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Part 43: Piana Ending - Our Dream

Piana Ending - Our Dream

Select by choosing "Was that a woman's voice...?" then "Miss Piana?"

Let's see. Yeah, looking pretty good! Try stirring just a little more carefully...
Look at that! You're a natural! Say, want to be my new apprentice?
Huh? No way! I heard alchemists hardly make any money!
Ngh! M-Ms. Piana... Please say something!
H-Hey! Alchemists do all right! If you fulfill right kinds of requests, you might even get big rewar...
Whoa! Really?! Like, you could make a ton of money and be super rich?!
U-Ummm, well... If you're good enough, you can also make gold using alchemy...
You can MAKE gold?! Oh my gosh! Alchemy is the best thing ever!
Miss Lulua! Miss Piana! You have to show us! Teach us how to make gold! Pleeeeeeeeease!
...Hmm. It doesn't seem like the purest of motivations, but I guess it's okay?
Well, at least they're interested now, right? We probably still can all it a win... All right, listen up! If we're going to make gold, first we need to cover the basics!
Yeah! The basics! We'll start with how to assess the quality of the collected materials...