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Part 25: Bonus Update 4

Bonus Update 4


Ficus concept art
Ficus concept art 2
Piana concept art
Piana concept art 2
Niko concept art
Niko concept art 2
Meruru concept art
Arklys art
Party Time
Guardian Battle
Vow of Abstinence
Sea Hunt


Wind's Valley: For Lulua

A composition for the Ster Highlands. This is another arrangement of Nakagawa's original composition. My first adaptation was sent back with a note saying, "Not enough snowy mountain feel", even though I had kept the arrangement as close as possible to the original. It truly exposed my own shortcomings when compared to the proficiency of my more experienced colleague. I will strive to get better, I promise... I finally received official approval after adding a few subtle touches of sparkly tones. (Yanagawa)

Crimson Jaws

A lava zone is undoubtedly one of the more common areas for an adventure game. The same goes for any world of extremes, be it an icy terrain, a jungle, or the deep sea. Since around the mid 80s, these sorts of stages were added to video games, allowing players to feel the thrill as they tackled these tricky conditions. You would slip on ice. You would die if you fell into the lava. Well, okay, you could die if you fell anywhere, lava or not. (Achiwa)

Luminas Concerto

There are finishing jingles, as always, for any "Arland" game, although the Ultimate Attack jingle was only introduced from the latest title in the "Arland" trilogy. For this title, I have arranged the opening phrase with 80s-style idol pop in mind. But I suppose many of you weren't even born in the 80s, so rather than feeling nostalgic, I hope it will feel new and refreshing. (Achiwa)

Million Midnights

To tell you the truth, the only reason this there was no connection with the character theme songs in earlier titles such as "Atelier Meruru" and "Atelier Ayesha" was because for these two titles (excluding "Atelier Ayesha" DLC), I held off writing until the final days of game development, and waited until the animation was completed, before going al out. Reflecting on it now, though, maybe something good came out of that too. (Achiwa)

Ocean's Bite

I was really pleased when I saw the staff deliberately opting for the character in skip turns or defend, just to get to their favorite character be the one who finished the enemy off. This way, they would get to hear their finishing jingle. I did, however, see many instances in which attacks missed, or the enemy was eliminated though testers used a weaker attack hoping to just lower their HP. (Achiwa)

That's how it worked in previous Ateliers with the whole Finish Jingle system, where the unique song would only play if the Ultimate Attack itself killed the final enemy. Though, in Meruru, the more elaborate animation would play if you killed the enemy you were aiming at, but the song itself would only play if that enemy was also the last enemy standing. Luckily, simplified in this game such that the same animation always plays for Ultimate Attacks and the Finish Jingle always plays.

Spinning Synthesis Classroom!

Mother Rorona's off to battle! It starts off with the familiar opening chorus from Rorona's opening music. It ends, however, with the opening melody from this title. I just do not see a better alternative. I am honored and thoroughly moved to be able to fuse and arrange Nakagawa's opening piece for "Atelier Rorona" and Yanagawa's opening piece for "Atelier Lulua". (Achiwa)

The opening theme for Rorona was, of course, called "Falling, the Star Light"


Nikodamus David Dieter - Yoshitsugu Matsuoka

Congratulations on clearing the game. This is Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, playing the role of Niko.

I must admit recording was quite hard work this time. I think I ended up bellowing at a volume about 40% louder than I had originally anticipated for the role. I was covered in sweat throughout the recording, and certainly earned my keep! Tell me, was it worth it?

I presume you have all cleared one ending or another if you are listening to me now. Niko's ending is pretty exciting too, if you're at all interested. Maybe you can go back and try out that scenario?

So, this will be the fourth title set in Arland... You know, this one truly surprised me. When I was given the script and the character reference material, I reviewed each character, and I was absolutely stunned to learn from the official website that Rorona had become a mother. I mean, who's the father? Well, I guess you all know the answer to that by now. Lulua was in fact adopted by Rorona. How time flies.

The success of this series is owed all to you, you know. I was actually involved in the series, maybe two titles ago, so it was a great honor and pleasure to be invited again, to be tasked with the voice of Niko for this one. The future of the "Atelier" series relies entirely on the faithful patronage of you fans. Keep on exploring all corners of Arland, until its every secret has been revealed! Thank you for your time and dedication.

This was Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, the voice of Niko. Bye all.

He was a bit off on the last title he was in, by the way. He also played the role of Kortes in Atelier Shallie, that dude who was Stera's guardian who traveled from her village with her to Stellard. That was four major titles before this one. This guy actually has a really long resume if you look him up, but I think special mention needs to be drawn to the fact he's played a character named "Kirito" in three different franchises. His most famous Kirito being the main character from Sword Art Online.

Merurulince Rede Arls - Satomi Akesaka

Nice to see you all again. I'm Satomi Akesaka, playing Merurulince Rede Arls.

Did you enjoy the game? I expect there's much more to come before clearing all the endings, though, right? Hehehe.

You know, I never expected a fourth title in the "Arland" series. It's usually a trilogy, no? Well, it seems that although the trilogy was indeed complete, the fourth title was released due to popular demand to mark the tenth anniversary of the start of the "Arland" series. I, myself, have been involved in the series since around 2011, during the recordings for the third title, but even this means it's been nearly eight years since the last release.

How time flies, huh? I admit it hasn't felt that long, though, since I met everyone for the Drama CD and at the Gust Gala since then, keeping Meruru very much alive and a big part of my life. When I come across scenes where Meruru acts all grown up around Lulua, I realize just how much Meruru has matured. I get a little emotional seeing her trying to broaden her horizons, not just with respect to Arls, but in other areas too.

What was most surprising to me was the change in Rorona. I was acquainted with her younger self during my "Atelier Meruru" days, and now she is all grown up. I also appreciated seeing the new character designs of other familiar faces, which made me reflect on the inevitable passing of time, and the start of a new generation.

And one cannot complain, either, of the numerous new young and cute characters being introduced in the game, can we? It was a great chance for me to learn a lot about Lulua too. I'm sure there are many scenarios left unexplored, so please go back to Arland and venture forth. Check out the intertwining relationships between all the characters, and uncover the storylines yet untold. And, as always, please keep cherishing our beloved Arland.

I, Satomi Akesaka, and Meruru bid you farewell.

Mimi Houllier von Schwarzlang - Yuka Iguchi

Hello there. It's Yuka Iguchi here, the voice of Mimi Houllier von Schwarzlang.

I'm truly delighted to be a part of the "Atelier" series once more, as my dear Mimi. Not only that, I was pleased to see Mimi all grown up into someone extremely competent and prudent. A fine young lady.

However, her relationship with Totori remains the same, still wrapped around her little finger. Her love for Totori seems much more intense, with her yearning over her still more. I just loved recording her scenes, especially those with Lulua, our new protagonist. Lulua's so cute, and when mingling with her, Mimi seems much more grown up, like a big sister watching over her little sister. Well, I guess that's not surprising, as time has passed, and she's all grown up now.

Make sure not to miss Mimi acting all grown up. It's a must-see. I hope you'll keep playing. Farewell from Yuka Iguchi. Thank you for listening.

She didn't mention it in this commentary because she was talking about Mimi the whole time, but I guess Gust really liked working with Yuka Iguchi because she also has a starring role in the Mysterious Trilogy as Plachta. They do sound kind of alike if you know the same person is voicing both characters.

Lisa von Beilschmidt - Emiri Kato

Congratulations on clearing the game. Hello, I'm Emiri Kato, playing the role of Lisa.

Through portraying Lisa, I've become accustomed to her gentle, dependable nature, and caring tone. Even here, I find myself adopting the serene voice of Lisa. It has definitely been an honor to play her. I, myself, have a younger sister, so I know exactly how Lisa dotes on her younger sister. I also like the fact she is a big eater.

Despite her overwhelming undisputable beauty, she is a glutton. She completely forgets herself when there is food nearby, which some may find charming. I just adore the relationship between the two sisters. It makes me want to spoil my own little sister, like Lisa does with Refle. I'm sure many of you found their relationship heartwarming as well, yes? I hope you will continue to watch over the sisters.

I'm sure many of you still have numerous paths left unexplored. Please continue on and beat the game. Till next time.

Refle von Beilschmidt - Kaya Okuno

Hello, I'm Kaya Okuno. I play the voice of Refle.

I am truly honored to be a part of "Atelier Lulua". It's been a true honor. Upon my first glance at the character designs for Refle, and seeing her ethereal cuteness, my heart started to flutter. In fact, everyone in this game, starting from Lulua, of course, is just perfect in every way, either remarkably adorable or suave. They have the power to keep the players contented just by looking at them. Lulua's cheerfulness is just as infectious. In Refle's scenes, there were moments when I couldn't help but let out a chuckle even when checking over the script. During recordings, there were several ad-libbed lines, especially regarding how Refle should be addressing Lulua. They were fun additions to the script. I'm grateful for that.

Despite it all starting from a misunderstanding, Refle still seems to be a victim of an unrequited love. I'm a little saddened by this. I just want her to be happy. Why won't Lulua notice her? I hope Refle will one day be fulfilled.

I certainly enjoyed the recordings, especially because the whole setting was cute and calming. I am already looking forward to playing the game once it's released. Wait, it's already out, right? I mean, you are listening to me here after clearing the game, after all. I suspect I, too, would have cleared the game by now.

On that note, I thank you all for your time. This is Kaya Okuno, the voice of Refle, signing off.