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Part 41: Eva Ending - Our Family

Eva Ending - Our Family

For this first character ending, choose "Was that a woman's voice...?" then "Eva, maybe?"

Ngh! C-Come on. Do you have to hit so hard?
Hey, Eva... What do you think the new kid will be like?
Hmm, hard to say... Kind-hearted?
Haha! Eva, that's what you always say! Come on... No other guesses?
Well, the children who come to us for care are always kind-hearted! All of them!
I know THAT... Oh well, I guess it doesn't matter, does it? We'll look after them all the same.
No matter who they are, they'll have a family here.
Eva! That sounded so cool! Alright! Time to get things ready around here.
I'll start work on the curry. This is going to be the best curry anyone's ever tasted!
Ahaha... That's great, you two. Now, how about a little help over h--Oof!