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Part 5: The Aerial Side of the Alchemist’s Training (DX)

Part XVI: The Aerial Side of the Alchemist’s Training (DX)
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Ideals and Viewpoints

My mom makes a lot of assumptions, and does crazy things. It really causes trouble for me…

Well, it’s true that your mother is a little intense.

But at times like that, I’m doing my best to tell her how I actually feel. She’s always doing those crazy things for my sake. She’s thinking about what’s best for me.

…I see.

That’s why she really cares about what I actually want to do. I’m sure Jurie would think the same way. … Miruca, have you ever tried to directly tell Jurie how you feel? She won’t get it if you just keep repeating “I don’t want this” or “I don’t need that”. I think that’s why she’s still forcing herself to save up money, so you can be free to return to Central.

…Show some respect, Shal.

W-what’s that supposed to mean!?

Growing up all on your own… I look like a child thanks to you.


…I’ll try it. I don’t know if I’ll be able to tell her very well, but I can’t let you show off on your own. …Thanks for thinking about my sister.

Oh, there you are, Shallie! And hello, Miruca!



This should be where Miruca’s atelier is, from what Escha told me. Hell… oh…

An Imbuing Mess

Uh. What do you mean?

I mean, was there an earthquake, or did someone break in here?

Of course not. If there’s something you want to say, say it clearly.

Wait, are you telling me this mess was always here…!?

You’re exaggerating. This is normal for an alchemist. Isn’t that right, Shal?

Um, well that’s… B-but! I think Miruca’s Imbuing is really amazing!

Uh… I understand how you feel, but you don’t need to force yourself…

How can you properly Imbue with an atelier like this…? You’ll lose efficiency if things aren’t in order.

That’s not your concern. I know where everything is, so there isn’t a problem.

I see… If you say so. But still…

…Can I at least put this bookshelf in order?


Then at least let me put away all these tools spilled across the floor…

No way.

I-I see. That’s unfortunate…

Ugh, I’m sorry! Miruca is always like this… No matter how much I tell her, she never listens. But she really is skilled at her work. Could you let this slide, Logy?

…It’s fine. I understand her feelings. I wouldn’t want people messing around with my atelier, either.

Exactly. If you understand, then leave.

Yeah, sorry about that. Just let me ask one last thing.

What’s driving Logy to go so far…

*Sigh*. The people you bring over are always so meddlesome, Shal. I don’t really mind, though…

I’ll… be back some other time, then.

Oh yeah, Shallie! I just realized something about Ayesha! You know how I told you that a lot of people helped me make the medicine for Nady?

Yeah. So Ayesha…

She was the one who came to my atelier to help me synthesize the medicine! The recipe Keith gave me was still REALLY hard… and Ayesha was the one who helped me see it through!

So we have to thank her! What are we waiting for?!

Yes! We both owe her a great deal!

The Herbalist Turned Alchemist

Uuuh, um, I heard from Stera that you helped make my mom’s medicine… Thank you very much!

You don’t need to humble yourselves so much. I just did what’s natural for an herbalist.

“Herbalist”…? You aren’t an alchemist?

I was an herbalist back in my homeland. Hmm, but I guess it doesn’t matter what you call me now…

Oh. And that’s why you know so much about medicine.

More importantly, did the medicine work?

Yeah! Even the doctor was surprised. He said she would be just fine if she got some rest!

I see, that’s a relief. But that medicine isn’t a complete cure. It just stopped her from getting worse.


This isn’t just a cold. I can’t believe Keith would come up with such a difficult medicine without seeing the patient…

(It sounds to me like Ayesha is very close to Keithgriff…)

Can I see how your mother is doing sometime soon?

Of course! You’re more than welcome, Ayesha!

That’s great, Lotte!

Yeah! It really is…!

Now that I’m here in Stellard, it really makes me think…

The Herbalist’s Homeland

I know, right? I’m really proud of this town!

It’s completely different from my homeland…

What’s your homeland like, Ayesha?

It’s an atelier really far from here in the middle of a forest… The area is surrounded by forests, and the air is clean. There are lots of herbs, so it was hard learning them… …But that’s also why it didn’t feel very open, like this town is.

Wow, there’s a place like that? …I want to try going there sometime.

Me too! I want to see just how big and varied this world is!

Hehe, you really are alchemists. If you want to know, I’m sure you’ll be able to fulfill that wish.

…But first, we need to defend this city from the Dusk.

Yeah. I want to save your village too, Stera.

…I heard this desert was once an ocean. We can’t just watch while such a lovely town is consumed by the Dusk. There are plenty of keys here. That’s why I’m sure there’s a way… It’s possible that I’ll find a hint to the answers I seek, too… Let’s keep doing our best together!

Ayesha… Yes!

So next… we oughta check in with Solle! He and Escha and Logy were sent here to help investigate the Dusk, after all… so maybe they’ll have a big job for us!

Competence and Convenience

Do you have any big and exciting jobs for us?

Logy. Those documents can be delayed until the day after tomorrow. Could you take care of these first?

I got it. I’ll get working on those first.

Thank you, please do so. Oh, Escha. Please make sure those documents are ready in time for the next postal flight.

Okay! …Both of you, wait just a little bit.

(Yeesh… Solle is really running these two ragged…)

By the way, I need the documents I gave you yesterday by the end of the day…

I’ve already finished that paperwork. Is this good?

It’s fine, thank you. With this done, we should reach today’s goals.

That’s a relief. I’m starting to feel pretty tired.

Our efforts were worthwhile!

By the way… I heard Logy’s work was Imbuing alchemy, but it seems like his job now is paperwork…

…That’s right. I heard he was an alchemist who does really amazing work…

Yeah, that’s right. But Logy’s also methodical, so he’s also really good at paperwork! I mostly carry around the paperwork that’s already finished. We’re splitting up the work pretty well!

Yes, it really helps. Although I’ll need Logy to work even harder tomorrow.

…I’ll have to do even more tomorrow?

Yes, the deadlines are on the same day. Is that inconvenient for you, Logy?

N-no! There’s no problem. I’m fine…!

H-he seems to be having a hard time…

Yeah. Being capable isn’t all glory, we got a glimpse of the sad side of it, too…!

Speaking of being capable, I do indeed have a job for you, Shallies.

Ooh! What kind of job?

If you recall, there were dangerous slags in the Crystal Valley en route to Faav Village. There’s one called the Defender that I want you to take care of.

Defender… I think we can handle it!

There are also some beasts on the Eastern Continent that I’d like you to handle as well, if you’d be so kind. And don’t forget a report on these creatures…

Can do! We can go right now, Shallie!

Yes! I’ll have Teo get the ship ready.

Oh yes, Escha, Logy, no running away from the paperwork on the way there or back.

(Still though, while it’s nice to be relied on, we’d better watch it before we end up completely overworked like Logy over here…)

I’m sure Al will be happy if we brought this to him. So might as well pick it up!

Now, I believe the report said that the Defender was deeper in the valley…

There’s the Defender! At least, that matches the description.

There’s also a giant boar here. I think this is one of the beasts that Solle was talking about.

Use this well!

One down!

Too slow!

Now, for our target…

I made this myself. It should work well!

I’ll use this!

Ooh, those look like they’ll hurt once they land… better wrap this up quickly!

I’ll show you…

And that’s that! It’s nothing more than a hunk of junk now!

Still, about those missiles it fired… They’re still in the air, right?

Well, let’s leave before we find out where they land!

Y-yes! Off to Faav Village!


You’ve noticed too, haven’t you? About… Ayesha, was it?

I swear that I’ve seen Nio use some of the same bombs that she uses. Back when Nio was with the Colseit R&D Team, anyway.

It can’t be a coincidence, right? And Ayesha does bear a strong resemblance to Nio…

We’ll have to ask Ayesha about that sometime later.

You sure do some crazy things sometimes. I said I’d take care of it myself, but you decided to follow me anyway.

What are you saying? I place great value on such experiences, which is why I’m paying so much for this! Gaining something by doing nothing is far too mundane. My pride as an adventurer would not stand for that!

Is that so? I don’t understand things like that at all.

Hey, Harry! Is what you said true!?


That you’re paying money…

Yeah, Harry’s actually a businessman with so much money he doesn’t need to find treasure himself.

Reyfer, I’ve told you countless times that that’s a misunderstanding!

Still, you have a lot of money, right? That’s what matters!

I didn’t think this was worthy of mention before, but I’m Harry Olson, chairman of the Harry Company. Being wealthy is just a trivial detail to me. I’ve found something far more important.

There’s something I want to ask! I want to get rich too, but… What should I do?

You’re awfully direct!

I don’t mind. That’s actually quite a lovely dream for a young person. However, you must understand something: Money is a result, it should not be a goal in and of itself.

What’s that mean…?

You shouldn’t just think about making money. If you work hard and make good choices, money will come to you.

Huh, I see!

It’s not good to be controlled by your own desires and greed. Allow me to cite an example for you… Even if you have a hot product, if all you do is sell that one item, people will eventually become tired of it.

…I guess that’s true.

On the other hand, I handle rare goods from various different regions, so of course I keep people’s interest.

Oh, I get it! That really makes sense!

That’s true, of course. I’ve been blessed by many capable employees.

You’re talking about Marietta, right!? She’s so hard working and wonderful…

Oh, Ayesha. You think so, too? The entire store’s propped up by her skills.

Hehe, I wonder how she’s doing…

Ah, you know this person too, Ayesha? Then does that mean this store is from the city where you met each other?

That’s right. A certain someone was always complaining about how the owner only brings weird junk, though.

W-Well, th-that’s just…a noble desire for new experiences and change…

That also reminds me, they also said there wasn’t any room to store products that were in demand because of all that junk. It’s important to understand your customers’ needs. What a good employee that was…

Right. Marietta never made compromises when it came to the store!

A-Ahem! Uh, I apologize, but I just remembered some important business I need to attend to. We’ll speak again. Excuse me!

Look at him go! I guess the heat was a little too much for him…

…Master, was all that true?

Of course it was. He couldn’t ever run a business himself. He just lucked out and found good employees.

Still… I can’t really hold it against him. He’s just too likeable. I’ll give him that, at least…

Yeah, that’s true. That might actually be an amazing talent. Anyway… I think we’re done here. Back to Stellard!

Colseit Gossip

Regardless of where you are, there are some duties which must be done.

Okay, okay… We should take a little break now.

Very well. Thanks to Logy, we’ve made good progress today.

Logy was always really good at paperwork, after all.

No, you’re just especially bad at paperwork, Escha…

Although, compared to her time in Colseit, she’s made a market improvement.

Huh, you got Solle to praise you? That’s pretty amazing, Escha.

…I’m speaking in relative terms.

Oh right, speaking of Colseit… Katla is here too, I’m glad to keep meeting so many people I know.

Now that you mention it… Well, it’s Katla. If there's a business opportunity, she’ll appear anywhere.

Since Katla’s here, I’m sure Micie is feeling really lonely. But when I told Katla about it, she didn’t really react much.

That’s less of a lack of reaction, and more of a lack of awareness of Micie. She might not even remember him…

What!? That’s terrible! You agree, right Logy!?

Uh… This is an issue between them. I don’t think it’s something I should be butting into.

Hmm, I wonder why Katla doesn’t notice Micie’s feelings… He made such an appeal to her and everything.

Well, Micie didn’t exactly explain it clearly, and plus this is Katla we’re talking about. She would probably say… “Micie? Oh, you mean one of my customers! I’d be happy if he came shopping again!” …Or something like that?

Wait, there’s someone who likes Katla!?

How unexpected… Although that’s a bit rude to say.

Ehehe, yeah, well you see…

Everyone, please take your gossip elsewhere. This is a place for work.

Eeek! S-sorry, we got carried away… Everyone, let’s go outside!

…Oh right. I found this, so I just had to come drop it off… Sorry for intruding, see you later! Let’s go, Escha!

*Sigh* …By the way, did you have some business here, Shallies?

Oh, that’s right.

But you’re on break now. Shouldn’t we save it for later?

No… As I said, I’m on duty now… I don’t mind if it’s work related. Anyway, what business do you have, Shallies?

We took care of the Defender in the Crystal Valley. That should help secure safe passage between Stellard, the Solice Trading Camp, and Faav Village.

Also, we handled some of the beasts on the Eastern Continent. That’ll also help. Though now, I can’t help but wonder what lies beyond Faav Village…

I see… In that case, we’ll confirm it as well.

Still, you never seem to get agitated, Solle…

…All things come through experience.

Oh, Escha, I just remembered! I agreed to meet up with Ayesha right about now.

Ayesha? Wait, you already know her?

We met about ten years ago, but something came up six years ago and she vanished. I couldn’t find any trace of her at all for years, and then suddenly she turns up here in Stellard! So that’s why she and I want to catch up a bit more. Well, catch you later!

So Wilbell also knows Ayesha… who had to go into hiding six years ago…

Secrets to keep

Hehe, you really are Bell…

W-what!? I didn’t say anything weird, did I?

No, you didn’t. I was just reminded that you’ve always been like this, and it made me happy.

What are you talking about? You just said I grew up the other day.

I was just talking about appearances. Inside, you’re still helpful and kind, but just a little bit of an over-worker.

T-this is why ditzy people like her are scary… No wonder that stubborn old man is always lost for words with her. Anyway, I’m an adult woman inside now, too. I don’t do childish things like before.

We were just talking about the past.

Right, you’ve known each other for a long time! Ayesha! What kind of person was master in the past?

Let’s see, back then, Bell was…

Huh? Why are you getting so flustered?

Yeah, I wasn’t intending to say anything weird. For example, in the past, Bell was…

H-hey, I’m telling you to stop! Shallie, I’ll go and visit you later. Just go and continue your training! Ayesha, we’ll talk about the past when we’re alone!

Whaaat? Why are you so against this?

I know, right? Bell is acting weird.

T-there’s nothing weird about me! Ugh, whatever. A-anyway, we’re leaving, Shallie!

Huh!? Wait up, master!