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Part 15: The Other Side of the Cloudy Glass - The Great Work (DX)

Part XXVII: The Other Side of the Cloudy Glass - The Great Work (DX)
Original Ending

Ahem! Today marks the opening of the Stellard branch…

Hey, chief, you don't have to sound so tense!

Grumman, part of the city is on Central's… No, YOUR jurisdiction with this. I'd like to see your best efforts for the sake of the city.

I hope I can be of use to the people of this city… Also… My staff would like to make their own introductions.

I'm Escha Malier, member of the Stellard branch. I hope I can help everyone out with anything they need.

I’m also a member of the Stellard branch, Logix Ficsario. I hope to bring regular airship service to this city…

O-oh. Right…

This is my new assignment, starting today…

Um… I'm Shallistera Argo. I'm happy to be here.

I'm Shallotte Elminus! I'll do whatever I can for this town!

Homura. Full-time employee. Be here awhile.

…I'm Miruca Crotze.

Hehehe! What a solid lineup!

Please hold your comments for later. As members of this new branch, I’ll have you working as my right and left hands, Escha and Logy.

Um, Solle’s flat out saying we’re working directly under him…

What are you saying, after all this time? An official’s work is always difficult.

…I doubt it’ll be any different from before. Why are you getting scared? I don’t understand.

Ah! Don’t say that!

Solle. Paperwork. Done.

You didn't just duplicate it, did you?

Doubtful. Solle. Duplication. Too much work.

Homhom's work is always perfect!

You could learn from him, Shal.


Miruca, you're such a fast learner! You're so helpful!

It's easy when you get used to it.

At this rate, the Stellard branch development team will get to start working faster than expected.

We’ll get our own atelier again, Logy.

Well, the development team has quite the lineup of personnel, so all alchemists will be sharing the same atelier.


Is there a problem?

N-no… Well, um…

Whaaat!? Please, no more paperwork…

This is… Going to be pretty tough.

Solle, I’ve got some documents from the Corporation! They look urgent.

Shallie, I'm sorry, I know you just got back.

No problem, it's my job!

But it's kind of crazy how you came back to be an official all of a sudden.

The water distribution in Lugion Village seems like it's stabilized, so… I came here because I thought I could find out more about the Dusk…

You showed up way faster than I expected! I was so surprised!

I don't mind if you two are talking, but make sure you're working, too…

Whaa! I'm sorry!

Shallie, I'll take care of those documents.

Thank you…!

Hey, about this line. Isn’t this a mistake?

Anyone would realize something like this, if they work long enough.

Logy never had any problems with paperwork, from the very start.

I wasn't expecting this at all.

You didn't expect that!?

This is normal government official work. Next is…

Shallie! Reports of a rampaging Slag at a nearby water source!

Ahhh! That's bad! Let's go Stera!


Wait! Both of you don't need to go! One should stay behind to do paperwork…

Sounds exciting. For treasure hunter.

Wait, not you too, Homura…!

Too late… They left.

…They’re fast, but only at times like this.

Alright everyone, let’s do our best!

Yes, I do feel like I'm helping everyone in the city.

Let's make Stellard the best city, together!


Hey, Shallies.

What is it, Homura?

Make special goods. Of Stellard. Sweets.

Oooh, that sounds like a great idea! Maybe, Stellard Water Buns!

Mmm, we should take care of the work in front of us, first, okay?