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Part 8: The Daring Side of the Fugitive’s Tale

Part XIX: The Daring Side of the Fugitive’s Tale
Original Update

Alright, I think that’s the last of the recipes from Escha’s books! Let’s go get some fresh air!


Nio and Keith

Yeah. I heard from Bell that you two took good care of Nio.

N-no, not at all! We’re the ones being helped by her!

Right now, Nio’s looking after Escha’s family’s apple orchard. She’s really helping us out.

I see, I feel better after hearing that. She always pushes herself, so I was worried about leaving her alone.

Ayesha, you really one to talk?

Still, I never expected to meet Nio’s older sister in this town…

Why not? She’s Nio’s sister, of all people. It wouldn’t be strange to see her anywhere.

What exactly were you imagining…

…That reminds me, I heard you were traveling around with Keith.

…This is getting even harder to believe.

It’s true. Although I’m a little surprised that you were still at it. I wouldn’t want to spend even one day with such a stubborn old man.

Really? I learned a lot while traveling with him. It was actually pretty fun, you know?

Yeah, but… He seems like he would be really hard to please, or…

Huh? That’s not true! Keith isn’t scary at all.

That’s right. He’s a little picky, but he’s not scary at all.


I’m sure you two would get along!

Ah, I think so too!

…Sorry, I would prefer not to comment about it now.

Talking about Ayesha’s little sister somehow turned into talking about Keithgriff. He seems liked by everyone. …What do you think, Lotte?

Hmm… I know everyone seems to be having fun, but I don’t get much besides that right now. Ah, we oughta drop by the Union. We also have a ton of requests to report on!


Well done, both of you!

You’re welcome! Hehe… this should help fund more expenses for textbooks and ingredients.

Right! And don’t forget Rosemia’s shop at the Solice Trading Camp. It’s out of the way compared to all the shops in Stellard, but she’s often had some rare and valuable texts for us!

Anyway, I think we’re done here for the time being. Until we get new developments on the underground, anyway.

Chasing the truth

Ah, Ayesha and Escha.

Hello! What were you talking about?

Oh, Shallies. I was just asking Ayesha about Keith!

Really!? I want to hear too!

Um, I really don’t have much to say.

That’s not true! Keith is really cool!

Yeah… He’s very admirable. His pursuit of the truth hasn’t changed at all, ever since we first met…

And he has some cute quirks too, right?

You understand, Escha? Hehe. He’s also very kind, although he doesn’t show it much to other people…


Stera, Escha, could this mean…

You think so too, Shallie?

That’s so wonderful! I really admire that!

But that doesn’t change the fact that I want to keep following after him forever…

Uu, that’s so nice!

You have a wonderful master too, Lotte.

I-I… I want to go see Logy now!

I see. So Escha is… Argh! Everyone’s so unfair!

Huh? …Did I say something weird…?

Let’s go, Stera! You were saying something about Rosemia, right?


Still though, Ayesha seemed… really oblivious.

Yeah, I guess you’re right about that…

The recipes in here will yield the strongest metals you can synthesize. Do you think you’re up to the task…?

We’re more than ready! So here’s the Cole!

Thank you.

No, thank you, Rosemia!

Alright, now back to Colseit!

Reclaiming Logy…?

Ah, Shallies. Do you need something?

Hm? Escha, did something happen? Your mood seems different from usual.

Huh? N-nothing happened… Yeah, it’s nothing! I mean it!

…So what happened?

I finally get to work with Logy again, but whenever he has free time, he goes over to Miruca’s atelier…

Miruca’s atelier?

Huh… That’s kind of unexpected.

Logy says he’s just going to clean the place up, but… Maybe he gets along with the same type of alchemist better.

No way, Escha. There’s no way they would get along. They’re like water and oil.

But! He never comes here to clean things up!

Well… It’s true that Miruca’s atelier is always a mess…

Logy seems like he’s really obsessed with cleanliness, too.

Yeah, that’s right. Back in Colseit, he would clean up every day. It really helped me out. But now he’s leaving me alone, and going over to Miruca’s place… I know, maybe if I start making my shop a mess…

It looks like she’s working it out on her own. Maybe we should come back later…

I think I feel the exact same way as you right now, Lotte… Should we go back to the ship and look at the recipes from Rosemia’s book?

Yeah. That’ll burn some time, at the very least…

Oh, right! We’re running low on water for alchemy, so we should drop by the City Water Supply first.

The fugitive’s tale

I heard you left Nio back at home because you didn’t want to expose her to any danger.

Yes. If this area was dangerous, I wouldn’t have been able to leave her alone…

But… You go and investigate dangerous places too, right?

Hmm. I’m used to exploring ruins, so I should be fine unless something really bad happened…

…Being surrounded by a group of giant Slags, maybe?

…Crossing the Dusk Sea alone seems very difficult, as well.

Hold it, Escha. Normally, you wouldn’t even be able to survive that…

Huh? That’s part of the assumption you make beforehand.

…Wait up, my head can’t keep up with all this.

Ruins usually have guardians inside, but they aren’t always docile, and the ruins could also have traps set… When I concentrate on exploring, I start to not see my surroundings… I’ve ended up breaking ruins because of that.

That reminds me, you’re wanted for the crime of destroying ruins, Ayesha.

All I did was try to force open a door leading to the depths. But then it all started crumbling… If Nio was with me at the time, she could have been hurt, right? It’s too dangerous to bring her… But if I knew Stellard was such a nice town, I would have brought her here… I’d have her stay while I’m exploring.

Ayesha, you’re saying some crazy things like it’s nothing…

Grr… Oh, Shallies! Want to walk with us back to the Union?

Oh, uh, sure!

(Well, I’m glad she found Logy after all…)

Still though, speaking of Ayesha and Keith…

But I was really surprised! Both Keith and Ayesha appeared in the same place!

That’s no surprise, they’re just working together. Isn’t that normal?

That’s not what I mean! What I’m trying to say is…

Oh, I know this one! You’re talking about so many alchemists gathering here in Stellard, right?


Putting aside our amazement… This seems like too much to be a coincidence. Is this what Solle was talking about?

…What do you mean?

I mean the Dusk encroaching on Stellard is is that serious of a situation. It’s as though this entire region is being tested, to see if we’ll find an answer to stop the Dusk.

The people gathered here are all amazingly capable…

Uu… I feel like we’re not going to be of any use.

No, if you put it that way, people like Miruca and I are the ones who’ll be the least useful.

Huh, why?

I’m sure Miruca told you, but using old style alchemy like you two and Escha requires natural born talent. The new style alchemy taught by Central is a science designed to allow those without talent to use alchemy.

That’s not true! I think you and Miruca both have amazing abilities! …Besides, I don’t think I have any sort of amazing talents.

I-I feel the same as Lotte.

Now, now. I think both the old style and the new style have their strong points. Everyone has things they’re good at and not good at, but you can always count on hard work.

Y-you really think so?

When you put it that way, it’s a little embarrassing…

I agree. You’re counted among the alchemists gathered here, after all.

I’d be happy if that’s the case…

Yeah! I’m suddenly feeling really great!

…I’m actually more surprised to hear such serious words coming out of your mouth, Escha.

Huh!? What’s that supposed to mean, Logy!? I can think for myself too, you know!

Y-Yeah. Sorry… (Hm, is it just me, or is Escha’s storefront messier than the last time I was on break…?)


Water Festival (DX)

Ehehe! I’ve come to invite you!

Invite? To… What?

To a festival! Stellard’s traditional Water Festival.

Water Festival…!

Y’know how Stellard is famous as a city of water, right? That’s why the entire city goes swimming around this time of year, in gratitude.

Huh? Is that really okay? They’re in the middle of a drought…

That’s what I thought, too. But Mr. Perriend and Raoul said stopping it would only make people more anxious.

I see… Yes, that’s true. But…

Also, it seems the Lord of Water permitted it as well.

In that case… It would be rude not to celebrate it.

Exactly! …Wait, Ayesha, how do you know what the Lord of Water thinks!?

I see… Wait, that’s no laughing matter!

Are you going to participate too, Ayesha?

Well, I actually have to go somewhere nearby for an investigation. It’s really important, so I can’t delay it.

Aww… That’s too bad.

I’ll be going now. I hope you all have fun!

Shallie, Shallistera, you two know where to find me!

What?! Change into what?

Just do it!

I know that, but… I’ve never worn a swimsuit before…

What?! Lugion doesn’t have swimsuits? How do you swim?!

We don’t really swim like that… We even wear something thin when we bathe.

No kidding! Well then, this’ll be your swimsuit debut!

I’m not really used to showing this much skin in public… It’s embarrassing…

Don’t worry, everyone will be dressed like that in town today. You won’t stand out at all. Let’s go!

W-wait, Lotte!!

Music: SAY YOU - mimimemeMIMI


Hi, Teo!

Let it go, Dad. It’s that time of the year in Stellard…

Alright! Now time to round up the festival goers…

Ooh, Master! Having fun?

You sound WAY too excited.

Well, yeah, it’s a festival! Why are YOU in such a crummy mood?

Anyone would be grumpy if you called them over only to strip off their clothes!

Then how should I have invited you?!

You could’ve just asked like a normal person!

Hehe. You still seem to be having fun, Wilbell.



Umm, you don’t seem to be enjoying yourself very much…

That’s not true. I like the Water Festival a lot! I’m having a blast.

You could at least crack a smile.

…The water… So cold…

You okay, Miruca? Do you need a towel? Or you wanna put on clothes…?

Jurie, if you’re worried…

Oh no! Is the water too cold, making your feet ache? Well, I have something for you!

I don’t want it…

Hey now, don’t say that! Just take a look!

I don’t want it.

You could just take a peek…!

Uu… So cold…

Hey, Miruca! Katla, you guys need to be more grateful for this water! It’s the water festival, you know.

…This is why I said I’d just wait at home…

Aaah! This is lovely… I’m glad we have water to use like this.

Water is incredibly important to the people here.

Yes, it is. We all need to protect it…!