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Part 40: Normal Ending - Our Days

Normal Ending - Our Days

This ending is selected by choosing "A request for a job?" from the ending selection menu. This is the default ending you get if you haven't unlocked any other endings. For this ending and all others, the first screenshot is clickable for a link to the video.

Music: Our Future: Good Ending

Got it! Let's see... An order for bombs, huh? Alright, this will take only a moment!
Ah, I see business is booming.
Oh! Hi, Mana! Come on in!
Hehe. I'm here with an order from Father Benon. They need some snacks for a party at the orphanage. I need... A hundred.
A HUNDRED?! O-OK! I'll work as fast as I can!
C-Can you manage it yourself? If it's just snacks, I could help...
Ahaha! No, I'll be fine! Just leave it to me!
Hehe. You've become quite the alchemist, Lulua. OK, then. We'll be looking forward to the snacks!
You got it! I'll make it work...somehow!