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Part 32: Bonus Update 5

Bonus Update 5


Handing Over the Reins
Summer Break 1
Summer Break 2
The Finest Curry for You
The Devil Dances at Night
The Ultimate Showdown
Mom's Cooking
The Children and the Steel
Rorona concept art
Sterk concept art 1
Sterk concept art 2
Mana concept art
Atelier Lulua box art
Rorona / Lulua key art


A Trick Up My Sleeve

This is the track for the, I mean, for Ficus. He really had it tough, didn't he? Serving such an old loli-- *cough-cough* kind of person... But, I don't know, maybe he actually enjoys it. Oh, and by the way, the track is an arrangement of "One Final Destination". Well done to those who recognized it. (Yanagawa)

For obvious reasons, this is the one character theme I haven't linked to until now. Of course, because it gives away that Ficus and Evil Face were always one and the same. By the way, "One Final Destination" is otherwise known as "One Last Point" (which I prefer), the theme for Liechten Soehnle, the big tower location in Totori where Rage Beast and Evil Face were fought. That particular song last showed up as an arrangement in Rorona+.

Night's Domain: For Lulua

I know I've already confessed this, but the title of the original track for this piece was "Dark's Domain". That was one of the options for the field map names in the proposal stages, and although I did make sure to check the official finalized name during development, there was a mix-up, and I ended up running with the provisional name for the track title. Needless to say, I renamed the track with the official title, "Night's Domain", from the next title in the series. (Nakagawa)

Our Future: Bad Ending

This track is for the bad ending. I was asked to make this melancholy, and less playful than earlier versions. I was surprised at this unusual request, to say the least. This is another adaptation of the atelier music. I made a conscious effort when creating both the bad ending and good ending tracks to ensure the good ending, when heard second, would provide maximum satisfaction. (Yanagawa)

Yep, absolutely should have linked this in the Bad End post, but better late than never, right? Also, the commentary is a little misleading, because all endings other than the Bad End use the same song.

Scarlet Rain

For "Atelier Meruru" and the "Dusk" series, the finishing jingles are not tied in with any particular character, but for this title, I have adapted the motifs from character themes and opening themes for all Ultimate Attack jingles. I've come to the conclusion it sounds better this way. (Achiwa)


Eva Armster - Kana Asumi

Hello, it's Kana Asumi here, playing the role of Eva. Thank you for playing the game.

This is the first time for me to be part of the "Atelier" series. I was honored to be involved in its creation, and I have to admit recording was fun too.

Eva is truly fond of Lulua. She considers Lulua her closest friend and they enjoy many adventures together. Though this may reveal more than I ought to, there were moments where I felt pangs of reluctance, reading the narration as Eva, especially during the numerous endings where Lulua ends up setting off on a journey with various other characters... I believe I was able to conceal this feeling of resentment throughout the recording, but that's the cost of trying to remain in character, I guess. I tried to pay particular attention to scenes where "dark" Eva would emerge, ensuring to maintain a good balance throughout, and managing the character as a whole. My ultimate aim was to portray her so that you would all enjoy her character. I do hope you will continue to play the game, and come to adore more and more of the characters.

On this note, I, Kana Asumi, will leave you. I hope I did not disappoint as Eva. Over and out. Thank you all.

Mana Orthogalaxia - Yui Kondo

Congratulations on clearing the game. Hello, this is Yui Kondo, playing Mana.

I played the role of Corneria in the "Mysterious" series, so I'm overjoyed to be invited to the "Arland" series to play a new role. What's more, to be assigned a fantastic character like Mana is a true delight.

Don't you agree? I mean, we all like Mana, right? I'm sure for those who've played the earlier titles in the series, Mana is among the most "memorable" characters. Are you okay? No pent-up resentment? Don't worry, Mana is on your side now. Well, for the most part, she is. So let's all learn to love her.

Anyway, if you ask me, she's perfectly lovable in the previous title too. "So, do we all love Mana?" "Of course!" Right answer, well done.

Seriously, though, since Corneria was such as a likeable character, I just wish everyone would grow fond of Mana in the same way, that's all. As soon as I read the script, I knew exactly how I wanted to portray the unique characteristics of Mana. But I was unsure if it was the right approach until recording started. Once I received the green light early on, I felt reassured and could dive into the role without looking back. Really, what did you think? I heard you. Thank you. Glad to hear it. (I choose to interpret your response positively).

I hope I will get the chance to play Mana once again. I certainly look forward to it. But until then, please do not forget her, and carry on creating her sweets. Please feed her lots.

Well, I have nothing further to say, so I guess I better sign off. I'm grateful for your time. Thanks for your patience. Bye-bye from Yui Kondo, the voice of your beloved Mana. And with that, I take my leave. Hahahah!

Gonna be real, I didn't recognize Mana as the voice of Corneria at all, and indeed, in this bonus track, she doesn't really sound like Mana very much at all, except for the Mana Laugh at the very end there. The talent of a true professional at work, surely. Corneria in the Mysterious Trilogy handles a lot of the same duties Dragon does in this game, but she and Mana are entirely different characters, so it's definitely not easy to tell.

Jeltje Jeremies - Takeda Rarisa Tago

Hello, everyone. My name is Takeda Rarisa Tago, assigned the role of Jeltje.

When I first ran my eyes over the character reference material and script, I was delighted to be assigned such a suave character. But as I'm sure you all know by now, she is more than just that. As I read over the script some more, the deep-seated truth started to unravel in front of me. I was a little surprised, but I soon became used to the idea and even started to feel enamored of her. I wonder if you went through the same emotions.

I hope she has grown on you, and become a beloved character in her own right. Thank you for choosing "Atelier Lulua".

Benon Armster - Kenjiro Tsuda

I'm Kenjiro Tsuda, the voice of Benon.

I just finished recording now. Phew. Benon is described as a generous and cheerful teacher. I admit I haven't often played such a role, so it was an extremely fun experience for me.

Don't get me wrong. In the past, Benon was more of a wild fighter, and I certainly had fun playing that role too. I hope Benon will keep you entertained as much as I was. This is Kenjiro Tsuda, bidding you farewell.

Pamela Ibis - Asuka Tanii

Hello there. Asuka Tanii, here, playing the role of Pamela.

I was surprised to hear the premise of the new title, where Rorona is joined by her daughter, Lulua. Rorona, a mother? But I guess it's not impossible, if we accept that time flies.

I was, however, glad to see that despite all the changes, Pamela remains her usual former self. Other than the fact that she no longer floats about quite so much, she still does as she pleases. It's comforting to know some things never change. Despite the financial state of her establishment being in constant chaos, it is thanks to the generosity of Lulua and others that it inevitably always returns to its lucrative former state. Thank you, my dear Lulua. Please feel free to pop into my store.

Thank you for all your time.

As you might expect from a legacy character like Pamela, Asuka Tanii has voiced Pamela in all her iterations in the Atelier series (from Rorona onward except for the Ryza games) as well as the character's appearances in Trinity Universe and Mana Khemia. I actually looked her up to see what the character's first appearance was, and it does seem Mana Khemia was the first time she showed up.

I thought at first they might have recast her voice, since Cole obviously has been recast from his first appearance, but so far as I can tell, this is not the case. They even brought back *Marie's* seiyuu for work in Nelke, so there's no way they would have done that for Pamela. No way.

Cole Duller - Souichirou Miwa

Hello, I'm Soiuchirou Miwa, playing the voice of Cole.

When I first read through the script and character reference material, I was startled to discover I was about to play a grown-up Cole, not the young boy familiar to me. I then saw the illustrations and was doubly amazed.

Renouncing his merchant business, he is now an apprentice under the distinguished Hagel. Not only that, he's now good-looking and muscle-bound. This distinguishing feature was unsurprisingly mentioned in the script. Something along the lines of "I'm in perfect shape. Don't underestimate how harsh blacksmith training can be." I guess he never had it easy from day one.

I mean it can't be plain sailing for a boy to have to survive as a merchant. I tried to incorporate this tough survival trait during recording.

I hope you liked the now grown-up Cole, and the new adventures of "Atelier Lulua". We serve to entertain you.
See you again soon in Arland. Adios from Cole.

I do wonder how he was familiar with Cole as a kid from Rorona because, as previously mentioned, Cole was played by Piana's seiyuu in his Atelier Rorona appearance.

Next Bonus Update will be the last one for the thread, even if we go over 5 updates from now before the next one is due. I think it'll be fine, though, because, not counting the endings, we're 3-4 updates away from the end of the thread.