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Part 44: Ficus Ending - Our Show

Ficus Ending - Our Show

For this one, "Was that a man's voice?" then "Ficus, perhaps?"

And Lulua's... Mystifying, breathtaking, Ultra Super Magic Show!
For our first act... Observe! Three, two,!
Whoa! Awesome!
How do they get doves and cards out of there?!
Hahaha. My sleight of hand knows no bounds! What you saw there was a simple trick. But our next act... Is something else entirely!
Indeed! What you are about to witness is no trick! Behold! The magic of alchemy!
Let us begin. Assisting me is the stunning Elmerulia Frixell! Whom I will now proceed to saw in half!
...What?! Um, Ficus?! This wasn't what we talked about!
Wasn't it? Well, no matter. I'm sure it will work out! Hahaha!
No, it won't. It most definitely will NOT!
Come now, no harm in giving it a try! Ready and...
Wait! Stop! I'm serious! That's enough! Hold it right there!