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Part 2: The Mysterious Side of the Eastern Lands (DX)


As you may recall from years ago, I started and finished an LP of the PS3 version of Shallie. At the time this was the markedly inferior version of the game as Shallie+ had recently been released in Japan, which featured two new party members (protagonists from the prior games), new events, and some altered ones of pre-existing scenes related to them, some gameplay changes, and some new bosses. In addition, even though Solle and Escha were DLC in the original game, they are part of Shallie+ from the start and have more content related to them. Given the fact the game wasn’t available in English at the time I did the LP, I did my utmost to bring you the complete experience of the original game.

I stand by that work, but with the release of Shallie+ on the Vita as well as its home console availability on PSN/Switch/PC as Atelier Shallie DX, Jerry Manderbilt, who recently did an LP of Atelier Lydie & Suelle, was kind enough to update the old LP with the new content.

In terms of new content, everything before beating the Sand Dragon is virtually the same, which is why the slightly-remade LP starts from the beginning of Chapter 6. If there are any changes prior to that point, I am unaware. Once the plot shifts to the eastern continent, however, new scenes will begin to start happening and keep happening until nearly the very end of the game, including a really substantially different, and more satisfying, ending.

Well, the one change prior to the Sand Dragon starts at the title screen, as Shallie+, as well as every other Atelier in the + series (going back to Rorona, even though that was more a remake than a + version) has a costume feature, where you can customize most of the female characters in different outfits (and Logy in E&L+, the only customizable male character in either game), and give accessories to most characters, with some restrictions depending on the game. The Shallies in particular have costumes from Atelier Sophie, the next game in the series, based on the protagonists of that game. They look quite nice.

Once Jerry’s new content reaches the final chapter, and after Solle gives you the last free-roam task (defeat the final boss, basically), I’ll return with another note to go over a few more changes. Until then, please enjoy the substantially different Shallie.

Chapter XIII: The Mysterious Side of the Eastern Lands (DX)
Original Update

Music: We'll Still Continue

Alchemists of the Dusk Sky

Music: The Red Sky for Shallie

We can’t make light of it. This region was set as top priority in Central, and only just the other day. Ever since the slaying of the Sand Dragon, Stellard has become the center of their attention.

If that’s the case, they could allocate more funds here… It seems my way of thinking is becoming more like “her”.

Haha, I was reminded of the captain too. By the way, where’s Escha?

Ah, you just missed her. She’s off investigating a distant area now.

Really… She isn’t overdoing it again, is she?

Hm, I think she’s still fine.

I see. That’s good.

That goes without saying. Of course that’s not all. You’ve been officially dispatched here.

That’s not what I mean… Does Central really think that the situation with Stellard is serious enough that both Escha and I are needed here?

I can’t speak of any particulars, but the signs say something big is about to happen here in Stellard. …That’s why I believe Central decided to dispatch you here. Please conduct your work under that assumption.

…I see. I just hope whatever it is turns out to be good.

Yeah! Looks like this place still has plenty of food and water. The people in the village are also really kind… Um, now what’s left…

…Hm? Huh? That person just now wasn’t dressed like the people around here…

Anyway, I should head back soon…

Hey, Shallie and… Shallie.

Shallie and Shallie, hehe…

What? You’ve got the same name…

I don’t really mind, but…

I’m back!

Huh? …L-Logy?!

…You seem to be doing well.

Logy! Logy… When did you get here…!? And why…!?

I received dispatch orders. It was sudden, so I couldn’t send a letter. And you happened to leave when I arrived…

Waaah! Loooogy!

H-hey… Escha.

Could this guy be the one you were talking about, Escha…?!

Yeah, you’re right… It must be him!

Y-yes! …Oh no! W-we finally got to meet again, and I’m totally worn out and tired… This is embarrassing…

Haha, that doesn’t matter. More importantly, let’s get that report done… Solle, please continue.

Ah, yes… Anyway, about Harry. So those two went along, too? I don’t see them, though…

Oh, um… They didn’t want to leave and said “We’ll stay here!”, so I left them.


Uh, what are you talking about?

Oh! Hey, Shallies! I actually just came back from the eastern continent.

Really? The eastern continent…

Central knows the continent exists, but it’s still a mostly unexplored land.

That’s why I wanted to see what it was like over there.

So what did you see?

It’s just like you said, there’re much fewer signs of drought there. There were flowers everywhere…

Mmm… What else?

Well, I didn’t really check if anything was edible, but a lot of stuff looked really tasty!

Ugh. In other words, we still hardly know anything.

Hmm… Shallie? Maybe we should come back after a bit…

Sure thing. …Oh! I forgot something back at the Union…

Ah! Well, we’re still in the area, so no harm in going back!

Hello… Oh.

…By the way, what’s the state of the Colseit branch after my transfer?

Well, you and Escha were both transferred at the same time, so things are even more hectic than before.

Hm… Our transfer is only temporary, but normally, replacement personnel would be dispatched there. I heard rumors that an alchemist with low experience but high abilities would be sent to replace you, as well.

What!? Does that mean Logy and I don’t have a place in Colseit anymore!?

Escha. Solle just said that this assignment is only temporary.

Oh. That’s good, then…

Central has their own way of doing things.

The replacements were delayed, so the branch chief and Linca are working extra hard. Marion is… The same as usual.

Ah, I can imagine it clearly! …That’s very nostalgic.

Micie is also going out of his way to help Marion with paperwork.

Considering he’s an auditor, that’s a little problematic… But it should be tolerable if it doesn’t affect his work. Still, I know the Stellard branch was set up in a hurry, but to think Escha, then Logy would be deployed here… I’m starting to see what Central is thinking.

What do you mean? …Could this be a political thing, like what Raoul was worried about?

I’m sure that’s part of it, but… It seems Central has a strong interest in the natural phenomena here, and fear the crisis in this area…

Hey, you two were here?

Um… Were we intruding? I’m sorry…

No, don’t worry about it.

It’s fine, we were basically just talking about old times.

Hmm, but it seemed a bit more serious than that…

Ah, want to take a look at Escha’s shop?

That sounds good! She might have some wonderful things in stock…!

A Site for a Seed

Isn’t that…

Escha, do you have a minute? I was in a hurry when I arrived, so I didn’t have time to give this to you.

…I see. I didn’t want to lose it, so I left it back in Colseit… But why did you bring it?

To tell the truth, Clone asked me to bring it. After my deployment to Stellard was decided, Flameu appeared again, and left a message for you, Escha.

Wait, Flameu did? What did she say?

That’s why Clone made sure that I brought the seed along…

Where I am now… That means Stellard, right? What will happen with it?

I don’t know. It could play some sort of role against the Dusk… Anyway, just keep it on hand, and take care of it. Now, see you la-

I’m on the clock, of course I’m going now. Anyway, see you later.

Ugh! Logy’s so narrow minded!

W-we were kind of intruding, weren’t we… Ahaha.

I-I’m sorry…

Sigh… (He’d better come back to me the next break he gets!)
If you’re wondering what that was all about, this follows from a scene added at the end of Escha & Logy Plus/DX, which you can read here. Flameu’s seed is a plotline that was brought up late in the base game, but was dropped immediately; Plus/DX makes sure to follow up on this as soon as Logy arrives around the midway point.

Another Promise

So, you’ve been in Stellard long enough to get to know the city, huh?

I sure have! Like this…

Wow. You don’t see trees like this in Colseit or, really, anywhere in its vicinity.

No kidding! And that flower blooming on its branch… I wonder what delicious fruits it might yield someday?!

I wonder if things like this are an influence of ancient alchemy. Like with Colseit’s orchards and the research from Geosis…

I know Stellard is nicknamed the City of Water, but public works like this fountain really drive it home…

And this is just the least of it! Wait until you see the city’s water source…

I am interested… but this has been enough of a change in pace. Let’s stop for a bit.

Ehehe… I still can’t believe that we get to work together again.

…It was pretty sudden, after all. I feel the same way as you, Escha.

I’m happy we get to meet again so soon. I was always looking forward to your letters about Colseit.

Everyone’s doing just fine. Although Marion is as busy as usual. Also, it seems like Micie really can’t forget about Katla. He’s still waiting for her to come back.

Wow… That’s so wonderful! Katla and Micie… I hope they get to meet again.

I wonder if it’ll work out. Katla always acts on a whim, who knows where she’ll go…

That’s true. And it seems like Katla doesn’t realize Micie’s feelings at all.

Oh… That reminds me, Nio came back to help with the apple harvest.

Wait, she did?!

She came back to find something she forgot, and Clone caught her. The harvest is bigger than usual, so she needed help.

Wow, that sounds great…! I’m sure all the shiny red apples are really pretty… I want to harvest them, too. …To be honest, I’m a little scared. While I’m gone, my place in Colseit could just disappear. When I get back, a new alchemist could have replaced me, and nobody will need me anymore…

That wouldn’t happen. Everyone is waiting for you to get back. That goes for me, too.

Logy… Thank you so much!

…Yeah, that’s a promise.

Promise! Now, should we make our way to the City Water Supply?

Sounds good! Lead the way.

Ah, Shallies!

…Could he be the one you were exchanging letters with…?

W-what?! Just forget about that, you don’t need to bring it up!

Anyone can tell just by looking. It’s pretty obvious… Isn’t it? I’m so jealous! You’ve got it great!

S-Shallie, stop that…!


Logy Joins

I’ll explain it. You take some deep breaths and calm down, Escha.

I-I understand! *Breathe*…!

Wait, Logy’s going too?

That sounds great!

Central seems to think this region requires a thorough examination. I don’t know how much help I’ll be, but I’ve done investigations before, and I also know how to fight, somewhat.

That’s not true! You’re really strong at fighting, Logy… Let’s work together again!

Anyway, there you have it. Just let me know when you’re going.

The next day…

Job Offer




The rest of this scene is the same: Perriend sends the Shallies to the Union regarding the eastern continent. As for the Union…

To the eastern continent (DX)

The… Chairman…?

Yes! He said there could be a way to stop the droughts!

…Damn old man.

Me too! I'll go with her!

Calm down, you two. I don't plan on sending anyone else over there for now.

Nooo… Really? Why?

The route is pretty long, and the entire thing is yet to be secured. We can't start the investigations without a supply route.

Could maybe I go first? My village is threatened by a drought!

No. It's too dangerous.

Escha went there on her own! We'll be fine! We beat a Sand Dragon!

Don't overestimate yourself. Do you think you can beat that thing alone? Especially you, Shallotte. You don't have people following you or a ship or the ability to take care of yourself. You need to have both feet on the ground before you start running.



I'll go.


I heard everything.

They were shouting pretty loudly.

You can't tell a treasure hunter not to explore.

I don't want to stop you… Unlike these two.

No, them too. If they need something and it's on the eastern continent, they need to go.

I'm not saying they can't go, they just need to wait. Everyone from the Union is still tired from fighting the dragon. They'll have their assignment once the route is secure. Just… Wait for now.

I'll go with them.

Please, Raoul. Kortes and Teo will be with us, too.

Really? That's still not enough…

Solle. Eastern continent. Go now, yes?

Yes, Homura, the route is open. Though it is dangerous.

Dangerous adventure. I welcome it. Hurry. Ready ship.

Still not enough?

Just do what you want.

Yay! Thank you, all!

Heh. Sounds fun.

Well then, here is your official mission. But, I cannot guarantee your safety, since the route isn't secured… Crossing beyond the Eastern Sea of Smoke, follow the wear of the land to a settlement called Faav Village.

Faav Village?

Yes. It's the only place on the eastern continent that we've had contact with. You can meet up with the people I know.


As for you folks from Central… Colseit… Solle, what will you three do?

I may be better suited staying here, but I will go see the Eastern Continent with my own eyes. And Escha and Logy will be invaluable assets for the survey team.

Sounds good. Still… I know I've said it already, but don't push yourselves too hard… Or get hurt. Especially you, Shallie!


That was a bit much…

She was getting carried away by the Sand Dragon incident. That's when you're in the most danger. There's no one around to tell her any different. If no one else will say it, I have to say it myself.

She'll be fine. Jurie and Homura will be with her.

Leave to me. Solle. But reward be. Lots of shiny.


The next cutscenes on Stera and Lotte’s sides regarding Wilbell being a magician, Teo’s lecture about the people of Stellard, and Lotte and Wilbell arriving to the ship are all the same. So we’ll fast forward to the next changed scene, the trip to the eastern continent.

The horizon of dreams (DX)

Oh, Shallie…

Sorry for making you wait! Let's get going! To the east!

Ah, are you okay?

What? You mean what Raoul said? Eh, don't worry about it, I'm fine.

Oh, that's good.

What's more important is that we're heading east, which means we're going to have to cross the sea, right?

Yes, Kortes and Teo are getting things ready.

Alrighty! Let's find the cause of the drought!


Music: Koinegaufune

We’re setting off!

This really brings back memories, doesn’t it, Logy?

Sure does! From building the airship that let us reach the Unexplored Ruins to meeting Flameu…

It all seems like yesterday! Speaking of which… I wonder if we’ll find the place Flameu was talking about on the Eastern Continent…

Aah! Shallie! Get down, that’s not safe!

Oh don’t worry, I’ll be fi-IIIIIIIIII

Aha, ahaha…

Sheesh, Shal…

Yeah, yeah… Oh, look! Over there!

Wow… a rainbow…

Somewhere beyond that rainbow lies the Eastern Continent… and maybe the answers you’ve been looking for as well.

…I should check on Solle. He’s been cooped up in the cabin this whole trip…

Excuse me…

If I don’t take care of the paperwork every day, scary things happen.

…Well even a hunter goes dull if they don’t do anything.

Hard work is a virtue of humankind. You have to keep working to maintain a healthy mind and body…

I can’t really sympathize, seeing how I don’t have a daily routine like that…

Oh, right…


You attended school in Stellard, right? Would you mind helping me organize this paperwork? It will probably do wonders for your mind and…

He’s pretty fast at running away, at least. I should’ve expected this much from a fisherman.

I made a simple request, that’s all. I suppose I can’t help it. Perhaps I’ll ask you instead of…

…Oh right, I’m actually really busy. Sorry, I’ll be going now!

Logy’s quick reaction was amazing too…

The Landfall cutscene is in the same as the base version, so let’s fast forward a bit to the trek to Faav Village.

A hidden forest…

It’s just as you said, Escha. Slowly but surely, it’s getting greener the further east we go.

Yes! But the Crystal Valley is anything but. It’s just north of here. Onward!

Music: Crystal Dance

We can't get to where we need to go without passing through here. We have to go. Right?


…Alright then, let's go.

This valley looks huge… Let’s go!

This’ll help us keep track of our progress.

There are some really dangerous monsters here… but we have no choice but to fight at least one of them to make it through!

Let’s break through with this one!

For an enemy like this, I won’t hold back!

Now is not the time to hesitate!


Did you call me?

FJ: Double Draw End (Escha)


I’m counting on you!


We aren’t alone. The two of us can do this!


We can’t lose in a place like this. We have to fulfill our promise!

Wow! These two must be REALLY close to nail a move like that…

Yeah! You think the two of us can be that close someday?

I’m sure you will, if you keep growing and learning together.

Yeah! Logy and I perfected this technique back when we were Colseit’s resident alchemists, after all. Anyway, we’ve almost made it through the valley!

We just have to make it through here… but…

Let’s get this over with.

That wraps things up. Onward to Faav Village!

The mysterious east

Music: Red Light

Hmm, interesting…

It really does exist!

The culture doesn't seem that different from Stellard, but the atmosphere is totally distinct, even from Central…

It sure is. How does it compare to your village, Shallie?

My village is pretty small… But, this is the second time I've come to an unknown town. The world really is…

Hahaha, that's what I was going to say.

Hehe! I guess we're thinking the same thing!

Well we shouldn't just stand around! Let's go in.

Dramatic Encounters

And we came all this way…


Them. I know!

Music: Seeker's Tango

Hello hello! I'm Harry Olson, and I explore the world in search of knowledge.

And I'm Reyfer. I'm not one for bragging, but I'm a pretty adept treasure hunter.

Hello. Reyfer.

Well, if it isn't Homura. Quite a coincidence meeting in a place like this.

Reyfer. You forget. Our work. No coincidences.

What, really?

Treasure hunters don't blindly blunder into random ruins. We wouldn't last very long if we did, if you get my drift.

Only amateurs. Search random places. We study much. Before going. That's why. Always a reason. Treasure hunter appears.

That means…

Yes, you're pretty smart, you know. Have you happened to have heard of a Solle Grumman?

Ah, Solle? Yes! I know him!

We met each other during one of my great adventures from the past… Hmm, maybe this can be part of my book…

Wait, you're a writer?

Wait a minute, you don't know what a fabulous writer I am? How unfortunate. I'll have to find you some copies when we return to Stellard!

Uhm… Thanks? Are you here because Solle asked you to come?

Yeah. We came as a scouting group since we heard the route to the continent's reopening. We wanted to be first.

Wait a minute… Could you two be the people Escha was talking about…?

Yeah, she decided to go back first. It's actually quite common to send professional treasure hunters to check out ruins before an investigation. More often than not, there're hidden dangers about.

There's something great just waiting for us on this continent! Grand relics of past civilizations! The automaton worshiped here as a goddess must have a ton of lost knowledge!

Automaton as… A goddess? That's right, the people in town mentioned a goddess…

There wasn't much in the town itself, though. Kinda disappointing.

I see.

We should take a look around town, too.

Alright, sounds like a good idea.

Is this… A person??

Oh, that's an automaton.

Automaton… A doll that looks just like a human? I didn't realize you know about things like this!

I encountered a few near Stellard before, but I didn't really know much about them… Al asked for things like this, but, I don't think we can take it, huh…

Al…? Oh, Perriend's son, right? I think this is what they were calling their goddess… They'd probably get upset if we took it.

…Yeah, probably.

So…I guess we didn't find out anything.

Sure looks like it… We should get back to the ship.

Wait up, ladies!

Oh, Harry. Hello.

What is it?

Our meeting must be fate! I have some good information for you for a nominal cost!

We're actually pretty low on cash…

Don't be so tasteless, Reyfer. When it comes to turning a crisis into an opportunity, the Harry Company is the best in the business!

Anyway, let us know if you're interested. It'd really help us out.


Yes, the Dusk hasn't affected this place much yet… But I'm sure we'll find a clue to help save Lugion Village if we keep looking!



Escha! What are you doing here?

Raoul sent me. He said to call you back.

What? He did??

Call us back?

There's something unusual happening with the city's water supply, and it's become a huge problem.

What?! The water supply…!

There aren't enough people around to help, so he wanted you to hurry back!!

Alright, we'll head back now!

Hey, wait for me!

The Dusk is finally showing its effects… What can we do…?

Why now…? We haven't investigated enough yet…

I know… But this issue could affect your village, too, Shallie.

…My village is already in crisis. We've just managed to get by, for now. The best way of solving both our problems and the problem in Stellard is to investigate the Dusk…

But what we really need to know is what's happening in the city. We have to find something new… Right?

…I don't know.

I hope we get back soon…

This is as fast as the ship will go. We'll get there soon enough.

Yeah… I guess…

Distance (DX)

Raoul! What happened to the water supply?

Don't worry, we've just finished implementing emergency measures.

Emergency measures?

An alchemist looked at the water supply control equipment, so, we're getting by for now.

This matter was dealt with by the Corporation. All we received was a basic report after the fact.

Wait, there was an amazing alchemist like that in this town?

Apparently, the alchemist just happened to be visiting this city. As far as I’m aware, there’s only one person who could fit the bill. I’d be a little distressed if it was him though, so I hope it’s someone else.


Don't worry, it's not important right now. The point is that we've bought some time.

What should we do?

It looks like Central is finally starting their investigation, so you two should just hang out on standby for now.

Okie dokey.

We can't help that. But… Seeing as they have emergency measures, there probably wasn't a need to rush back…