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by Jerry Manderbilt

Part 3: The Ghostly Side of the Ship Graveyard (DX)

Part XIV: The Ghostly Side of the Ship Graveyard (DX)
Original Update

A family’s burden (DX)

Shallie… Coming home so suddenly… Isn’t fair… Now… You’ve found out…

This sequence starts off the same as in the base game: a doctor sees Nady, but Lotte can tell her condition is much more severe than they’re letting on. So Lotte goes to Raoul…

…Who in turn informs her of her mother’s history with Perriend, and refers her to the Corporation…

And Perriend tells her of her mother’s heart condition. Afterwards, in Plus/DX, Lotte goes to Wilbell about this…

Hey, what exactly happened? Being lively was your only redeeming feature. You’re not acting like yourself.

Uu, master…


I didn’t even realize that my mom wasn’t feeling well. I was probably just in high spirits, after finally getting important work… My mom was hiding her illness for all this time, and supporting me. Yet I…

Are you an idiot, Shallie? This isn’t your fault. It just means you’ve got a great mom.

…Master Wilbell.

C’mon, pull yourself together. There’s no point in moping around!

B-but… What should I do? I want to save my mom. But Mr. Perriend said current medicine wouldn’t be able to… Is there anything I can do?


Nothing, just talking to myself. More importantly, Shallie. Nothing will change if you just stand around here!

Master Wilbell…

Just do whatever you’re capable of for now! If you do that, you’ll find a path, for sure!

Y-you’re right, master! There’s no point in getting depressed about it! Jeez, things really do have a way of happening all at once! Alright, time to do my best!


Hmm… maybe I should drop by Miruca’s! … Still though, I can’t help but wonder about who Master Wilbell was talking about when she said "she"…

Ideals and Viewpoints

Hey, why do you always say things like that!? I feel bad for Jurie.

This has nothing to do with you, Shal. You don’t even know what we were talking about.

Uu, that’s true, but… I understand some things, too. You’ve been acting weird ever since you came back from Central, Miruca. You’re too cold to Jurie.

I haven’t changed at all.

That’s a lie! True, you were always scowling since then, but you two got along really well! I thought it would be great to have a sister… This is making me sad.

…Sorry. Maybe I went too far saying it has nothing to do with you.

No, I was just being nosy and causing trouble for you, wasn’t I? But if it’s okay with you, can you talk about it? How you really feel…

That’s why I came back here, and I don’t want to return.


But my sister’s different. She thinks I’m forcing myself to stay here. That’s why she’s taking dangerous jobs to save up money, so I can go back… Even though I don’t want her to. She said the important thing is to go back and become a great alchemist. I’m tired of her forcing her ideals on me. In the end, my sister doesn’t even try to understand my feelings.

I get what you’re trying to say, Miruca. But look at it the other way. Have you tried to understand how Jurie feels?

I’m not asking you to see things the way she does, Miruca. I’m just saying… you should recognize that she cares for you and has your well-being at heart.

I’ll think about it, Shal. But I won’t promise anything more.

Please do! …If only I could have realized that sooner with my mom…


My mom… I just learned that she has a terminal illness. I'm still processing it all. And yet she's dedicated herself to supporting me despite it all…

Shal… I'll keep your advice in mind.

…Anyway, as I was saying, you oughta get a breath of fresh air. So let’s take a walk!

From Central

…What is it?

Well, my former colleague Logy is actually working here now. He studied alchemy in Central, just like you! That’s why I thought you two might get along.

I told her it wasn’t necessary and tried to stop her, but she never listens… Sorry for bothering you.

M-Miruca! That’s going too far!

No, I don’t mind. It’s true that there are people like she described.

…You aren’t angry?

Huh, there’s a first time for everything. I didn’t realize there were people who think the way you do.

It’s true that they have things there that people desire, though. It’s not right to deny every aspect of Central.

…You don’t have to tell me, I realize that much.

Well, it’s not like everyone finds those things necessary. Just because you’re from Central doesn’t mean you’re great.

That’s how I viewed it, too… All people care about is that you’re from Central, not what you accomplished. I hate that.

The important thing is what you did there, after all.

…That’s right.

…Still, Central offers a lot of choices, and there are some good people there, too. Don’t hate them too much.

…I’ll think about it.

I’ve never seen Miruca act so upfront…!

What are you talking about, Shal? I’ve always believed in being blunt and honest… Anyway, that’s enough fresh air.


Yes. I’ll see you three again in due time.

Well, I… guess this was a worthwhile use of Logy’s break.

I guess you could say that. We’ll be headed back to the Union now.

Bye, you two! …All of a sudden, everyone left me out in the cold…


Shallie! What’s up?

I wanted to visit the Union to see if Raoul had any jobs that needed doing, and I wanted for you to come with me.

Sure thing!

An Official’s Duty

Hm? What’s wrong?

Logy, do you know what happened to the reports that were here?

Ah, those? I took care of them.

I see, thank you.

Oh, also, these documents…

Ah, that really helps.

…Still, it’s a little strange not having an atelier. I feel like I don’t have a place to go…

Your duty here is to investigate the Dusk, after all. Besides, we already have other alchemists.

I understand that, but…

Thanks to this, I have even more work to do than back in Colseit.

That’s pretty evident… You’ve got dark circles under your eyes. Maybe you should take a little break…?

What are you talking about? No matter how much paperwork I process, it never goes away. It would only increase.

That’s true, but… Hold on…

N-no way… Maybe I’m just overthinking it…

What are you muttering about? Please take care of these documents next.

Oh, okay…

T-this mood… It feels like we shouldn’t say anything to them…

Let’s come back later… Oh! I just realized, we left without taking any jobs from Raoul…

We did… Hmm… Oh! I remember Jurie telling me about a ghost ship somewhere in the Dusk Sea. We might have even seen something like that south of the place where we defeated the Sand Dragon…

Good catch! There might even be some hidden treasure there. And there are sure to be monsters there that I’m sure Raoul would appreciate us suppressing. And it would be a good change of pace for the resident workaholics…

So what are we waiting for? Let’s spread the word!

En route to the Trade Ship Graveyard…

It wasn’t just me. Everyone worked together. Logy drafted the plans for the airship, while Wilbell and my other friends worked to procure the necessary supplies…

But that’s amazing! I really want to fly through the sky!

You too? I felt the same way… I was so elated when I finally got to…!

I’m getting excited just hearing about it!

I’d ridden in a balloon before, but it was completely different…

That’s awesome! I wonder if I could see how far the Dusk Sea goes if I could fly?… Although, that might be a little disappointing…

I don’t think so… Quite the opposite, actually! It’s wonderful to see how small your world really is, and see the whole world going on and on…

I’ll find a way to fly myself someday…!

I’m sure your dream will come true, Lotte!

Yeah! Do your best, Shallie!

Ah! I just remembered, Logy just said he was gonna need me for a little something right about now. See you soon!

…Is that Solle and Jurie coming up here?

By the way Jurie, do you know Raoul that well?

Pretty much just as a coworker. Why?

They might not talk much, but they seem to understand each other really well!

Yes, that’s right. That’s why I was asking…

…There’s nothing like what you’re thinking.

So what is there, then?

I told you…

It’s just… you two seem like complete opposites. I didn’t think you would be able to get along at all.

(So that’s all it was.)

(S-she’ll hear you…!)

…Yup. It’s probably just because we’ve known each other for so long.

Hm, what’s the commotion downstairs…?

Not really…

Hmm. Well, you were using talismans, so I thought you’d be familiar with spirits.

Spirits, huh… If only something like that were real…

They really do exist! Are you stupid?!

Who’re you calling stupid?!

Kortes! Don’t get angry!

Master! You’re getting too upset!



(What should I do…)

Everyone! We’ve arrived!

Look! Off in the distance!

That has to be it!

Now for some good old-fashioned spelunking…

Music: Within the Feelings Left Behind