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Part 48: True Ending - Our Path

True Ending - Our Path

And for the last... "Something even more interesting!" The dialogue after the choice is the same as all the other endings, for the record.

No, I think you've got it all. So, where shall we head first?
Hmm... Good question. I guess somewhere with lots of people is ideal. Hehe. I'll be able to get lots of requests, and become better and better!
Hehe. Quite so. After all, big dreams require big actions! You'll be the number one alchemist yet!
That's the plan! I can't be losing to Mom! So I can't stop yet! OK, Stia! Time to be off! To wherever there seems to be lots of people. Come on!
H-Hold on a minute! We're going to RUN the whole way?! We don't even know where we're going!
Yes! Of course! Ahaha. I'm sure it'll be all right. We'll make it work somehow, right?!