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by Jerry Manderbilt

Part 14: DX Bonus Update

Bonus Update (DX)

DX Official Art



BONUS: 2019 Promotional Art for Dusk DX

DX Music

Raging Wave
Plus Version additional tracks start here. I feel like there were a lot of extra tracks this time. Please play the game until the very end! (Yanagawa)

This plays for the Coral Dragon, the first of the Plus/DX-exclusive bosses. It’s my personal favorite of the three new boss themes, and there’s a lot of dynamism with the way this track uses its flutes and violins.

Mighty Beast
Just like character themes, we’ve done some flashy and extravagant arrangements for battle tracks. Going along with the boss’s appearance, I mixed a Japanese air with Western instruments. (Yano)

As you may have guessed from Yano’s comments, this plays for the Ruler of Beast Kings.

Sleeping Star
Thank you for playing! The flute was performed by Yanagawa. I mixed several of Shallie’s themes, and the herb garden theme at the end. The name borrows from these tracks. Star, stellar, Stera. (Asano)

Fun fact: the herb garden theme, and by extension this track, brings in a motif from the beginning of Sleeping Earth, which is the theme for the Altugle Herb Garden—the ruins behind Ayesha’s house and where she begins her journey in her home game. Bringing that back in this way, for the last game in the Dusk trilogy, is a pretty nice bookend.

Swaying Hair Clip for Shallie
Ayesha’s character theme. She’s 27 years old, same as me. Society puts a lot of pressure on people around this age. I wonder how she would face such a reality? (Yano)

Tell me about it, Yano Anyway, the way this rendition of Ayesha’s theme plays, it gets across how much more mature and wise Ayesha is in this game. (For comparison.) And to think she was completely AWOL in Eschatology and relegated to a cameo at the very end of OG Shallie!

The Red Sky for Shallie
Logy’s character theme. Centering around a gypsy-like (sic) atmosphere, I selected instruments that would help one feel the Dusk sky, and arranged the track. (Yano)

This rendition of Logy’s theme sounds… noticeably less angsty than it does in his home game. For comparison.

FJ: Guardian Summon
After seeing THAT ultimate attack, I just had to arrange a track like this! I decided on this one pretty much instantly, and went ahead and composed it. (Yanagawa)

If you’ve played Ayesha’s home game, you’d instantly get what Yanagawa means—what else but MARIA, the final boss theme, right?

FJ: Tausend Blitz
I borrowed some phrases from Logy’s atelier theme in the previous game. I also kept the previous instrument lineup in mind. (Yanagawa)

Said atelier theme would be Magnum Opus, which plays in the atelier for Eschatology if Logy is your chosen protagonist. Speaking of, if you've played Eschatology, you’d recognize the name of this move as being that of his capstone bomb, the Tauzent Blitz. Yes, it was spelled that way in his home game, and yes, dubbed names for items and even locations can and often do change between different games even within the same sub-series.

FJ: Double Draw End (Escha)
Double Draw activated by Escha. It’s basically the same as Logy’s, but I made some small changes. (Yanagawa)

FJ: Double Draw End (Logy)
Double Draw activated by Logy. When these two form a single team, they shine far more brightly. (Yanagawa)