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Part 2: Chapter II: The Calamitous Side of the Promised Meeting

Music: We'll Continue

Fateful encounters

You're not finished yet?

I'm sorry, I've always been a slow eater.

Well yeah, especially if all you're eating is meat.

Hey, what's wrong with liking meat?!

Nothing. I like meat, too.


Make sure you're finished eating by the time we get to Stellard.

We're finally reaching Stellard.

Yep. Just don't forget that the real work starts when we reach Stellard. Don't forget why we've come this far. It might be a long time before we can go back to Lugion.

I know that, but Jurie said she'll introduce us to someone who can help us when we get there. That means we'll be okay, right?

Shallie. Stellard is a lot different from Lugion. You have to be aware of the people around you, not everyone is nice. Don't ever let your guard down.

You worry too much. Do you really think I'm that helpless?

We've got a situation!

What's going on, dad?

It's a Sand Dragon!

Sand... What??

A Sand Dragon, the largest dragons that inhabit the sea.

After we've come so far! Why now?

No time to talk, we have to get away from this!

Whoa! Full speed ahead!

Is that...Stellard? But, at this speed...

Kortes! We're going too fast, we need to reduce speed!

Dammit! The controls aren't working!


Shallie, get down!


Prepare for impact! Hang on to something!

I...Is everyone okay?

I think so...

I'm alright.

So, what should we do now?

We should probably head to the Cooperative Union building and explain this to Raoul, the man in charge of the Union. I'll have to go along to make sure he believes you.

(Oh no...)

We should hurry before the crowd gathers.

Miss, I'll stay behind and try to keep everyone calm. I'll also see if anything happened to the ship that needs repairs.

Thanks Teo. Okay, let's go.

All washed up

Whose ship is this? Is this an attack against Stellard?! Where is the owner of this ship?! I demand you show yourself, NOW! You're a disturber of the peace...!

(Whoa, Perriend is maaaad...) That's not that surprising considering they crashed in here at top speed...

Sorry, but, who're you?

The name's Gerard Perriend. I run the Corporation in this city... How do you not know that?

And I'm his secretary, Linca. Are you the owner of this ship?

No. The owner has gone to report this incident to the person responsible in town...

What do you mean, "the person responsible"?! Then why didn't they come to me?!

(That sure would make him mad. The old man sure has some guts. Maybe he's not from around here? His clothes don't look familiar... But why would the people on the ship know where to go to report this? If they didn't see Perriend, that means... They went to see Raoul?) Oh right! I need to go see Raoul, too!

A dream deferred

It was an accident. It can't be helped.

We must deal with this quickly. The harbor is in utter chaos!

Sorry about the trouble.

You'll have to write a report to submit to Central afterwards, I'm afraid. I'll have talks with Central about materials for the harbor... Though I don't have much hope for that.

Thanks. Sorry about this.

So, um, the reason we came to Stellard is...

Could you tell me later, maybe?

Huh? But...

He means we don't have time to deal with your problems right now. There are a lot of important things that need attention, including the harbor repairs.

But we're...!

Shallie, stop. Save it for later.

You guys...

It would help if you did.

Alright then.

What about her?

Oh, nothing. We should go check out the harbor and help the injured right away!

What to do

(Hahh... They didn't even listen...)

Shallie, I know how you feel, but you have to understand their position, too.

I...I know, but they still should have listened.

While we don't have a lot of time, there's no need to--

I can't believe this happens and they don't explain anything to the Corporation... What is the Union doing?!

Raoul is checking out the damage to the harbor with the official from Central. They're also going to ask the owner of the Sand Ship some questions.

Investigating the harbor isn't going to fix it. What's the point?

We need to assess the damage and get an idea what supplies we need to request from Central.

Central won't do anything for us! As usual! They just don't get it. Like I said, they just... Act like children!

You're spitting again.

Ah, sorry.

I'd hope not! And why do I have to go to the Union, of all places?

Ah, your hair...

Oh, right...

That old guy sure made a racket.

The woman accompanying him was very pretty though.

You think so?

Yeah, she seemed like a socialite from the city. Jurie's pretty as well, but...

All I saw was the old man. I totally missed the woman...

Well we was pretty hard to ignore. He seemed pretty pissed.

No sense in dwelling about it.

Yeah but... ("Sand Ship"... Did they OUR ship...?)

Kortes, you really should pay more attention to your surroundings. I can't believe Shallie has better sense than you do.

What's with that? Now just--

Ugh, anyway. What about that man, Jurie?

He's...well, you'll probably be meeting him soon. Just be careful around him, he has a really short temper.

(Everyone from the city is...)

Anyway, what are you two going to do now? There's definitely no use in talking to him when he gets in these moods.

Well, it wouldn't hurt to check on the ship. The crowd should have disappeared by now at least.

There's nothing really I can do to help you with that, so would you mind if I went back to the Union to try and calm things down?

That would be a great help!

Alright, see you later. Let's go Shallie.

One big chance

Single file, please...

(Wow, there could easily be nothing here for me today.)

No pushing!

Hey, listen up! You, over there! Yeah, you guys, you're blocking the path! And you...


Oh, Shallie! You got here just in time!

Huh? In time for what?

As you can see, it's a bit of a mess here today... I really could use the help!

Huh? But yesterday you said that--

I know, I know, but that was before the ship crashed into the harbor. I'm really short-handed today in dealing with this crowd.

I suppose it IS pretty crowded.

Yes it is. So what do you say? Can I count on you?

Of course I'll help! (Is it truly time to show my skills? Someone actually believes in me?!) What do you need me to do??

I need you to run the survey outside, I can't do it today.

Got it! I'll do a great job!

Alright, time for my first adventure!

Music: Sandy Sea -Shallote-

The long road forward

Welcome back. How did it go?

Not well. How's the ship?

Doing surprisingly well. Another ship docked in the harbor absorbed most of the impact.

Is the other ship alright?

Unfortunately not...

Oh no!

On the bright side, thanks to that, the town didn't suffer as much damage. How long will repairs for the ship take?

I'm double-checking the integrity of the individual parts, but the repairs shouldn't take long at all.

Oh good!

So what happened in Stellard?


OH! I had no idea, I'm so sorry, miss! Please, feel free to get some rest.

I'm sorry. And thank you.

I feel like I'm only just causing trouble for everyone. I'm a failure at representing the clan. (Their attitudes today made them seem super hard to talk to... I'll need to work hard. I can't get discouraged yet! With every passing moment the water in the village is disappearing. Just wait a little longer father! Everyone!)

Great expectations

Alright, time to get to work! If Raoul is happy with my work, maybe I'll get a bigger job next time...! Hehehe! Hey now, not the time for that!

Music: Seeing Off the Daytime Calm

What's first...? Oh yeah! Gathering materials!

Ugh! Too many sheep!

Hm, the ingredients around here aren't very high quality, but survey complete! Let's head back now.

Rescue from the sky

Eeeeeek!! Wait! Stop! I'm not a threat! Can't we just talk this out?!

What are you doing?

T-the sheep...! The sheep!

They're just sheep... Eh, whatever...


Pay attention, and act quickly! Here we go!

Hold on, 'cause I won't catch you if you fall!

Okay...! (Wow, this is incredible! I'm flying through the air! Is this person some sort of insane alchemist?) Woahhhhhh!

Hey, don't grab me like that! It tickles!

I can't help it!

Ahh! Don't pull on my clothes!

I told you I can't help it!!

Argh!! Just let me go, then!

No way! Are you crazy?! I'll fall!

I don't care! Just hang down from the broom or something!


We'll be in town soon! Just hang on and--ah!!


Shallie, are you awake?

Kortes...? Yes, I'm awake.

Jurie came by a little while ago. She said it would be a good idea to stop by the Union and explain our situation. Apparently the panic over our ship crashing into the harbor has calmed down a little.

Oh, that's great! Then...

Don't get ahead of yourself. We don't know if they'll even agree to help.

I know, but... We have to do everything we can!

Mutual benefit

Yes. And since Stellard has plenty of water, we thought we might find a way to save our village here.

I understand. Unfortunately, this is not the place that can help you.


It's true, many people have come here from dried up areas, making it a bit of an oasis sanctuary...for now.


..."For now" being the point.

What do you mean?

...The water here is starting to dry up as well. We're trying to fix it before it's an issue, but it's not going well. We have our own problems here. I don't think you'll find much help.

No way...!

I know the problem your village is facing is a big deal... But I'm responsible for this town. I need to help it first. I'm sorry.

What will I tell everyone...?

I wouldn't expect people to up and help you just because you asked. You're lucky if they even listen.

I understand the situation here and and why you won't help, but you don't have to be rude about it.

Well, I have a proposition for you. Would you be willing to work for the city?


If you lend your strength to the city, it will lend its strength to you.


The Union is about reciprocal aid. It's like a contract... They won't fail to hold up their end of the deal.

Yeah, right... No one follows through with their promises around here.

If that's what you want to believe, I believe our conversation ends here. However, it's not going to get your any closer to saving your village, correct?

Ergh... What if we're wasting our time? Can you guarantee we're not doing that?

Well, I--

I'll do it! I'll do anything for the village... Please...


Then we have a deal. Raoul, do you agree?

Yes. Welcome to Stellard, Shallie...

Before we start working for Stellard, I'd like to know more about how this town is managed.

Most of the commerce and governing in Stellard are run by the "Cooperative Union" and the "Corporation". The "Corporation" controls the water source here, essentially making them the government. Meanwhile...

The "Cooperative Union" is more autonomous.

An autonomous organization? As in, you're not officially recognized? That's pretty sketchy.

This town isn't just populated with the wealthy, there are just as many lower class, and instigators, for that matter. We're rule makers and problem solvers, aiming to make this town a better place for everyone.

Making the town a better place to live...

Also, Central is currently cooperating with the Union, which is why I've been dispatched here.

Why would Central side with the unofficial group instead of the Corporation?

The Corporation is worried about Central's influence. They think they'll lose power if Central moves in.

That's quite the misunderstanding at the moment. Officials such as myself don't have much real power. Besides, we've got a much more important task to do.

What is it?

Investigating and researching ancient relics from around the world... And, the Dusk.


He's saying that your village isn't the only place having problems. The Dusk is threatening to consume the entire world. Your village and Stellard are no exceptions.

Stellard is an intriguing area, which is why I'm investigating both the cause and solution to the Dusk here. That's the real reason I'm here.

I'll do anything to protect Stellard... I'll work with anyone to ensure that. Thus the partnership with Central.

If only it were that easy. The issue is that the environmental toll the Dusk has taken is different in each area, and the influence of the Dusk exists in different ways. It's hard to find a single cause when the Dusk seems to be affecting the environment around the world. But, that is why surveys are such important information. In fact, I'd love your cooperation with the environmental survey we'll be conducting soon.

I have faith in you. You've got your own crisis back home to keep the fire lit under you!

Is it normal for the Union to take advantage of other people's weaknesses like this?

We've all got weaknesses. Let me remind you, this is for mutual benefit. If your work is satisfactory, this town will do everything in its power to help your village.

And don't you forget it.

Raoul is a man of his word. I assure you we won't forget about our end of the deal.


The survey itself may be simple, but traveling to distant lands is difficult.

Which is why we've found someone to help you out... Come on in.

Hey, I'm here to help.


Out of everyone...

We'll have fun.

I'd like you to start the survey of the Stellard area here - in the eastern edge of the Fertile Sea. It should be a simple task, especially with Jurie assisting you. Remember to complete the report and submit it to me when you're finished.

Come on Shallie. Let's go.

Huh...? Oh, yes!

Jurie, welcome...! Again...


So, uh...why did you decide to come with us?

This is another one of those "mutual benefits" deals.

Sounds like you're up to something to me.

Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith, Kortes.

Ugh... Please tell me you haven't let your skills fade...?

Hey, I'M the one who taught YOU how to sail!

You DID? Then it's thanks to you we arrived at Stellard safely, Jurie.

Though she hit some trouble getting back herself...

Hey, I didn't have any issues!

She's not coming.

Oh right, I forgot she was studying in Central.

Actually, she's back in town now.

Then why...? ...

Maybe we shouldn't ask, but... Miruca? Who's that?

She's my little sister.

Your little sister, huh? Then she must be super cute...

No, she's super EXTRA cute.


We're headed to a place called the "Fertile Sea". Shallie, get your things together.

Oh, right.

Music: Sandy Sea -Shallistera-

I'm not that experienced in surveying, so I'll just help you two deal with any monsters we encounter.

What? I thought you worked for the Union.

Yeah, but there's a variety of jobs the Union deals with. I'm much better with monster exterminating requests. Shallie there seems like a natural in handling surveying requests.

Shelbani Wheat, Water...ugh, the quality isn't very good, Anti-Bug Grass, Phlogiston, Red Clay, and Dusk Sea Sand... That should be all the materials. Now, what about the monsters...?

We should keep up with her better from now on.

Music: Stella -Part 1

Wow... Jurie, you're amazing!

At least I'm working with one smart person.

Let's just take care of the other monsters around here to complete the survey.



It's amazing...

What is?

The world is a pretty big place. There're a lot of mysteries out there.


You okay, Shallie?

She'll get used to it. I was the same way in the beginning, too.


Your alchemy is like that.

What does a survey have to do with alchemy?

Alchemy has the power to create things beyond imagination. One day you'll realize that power... But know that it might also frighten you. I don't have any talent when it comes to alchemy, I started to feel that way after watching my little sister.

The power to create something beyond anyone's imagination...


We should get back, Solle is probably waiting for us.

The power of alchemy...