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Part 46: Rorona/Sterk Ending - Our Journey

Rorona/Sterk Ending - Our Journey

For this joint ending, choose "Was that a woman's voice...?" then "It must be Mom and the others." Unique ending for a couple of reasons.

First, only ending Lulua isn't in. Second, remember the Normal Ending from Rorona? This has the exact same framing as that, just that in Rorona it was Rorona waving goodbye to Arland at sunset while that playthrough's Hom stood by her.

Indeed... It may be some years before we can see it again. Rorona, you don't regret leaving Lulua on her own?
No. I know she'll be all right. Lulua's a strong girl. Very strong. I think I'm worse off than she is! I can hardly stand being away from her!
I-I see. Well, we could still turn back...
No, I want to go on. What we're doing now is for the future of Arland! Alchemy is the one and only thing I'm good at. If there's a way I can use it to help, I'll do it. Hehe. That's what it means to be an alchemist, you know!
...Undoubtedly so. My, when have you become so strong... Well, in that case, shall we be off? There's no telling what awaits us in the east.
...Whatever happens, I'm sure we'll be all right. Just as long as we're together. Right?
Most certainly. Well, then...
Onward we go! / Onward!