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Part 33: XXVI: Pages of Great Accomplishment

Chapter XXVI: Pages of Great Accomplishment

That was quite the revelation at the end of the last update, wasn't it? You can certainly guess why I didn't link Ficus' theme until now. As far as this "Pilche" name is concerned, the game never exactly specifies who that is except for the fact it's the name of his pigeon. My personal theory is based on that scene where Ficus tells that "ghost story" about his time living in the tower on the Eastern Continent. He mentions a girl that was sacrificed to him (which is how he got the reputation as an evil demon), and I'm guessing, based on nothing other than the similarity to Piana's name and the fact they probably came from the same village, that Pilche was the first sacrifice he was given. But, that's just my well-founded speculation.

But also as I mentioned toward the end of the last update, the fair is back in town, and since there is absolutely no way this playthrough is going to last another year, this is the last one we'll be experiencing. So I wanted to get first place on camera. Unfortunately...

The odds of that...

Are not very...

Good. Consolation prize, the 4th place result, is a 50 Quality Cabbage. Third place is a pretty good, a Spirit Robe with Max MP+15 and Damage Cut 5%, with the traits Defense Boost / HP Boost / Consumed MP -15%.

Second place is also very good, being a Gnardi Ring with the Effects Power / Protection / Speed Rune L and the traits Overflowing Power / Archmage's Wisdom / Consumed MP Reduced. All of those Effects are +15 to their respective stats, so for the early game, this is a really valuable item.

For the record, it took me 8 attempts to get the first place prize. But it's certainly well-worth it.

An item so awesome we actually still can't make it yet. Lightens the Body L is the big draw here, because it lowers all WT times by 20%, which is a pretty staggering amount. And remember, you can get this potentially as early as Chapter 3 if you *really* waste a lot of time, but this is way overkill for that part of the game (don't quote me on it if it's even possible or not, because I do not know), or even if you do it normally and first visit the fair in Chapter 4 or 5. God Speed Boots will be the second accessory for our alchemists, which is why I have so many of them in my Container here.

Of course, since the Fair is back in town, we also have a Citizens Guard captain to revenge ourselves upon.

I did it! I really did it! Looks like I'm the winner again, Mr. Sterk!
Ngh!! It seems my new resolve still wasn't enough to triumph. Hmph. Well done, Lulua. Perhaps you will accept my challenge again someday.
Of course! Anytime you like.
Hmph! Thank you, Lulua! That's very gracious of you. I look forward to the day we spar again.
Bravo! Bravo!! A true marvel of competition! One for the history books!
Captain Sterk! Missy! Thank you for allowing us to witness this wonder!

Unfortunately, no money... But at the very least, you can test your button-mashing prowess against Sterk as many times as you want. Good for us. We have bigger goals in mind this time. Like giving Totori her Meteor. A girl of character

Hehe, thank you. Sorry for not explaining much about it ahead of time. So, you think you can show me what you made?
Yup. Here you go.
I see. Hehe, as expected. Amazing, Lulua! Just as I anticipated. You pass!
Uhh, uh... I don't really get this at all...
Ah, sorry. Well, this was a test just like before. Up until now, I've watched you hone your alchemy skills, and... This time I saw the worth of your character.
My character...?
Yeah... Lulua. You didn't say anything, you just brought over the items. That's the measure of your character. You don't shy away from things, and you're very straightforward. You have a lot of great qualities, Lulua... But I think your best one is that straightforwardness.
Hehe... Yeah...maybe.
Yes! You'll definitely....
Hehe, it's nothing. Anyway, thank you, Lulua.

Haha, got it! I'll be straighter than a stirring stick, OK?
Ahaha! There are stirring sticks that bend, you know?
Wow, really?! Well, then... Then I'll be straighter than the straightest thing in straight land!

Totori has such an intimidating presence a person's vocabulary skills just plummet when she's around. Only gotten more formidable in every game she's been in. But, since, I guess, we've seen enough scenes for characters based in Arland after that scene, we have the People of Arland scene in Ar Hollow. Big city ties

The lovebirds as close as always. Which two those are I shall leave up to your imagination.

Ahaha. Seems like everybody's here! Is it because of the fair?
Yup! Hehe. Having things this lively is a lot of fun for me, too!
Graaah! Bring it on! You are going DOWN!
Hah! Not likely! You forget what you're up against. These muscles might as well be forged of iron!
Yeah?! Well mine are trained with the percise motions of the frying pan. I'm not going to lose!
Heeey, Totoriii... I've been thinking... It sure is nice traveling together with you... Hehe. Hehehehe.
Mimi, don't you think you've had enough? Oh, geez... You absolutely reek...
Nahhh. This ain't nothin'. Come on, Totori. You too! Drink up...!
Ahh, no... I'm fine, thanks.
What? So my stuff isn't good enough for you?! *hic*
Ahaha! It's like I'm seeing a whole new side to everyone!
Well put. But hey, it's the spirit of the year, right? So... What will it be, Lulua? Feeling hungry? We've made some special additions to the menu just for the fair! Want to try them out?
Sounds great! I can't wait! Thanks, Lionela!!

Yep I think this'll be good for the Warriors' builds. Why not ATK Up Lvl 5? Three points difference between it and Lvl 5 are probably not going to be the difference between victory and death. Just a hunch. I used a Moonbeam Stone to get Lightning Chaser XL. Just more Lightning damage against an enemy if it does trigger.

In particular, since Lightning attacks are Sterk's thing, he'll be getting this one in particular.

Speaking of, all the Warriors are also getting their accessories back from the previous playthrough. Does it really matter what you give them? Not particularly. The ultimate "Boring" party in this game is Rorona/Piana/Lulua in front with Niko and Aurel in the back. Niko can restore one KO'd frontliner with one of his skills, where Aurel can clear debuffs / Stun with one of his supportive skills. So their ability to output damage is negligible point, because they can't do anywhere near the damage the alchemists can do. For me, personally, Angel's Charm is mostly to block annoying debuffs and 1-hit KO and the Mercurius Eye for what measly damage they might be able to do with critical hits. You can also swap out either for a God Speed Boots. Of course, in typical Atelier fashion, you can't equip two of the same accessory in this game.

One final note is the change in accessory traits. Since these fellows can't use items, Ancient Power is useless for their stuff. In its place? Either Stats Power (Stats Mega Charge x Awakening Agent), which is +15 to all stats, or Resonance All: Truth (+5 to all stats + Resonance effects, created from Stats Boost x Resonant Soul) if you want to buff the most important party members even more.

So here's how to make a decent Falling Star Symbol (for the alchemists. Four Spirits with all your traits, Rainbow Fragment of any quality (obviously higher is better...I think), White Supplement (Awakened Gemstone) at 999 Quality with Divine Inheritance, an NVG with Awakened Gemstone, Ghostly Long Sword (Awakened Dragon), and a 999 Quality Living Rope with Awakened Dragon and Lightning+ Awakened Effects.

And of course, make sure you get the correct Awakened Effects in both slots. 27% increase in item power with this one. Use an Alchemy Activator (although, if we're being real, you could use a Dark Firefly for 999 Quality, but no Magic Chaser XL for you) for even more Quality, if that does anything. For the record, I got this one to 976 Quality, so if that 3% and 23 Quality is gonna kill me, well, that's just how it's gonna be. I do not think it will, however. As I might have mentioned prior, there are definitely Symbols easier to get Lv5 Item Power in both slots, but Symbols are mostly there for you to customize a bit. Within reason, of course. There's no excuse not to have the highest Item Lv5 Awakened Effects you can have on the Symbol of your choice.

Magic Chaser XL just has the highest chance of adding some Magic damage, but as you might guess, it's worthless, because alchemists will really only ever seriously be using items. But it *looks* better like this, so this is the way it's gonna be.

After this we have...more Totori? More Totori it is. Ms. Lulua's Classroom

Ms. Totori! Ahh! You're still doing the alchemy classes, right?
Ah, Lulua! Right on time.
Would you like to try teaching today?

Totori is not lightly said "No" to, apparently.

Whaaat?! Me?! I-I can't! Me, a teacher? Impossible!
I disagree. After all, you made those items, didn't you? The fact you made those tools is proof that you've developed considerable skill. See? In both alchemy and life itself, it's important to challenge yourself. Give it a go!
Uhh, OK... I got it. I-It'll be OK! OK then, um...

*later that day*
Phew, I'm exhausted.
Nice work today. It wasn't that bad, was it?
Ahaha, I guess not. I feel like I was better at teaching than I thought I'd be. were pretty popular with the students. It looks like you might have a talent for teaching.
I wonder...maybe I do. I don't really know what I'm good at...
Hey, Lulua. Do you remember what I said before? Alchemy is a craft that can change the future. If we have alchemy, we can help make the world a better place.
One day, you want me to help teach alchemy. RIght?
Yeah. Today kind of confirmed that for me. I knew it was a good idea to invite you along, Lulua. And... Alchemy's great...right? My world has really expended...
And the things I can do have increased as well! I love alchemy so much!
Ahaha, I'm glad to hear it.

Whatever path you take, alchemy should be there to widen your world. So... Let's go ahead and spread the word of our beloved alchemy even further. If you do that, surely... Surely everyone can be happy...
Ms. Totori... OK, got it! I don't really know how much power I have, but... I'm going to try my very best!

That's the spirit.

...Hehe. Thank you, Lulua! ...I look forward to working with you!

There's some comments everyone has for their clothing in this screen, but I think Aurel has earned this particular costume. I actually got this at the same time I got Rorona's costume, but I felt like he only gets to wear Gio's clothes after his more successful battle against Sterk. Just don't let it go to your head, kid. Sterk defeated Gio once, you know.

Sure hope Sterk doesn't mind the design. A word of caution

Thank you, Lulua. Let's see... Hm... This is magnificent! The pain simply disappeared like magic. Lulua, you've come a long way as an alchemist. Just like your mother...
Yay!! Ehehe, I'm glad that you think so! Speaking of... I hope you don't mind me asking, but...
My old injury? Well, fo rme... It is more like a medal of honor.
A medal of honor... I think I heard about this from Mom... Back in the day, a ferocious monster appeared, and you protected her from it... Is that when you got it?
Yes, that's right... I'll never forget that day in the Ster Highlands. That beast, Suni Sterm, appeared out of nowhere. Somehow, I was able to protect Rorona, but...

What if I hadn't been able to protect Rorona...

Ehhhh, kind of a generous to Rorona description of events. What *actually* happened was that Sterk came to the atelier to warn Rorona about monster activity in the Ster Highlands, Rorona went there with Sterk anyway, they fought Suni Sterm, won, Rorona went to gather some materials, Suni got back up and attacked Rorona, Sterk took a hit defending Rorona, got laid up in the hospital for 3 months.

But, it's very Sterk-like to not blame Rorona at all for what happened. He could have just said no, you know. I mean, not a *gameplay* sense, but work with me here.

Mr. Sterk...
*sigh* I think I've babbled on a bit too much... Here, Lulua, my thanks for the pain medicine. *gives 3000 Cole*
Th-thank you...
Lulua? An alchemist is not a warrior. So please... Be careful out there. Got it?
Yes. I'll remember that.

Next is...well, it's another Totori scene, but this one is special. It's a DLC scene, which, of course, only triggers if you have Totori as a playable character. Since this came up after that classroom scene, I'm guessing the requirements for it are having her friendship level high enough and finish all of her normal scenes. There's no video because this scene, as well as Meruru's DLC scenes, aren't voiced.

Oh, Lulua. there anything I can help you with?
Yes... You fight with a book as your weapon, right, Ms. Totori?
That's right.
But that book... It's not normal, is it? I mean, a whole lot of things jump out of it...
Well, that's true, yes.
But what I want to know does it work? I've been trying to figure it out, but I just have no idea.
Hehe, well, the secret is...

... Um, yes. That much I pretty much knew already..
Huh?! Oh...oh, yes, of course. Of course you did. Sorry... Actually, it's a fairly simple operation. Perhaps the best way would be to give you a demonstration in an actual battle.
Actual battle... Oh, in that case, an adventurer told me that some monsters have appeared near here!
Hehe, that sounds ideal. When you're ready, let's go teach those monsters a lesson!
OK! And I need to learn exactly how your book works, Ms. Totori!

Specifically, by "near here", she means Orthogalaxen. We could do that now, obviously, but given how important the Arland-Ster Highlands axis is, and the fact we still have more of the plot to get through, that we'll be passing by Orthogalaxen again. That day will be the day Lulua learns the no-doubt horrible secret of Totori's book.

After this, I made a Goddess Statue for Niko but...the design for it is quite something, so I'll save it until I actually give one to Niko. The big value of the Goddess Statue is that it's the only synthesize-able Awaken (Gemstone) item, which means you can awaken anything that you can put it into a (Gemstone) item for use in the Ghostly Long Sword. I alluded to the process last update, but the official method is...

Sylphid's Goddess Statue chart posted:

Goddess Statue (Awaken Elixir) -> Rainbow Supplement (Awaken Gemstone) -> Goddess Statue (Awaken Supplement) -> Styrom Board (Awaken Gemstone) -> Ghostly Long Sword (Awaken Lumber) -> Aerven Staff of Light

You might be wondering: hey, couldn't you Awaken a Goddess Statue as a (Gemstone) itself so we can use that in a Long Sword for a better Falling Star Symbol? That would be a good notion, but I couldn't figure out a single damn way to do that. The Goddess Statue's two Awakened slots are (Gemstones) and (Clay). I really tried to game as much as I could off-camera to figure out how to fit it into either slot, but I simply could not. Of all the items that can potentially be used to make themselves, it doesn't seem like that's the case here. Ah well. Again, 27% out of a possible 30% on the Symbol I like the most is going to have to be good enough.

But now it's time to jet off for Arklys to give Eva yet more of Lulua's patented Lululu Curry. Hey, it has her name on it. It could not possibly be anyone else's.

I haven't tested it, but I'm pretty sure this is the scene that pops up when you've made all the previous curry at a high enough Quality level. The next few scenes all kind of flow together, you see.

Huh? Did you say something, Lulua?
I said... It's not enough. It's not enough!!
Not enough...?
YES!! I finally realized! It's me! I don't have enough! VISION!! I don't have enough vision to prepare the Ultimate Curry!
Ah. I see we're still obsessed with curry...
I'm not obsessed! Anyway! I need time to think! What is the Ultimate Curry?! What is it that you need to create the Ultimate Curry?!
Hehehe. Well, just saying "ultimate" over and over doesn't help.
Yeah... Fine, I'll just make every single curry dish I can think of. Say, Eva? You'll try all the dishes I make, right?
Of course! Just bring them to me when you're done.

What she actually wants is 750+ Quality Lululu Curry, so I hope you still have some of that lying around. A true breakthrough

So what do you think, Eva?
Mmm... It's delicious. Well, I mean, it's delicious, but... Lulua...?
This "ultimate" you keep going on about? Well, what exactly does it mean? Are you trying to make just something that tastes good? Or is there something else you are aiming at? Not knowing what your definition of "ultimate" is, I don't think I'll be a very good judge...
You're right!! Eva, you are absolutely right! I can't believe I overlooked that fact!! What is the essence of "ultimate" that I seek...?

Absolutely! OK... I guess... A new entry for the Riddle! My new path...! What it means to create the Ultimate Curry! This is a mystery I will solve by my own hand!
Hehehe! You're really all fired up. Good luck, Lulua! I'm sure you'll find the answers you're looking for.

Yes...! To find it, I have to try everything...! *runs off*

You've got it? You don't mean...?!
I've discovered the true form of the Ultimate Curry...! I've finally figured it out! The curry that I'm seeking is...a curry that can be enjoyed by all and everyone!
By all and everyone... In that case, the curry you made recently was just fine.
Ahaha! I was really proud of that one. was a bit of a pain to make... Therefore...! I think a curry that is loved by everyone... Also has to be a recipe that's easy for anyone to recreate! A curry that's delicious, no matter who makes it!
Haha, that makes sense! A curry that anyone can make!
Yup! It's decided then! I have to create a simple yet wondrously delicious curry! Let's make this happen!! Eva!
Yes? You want me to taste it when it's done, right? Of course I will!
Thanks! I guess it's time to get to work!!

So much for Lulua's egalitarian curry... This thing indirectly calls for a Philosopher's Stone, a rare fish, and a flower that blooms for one month a year. But as I said, Lulua seems pretty far gone by this point, so let's just indulge her.

But if it's going to be Ultimate, it has to be 999 Quality (it doesn't, I'm just being thematically appropriate). Just bring this to Eva to qualify for the Curry Ending. If it's not high enough Quality, you can't hand it over.

Well, they better. A future path

Eva, what do you think? How's my Ultimate Curry?'s really good! I think everyone's going to love this!
Yay! It's pretty easy to make and the flavor leaves nothing to be desired! This is what I call the Ultimate Curry! Now, I just have to share the recipe with everyone so they can make it too...
Share the recipe... Hmm... I guess you could try opening a shop?
A shop... A shop...! That just might work! Wait, I've got it! I'll open an atelier where you can also eat curry!
An atelier where you can eat curry?!
Exactly! I can accept atelier work while also running a curry shop! That way, I can still work on my skills as an alchemist while sharing the recipe! A two birds with one stone kind of deal!
Ahaha! That sounds like a typical Lulua idea! And I think it's a great idea!
Thanks, Eva! Hehehe, I'm so excited! I'll be a distinguished alchemist curry chef! Let's do this!

Believe it or not, that's another ending flag accomplished. Now we have the Curry Ending unlocked.

So that now that we've finished the Tera Bomb riddle (the one for using it a whole bunch, not the one that unlocked the recipe for it), it's time to start thinking about a second Ultimate Omega Craft. See, I know from experience that enemies resistant to Earth are going to become more numerous, as well as dangerous. So, it's time to prepare ahead of time by getting a Fire Damage Lvl 5 Omega Craft, and the item we'll be using? An N/A that's Awakened as a Plant. Unfortunately, the N/A is kind of a pain to make, since it requires a Grand Lightning Bomb / Rocket Ice Bomb / Tera Bomb. After I made this, another scene. Heir to the legacy

*knock on door*

Coming! Who is it?
Pardon me.
Ohh, Mr. Sterk! Welcome! What brings you in today?
Oh, well, I was just stopping by as a reminder. There's been a jump in monster activity near Arland. Especially near the Ster Highlands...
The Ster Highlands? Hm... I wonder why...
I'm not sure myself, but... It would be better to stay away unless you've got an important reason to go.
Got it! Thanks for the heads up!
You know, just doing the citizen guard's work. Sorry to bother you while you're working...
Huh? How'd you know I was working, Mr. Sterk?
Hehe... I've had my share of time with alchemists.

Glad Sterk is still protecting Lulua from knowing anything about Astrid. There's a whole kettle of fish there that's best left unexplored. But then again, Astrid might get a fairer shake from asking Rorona about her, the only one we know that Astrid really confided in. But suffice to say they had a complicated relationship.

They had a glow about them... The way they worked so hard polishing their craft. Always working hard towards their goals. You are just like them, aren't you?
Lulua, I'm certain that if you keep up your work, you'll become as great an alchemist as all those women. I'm no alchemist or anything, but... I'm rooting for you. Just keep up the good work. I believe that if you strive for it, you will even surpass the great Rorolina Frixell with your work.
Good enough to surpass my Alright! I have to keep up the hard work. Thank you, Mr. Sterk! I'm going to work as hard as I can!


But now, isn't there another ending flag we can start taking care of? There is. Just outside the door here in Arklys, actually.

Yeah, you could say that... Teacher's test

Good, thank you. Now, let's take a look at it... ...I am surprised. I didn't expect you to make such a fine sample.

Really?! Hooray! I beat my teacher!
I must say... You really have grown, Lulua.
I was wondering... Why did you set this competition up all of a sudden?
Hehe. It's simple, really. I wanted to see how much you've improved.
Yes. Your abilities are growing by leaps and bounds. You have an incredible base skill level too. To be honest, your true ability is not that much different than my own. That's why I wanted to see exactly what level you were at.
I see... Hehe. I was only able to do it because of your teachings, though. You're the one who taught me alchemy. That's what's gotten me to where I am now.

Lulua... You truly are a handful. I suppose I have no choice when you put it like that. I have a feeling you'll be better than me before too long. Until then, I'll teach you everything I can. That is the duty of a teacher! Lulua. Keep up the hard work, OK?
Sure thing!

This is what that Flash Symbol looks like. It's a good look for his sword.

But that doesn't mean Meruru can't adopt that technique some.

Now THAT'S a superweapon.

I mostly went there to get some Dragon Pieces for Eva's final weapon, but geez. The things I could do for good Effects. With these + a Mysterious Disk, I got Dragon King's Awakening L and Max HP +20 (with a max possible for HP +25, the Lightning Effect increases her skill power by up to 15%, I believe). Her unique Effect on this increases her stats by 5% per turn (with a max possible increase of 25%) and increases crit damage by 20%. Pretty powerful.

That's one word for her, I agree.

So I spent a while fussing over Lulua's final weapon. Again, without giving notice to Totori's final weapon, since I want as DLC-free in optimizing as much as possible, it's really hard to get both Shining Destiny Light L and Enhance Items +15% on the same Staff of Light. I was going nuts here, but then I was like "Hey, why don't I look up the difference in Effects levels here to see if it's even something I care about?" I did, and man, was it embarrassing.

I used these items plus a Blazing Ice to get the latter and Shining Destiny Light M, for the record. So what's the difference? Very little, as it turns out. The only difference, I do believe, is that the Magic damage is +30 with Light L, but that 10% item power is the same. It's the same even with Destiny Light S, except Magic damage is only +10 there. So yeah, as long as you get A Shining Destiny, you've got it covered. But there we go: everyone's Ultimate Weapon is made.

So why am I making another Ice Cascade Bomb? Well, getting an N/A into the (Plant) slot is a rather difficult procedure. The problem with the N/A is that it only has one Awakened Effect, in the (Bomb) slot of the synthesis. And normally the only bomb that can have a new item category is the Himmelstern, which has an Awaken (Poison) Effect to it. But the problem becomes, I eventually need to have a Dunkel Curry that has an Awaken (Bomb) effect, since that's the only thing that Awaken an item into a (Plant) item that we can use. So this was pretty difficult, but I think I found the most efficient way.

Sylphid's (Plant) N/A posted:

Ice Cascade Bomb (Awaken Fuel) -> Fish Sauce (Awaken Bomb) -> N/A (Awaken Spice) -> Dunkel Curry (Awaken Bomb) -> N/A (Awaken Plant) -> Omega Craft

This was all me, by the way. Didn't read anything elsewhere to develop this. The problem is both the Dunkel Curry and N/A have some pretty restrictive item slots, so it's more complicated than the Earth Omega Craft we made before. But if you can have a more efficient way of doing it, I'd be fascinated. That Ice Cascade Bomb was a lifesaver. If that didn't Awaken (Bomb) I'd probably have to give up on a Fire Omega Craft. But it worked, out, that's the important part. Of course I just added a Sulfite to this synthesis to get the best Fire Effect. Hopefully this is the last time I have to make this thing, but you never know. Graduation

*pops up from offscreen* Hmm... I have something to tell you, Lulua.
What is it? I don't like the sound of this...
It seems you have completely surpassed me. I think it is safe to say that you are now a full-fledged alchemist. Therefore, I hereby present you with your certification! Now you can go out there and journey across the wide, wide world!
Huh? Umm... What are you talking about?
I appreciate your calm demeanor, but it's just like I said. Lulua, you are a better alchemist than I. There is nothing more that I can teach you.
What do you mean, "Hmm..."?! I'm telling you you're a certified alchemist!
Yeah, but that doesn't change anything, does it? You're still my teacher. Hehe. I'm still going to come to you when I'm trouble? Ehehe...

Although, it might be a bit tricky for things to go on like they have been.
Huh...? What do you mean by that?
Well... I still have plans to travel around the world. To help Totori spread the wonders of alchemy among people. That's why... I won't be able to always be by your side, Lulua.
Oh, right... Then, I'll be sure to cheer you on! I mean, your dream is to raise capable alchemists, right?! You need to go to as many places and train lots of alchemists!

That might actually be more difficult than she thinks, but in the interest of not spoiling other Ateliers, all I'm sayin'.

Thank you. Just hearing you say that gives me the courage to go on. Besides, you're my very first success!
Hehehe... It's all thanks to you, Teach.
You, silly... You truly are a great apprentice. Ahaha. Now look, you've got me crying. Lulua.

So that's why I want to see you continue to grow. I'm expecting even greater things from you, my number one alchemist.

And that's Piana's final scene. Only a handful left.

Word to the wise, I'd register that Tera Bomb / Rocket Ice / Grand Lightning, because making all these is very annoying just for an N/A and you'll have...need of N/As in the future. Of course, if you're still a distance away from Level 50, which, if you've taken a route through the game roughly similar to mine, you should not be, might want to consider making them for EXP. Although, just keep in mind, we have more than 200 points worth of Alchemy EXP just from finishing Alchemyriddle chapters.

This was the most powerful elemental bomb in Atelier Totori's arsenal. Here, it is a stepping stone.

Unfortunately...since my above flow chart requires making an N/A twice, we'll have to make all those bombs...again. Tremendous.

Here we go, for real. This one's going right into a Fire Omega Craft. Of course, at 999 Quality.

So sadly, we can't get 6 uses on this thing and get Demon Strike, but everything else checks out. But I have something a bit different in mind for this...

Just having Exploding Spikes M, which adds damage and Faint damage, is unfortunate, but there is a limit to any alchemist's power. Nonetheless, with Sure Shot / Dragon God's Roar / Demon Slowdown AND 999 Quality, this is a very very powerful item, not to mention having Fire Damage Lvl 5.

My reasoning for Exploding Spikes M is that there's only so much an enemy turn can be knocked back, assuming they're not KO'd first, of course. Having Rorona AND Lulua knocking back turns is a meaningless effect once you hit that knockback cap.

Let's talk about the Healing Bells I'm carrying over from my first playthrough. Because there are a lot of valuable healing / buffing traits in this game, you need to be smart about it. The Bell is the best healing item in the game because its WT value after using it via Interrupt is low, so much like the Omega Craft, you can use it a lot even if other items are technically more powerful with equivalent Quality / traits. Unfortunately, you only have three slots for traits. So the advice I took on my first run was to make two Ultimate Healing Bells. One focuses on healing (including MP / Faint) and the other on buffing. Increasing maximum HP (Unwitting Vitality), reduce WT times (Mystic Influence), and Healing Essence (recover from KO. Mostly just as an emergency measure). As you can see, this also removes negative status effects, so we'll call this our "buffing" Healing Bell.

The healing Healing Bell restores MP / Faint (Clever Heal), restores HP / MP for 3 turns (Forest Solace), and increases power by 20% and recovers from HP (Twilight Nectar). The effects for this also increase the HP recovery value, and, combined with all the item-enhancing traits I have on my current equipment, will really jack the effectiveness of this up. Luckily, the MP recovery scales with the power of the healing item itself, so that's also a ton of HP restored. Piana will be using the "buffing" Healing Bell, since it's more generally useful. We'll using the "healing" Healing Bell as needed.

The reason I'm not talking about HOW exactly I made these is that there's not really anything special about what I did with them, unlike how you make a decent Omega Craft at 999 Quality.The Healing Bell has plenty of slots for transferring traits / Awakened Effects, so just customize as you see fit, basically.

But after long, long last, time to get back to the plot.

Defeating the most dangerous Puni uncovered another secret of the universe? Sounds right.

It's been so long... How to save memories

Hmm, I see... You synthesize a core and temporarily store the memories there...
And she merges with the control unit, her memories should be preserved even if they are reset... Yeah, Lulua, great job! This should work, I think!
I think so too. Hehe, that's my star pupil!
Really?! I'm so glad! Alright, then let's start with that... But there's one problem. The materials... We need another "Windslice Feather"... So... That means we'll have to visit Wind Stone again.
I see. It seems we can't avoid another meeting.
Well... We'll have to do our best. We got separated before, but not this time! In the worst case, we'll just have to defeat Wind Stone to get the Windslice Feather. Right?
Lulua... Um, I'm sorry you have to do all of this for me...
Ahaha, don't worry about it! We'll figure it out, somehow! Well, there isn't much time left. Shall we head to the Ster Highlands?

Yes, let's. But remember, I said that axis between Arland and Ster Highlands was important, and we had a Totori event along the road, right? We did.

Oh, there's a monster. Watch and learn the true power of my book, Lulua!
Absolutely! Show me how it works, Ms. Totori!

Here's that Resonance All: Universe in action. This is just it in action, by the way, and this build is not at all meant to represent the end of my upgrading. In fact, this is my first battle on CHARISMA, which I decided to bump my game up to because I figured my ultimate building thus far would humiliate bosses from this point on unless I evened the odds for their sake.

Gonna be real, Lulua, I think Totori can take care of herself these days.

...Huh? You mean you aren't going to explain it to me? Umm, umm... You keep your alchemy tools inside the book, perhaps? No, that's silly... There must be a better answer...
Right first time! Excellent deduction, Lulua!
HUH?! You mean, that's how it really works?!
Absolutely. I create a separate dimension inside the book, where I store all the tools I use in battle. It allows me to handle almost any situation, and is perfectly portable. I like it much better than fighting with a staff.
*sigh*... I had no idea that was actually how it worked... But I should have known it was something incredible like that. After all, Ms. Totori, you're one of the finest alchemists in Arland.
Ahaha, you honor me with your praise. But actually, I got the idea from something else close at hand.
The idea...? You mean...?

I thought how much I would have liked to have had a book like that myself. That's how I developed my own version of a helpful book.
Wow... So you saw me with Alchemyriddle, and developed your very own weapon from that... I would never have thought of that. You're so much more inspired than me. It's enough to sap my confidence...

Ehhh, kind of misleading, what Lulua's saying here. Totori had only heard of Alchemyriddle from Piana, which happened after Piana came back to Arland during this game and she told her about it. Apparently Piana told her quite the tale, which inspired Totori's scene here.

Ahaha, don't feel down. I just have a little more experience as an alchemist, that's all. Constantly looking around for the hints of more useful items that can be created is one of the sure ways to keep improving.
Hmm, I see. So I need to always be on the lookout for new ideas... Ideas, ideas... Oh! That rock over there! It looks just like a meatball! Oh, I could make a meatball curry! That would be something new...
Eh? Somehow it's all about curry again... Well, I guess developing new menu items is a bit like alchemy, haha...

Don't "haha" me, Totori. Remember your beer-making sidequest for Gerhard? Thanks to all that business with the Guardian in this game, we know that sidequest was canon. You were making lots of stinky fishy alcohol for him.

Lulua. Just stop right there. I already had the misfortune in a previous Atelier to make one poor bastard drink Puni, even if it was part of a recipe for medicine, and it was one of the morally questionable things you could do in an Atelier game. There's no need to bring back those dark days.

Yep, still nothing here. Let's just go get that feather.

Things seem okay so far... Oh, also, when I was clearing this place out for 100% completion of the Ster Highlands, I fought the dragon in the second area. Since I didn't want to waste time with him, used my Mortal Blow Craft on him and insta-killed him. So there you go, it works on them. You know the worst thing, though? He dropped a Dragon Eye, first time. Thanks for wasting hours of my life back when I was going through here the first time on this playthrough. The destined meeting

Yeah, thanks Eva. I'll be careful.
The blizzard isn't as bad as before. Could it be...
Yes. Perhaps... We are being invited.


Well. Wind Stone certainly knows how to be around when you need him.

That's Wind Stone?
Yeah. Hey, Wind Stone!!

Thou requirest mine power once more?
We need another feather! Please, Wind Stone.
Oh... Thine visage differs... It has undergone change. Hmmm, thou intriguest me, little one. I shall ask you once more... "What fulfills thine life?"
My purpose in life...right? Well... I can't pick just one thing. As time goes on, I'm sure my goals will change more than once.
So, at this very moment... I would say my purpose in life is... protect! I live because there are things I want to protect! There are people I want to protect. There are places I want to protect.
That's why I need to work hard! That is my reason for living, Wind Stone!
Thine answer is well received... Indeed, you have grown, little one... All that remains... Is to test your resolve. Come now, quick-witted ones! Use thine power to grasp the future!

While Wind Stone is saying that last line, everyone starts drawing their weapons.

Here we come, Wind Stone!!

Music: Cygnus

Our final battle against a giant bird. This fight doesn't have any of the Omegas I made previously, due to some glitches in causality between playthroughs. You'll have to forgive me.

On a more positive note, Cygnus is probably the best battle theme in the game, so do give it a listen, won't you?

Pretty mean parameters on highest difficulty. As far as attacks go, he has a few AoE attacks, some single-target, but also has the ability to add HP regen and clear debuffs. So, I wouldn't invest too much stock in debuffing this fellow, and again, Rorona's weakness-making isn't going to help here.

So I made a huuuuuuge mistake here, just because this is CHARISMA. So the gimmick with this difficulty is that every time you use an attack item, it gets weaker and weaker. This was a really nasty penalty in Firis and Lydie & Suelle, since those games had no Interrupt mechanic. It meant that on the highest difficulty, equipment builds were much more important than attack items. In this game, this penalty still exists, but *does not apply* to Interrupt uses of an item. So I could have used my Interrupt Omega Craft as much as I want without any penalties to it.

The problem is that, if your Interrupt item is the same as the item that's losing power over and over again, that penalty now begins to attach to your Interrupt item. This is why I absolutely should have not used Omega Craft here, and throughout the fight. I totally forgot about this highest-difficulty mechanic, which is why I was wondering why my items were so weak when I had such good equipment. Now just imagine that warm breeze that these items would be doing if I didn't have all those item boosting traits / effects.

Now, the thing with this item debuffing mechanic is that it just flat-out applies to any of the same item. So if you tried to get cute and use a technically different Omega Craft, that takes up a different item slot in your usable items menu, the game's gonna catch you on that and debuff that technically different item. So Interrupt is really going to be your big damage-dealing source, and keep it that way. I do not believe this mechanic applies to anything else except for attack items, though.

Check out Niko's health there. With that Physical resist up from the armor he's using (Temple Guard L effect), he is an absolute beast against Wind Stone. The ball of feathers just can't break through against him.

Music: Apocryphal Moon Frenzy

Did get some nice uses for Totori and Piana's ultimates. Totori's song, since it isn't in the Extras menu, is a remix of her battle theme from Atelier Totori, GO GO TOTORI.

And after repeated uses, check out how much damage my Crafts are doing now. If you're gonna plan on higher difficulties, better play by its rules.

Ultimately, rest of the fight wasn't too interesting, mainly because only these two were left on the field and it was just a matter of slowly grinding the bird down. As it has been said, let's skip a bit.

Puni Curry is a bridge too far, but we can blow birds up with them.

Hah. Truly outstanding. Thine answer and thine power. Admirable indeed. Receive this well.

We got the Windslice Feather!
Wait, there are two? Why did you...?
It may become of use, before too long. You are named Lulua, yes?
I... Uh... Yes!
Thine life shall shine with all thine strength. Though life is not thine alone. Devote thinself... To bring happiness to all.
Umm...Sure! Thanks, Wind Stone!
Heh. *flies off*
It's gone...
Looks like it. Lulua...
Yes, Mom?
...Hehe. No, nevermind!
Uh, wh-what?! Hey, come on?! Mom--
Lulua. Now that you have Wind Stone's feather, isn't it time to go back to the atelier? Aren't you going to make the item to protect Stia's memories?
Yes! C'mon, everyone! Time to hurry back to the atelier! *runs off*
"I have things I want to protect", huh? I remember you saying the very same thing once.

I'm...guessing the start of Rorona. It's been a while, but that would be about the only context she'd say such a thing.

Ahaha, that's right. That's why I'm so happy. Well, the situation is very different, but even so... Hehehe... We really are a family, aren't we? Right, we should go too, Sterk! If there's anything we can do, we have to help!
Mm, right. Let's go, Rorona.

So a fun fact about this important scene is that, whatever atelier you technically warped or walked back to, you automatically get moved to Arklys. You'll see why, but I know this for a fact. The book's author

Let me make sure I have everything, one last time. Um, "Alchemyriddle"...huh? What's going on? New text...from out of nowhere... Um, what does it say...? "To you who surpassed me."?

This is... I think I get it now... "Alchemyriddle" is a gift from... A me from another time! Alright, this is what I have to do! I'll protect Stia! And to do that...I need to get a move on and synthesize the Memory Core! I have to! I have to show everyone somehow!

So yep, the real author behind Alchemyriddle, the grand designer was...Lulua in another timeline. She sent the book so that Our Lulua could hone her skills as quickly as possible so she could meet Stia and change that girl's fate. The reason why only Lulua can read it is never exactly stated but apparently this thing was created with alchemy or something such that only the person who was meant to make use of it was the only one who could. She had us in mind

Normally I probably would have called the update there, but we'll do that when we've finally made the Memory Core for Stia. After that, it's back to Fellsgalaxen's core. Defensive Stance is pretty powerful, as it reduces all damage done to Lulua by 10%. If only everyone got that.

The final act for Alchemyriddle... But for now, we're headed for Arls.

There we go... Yes, it's looking good again today!
Are you tending to your weapon, Ms. Meruru?
Ah, Lulua! Yes, that's exactly what I'm doing! For a swordswoman like myself, one's sword is as vital as one's own limbs! It must be carefully looked after!
...Yes, but you're an alchemist, aren't you, Ms. Meruru?
Ahaha, thank you for point that out. You're right, of course! It's just that now I've made the switch from staff to sword, and seen the difference in power, well...
Ah, you find it hard to go back. I think I know how you feel. But your sword's awfully large, isn't it? Don't you find it heavy?
Not really. It was a little weighty at first, but I've got used to it now. After all, I've traveled far and wide across the land! Through all the battles I've waged, I've grown stronger!
*sigh* Is it really that simple? To be honest, I'm a little worried about you. You're so slender, and yet you swing that enormous sword about...
Ahaha, thank you for your concern. But you needn't worry.

Monster hunting...?
Yes. I'd like to show you what I'm capable of, and assuage your fears.
R-Really...? In that case, I'd be glad to.
Then it's settled! Off we go!

Meruru wants a little hunting trip to Nearby Forest, where her own alchemic journey began in earnest. I think we can take care of that now. But we do have a few more scenes around here, including giving Niko a Goddess Statue. A wandering magician and nothing more

Perfect timing?
Yes! I wanted to thank you again. Traveling with you and watching you has let me learn about human growth and the source of your power. Thanks to that, I was able to destroy the Demon Crystal. It's all thanks to you, Lulua.
Ahaha, no, it's fine. Really, don't worry about it.
Hehe. Are you sure? Well, that modesty is something to admire in humans. However... Never did I think such a young alchemist would grow so much. Human growth is a force to reckoned with.
Ahaha, I guess that's true. Humans grow really fast.

Love that Smug Lulua expression.

Hahaha, you're right. I'm looking forward to it! ...Now, Lulua. I'm planning on doing a magic show. Care to watch before you leave? You'll have front row seats.
Really?! Yay! I'd love to see it!
Right, I thought so! ...Pilche... If you were alive, how would you have grown? The days that have passed will never come back. But at the very least, as retribution... I'll go on watching others grow to make up for missing seeing you grow. While I perform the magic you taught me.
Oh, forgive me. Now, how about that show?

The first trick will be done...with my trusty dove, Pilche! Now, bear witness! No tricks or traps, whatsoever! Hahahahah!

Yes...let's just leave it at that. Everything...

Now we only have...Niko, Aurel, and Sterk left. Goddess of fortune


An inspired design, if I do say so myself.

Huh? Y-You mean you noticed that? I just thought... Maybe I'd watch over your ship instead of a goddess. So...what do you think?!
Umm... Ahahaha! I like it. Lulua will be watching over me! Haha! I'm sure to find safe passage now.
Hehe! With this, I'll be able to traverse even the roughest seas! They'll see why I'm known as Niko the Storm-rider!
Hm...? Wait, are you saying...?
Oh, that's actually still a secret! Let's just say that it's good news! Hehe! I hope you're looking forward to it!
Haha, I sure am! Farewell for now!

You know this has to work. Niko's final scene happens when he hits Friendship level 80%. One thing we can take care of right now is Meruru's above request. We can probably handle it.

There's one! Now watch closely, and I'll show you just how well I can use this sword!
Uh, yes! But please don't take any undue risks!

I think she can handle things, Lulua. Let's just skip ahead, since these two are nothing special at all.

You were amazing, truly you were, but I'm still a little worried about you handling such a large weapon...
There is no reason for worry, Lulua.
Aurel?! What do you mean?
Ms. Meruru's movements are the picture of efficiency. She must have had an excellent teacher. She also moves with grace and flexibility, allowing the impact on her body to be dispersed, mitigating the physical burden.
Um, meaning...?
Ms. Meruru is a far better swordswoman than you give her credit for.

Wow, such a slight against Arls' newest citizens. It feels weird for Atelier protagonists to mock them even if we now know that they have conscious thought and, under some particular circumstances, can communicate with humans in an intelligible way. But to be fair, taking slime creatures with a |_| face seriously and not taking the occasional crack at their expense is a tall order to ask of anyone.

...Don't be such a child.

So you really don't need to worry about me anymore! In fact, I promise I'll keep you safe!
Ms. Meruru...
The reason I learned to fight with a sword was because I was sick of being protected by others. I thought that instead of being a burden on others, I should learn how to fight myself. If it's alright with you, Lulua, I'd love it if we could keep fighting together.
Ms. Meruru...! You know I would like nothing more myself! ...I'll be counting on you!
Absolutely! Let's keep on looking out for each other, Lulua!
Hah... But Meruru's skill with the sword... Could she be my uncle's-- Hmm. It may well be edifying to face her in battle myself at some point, hehe...

Aurel's rivals have just doubled. Interesting development. But now we're off to Arls, since there's another big batch of scenes there.

Ah, we only have one. Shall I go synthesize another in my workshop?
No, that won't be necessary. If I just do this... There we go.
...Huh, there's another Bomb! But how? How did you do that?
This is a specialty of mine, a little skill called "Duplicate".

In gameplay terms in prior entries, Duplicate allowed Totori to replicate an item without reducing its use count but at the cost of MP and reduced item power.

Duplicate...? Is that a bit like Mr. Dragon's Wholesale...? In which case, that would be really, really useful! I want to try it! Teach me, Ms. Totori! I want to use Duplicate too!
Oh, really? I'm not sure you could manage it...
It's worth a try, surely, Ms. Totori! I'm so excited!
...I guess you're right. Let's give it a go. Well, in principle, you just have to synthesize at super high speed...
Synthesize at super high speed...?! That sounds awfully difficult right from the start...
You think? Well, let's try practicing. You have to learn to synthesize faster. So, Lulua, how about you make me lots and lots of Bombs?
Lots and lots of Bombs? But why would that help...?

I see. Lots and lots of Bombs... I understand! In order to learn how to use Duplicate, I will give this my all!
That's the spirit! I'll be waiting, Lulua.

She wants 20 Bombs, actually. Just register stocks at Dragon's and buy them. No sense in wasting your time. The Letter

Yes, it's Sterk. But...he looks scarier than usual. I wonder what happened. Hey, Mr. Sterk!
Hm?? Oh, Rorona and Lulua?
Um. Did you just hide something?
No, certainly not! You must be mistaken...
Fishy... In that case...Lulua?
Yeah. Got it. Owww! My stomach suddenly started cramping!

I do hope they rehearsed this charade.

What? Are you all right, Lulua?! I should bring you some medicine...

Um, letters? Addressed to Sterk...and me?!
T-that was dirty...! Return it at once...!
No. Since it's also addressed to me, I can read it, right? Um, Let's see... "To Rorolina Frixell. You are hereby invited to join the Eastern Continent Research Team as an alchemist specialist"...?
Huh? A research team?
Yes. My letter was nearly identical. Evidently, there is an abundance of undiscovered resources in the land east of Arland. And villages too. However...we lack information. That's why there are talks of dispatching a research team.
I see... That's why you got those letters.
I get what youre saying. But, Sterk... Why did you hide this ltter? There's no reason to hide it...right?
Well... It matters not.
I see... I see! Got it. Hmph.

*Rorona storms off*

Huh, Mom? Well, I'll be on my way!

Ya blew it, man. In case you couldn't tell, these events are part of Sterk's quest line, rather than Rorona's. But both are necessary to unlock an ending, since neither Sterk nor Rorona have an ending of their own. But speaking of endings, we have another we can trigger here, once you see the second duel with Sterk and get Aurel's Friendship level to 80%. We're really snowballing the endgame. The Knight

Hey, Aurel. Something on your mind?
Hey, Lulua. I was just thinking how I could become even stronger. Although I fought Mr. Sterk to a draw... I can't help but feel that I lost the battle. If that's all I can manage using the Ultimate Sword... I have little choice but to try and get stronger.
Ahaha! That sounds like the Aurel I know.
Hehe. Leave me alone. That's just the way I am. Lulua...
How should I put it... That, um... Not just this, but...

Eww! What's the matter with you?! Did you hit your head or something?!
Huh?! Stop joking around! I'm trying to say thank you!
Hey, when I see something strange, I say so! Why are you acting so funny?
*sigh* You really are a handful at times. Fine, I'll act more like myself. Lulua... I'm definitely going to claim the title of Knight Supreme. And I'd like you to be there when I do.
Of course. Now that's the Aurel I know. Ahahaha! Now then, let's go get something to eat! I'm absolutely starving.
Yeah, me too. Let's go get some hamburgers then.
You always get the same thing. Why don't you try something different for a change?
I told you before, you're one to talk! Hahaha!

The conviction you pour into your blade... The reason you wield your blade in the first place... It seems he finally understands. Hehe. I'm impressed. Lord Gio. This apprentice of yours... I have a feeling he may just surpass us both.

As strong an accolade as can ever be recieved from Sterk, even if Aurel never received it. He'll go far. Saving the last ending flags for the manliest men. Very much intended.

Despite the grandiose name, the Sands of Time aren't a Plot Item, but I would very strongly recommend you register one at Dragon's. He should have no problem reproducing *the Sands of Time*, after all.

But the Memory Core IS an (Important Item). And the ending for this update. Right after the following scene, of course.

But now we have our trump card against Stia's fate. Let's just hope it works. That which can change destiny

Hehe. Well done, Lulua! This means... It's time.
My gamble to protect both Stia and Arklys... Um. I say gamble, but it's not like I can afford to lose... I must believe it'll work...
Worry not. I believe in you.
Hehe, is that so? Then... Stia.
Yes, Lulua.

Well, what are we waiting for?