... I never imagined it would be this hot...ahhhh...
It's crazy...! We'll evaporate at this rate!
I knew it... The machines are completely out of control... In this temperature, humans just can't... It looks even hotter ahead... Lulua. We can't go on like this.
Hmm, you're right... But the materials for the Authorized Key are here...huh?
What is it, Lulua? Don't tell me... "Alchemyriddle" is glowing again?
Yeah, um... I bet it's... How to make something to beat the heat!
That's "Alchemyriddle" for ya! Heh, heh, perfect!
Yes, you're right...! Lulua, I must ask you to decipher it...
Ahaha, of course! Leave it to me!

Yep, just as I thought: the Heavenly Parasol from Totori. In Totori, this item prevented you from losing LP while fighting in the Scorched Wastelands, just east of Arland. It was an item you made early in the game and dumped as soon as you were done there, since it did nothing else. Luckily I have the Arland Trilogy tattooed in my brain from playing it so much on my own + all the time I spent on the LPs, so even on my first playthrough of this game I knew exactly what it was.

OK, I'm one step closer to deciphering this! I think I can find a way to beat the heat! Better make it right away! We must have our rematch!

Well, that is no great obstacle, and we're starting to accumulate people wanting things from us again. Although we could take care of all of them right now, for today, we'll go with...Sterk and Jeltje. Along the way, I also made a high quality Nectar for that one riddle, so now we only have one left before we finish all the Basic riddles for this big chapter. We'll stop in with Pamela for the moment, because I'm sure she's got something on her mind. Supernatural store

Yep, Pamela has an equivalent to that last Cole scene we saw that involves buying enough from them.

Ms. Pamela! It seems your store is really thriving!
Yes, thanks to you. It's been veeeeery profitable!
Ahaha, well I'm glad to hear it. Looks like all our hard work paid off!
Hehe, that's right. But I still have my sights set on something greater.
Huh, something greater?!
That's right. I figure I may as well aim to become the best store in Arland! So I'm wondering what I need to do to get more customers. I've been thinking about it for a while now...
Ooh, you're serious about this, aren't you Ms. Pamela? Wow, you're like a different person!
Hey, just what do you mean by that?! I'e always been serious about things! How rude.
Ack, sorry...
*Cough* And, you know I... I've thought of another way to pull in some customers!
Really?! What's the big idea?
Well... Basically...

It's pretty rare to have a haunted shop, so lots of customers will surely come and visit! What do you think?
H-Hmmmm... I f-feel like the customers might...flee, a little bit...
I haven't the faintest idea what you mean. Didn't you hear me? It's a ghoooost shop! With me, a ghost!
Ahaha, that's exactly why I think they'll be scared.
Hmm, really...? I wonder what I can do... I really like the idea of a store that shocks people.
Hehe, well I agree with that. But... Ms. Pamela. If you want to shock people... Maybe do it with your bargains rather than the...undead.
Yeah. One day, Lulua, I'll scare you!
Ahaha, I'm looking forward to it! See ya later, Ms. Pamela!

Now, Pamela's idea might seem silly, but this actually was more or less the advice Cole gave her back in Rorona when Pamela opened up her first store. While he advised her not to overdo it, he thought the notion of a charmingly haunted store would bring in the customers. It did. So let's just chalk it up to Lulua not knowing the business. Another scene in Arls for now.

Yes... What about it?
Yeah... See, there's this adventurer I'm looking for. It's been a preeetty long time since he got famous, but... He was a terror on the battlefield, fully armored, tearing through the enemy with monstrous strength! He was a real hero too, he took down all kinds of monsters and bandits! He was known by his black armor, and by the name "Benon of the Black Steel!"
Wait, Benon?!
That's right. There are a lot of stories about him, but apparently one day he just vanished. Some people think he died, but if you ask me, I think he's probably still out there somewhere. What do you think, Lulua? Any guesses?
Ah, umm... Sorry, I really don't know...
I see. I guess there's no reason you'd know. No worries! See ya 'round!

*Jeltje leaves*

Benon of the Black Steel... Could that really be Father Benon...? It really doesn't sound like him at all, though... But he does have the black armor! Hmm... I can't really just ask him... But it's really bugging me!

There's a distinct possibility the two are the same person...

Alrighty then, that's the last of the job board leveling up requests. Now we're all set for the special ones we'll start getting at the beginning of Chapter 10. But for now, let's stop by Arland to give Jeltje and Sterk their things. Aren't we generous? For greater strength

I...have...the weight...
Oh, you brought it all the way here! If you'd have told me, I would've gone to pick it up myself...
Hehehe... I just wanted to surprise you, Mr. Sterk!
And drag us all into helping... Well, I don't really mind since it's for Sterk, but...
I agree! Yet, I do wonder what you'll be using this for... You said you wanted it as heavy as it can get, right?
Yeah. I'm going to use it for training.
T-Training...?! With this heavy thing??
That's right. I'm going to use it to hone my strength. By using something this heavy, I can expect pretty decent results, right?
Hmm... Training... Even Mr. Sterk still needs training... Hmmm... I would think you are already strong enough to not need any training...
That's not true. If you don't keep polishing it, even your sword will become dull and blunt. There is no limit to the strength you can gain. So if you continue training, you can only grow stronger. As the Knight Supreme, I carry responsibility to continue to live up to that title. And that's why I must keep polishing my skill without rest.
As one would expect from Sterk...
Wow! I respect your view! I wonder if I should ask Lulua to make a weight for me, too...
Oh, I want to train too, then! Just to get even a little close to the strength you have, Mr. Sterk! Alright! I'm going to start training tomorrow! ...But I think I want to start with a lighter weight...
Heh... It's always a good idea to make your body stronger, but don't push yourself too much.
Should you be the one saying that, Sterk...

He gives 1500 Cole, about the equivalent to a decent-paying job in the mid-game.

Wow, this much? Thank you!
I'm sure I'll need your services again, Lulua. Until that time.

And of course, our fellow adventurer is awaiting something too. Well, not "awaiting" in so many words, since it was entirely Lulua's idea to do this. But even so, I think it'll make for a nice gesture. A fellow traveler

Jeltje! Please take this!
...? Oh, Lulua? What is this?
Um... It's sort of a good luck charm? It doesn't have much actual power, but... I've never known my parents. Ah, I do have my mom now, but... I grew up with a lot of kids in the same situation, so I understand. I know how it feels to be missing your family...
So that's why I really wanted to do something to help you... Even though there isn't much I can really do, I thought I could manage a charm at least... I put all my hopes of you finding your brother someday into it. So... Will you take it?
...Hehe, of course I will. I can tell you really care, Lulua. Hahaha! Now I really had better find my brother, right? Lulua?

Of course.

But now, more on-point to actual gameplay, we have a trip to Runestone Nest to finally open that one treasure chest.

This chest contains the first Divine Iron Piece you can get your hands on, but it has a very very special trait on it. It's called Deadly Art, and it's about to end casual gameplay in this game. Description for it is "By synthesizing with certain Traits, more powerful Traits can be created. Half Critical and Sure Shot can be combined."

The Deadly Art from this chest is the first Special Trait you can get your hands on. On their own, this particular family of traits do absolutely nothing. It's only by combining them with other compound traits do you unleash their potential, which is access to the most powerful traits in the game. When we get back to the atelier, I shall demonstrate this.

There is one addendum with these traits: they can't go directly onto any items that aren't (Synthesis) items, so we can't start making a Craft with one. The Divine Iron Piece is an (Ore) item, so we'll have to work with that.

Personally, I recommend cycling a Sunlite, because in the (Mystery) category, it can take a Large Scale or Dragon Scale. Both of these items have an Awakened (Ore) effect. And in the (Ore) category, you can use that Deadly Art Divine Iron Piece we just got. As for why we need to cycle it? Well...

So traits combine in somewhat odds ways in this game, so we have to be a little more exacting. This trait, Half Critical x Deadly Art, combines into Half Deadly, which is both a 50% chance to Critical Hit and 50% chance to insta-death all but powerful monsters. But that's crap. We can do better than that. For this first synthesis, the first stage in the cycling process, combine Critical Finish and Half Critical into Sure Shot. Guarantees that the item will critically hit. I had several instances of Critical Finish, but I needed to combine Critical+ and Critical++ for Half Critical.

Make sure your Sunlite has Sure Shot, and that you've Awakened it as an (Ore) item for the next step.

Now, as you might guess, combine the Sunlite you just made with that Divine Iron Piece, and you get...

Good ol' Mortal Blow, the very end of casual battle gameplay in this game. If you've played the Mysterious Trilogy, I'm sure you'll remember Mortal Blow was an insanely overpowered trait that was easy to get early on in most of them (Firis especially), insta-killed lower tier enemies, and the best way to make money was insta-killing mobs of idiots on higher difficulty levels. Sure you had to be a higher level than the enemy for it to work, but that wasn't a huge obstacle. Here, it's been locked behind a trait you can get only late in Chapter 8, so that *somewhat* nerfs it, but not by a whole lot. By the way, the reason this isn't ??? is because one of the items in my Container that I carried over from a prior playthrough has Mortal Blow on it.

Now, as for this current moment, make sure this Sunlite, too, is an (Ore) item. We want to put this on a normal Craft and be on our way.

Dun dah daaaah. The lowly Craft now becomes, by far, our most powerful bomb. Mortal Blow is actually a step up from Invitation to the Hell. Even without the 60% requirement of the latter, it, for some reason, affects more enemies than Hell does. Don't ask me, but that's how it is. Basically, every normal enemy but ghosts, demons, spirits, and the very highest-tier of non-boss enemies will get instantly defeated by it. Yes, that includes dragons, too. It's also completely unaffected by resistances, so those Ultra Puni with three layers of Physical resistance? This Craft won't do any damage but they are *meat* when this comes flying their way. Well, jelly.

Now, as I've mentioned, defeating enemy groups is by far the fastest way to make money in this game. So Mortal Blow makes it easier than ever. Obviously, there's nothing stopping me from registering this at Dragon's and buying a whole bunch of these Crafts and then it's bye-bye money problems (not that I have any). The best way to grind in this game, to skip battle animations or the need to select this from the Basket, is to equip this as an Interrupt Item with the trait Rapid Interrupt, which is created from Raid Interrupt x Divine Mastery, another of the Special Traits. This trait starts the Interrupt Meter of the item at 100% right at the start of battle but reduces its power by 30%.

But, this will be no obstacle to me in using this. Fire's Domain has no idea what's coming its way.

But it soon will. This particular synthesis put me at Alchemy level 42. I think I only have two more levels I need to gain to finish the game. Now, to return to Dusty Nail Canyon to finish a job I took on from Keina that required me to fish up more Guardians.

I fished like 8 times in a row and couldn't get one...not biting. Hopefully we can get more later, because I hate individual jobs like that just dangling there. Well, we'll try to make up for our failure by conquering Fire's Domain.

Oh! It's not exactly cool... But it's a lot better than before!
Yes. Now, we should be able to keep going.
Ahhh, Lulua, great job! You gave it your best!
Ahaha, thanks, Mom!

Being here again, it's such a strange place... Is that the ruins of a machine...?
Yes, I believe so. But, it's strange. If I remember correctly the control device is...
Control device...?
Um. Sorry, don't mind me. It's only memories from a long time ago. Well, should we keep going? Even if we have a way to fight the heat, if we don't keep moving, we won't last long.
Yeah... You're right! Well, let's look for the materials to make the Authorized Key!

Music: Crimson Jaws

You're telling me. There's a lot of ore/mineral materials around here, and particularly a lot of breakable crystals, so I hope you have a Super Mining Bomb with some usage+ traits on it if you're planning on being a pack rat. At the end of this initial walkway, there's an ornamented chest with a Fire Spirit Ring in it, which gives the wearer two levels of Fire resistance (if you equip it on Lulua, she can completely nullify Fire damage). The problem with elemental resistance builds in general is that your biggest problems are always going to be Physical attacks. But, I dunno, it's fun to have them. Just don't play with resistances seriously.

While you can't avoid fighting one, these bears are important for clearing the one Alchemyriddle entry for this chapter you couldn't solve before coming here. There's another enemy coming up that is similarly important. They can be pretty dangerous, but since they're weak to Ice, you can link up Lulua with Sterk in the backline and completely destroy them.

Further on the path, off to the side in a silver chest, is this special Huge Puniball, with that trait Infernal Mark. Infernal Mark is another one of these special traits, but probably the least important. What it does is allow access to Demon traits, which generally give some great benefits at the cost of great negatives. What the negative is depends on the exact trait you're dealing with. It might sound okay but stat builds are much more viable than goofing around with elaborate trait builds like previous Ateliers. Again, a subject for another time.

Another riddle you can be solving now is Bottling the Strength of Spirits, which in part requires acquiring a high quality Elemental Fragment. You can just smash these jars and get that Fragment. Easy money. The other half of the riddle...

In the Deep Depths is our next quarry: the Blood Elemental. Despite what the Alchemyriddle might tell you, there's nothing much notable about the Blood Element. Grind it down, finish Bottling the Strength of Spirits, and get on your way.

X marks the spot... Fiery depths

I can't see it well, but... Maybe an ore? It looks pretty rare...
Oh! That's the "Burning Ore". It's a rare stone that contains thermal energy.
Oh, so that's "Burning Ore"! Isn't that what we need for the Authorized Key?! Heh, heh, we found it faster than I thought! Well then, let's...


One, two... There's too many...! Let's retreat for now, Lulua!
No, we can't run away! Let's defeat them all!! We must defeat them all! To get the "Burning Ore"! For Arklys and Stia!

OK! Nicely put! Alrighty then... It's now or never!
Yeah...! I'll fight too! Because, fufufu, I'm Lulua's mother after all!
Niko, Mom...! Well...let's do this!!

Hopefully we're just knocking the lights out of these bears, because otherwise we kinda are invading their territory. I'm sure mercy comes naturally to Lulua, though.

Again, with these things being weak to Ice, very easy to use an Ice Bomb or Rocket Ice Bomb and get a big ol' Sterk combo in to destroy these guys. Otherwise, nothing different from them and normal Ginger Bears.

And, of course, if you want to cheese it, these bears are, as always, vulnerable to Mortal Blow.

Hehe, well done! It was a piece of cake, right?
Mana?! You're really...a free soul, aren't you?
Haha, of course. Who do you think I am?

I assume this is yet another question not to be answered.

Perfect timing. Mana, I have a question. Wasn't Fire's Domain used to manage the temperature of the entire region? With it in this shape... What happened? It couldn't be...
Yes, it's just as you guessed. It's because of Ehtogalaxen.
Wait, wait, don't leave me out of this. What are you two talking about?!
Hahaha... Sorry, sorry. I'll start from the beginning. It's a tale from long, long ago. Back then, a technical civilization flourished in these lands. To enrich the lives of humans, all types of machines were created. The Domains were originally created to house specific machine facilities. This place here was used to control the temperature of all of Arland.
The temperature of Arland?! No way. It's impossible! Even with a ton of machines...
It certainly was possible. The ancient technology was much more far advanced than you can even imagine today.
Y-You're kidding...
Ohhh, I'm very serious, hahaha! But it is all only a history now.
Sorry, I went on a bit there, didn't I? I thought I'd come help in case you needed it, but I see there was no need. Hehehe, so next is Night's Domain? It won't be easy either. Be careful, Lulua. Farewell!

*Mana leaves*

Huh?! Oh! She's gone?! Ugh, Mana...! For machines to be that advanced... The past civilization must have been amazing...
Well, Arland also grew and advanced because we found the remains of ancient machines. The research haven't really progressed, however... Not any further than alchemy...
But, lost technology has no uses. In fact, I am powerless in my current state. No matter how advanced it was in the past... What's important is this moment. So...everyone. Once again, please. Lend me your strength. To prevent the collapse of Fellsgalaxen!
Hehe, of course! I'll give it my all! For Stia! You can trust in me, okay?
Yes, of course. I knew you'd say that, Lulua. Thank you. Well, shall we get going?

Yeah, keep the flirting to yourselves. Especially when your mom is around.

OK! Heh heh, on to Night's Domain, right? All right, let's get going!

Normally I'd say your business is done in Fire's Domain after that, but nope, platform past where you resume control has rainbow crystals (you need a Super Mining Bomb of max Destruction Level to shatter them) and a silver chest with a recipe book inside. Make sure you pick up that, at least. These crystals have Divine Iron Pieces and Rainbow Fragments, so definitely in your interest to get some while you're here.

Only 8 slots. Could be bad.

Not anymore it isn't. Unlike in prior games, the Secret Bag only works one way, so you can't move any items TO your Basket from the Container, but that's why you prepared ahead of time, right?

For this Draconia fight, I wanted to see how powerful Ficus' Ice attacks could be against an enemy weak to Ice when he was under the effects of Princess' Edict.

Turns out, quite powerful.

However, it was not wise buffing Ficus with Lulua's Oval Layer, since she overwrote the ATK bonus and DEF penalty of Princess' Edict, meaning he's back to normal damage. So yeah, just be careful with buffs when someone's under the effects of an ability like Edict.

At the end of the day, not a Draconia's best showing. But, there was no particular reason I did that. Just wanted to actually handle a Draconia with a minimum of competence for once. That's all of our business here...for now. Next time you're on the world map, Night's Domain is unlocked. As you might remember from Rorona and Totori, this location is north of Arland (though in this game it's northeast of Arland because there are already locations located due north of Arland in this game) and where the plot continues. We have some business before that.

Demons, man. I'm telling you, nothing but trouble.

It's not very flattering, that's true. But it is catchy.

As you might guess, this book contained recipes for elemental rings of all four types of damage. There are no corresponding items for Physical / Magic damage. Guess they figured that would be a bit too powerful against enemies who almost entirely rely on Physical attacks, which is most of the endgame enemies.

After decoding Woodland, it is revealed our Advanced progress has been going very well, too. For Greater Strength (4) is for achieving a high enough Battle level and defeating the Violet Fang at Runestone, Enshrouded in Light (Sound) is for making a White Haze and Black Mist Symbol, Using the Strength of the Sun requires making a 100 Quality Globe and acquiring a Magma Stone, and finally, Alchemical Candy Making is for making a 100 Quality Honey and making a Mysterious Spice. So yeah, just keeping the good times rolling. After making the Globe... Tales from childhood

Oh, impressive! Hehe... Nice work. You're getting better every day, Lulua.
Really? I sure hope so! Hehehe! I guess this means I've won your approval!
You've earned it. Hehe. I suppose my dream is also coming true.
Your dream?
Yes. I never mentioned this before, but... My dream is to raise capable alchemists.
Oh! You want to help grow alchemists?! Ah, so that's why you and Ms. Totori...
That's right. We're working to try and spread the teachings of alchemy.

It's not that I'm trying to repay that debt... I just feel it would be nice to show its wonders to more people.
It saved your life?! *gulp* Do you mean...
Oh... Well... I'm originally from the Eastern Continent.
Really?! I had no idea!
Yes, it's true. In my hometown... There was a custom of making human sacrifices to a demon who lived nearby.
Human sacrifices?!
Yes. I think I had a rather pragmatic view. I figured that since I was born there, it was my destiny to die there as well.

Well, it was either sacrifice yourself to the demon, or flee the village and die from exposure / the local wildlife. So yeah...not much choice at all.

Wha--?! Ms. Totori?!
Yes, it's true. She defeated the demon. And that's how I ended up coming here. So, you see... I was able to expand my world thanks to alchemy.

Ms. Piana! I think that is a most wonderful dream!
Thank you. I'm happy to hear you say that.
Teacher! Please help me expand my world! I want to learn as much as possible. So teach me as much alchemy as you can!
Ahaha. Yeah, that's probably a good idea. I'll be sure to do my best! Well... At least for the time being...

Hmmm, well, it is a nice story for Lulua to motivate her. And entirely true.

That last story riddle for this chapter is just killing me. We're so close to 999 Quality ceiling.

Our final business for this update is the Large Conifer Forest, located north of the Rolling Winds Cavern. This area is quite full of deadly beasts, as well as one legendary monster, but I think we can handle it.

Oh hey. Jeltje's first posting on the job board was even saying she'd be at the Large Conifer Forest. You see how this LP is coming full circle as we get closer to the end of the game?

And check it out! She's actually selling Guardians. Master Fisherman Jeltje Jeremies here, apparently. Well, I want to complete that request from Keina, and she's selling what I need, so...

First up, on this stone monument, another gilded chest with a new ingredient in it. We still can't normally gather this ingredient, by the way. This flower is a (Plant), (Elixir), (Poison), (Medicinal) item, so you can find it in a lot of ubiquitous material categories. In addition, it has the Special Trait Ultimate Power on it. Ultimate Power applies to traits that increase quality, power, cost, or healing, so it's another trait that is very powerful. Keep in mind, though, that all these Special Traits are just normal traits on their own. So they can just as easily be put, by themselves, on (Synthesis) items, no problem.

Well, just make sure they don't combine with something on the product you make, though. Aside from that, go nuts. The only reason we used Sure Shot x Deadly Art earlier was because Deadly Art only combines with Half Critical or Sure Shot, no other traits. So once you have Mortal Blow, you have no need need for it. Ultimate Power is much, much more applicable. Among the ones you'll be using a lot are Ultimate Quality (+50% Quality), Ultimate Destruction (+50% bomb power), Max Fixed Value Damage (High Fixed Value Damage x Ultimate Power, increases item power by 250, but the higher the original power, the less the increase). All of these final traits are created the same way we made Mortal Blow, by combining the two compound traits into the final normal one and then combining it with the Special Trait.

Finally, the Dunkelheit itself has the special innate trait Twilight Nectar, which increases the power of the healing item by 20% and allows for KO recovery. I think strictly an upgrade over Healing Essence.

...Try to contain yourself, Meruru, even if a bunch of these mushrooms are Royal Crowns. The gilded chest near the water contains a Gaia Earth Ring, but near that chest is...

This special enemy. While everyone around here can be Mortal Blown away, this boy cannot. In fact, I'd say this is a boss fight in all but name. And since we're not getting enough battle videos in this LP, here's one. Wailing Ursidae

Yeah, this guy's a tank. Highest-tier bear in the game, but with this statuses, I should hope so.

He packs a furry punch. Thankfully, he only moves once when he's up to bat. Also completely immune to any attempts to lower his elemental resistances, either with Angel Fullheart or Lulua's Ultimate Attacka, so we'll have to find him legit.

One big advantage Rorona does have, though, is Peaceful Light can neuter Ursidae's attacks a lot, since every attack he does is a Physical attack.

Yeah, he was Stunned when Meruru hit him here, but even so, that's some pretty nice damage. Princess Edict does some good work.

By the way, another big point in Rorona's favor?

Music: Spinning Synthesis Classroom!

Interestingly, the only Ultimate Attack that has two characters in it. Rorona's Spinning Synthesis Classroom!, that is.

Effect-wise, it's quite similar to Sophie/Firis' Ultimate from Lydie & Suelle, Alchemy of Happiness, in that it's purely supportive. It makes a mockery of an enemy's Physical attacks, considering it gives the entire frontline three layers of Physical resistance, as well as clearing all debuffs and restores all MP and HP. It's one of the few Ultimate Attacks that stays relevant into the late game.

Against such a powerful enemy, too. But for three turns, it can do absolutely no damage. Mind, you can still get hit with debuffs, but gotta love it.

To finish the fight, Meruru's Potential Burst! It uses a remix of Alchemy Girl Meruru's Song from...Meruru, funnily enough.

Or...not. What a bummer. He only had 257 HP left... There is a way to buff Meruru's Ultimate aside from just improving her stats, but that's for another time. As for Ursidae, that's all she wrote. To wrap this place, and this update, up, there's another gilded chest with Philosopher's Necklace in it, and you can catch Guardians and stuff from the local fishing hole. When you feel you've conquered the woodland, back to civilization we go.