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Part 45: Niko Ending - Our Adventure

Niko Ending - Our Adventure

For this ending, "Was that a man's voice?" followed by "Maybe it's Nico...". Yes, for some reason they spell his name wrong here and later on, but it's Niko. N-I-K-O.

Ho there, Lulua! With a spirit like that, we'll make a sailor out of you yet!
Aye aye, cap'n! ...Er, probably. At least I'm not seasick anymore.
Aye... A rough start for you, it was. But you've some fine sea legs now! And our journey... Heh-heh! I'd say we're coming along well!
Aye aye, cap'n! It seems like you've plotted us a perfect course!
My years at sea serve met yet. ...What's this?! Lulua, look!
I-I don't believe it! Is that the Eastern Continent?!
There's not a doubt in my mind! At long last, a route to the east!
You really did it, Niko! Congratulations!
Aye, we've done it! This calls for a celebration! Tonight's will be a feast to remember, Lulua!
Aye aye, cap'n! But, um... We'll need to do some fishing. We don't have anything to eat.
Hahahaha! Trivial details, Lulua! Helm! Hard a-starboard! Land ho!