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Part 42: Aurel Ending - Our Strength

Aurel's Ending - Our Strength

Select by choosing "Was that a man's voice?" then "Maybe Aurel?"

Eeeh? No it's not. I'm doing exactly what you said! See? Like this?
No. You're so far off, I can't even believe it. Watch my hands again. Like THIS. Got it? If you don't move like this, you wont' be able to put all of your power in your blows.
Augh! I give up! I'm an alchemist! What do I need a sword for, anyway?!
YOU were the one begging me to teach you! Unbelievable. Come on. Give it one more shot.
...Ugh. Like this?
Like this, but shift here, and...
Um... Aurel? Your hands are, um...
...Ugh?! Um... Sorry.
No, it's, um, fine... A-Anyway! Now I need to try swinging, right?
Y-Yeah! Right! All right, give me a hundred!
G-Got it! Here I go! ...One! ...Two!