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Atelier Shallie DX

by Jerry Manderbilt

Part 1: Escha&Logy Plus/DX: A Seed and a Promise

Flashback to Atelier Escha & Logy Plus/DX

Closure with Flameu

Could it be… Flameu?

I never would've imagined… I would encounter you here!

The first Geosys facility was built here, long ago. There is not much Spring left, but there is probably enough for us to talk.

I see... Did you speak with Clone, too?

Yes. I learned a lot from her. She told me everything that happened up until now, and about you kids, too. She told me everything she could… I think we talked for so long that we both got a little tired.

Ha, I see… Well, I'm glad you and Clone were able to talk after all.

And… We're sorry about having to wake you up the way we did. It was all we could think of.

No, it's thanks to you that I have awoken. Truly, I owe you my thanks.

Apparently, it took much effort, but… the humans never gave up. I thought we'd never see eye-to-eye.

We do fight over small things all the time. That's why it's so important to work together. Because working through that, no matter how tough, is what makes the world a better place if we try.

You can go in the wrong direction but not notice it for a while. Alchemists of the past, and of today… We all try to move forward, one step at a time.

...You're absolutely right. I think what you say is true. I would like to try once more. I think there's still more that I'm capable of. And now, I won't be by myself. I have very valuable friends by my side.


Yeah… That's true!

I want to give this to you two…

…This is…?

Flameu, thank you so much! We'll cherish it!

It's a promise. I believe in you… I believe in all of you.

Me, too. I want to try planting this. And one day, I can show this flower to Flameu.