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Part 34: XXVII: Pages of Changed Destiny

Chapter XXVII: Pages of Changed Destiny

Before we get back to the plot, there's something I should address presently. I mentioned a few updates ago that the Request Bosses show up at the start of Chapter 10 in each job board once you've leveled up that board to max. Of course, you'll know if you have because each monster appears at the top of the list assuming they're at max level and you're at Chapter 10. These requests automatically renew, so you can fight them multiple times if you so choose. We'll be handling the two Arls bosses this update. Next update will be the other two.

Let's have a little fun with our first S-rank monster. The first two fights were made before the Ultimate Omegas were made, so we can't be using those. Celestial Emperor Adralda

Some pretty formidable parameters, and we can't use Rorona's skills to lower this guy's elemental resistances. Luckily we still have some means of dealing vulnerable damage to him.

He has a powerful array of AoE attacks, so you'll definitely want a good Healing Bell going into this fight.

Sterk's Holy Strike is a pretty cool attack, but the real benefit is that it adds 50 points to the Ultimate Gauge. Only once per fight, though. To trigger it, use an item to stun the enemy.

Music: Scorching Heavy Snow

Careful about using Aurel's Ultimate here, since it inflicts both Fire and Ice damage. The Fire will go through, albeit weakened, but any and all Ice attacks are not happening.

As far as unique abilities, this guy has Active, which does what it says in this screenshot. Can be pretty tough punching through that shield while he's busy attacking you, but you gotta do it. Later on in the fight he'll use another move of this type, Summon Barrier, does much the same thing but instead it has auto-heal and I think a stronger damage reduction effect. Basically a bit of a slog on Very Hard.

And attacks like Destructive End and Apocalypse are why you usually don't want to keep all your alchemists on the front line. Actually, in spite of its looks and name, Apocalypse isn't very powerful.

Sterk's dragon-slaying abilities haven't slacked off a bit. We're now fully-licensed to cheese this guy on any difficulty under CHARISMA.

Modis Ruins prey looks suitably intimidating. Let's fry this fish. Dragon Spirit of Oblivion

While Earth isn't the easiest vulnerability to exploit, this guy isn't nearly as much of a tank as Celestial Ruler was. As such, this will go by a lot quicker. That could either be because you get wiped faster, or he goes down faster. I prefer that kind of arrangement over an extended slapfight, personally.

This enemy first showed up in Firis, and in that game it had the gimmick of some really deadly AoE insta-kill moves. If you fished up or made some Angel's Charms, they block 1-hit KO effects. The damage is still done but just not from the insta-KO effect. One of the better items to use in this fight. Aside from insta-kill gimmicks, everything this thing does is AoE, so get used to healing a lot, but the longer this fight goes on, the worse it is for you.

Clear World is one of those insta-kill moves. Also comes with a fun knockback effect, which always hurts against fast enemies.

Love those pinch hitters. I was lucky enough that this guy dropped Raid Interrupt, which can be used to attach to any Interrupt item to make them usable very quickly. Always very helpful.

It's been a long journey, but it's just about at the end. Been a big two years for ol' Lulua.

For my own reasons, which you'll see soon enough, I wanted to do a little grinding in the penultimate area of Fellsgalaxen (the one with the dragon), and it had the added bonus of letting me field test my Ultimate Omega Craft. Those big numbers are always so fun to see.

But onto the main event. Mana is still standing there, but you're not handing over the Memory Core to her to continue the plot. Just move down the stairs to the core. Destiny defied

Ohh, you made it. Finished everything?
Yep, it's all ready! It should absolutely, positively work!
Yes, it'll be fine! ...Right!
Yes! It's Lulua's best idea after all!
Hehe, yeah... Well, not a moment to waste. Ready to start?
Yeah. Right then... Stia, here's the Memory Core.
Got it. I'll use this right before I merge with the control unit. Then, I'll activate the self-repairment function... After that...
Lulua, that's where you come in. You'll have to tear Stia off the control unit.
Umm... Got it! Take care, Stia!
See you on the other side! *walks over to the terminal* OPERATION, Self-repair. Code ... "Stia Fellsgalaxia". ...All right. And now, the Memory Core!

Self-repair ...Sequence 1. 1, 2 ... Complete.

Ah...a giant robot underneath the floor. Of course. Ancient technology in this universe was weird.

All right, it's going well. Looks like the Memory Core is working as well. Now...

Final Sequence ... Complete. Check. System ... All Green. Self-repair ... Complete. OPERATION ... End.
Wh-What happened?!
Good, self-repairment is complete! That's one massive crisis averted... What's left is to get Stia away from the control unit... You'll need a powerful blast.
Blast...? So, you mean...

Of course. Love how all the solutions to the ancient machinery-related problems in this game is just "Smack it enough". Also, I really like that gesture Mana is doing. She's actually ripping it off from Suelle, but it was cute in that game, too.

A normal attack won't do it. The control unit will use all its defense mechanisms. So, hehe, don't even think about going easy on it, OK?

Oh, don't worry about that.

Right, got it! Simple and to the point. That's only one thing we need to do! Defeat the control unit, to rescue Stia!
You're right, Lulua. OK, I'll give it my all!
Well, I guess I won't hold back either. Heh, since I'm here anyway, I suppose I have to see this through to the end now...
Hahaha. Aurel, why don't you tell us how you really feel? Well, I guess, you did in your own way! Hahahaha!
Ficus, you don't seem worried at all... Well, that's the reliable thing about you.
Hehehe, right? I won't lose though!
For Lulua and Stia! Let's give it our best shot, Sterk!
Of course! I'll carve out the future with my sword!
Hostile Presence Detected. OPERATION ... Mode Change.

Music: Flea Disaster

Bet you never thought the closest we'd get to having Stia in-battle is fighting against her controlling a giant maintenance (I think) robot. But we're doing it anyway. Well, technically GX3-FS, but you'll just have to forgive me for calling it Stia. That's the "will" controlling this thing, anyway.

So Stia's gimmick is that she'll activate buffs for herself that increases her damage, decreases damage done to her, etc.

Small comfort to her, however, when I'm doing more than 10k per use of a single Omega Craft. Stia is far from the most powerful enemy in the game, but that's still quite a hot tamale. Can shave off more than a ninth of her life bar with every use, and this fight, I won't be using any Omegas normally so we won't be getting debuffed. Oh, and this fight was recorded after Wind Stone, so we're back on CHARISMA.

And that massive hit is even *with* a level of physical resistance. All that Earth is coming through, though.

Just a brutal combo, damn.

That's not to say Stia can't defend herself somewhat. Seal is a particularly nasty status effect to get hit with, since the affected can't use items or skills. Luckily we still have Piana in reserve so she can throw out a debuff-clearing Healing Bell. And that's just what I'll be doing.

So a fun thing about this game (and Lydie & Suelle) is that Ultimate Attacks can miss if you have Blindness on. You'd think it'd be like, JRPG 101 that such attacks cannot miss, but Gust plays by its own rules.

But this bucket of bolts simply cannot handle such a powerful bomb being used over and over.

Poor Niko. *Just* shy of level 100 even when so much of the party is hitting the cap.

This is why I was grinding prior to this boss fight. It's a memorable place to get a trophy, alright. Stia dropped a Philosopher's Stone that, well, let's just say I'll hang on to as a memento. Going home

Significant Damage Confirmed. Significant Damage Confirmed. Core Systems, Maintenance ... Impossible ... Emergency Shutdown...

Stia!! Stia...! Stia! Are you there?! Wake up!

Awwww. All's well that ends well for these two. I think they'll be just fine.

These kids have no idea who they're talking to. But for the best.

I honestly don't know if this scene is meant to reflect the current in-game time, but it being night when I defeated the Stia Bot feels very appropriate. Especially given what's just coming up.

(I was so lost, unable to decide what to do... But in the end, we managed to protect them both. At that moment, I was so happy, so proud... Eva, Mom, others... For a while, it was all anyone could talk about. "Alchemyriddle" was a gift I sent to myself... I was glad I was able to answer its message. But, it wasn't over yet. One more decision was left in front of me. And so marks the "Chapter of Decisions". The path that led me to my new resolution.)