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Part 10: The Contemplative Side of the Momentous Decision

Part XXI: The Contemplative Side of the Momentous Decision
Original Update

Everyone’s Thoughts


Am I seeing things, Lotte? Or is that…

Solle? Out here?

It’s kind of unusual to see you away from your desk, Solle.

I require time to rest my mind as well, you know. Especially after the things we saw in the herb garden.

Yeah… That was a lot to take in…

To be honest, the current matter has forced me to think quite a lot. How can I report this to Central?

How to report it…?

Yes. It’s true that Central seeks countermeasures against the Dusk. It’s quite urgent, after all.

They haven’t learned from the past, and want to revive alchemy culture… Is that right?

You are correct. That having been said… I’m simply an official, I may be worrying about things beyond my position.

If Central won’t learn from the past, and they’re going full speed ahead with reviving alchemy culture… Then… Are they making artificial humans like Linca…?

With our current technology, creating artificial lifeforms would be a dream beyond our dreams… After seeing creations like her, I started to think about what exactly I need to do. As an official, I naturally seek a solution to the drought… But what decisions are necessary, and what would result from such a thing…?


I can’t say that we have the answers right now… but all the alchemists gathered here in Stellard want to end the drought and stop the Dusk.

And after learning about the truth, we know that to really make headway, we need to fix the mistakes the ancient civilization made.

That is a relief… Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll need some more time alone before I can head back to work. Oh, and Escha and Logy are both on break now. It would be worth speaking to them as well.

Escha’s shop is this way. Let’s hear what she has to say!

We should! Not only is she our senior, but she has a strong belief that the seed from Geosis will be key to solving this crisis.

Shallies, here… I want you to take a look again.

Flameu, was it? You said she became a Controller or something…

Yeah. I know her story is a mouthful, so I’ll give you another rundown. She was a human girl who, centuries ago, became a Controller. In an ancient ruin called “Geosis”, built to bring life back to the land. Flameu had lost hope, but she found new hope. She decided to support us… That’s why I want to believe in her. That this land has the power to come back to life… No, I DO believe.


Just hearing your talk about Flameu again makes me want to believe, too!

Yes! I know we can make things right again!

Ah, do you know where we can find Logy? I heard from Solle that he’s also on break.

Oh! He’s… at the harbor, I think. That’s what he told me, anyway.

That’s why I can’t unconditionally believe that if we stop the device, nature has the strength left to recover.

It’s as Keith told us. It’s true that we have no basis to believe that…

When you put it that way, you’re right… But still…

Yeah. Even considering that, I think it’s wrong to leave a broken device running on its own. I only just recently came to this city, so my words might not mean much. But ignoring a mistake won’t solve anything. In fact, it would only magnify the damage done. …If I couldn’t face my mistakes, I would have never been able to work on developing airships again.


…Yeah. Escha gave me courage. That’s why we were able to reach the Unexplored Ruins, and reconcile with Flameu.

As alchemists, we should do that much, come what may.

Speaking of past mistakes… I think Master Wilbell would have good input on what to do! Especially given her contract with the Lord of Water!

Oh, you’re right! She should still be hanging around the ship!

…Master Wilbell.

Also, I’m a magician. I’m in a different position from you alchemists.

But… If you’re willing, please tell us what you think.

Master Wilbell! Please!

Sorry for putting on airs. But I can only talk from the point of view of a magician. Up to now, I’ve formed contracts with the Lords of Wind, Fire… and Water. I didn’t realize this when I was younger, but I know now. Spirits still live on this planet. This planet is their home, of course they wouldn’t just allow nature to fall to ruin. The spirits might not be able to forgive humanity immediately… But… If we humans fix our mistakes, I think we can get along with them again someday.

Master Wilbell…!

That goes for you too, Shallistera. You’re an important friend of my incompetent apprentice, after all…

Hey! What’s that supposed to mean?!

Just having a little fun! Anyway… now that you’ve heard my point of view as a magician, I think you oughta hear from a few more alchemists before going to the city leaders with your decision.

Ah… Sounds good. So for the alchemists we haven’t talked to yet…

At this point, just Ayesha, Keith, and Miruca.

Ayesha should still be hanging around Stellard Plaza, and Miruca’s atelier is there as well. So we oughta chat with Ayesha first. Then we can talk with Keith at the Water Supply.

We learned so much at once, I still feel confused.

Me too… I know what we need to do, but this gloomy feeling won’t go away…

Yeah, I don’t blame you. I felt the same way… I was originally an herbalist, so it’s hard to believe this world is built only on alchemy. That’s why… Stera. About Lugion Village’s drought… I think it’ll be solved.

You really think so!?

Of course, not right this moment. But Lugion and other villages in the area grew along natural waterways. If we return the water device to normal, and the Lord of Water forgives humans even a little… If she understands…

Yes… I want to believe!

You made me feel a lot better the decision we have to make, Ayesha!

Now, then… it’s just Miruca and Keith left.

You should already know this, Shal. I don’t like humans. We’re selfish, and foolish, and pretentious, and greedy. If falling to ruin is our fate, so be it…


But that’s also why I think we humans need to take responsibility. We need to know that much shame, at least. I don’t know if the alchemy we learned has caused more good or bad up until now. That’s why we need to pay back our debts, as much as possible. If not, we would simply be fools as well… I’ve believed this since I was in Central. In the past, I thought the people of Central would believe it too. …But this matter has fully convinced me. We can’t leave a broken relic of the past as it is now. …Even if the result is a drought that wipes out humanity…

You were thinking like that, Miruca…?

Shal, Shallie. If you want to hate me, go ahead.

Hey, why do you always say things like that, Miruca?


I think you’re great, Miruca. I probably would have never thought that way.

Yes. I can sympathize with your feelings too, Miruca.

…I see. I’m glad if I was of use.

Haha, well… Thanks for the vote of confidence.

Thanks for your input, Miruca.


It’s the right of the people of this city to make the final decision. This is not my place to interfere. However, I don’t believe in doing nothing, and simply giving up. I’ll think of my own measures. You haven’t spoken to anyone yet… Have you decided what to report already?

We may not have spoken to Raoul or Perriend, but… we got all the input we could from the other alchemists, Wilbell, and Solle.

Now more than ever, we know what must be done.

…I see. Very well, then go.

Abundant City of Water


We think we should stop that purification device. At this rate, all water sources will end up dry, like the Dusk Sea…

What would happen to the city if you shut it down?

It would no longer be an oasis. The water would drop to incomparable levels.

Still, at this rate, the water in all the towns, not just Stellard, will go dry. That's why…

Sounds like it's decided. There's no room for argument... Go shut the device down.

…I don't like it.


As a city of water, Stellard has great influence over the settlements around it, and Central. If the water is lost, Stellard will lose its reputation.

Wait a minute, please tell me you're not trying to save face at a time like this, chairman. Now's the time to think about water everywhere, not just in our own town.

Saving face… I guess I can't help that you'd feel that way. I just want to protect the city's honor and prosperity.

There was no guess to why people gathered here with its water. It's essential for agriculture, after all. Settlements started dotting the area in pursuit of the water, and Stellard grew as a city. It became a hub for commerce and production, and developed quickly. But other than Stellard, the region wasn't as abundant with water sources… Conflicts over water erupted between settlements, and the gap between the classes got bigger.

People cannot survive without water. That's why Stellard started using its water supply control system to manage the water. It was to distribute it to the places that need it, and prevent wasting it. That's how the city continued to protect the water for the region.

If we can't control the water, conflicts will start happening again. And mostly, Stellard is hope for people suffering from lack of water. If the water here disappears, the hope will disappear from everyone in the region. I can't agree about shutting down the device…

Still, chairman…

I know. There's no other way. I just don't want to see the city wither away… Do whatever you like.

…Perriend. I'm sorry.

It'll be okay, Perriend, this town is really strong! Even without water, Stellard will still be Stellard!

…Of course. Now, have you found a way to reach the purification device underground?

We found that the underground city was linked to an herb garden on the eastern continent, and found the facility’s Controller there. But we couldn’t find the device itself in the garden.

We know it’s buried deeper beneath the Ruins of Frozen Time, but there’s still lots of debris blocking our way.

I can have some of my men move that rubble out of the way. For the time being, you two and the others can stand by.

Speaking of Controllers… I want you two to come with me. Bring the alchemists working with the government as well. My apprentice and I have more to say about the facility’s Controller.


The system likely noticed issues in the extensions, and started creating them a relatively short time ago. Without even knowing that human civilization at the time had already fallen into ruin.

And due to some sort of bug, they left the facility before being completed, and grew up as the Lincas… The Linca in Colseit said that during her childhood, she remembers being taken from somewhere. This must be it…

Other such facilities may exist, but the one who discovered the facility was likely an alchemist.

That’s awful! I don’t understand the difficult parts, but I feel bad for the Lincas…!

Yes, it’s an awful story. Despite the progress of civilization, the deeds of humans never change.

But I don’t think the Lincas right now are unhappy.

…Right. Being so quick to pity them is actually rude.

Logy! No way…! After how the Lincas were treated…

Escha. I’m just saying that we don’t have the power to do anything about Linca’s past. Also, right now, Linca is enjoying herself despite such a past. What’s important is the present, not the past.

Logy… You’re right about that. But there’s alchemy that brings sorrow to people… I find that really scary! I want to use alchemy to make everyone happy… This is all too sad.

…That’s right! I don’t get the difficult stuff either… But I don’t want to use it to make people unhappy!

Me too…!

We’ve done that up until now, and that won’t change going forward. Isn’t that right, Escha?

Logy… That’s right! (Now… I have some official business with the Corporation, but I know that the Linca there needs to hear about this.)

The Other Lincas

Ah, Shallistera and Shallotte. How may I help you?

I’m sure Escha was telling you about it just now, but…

To tell the truth, I already had the feeling that my sisters and I were created through unnatural means. I have memories of escaping from a dark place with my sisters when we were very young, led out by someone. After that, we sisters were split up.

So the dark place was that underground facility…

I haven't seen it for myself so I can't be sure, but that's likely it. I didn't know about the existence of artificial lifeforms, so I thought we had fled from some sort of institution.

The Linca in Colseit said that she met Linca number three, and that her personality was completely different. She seemed to want to find her long lost sisters. She also wanted to know the reason she was born…

I don't know how my sisters feel. But I for one don't really care to know the truth. …My life right now is everything to me. I have no need to change that.

Ms. Linca…

I still have mixed feelings about wanting to know, and not wanting to know. …Who am I, and why was I created?

…That reminds me, Keithgriff mentioned something before.

I can understand why Keith has such mixed feelings toward alchemy…

…But still, I'm glad to have met you, Ms. Linca. You helped me so many times, while I was still getting used to Mr. Perriend's behavior…

It's true that the chairman's behavior can cause misunderstandings…

There’s more that I and a friend of mine can tell you, Linca.

Could this be…

I see… So one of our sisters went to challenge the youngest. I’m sure that caused much anxiety.

Yes, we were being targeted by another sister. I met her, but the only similarity was her appearance.

The Linca that Ayesha got to know is in Colseit with Marion right now. Oh, but the one who came to visit Colseit was the third one. She was a very cheerful girl…

…For better or for worse, none of our sisters have come to visit me yet. I only lived with the youngest during our childhood. She was awkward ever since then.

You don’t want to meet the other Lincas… Right?

…Yes. For now, at least. I’m happy enough working as the chairman’s secretary.

…I see. Not even the Linca in Colseit…?

…It sounds like the youngest is living happily in Colseit.

Yeah! She’s still working with Marion. She doesn’t care for paperwork much, but she still gets along with everyone!

I see… I’m happy if the youngest is living a happy life. But you’re right… I do want to meet the youngest, someday. To be honest, for some reason I still remember her, out of everyone else. I have no idea why… It’s possible that part of her was similar to me…

It’s making me feel happy, too…