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Atelier Shallie

by Sylphid

Part 1: Chapter I: The Near Side of the Dusk Sea

Music: Rusty Sky

Golden clouds are sailing in the sky.
I'm standing on thin ice.

Black night is coming from above.
No one can escape. Nowhere to hide anymore.

We'll fall into an endless sleep
A gentle breeze touches my cheeks
Thin ice mirrors the sky burning

We know the world slowly makes all go back to the start
All of our wounds need to heal more or to get worse

Invisible forces lead us to where we belong
We're looking for reasons to resist or to surrender

I pluck nails stuck deeply in my feet to try to walk again
Black night is coming from above

No one can escape
Nowhere to hide anymore
We'll fall into an endless sleep

A gentle breeze touches my cheeks
I feel I'm helpless
Time won't stop

We know the world slowly makes all go back to the start
All of our wounds need to heal or to get worse

Invisible forces lead us to where we belong
We're looking for reasons to resist or to surrender

Fading light

You're so far away

We're burning and frozen

I walk to you

Music: Disappeared Water

The Dusk World

...I can't believe it. Is it true the water in this city is drying up?


But it seems like there's still so much of it... What are you going to do?

Are you sure the results of your investigation are accurate?

I'm positive. Central is concerned about this situation too, you know.

I don't buy it. Our little far-town isn't enough to warrant their attention.

Stellard is the only city with a water source in this region. If it dries up or disappears, it will affect all settlements in proximity, and they'll wither and perish. The Dusk Sea will swell, and slowly, eventually, consume everything. It's not just your problem anymore. Understand?


The Dusk Sea will consume everything, huh...

Music: Open the Door

Travelers with a mission

Music: The Girl of the White Sands

Feeling seasick?

Oh hi, Kortes. I'm okay, the waves are nice and calm. For now, anyway.

The Dusk Sea is unpredictable, so don't get caught daydreaming.

I know.


I don't like having to remind you to treat Shallistera with more respect.

It's okay, Teo. We're pretty far from Lugion Village.

That doesn't matter! As he only daughter of the chief, you're representative of the village. Even though you are comfortable with us, when you speak, you speak for the people of Lugion... Remember that.

I'm just saying it's okay, jeez.

(She has no sense of her position...)

Anyway, our journey is nearly over. We'll finally be able to relax.

Um, not exactly. We've only just begun once we've gotten to Stellard... Let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Yeah I know, but still... Teo, what kind of town is Stellard, anyway?

I've heard it's a bustling city with plenty of commerce, where people her to collect their plentiful water.

So it's a pretty lively city... (I remember my father used to tell me about the lights, and how they looked like shining jewels... I actually get to see them myself... I'm so happy! NO! Don't get too excited. Not yet. Father... Everyone. I'll definitely finish this task for the village...)

Shallie... I know the desert has already claimed the closer village, but Lugion is still safe. We just need to stay focused and find the reason why the water is drying up. Then we can make a plan.

Of course. I'm confident Stellard will have a way to help us. Hey, Kortes, Teo... I'm going to need your support though.

Don't worry, miss, that's the whole reason we're here. My primary function is to support you. There's no need for you to worry about anything.

Alright then, I'm counting on you, Teo.



Music: Alchemist on a Ship

Ooh... Owww...

Dad!! What's wrong?!

It's just my hip...

You ARE getting older... Maybe you should try and be more careful.

I wasn't thinking. If only I could do something about this... Ugh, ow.

(Teo's always been like this... Maybe I can help him...)

Jeez, what happened to being a pillar of support? You're falling apart right here...!

Are you sure you're okay? You should sit down for a minute.

Ugh... This is going to be a pain.

What is?

We're supposed to be landing to restock on supplies soon...

Of course, we wouldn't want to run out.

Won't it be too hard to resupply without Teo's help?

Music: I Don't Get It

Not really, it'll just take a little longer since it's just me.

I could help, too...

It's nice you want to chip in, but I don't know if you're strong enough...

Is that a no?

Shallie, there're plenty of things you help with that only you can do. I got this.


I hope we at least arrive in Stellard before it gets too dark. The sea is dangerous at night. We really shouldn't spend too much time resupplying.

Oh, I know!


I could try making a medical compress with alchemy...

Will that really work?

Let's see, what's first...

Shallie, can I see how you do alchemy? I've always wanted to learn, but I've never really gotten how...

Sure. Can get that book for me?

I can't understand some of this, but I know you need those three ingredients to make the compress, right?

Yes. We have plenty of those ingredients on the ship, but they're really common.

But some of these other notes. Like, what does this "+15" next to the entry mean?

Well, as every alchemist knows, there's four major elements that make up everything in the world: Water, Wind, Fire, and Earth. If I used this compress as an ingredient in another synthesis, it would add a value of 15 to the Wind balance in the new synthesis.

Oh, that makes sense... I guess I can understand the basics, but when it comes to execution...

I havent really studied at all, either. Everything I've done has been done from trial and error.

Once you've added all the ingredients together, you can check what effects the final product will have. I only know a few, since it's in that recipe book, but stronger materials can make incredibly useful items. I haven't had a chance to gather more materials lately, though...

Well, let's see how this turns out. Maybe these ingredients will be enough.

Shallie, do you know why the ingredients can mix together like that?

I'm sure there's a reason, but I've never really understood why. Alchemy sure is incredible...

Trial and error

Lessee, the materials are... And a of this... There! It's done.

Well it looked kind of dangerous at first, but it looks like it worked out alright.

Don't call it "dangerous"!

Huh? You know how it works?

No, but I...

If you don't know how something works, it's dangerous. What if you made a mistake?

Well, I... We should just give this to Teo!

How do you feel, Teo?

Hmm, well... yes, it looks like I'm back to norma-- Oww!!

Don't get up so fast!

Oohh, that hurt...

I was afraid of this... Mm... Looks like it didn't work very well. I'm sorry, Teo...

Don't apologize, Lady Shallistera. I just need to relax a little.

Even so, if this keeps happening, we're going to run into trouble. Maybe a change in ingredients will help?

Y-yeah... Hmm, what else could I use...

We should check around the room.


Shallie, I'll check downstairs. There's a lot of cargo down here, maybe there are some alchemy ingredients down there.

But would you know--? Oh, he's gone. Let's see...

Maybe in here? Yeah, these are some good ingredients!

Shallie, did you find something?

Helpful girl

Wouldn't hurt to try.

Okay, I'll synthesize it again.

Oh, I see... That Taun has some Water elements in it, so adding that to the Water...

We get a better effect!

Just a final stir, and... ...It's done. I hope this goes well...!

...How's that, dad?

Ohh... Oh wow! This is great! The pain is just melting away...

Dad, wait!

Teo, if you get up too fast...!

You don't have to worry... It's like the pain in my hip was just an illusion.


I feel much better! And it's all thanks to you, miss.

Well that's a relief!

You're a natural! You really should have more confidence in your alchemic abilities.

Really? I've only learned by watching...

You should do some proper studying. It could prove extremely beneficial to you. A strength.

A strength, huh...

This reminds me, I took a shot at alchemy a while back, but I didn't really get it. This could be a matter of innate talent, like my dad mentioned.

...Natural talent.

Anyway, my hip feels much better now. I think I'm going to take a walk.

You might be feeling better now, but don't push it! You could hurt yourself even worse.

I don't want to hear... Eh?

What's wrong?

It looks like we're nearing the shore.

We're lucky to have found such a nice place to drop anchor.


Now we can go get supplies.

That's a relief. I was starting to get a little nervous about the food situation...

Well, we should go take a look around outside.


If you're going outside, please dress appropriately, miss.

Dress appropriately? But this dress is the symbol of my status as the chieftain's daughter...and I didn't bring any other dresses.

I know that, but... It'd be too late once the accident had occurred, after all.

Well, the monsters around here aren't too strong, but it wouldn't hurt to be a little geared up.

Your personal items are on the table, Shallistera.

Alright... I'll go get them.

Is that how you're going to protect yourself?

I can't use swords or spears like Kortes can...I can only channel my family's magic with relics like this.

Of course, Miss Shallistera. Just be careful, and listen to Kortes.

I know. I'll be careful.

At least we found enough materials to make a Craft. This should be able to take care of weaker monsters. That should do it.

Jeez... I'll go get her, dad, you should still be resting.

I'm counting on you.

Sandy Sea

Music: Sandy Sea -Desert-

Ohh, I'm sorry...

I know I said was a fairly safe place, but you never know what might happen.

I know. By the way...


We're pretty close to Stellard now, aren't we?

Yeah, it shouldn't be too far off. Why do you ask?

Well, isn't Stellard supposed to be the shining oasis in the Dusk Sea? We're so close, but it seems like the desert just keeps going on forever...

Well, it's not like there's a lot of water to go around. Stellard has survived in a fairly remote region, but there's only enough for the people living there. It's still the best chance we have of finding a way to help Lugion, but we shouldn't expect a lot from the surrounding areas. Shallie, we should look around for anything useful for now. Nothing will get done if we just stand around.

Yeah, I guess you're right.

Even if we don't return to this place, we should still survey and gather what we can. Star Fruit can be used for explosive materials, but it's still only a fruit...

Those barrels still have some water in them. It may not be high quality, but we shouldn't waste anything.

Looks like we gathered everything, but... There doesn't seem to be an abundance of materials around here.

No kidding. We found some wood chips, Star Fruit, Water, and some plants, but nothing very useful. We won't be able to resupply anything at this rate.

What should we do?

Let's keep looking for a little while longer... This place is much different from the area around Lugion.

Okay then, we'll look a little longer.

We could also this gathering information about the area around Stellard.


Music: Sand Clouds

Ahhh...! Something's here!

Calm down, Shallie!

You say that, but...!

Stay calm, and stay focused.

But...but...! I've never fought anything before!

It's okay, they're not that strong. Here they come!

An uncertain future

Music: Aquarius

Shallie, we need to combine our attacks to throw the enemy off-balance.

Like that!

But I can't fight that well...

No, but you can help!


Great job! I'll finish this!

Music: Until the Day We Fulfill Our Duty

Heh...piece of cake.

Phew...I'm glad... Hahh... Is it over...? Hahh...

Good work, Shallie.


Who are you?!

A hunter? ...My apologies if we stole your prey.

Don't worry about it.

Wait a minute... You're not Jurie, are you...?

...It's been a long time, Kortes.

Music: Dual Blades and Picture Books

What? Do you know her?

Yeah, it's been ages, though.

Ages, huh. Was there someone in the village?

No, she looked after me when I was living in Stellard.

That's right, you left the village to train a long time ago...

Your little sister is quite the cutie.

Stop that.

So, you are...?

Jurie Crotze. I'm a treasure hunter.

A treasure hunter...

I study old legends and rumors, looking for clues that lead to hidden treasure. I'm gonna strike it rich any day now.

Get rich, huh...

"Strike it rich"? How do you make money now?

Well, I take on random jobs in Stellard, but searching for lost treasures in the Dusk Sea is my real hobby. I only take on the jobs to provide for me and my sister.

I see...but that still sounds dangerous.

Well, it's how I get by. Anyway... Kortes, you haven't introduced me to your little sister.

I'm Shallistera, and we're...

She is the daughter of my clan's chief. A princess, in fact. We're not related.


It's nice to meet you!

Same here.

Why are you here, anyway?

We're on our way to Stellard by ship. We were looking for supplies, but we haven't had much luck.

Anything useful is already gone. The expanding Dusk Sea is still swallowing up the land around Stellard, but at the very least it hasn't reached Stellard yet. You might find better materials in other places, but the expansion of the Sea has progressed a lot in this area. Why are you two here?

Oh... We stopped our ship nearby to look for supplies to get to Stellard, but if there's nothing left...

Do you need food and water?

You'd give some to us?

If you take me to Stellard with you.

That's all you want? But food is so valuable...

It's fine.

What, did you get lost or something?

What? No!


...Is that a 'yes'?

I'll be fine. I guess you don't want any food or water... See ya.

Wait, don't go! Please! Ugh, Kortes!

What? How can we rely on her if she's like this?

But we can't be picky!


NO! Miss Jurie, come back!

(They get along just like siblings...) So what did you decide?

I'd be okay with you coming with us...

Well, she can be forgetful, but... Yeah, should be fine.

Alrighty then, that settles it... Let's get going.


Music: We're Both Shallie

That's...not a bad ship at all. (Much better than mine...)

Don't worry about it.

Please, make yourself at home.

Dad, isn't that enough...?

We need to get the ship moving again, Kortes, come help me with that.

Right. I'll see you later, Shallie.

And I'm not here?

If you don't mind me asking, I'd love to hear about your treasure hunting, and the city!


Yes! This is the first time I've left my village... I don't know anything about this area or its customs.

Oh, don't stress out about that kind of thing. Really.

Are you sure...? What about things like clothes? I'm not very stylish...

Is that what you think? I like your style, honestly.


Yes. But I hadn't heard about your journey. Why did you come here?


Do you know about Lugion Village?

Kortes may have mentioned it before when he came to Stellard, but I can't say I know anything about it.

Oh... Anyway, that's where me, Kortes, and Teo come from. The Dusk Sea is expanding faster and faster, and it's coming close to Lugion. Unlike Stellard, we don't have enough water for everyone, and most of our water sources have dried up. As the daughter of the chief, I was asked to come, and Teo decided to come with me to assure my safety. Kortes followed Teo, too, and because he knew about Stellard.

I see... And what do you want to learn in Stellard?

Well, how to stop the expansion of the Dusk Sea, or if they don't know, how to protect our water sources. ...And that's why we've come here on the ship. We thought we could find a way to save the village in Stellard!

Music: Let's Calmly Talk!

I see.

Stellard is an oasis, right? I'm sure it's beyond beautiful...

An oasis, huh...

It's my responsibility, after all...!

(That attitude won't be enough, I know that) ...

The ambitious girl

Couldn't eat another bite!

That's not what the food left on your plate says. You're going to get hungry again before lunch.

I said I was full! If anything, you're the one who isn't eating enough, mom.

Well, I'm on a diet.

I'm sure you don't need to diet at your age.

I'm not giving you up quite yet, Shallie. So, are you going to go visit Raoul again today?

Yep, I'm sure the Cooperative Union will have some work.

Don't just settle for "some work". You should find something bigger.

Sure, if it were only that easy. The world isn't just gonna hand me what I want.

My daughter will be just fine. You've got a ton of personality!

I know I know, you say all the time.

Good luck!

Music: Blue Sky and Broom Daughter

Raoul just gives me random chores... I want to do a big job and earn a ton of money for once! I've got a good feeling about today, so maybe it'll really happen... I know life isn't that easy... But maybe... Just maybe... Some good will happen today!!

City of Abundant Water

Another great day! Yeah! Let's do this!

The low cieling

Music: Song of the Sand Sea Hunters

Is there anything that can be done?


Good morning!

Oh, hello, Shallie.


(Who's that with the boss?) Umm, I hope I'm not interrupting anything...

No, it's fine.

But there's someone here...

He's an official from Central sent here to check out some nearby ruins. Try to be nice, eh?

From Central?! Really?

I'm Solle Grumman.

Ummm, I'm Shallote Elminus. (Investigating ruins? That means there could be amazing treasure there!) Ah, I'm actually an alchemist, so if you need anything, just let me know!

I see. Well, thank you.

(He doesn't seem interested at all... Maybe alchemists aren't as rare back in Central. But mom was right... I still need to make an appeal!) Um... Umm...

I'm gonna ask you to do the usual work today, Shallie, can you do that for me?

Really? You just want me to pick up more trash...? Isn't there anything else?

Like what?

Isn't there a more involved job I can do? Like helping an official or something?

In that case, I guess I can't count on you to do the job. I'll give the work and money to someone else.

Oh! Well, you know, that doesn't mean I won't do it! Haha, you're such a tease...

What is with her...? Where were we...? Oh right, the issues with the water purifying equipment.

That would be the best place to start. We'll need to have a thorough investigation.

An investigation...?

I shouldn't have to tell you Central is very interested in what's happening around Stellard. Furthermore...

The little genius

Is something wrong, Shal?


Music: Forearm Ball

You look worried...

Not particularly... What about you? You don't come around here that often.

I'm taking a mental health day from work.

Whoa, is that gonna be okay? You're always so busy!

I get bored with the same request over and over. Today, tomorrow, yesterday... Every day, the same. Imbuing is so boring... I'm fed up with mind-numbing work.

"Mind-numbing"?! The kind of work you do is so amazing, and no matter how many times I see you, I still can't figure it out.

It's not as amazing as it looks. It's very scientific. Once you get trained to do it, it becomes much less exciting to see.

*sigh* You know, you're actually pretty lucky. Running the atelier isn't enough to get by... Which is why I'm out here doing odd jobs like this one.

Imbuing is still a new thing around here. I'm sure they'll get over it sooner or later. And that's when traditional alchemists like you will step in again. You should stop taking odd jobs and practice alchemy instead. It would help to have a customer base...

Unlike yourself, I don't have the luxury to get by like that at the moment.

Shal... I don't want to make you feel bad, but sometimes I don't think before I speak to people...

I'm sorry! Ugh, don't give me that look... It's super awesome you got to study in Central. We should plan something amazing to do one of these days! How does that sound?

Sure... Do you have any ideas?

Do you still have that weapon of yours?

Um, yes...

Then we should go outside town together! I want to go on a big adventure and make some money! We can talk about it later. Alrighty, back to work! See you!

Shal, I know you always do your best, no matter what... I just wish I could help...

(Wait a minute, maybe I can use some of this stuff...) Omigosh! Is that an ore pumpkin?! Oh, nope, just a bit of scrap metal... The junk around here isn't that bad at all! Okay, time to get to work picking it all up!

Phew, is that everything? Time to go back and report to Raoul at the Union.

-ut will we really need alchemists?

I'm sure of it. At my last posting, we had two highly-skilled alchemists that completely turned around the development of the small town they were in. Do you know the name Colseit?

Some travelers have come here from Colseit, yeah.

It was alchemy that put it on the map. I think that--



I'm finished, Raoul!

Good job, Shallie. Here's your compensation.

Whoa, it's even less than I thought...

Is that a complaint?

Not exactly... But don't you think the work I did was worth more than this?

If you want a better paycheck, you have to do better work.

I'm not sure there's much skill to trash collecting...

No way, there's plenty of ways to improve efficiency for tasks, even cleaning. You start small, but you can work your way up.

I know. I'm aiming to do something amazing in my future, and get super famous!

Really. So you have a plan?

Well, I... No. Not yet. But don't come crying to me for favors when I've struck it rich!

What a free spirit she is...

That 'free spirit' is just about her only redeeming quality.


What is it?

Nothing at all.

We should get back to work. So. How about you tell me exactly what's causing problems here.

Music: Creaking


Unending dream

... (I thought I heard Raoul talking about something... He'd prolly tell me I wouldn't understand. Though I guess I should've expected, being a beginner alchemist living in the poor part of town... Mom... Miruca.. I don't see anything in my future... Do I even have one?)

What a cheapskate! No class at all. He wouldn't hesitate to use any way possible to save a buck! ...Hahh...

Welcome home, Shallie! Wow, you look exhausted from all that work.

Hi mom. Gosh, I'm starving!

Don't forget to wash your hands.

Mom, seriously, you don't need to treat me like a little kid anymore.

Yes, well, you'll always be my little girl.

Quit it!

Alright, alright. I'll get you something to eat. You can lie down for a bit.


That song is beyond lame... (Though I like to make my own songs, too...)

Music: Orgel of Youth

"Something amazing", eh? I ended up telling both Raoul AND Miruca that one. (Because of Miruca's experience at Central, she knows a lot about the latest Imbuing techniques. All I have is my self-taught alchemy and personal motivation... What can I do to help myself?

Ugh, what a drag. (I don't care what I end up doing as long as it isn't just trash duty. I want to travel and see the world! I want to do something in my own style that gets me recognized... Mom would be so proud!) What could I do that would make me stand out in a crowd...?

...Shallie, I'll always be proud of you...

Music: Asymmetry