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Part 6: Bonus Update 1

Like with the previous Dusk game threads, every five updates will be a Bonus Update, where I'll compile artwork, music commentary, and any other interesting things I feel like addingg outside of the main thread. In the future, using bonus updates I'll probably post scans of the Dusk Trilogy art books with the bonus updates. Let us begin.


Stera artwork
Lotte artwork
Kortes artwork
Nady artwork
Teokhuga artwork
Solle artwork
Jurie artwork
Miruca artwork
Wilbell artwork

Alchemist of Aspiration!?
Syn. Ship Atelier Stera
Syn. Shallie's House
Stellard A
Stellard B
Shallie's's Ship
Ship workshop

As with the other threads, I'm going to use the game's in-game OST to determine listing, but using another website (VGMdb) for the song name translations.

Alchemist on a Ship
I'm Asano, and I composed BGMs and battle sound effects for this game. I'd like to write a long message thanking you, but... There's a word limit on this text. Anyway, thank you for clearing the game! (Asano)

Humming in the Atelier
This atelier theme is based directly off Lotte's image. The chords and build up never calm down (haha). Also, we brought back the cauldron's bubbling sound effect for this game. It's so relaxing! (Yanagawa)

Y'know, I never noticed the bubbling. I'll have to listen for it when I record next.

Song of the Sand Sea Hunters
Theme for the Union. It's basically a den for rowdy people, with everyone shouting orders, so I went for a wild tune. The sound of chains was inspired by a song featuring wind instruments. (Yanagawa)

Spitting Chairman
Theme for the Corporation. I'm sure you'll understand the title if you started with Stera. But if you didn't, give the game another shot, this time with Stera! I need to be more careful when I talk, too. (Asano)

Disappeared Water
This title theme is an arrangement of the opening. I did many arrangements of this song, but often times they only had a little bit of the original. Some people might not even realize it! (Yanagawa)

Sandy Sea -Shallistera-
The BGMs for the smaller maps in this game are arrangements of the world map theme. We did this for Totori and Meruru, too. (Achiwa)

Sandy Sea -Shallote-
Since we have 2 heroines in this game, I decided to use their images to create their own arrangements as well. (Achiwa)

I prefer Shallote's version as opposed to Shallistera's. Just has more...presence, I think.

Sandy Sea -Desert-
Yanagawa was in charge of these arrangements in Totori and Meruru, so this is my first time handling this job. It's actually pretty difficult! (Achiwa)

Sandy Sea -Vegetation-
I thought tweaking the music would be easier, but I was so wrong! You need to make the track follow the progress and tempo of the original, as well as sounding distinct, so there are a lot of limits. (Achiwa)

I wonder if that's the reason they've only done "One major theme, remixes for small areas" thing in only three of the games. Then again, Shallie is kind of weird because it has a very distinct main theme that the other Ateliers kind of lacked, at least from what I remember.

Sandy Sea -Ruins-
Even though it's an arrangement, you can't change too much, but there's no point if I don't change enough... I was relieved after I finally finished all the versions of this track. (Achiwa)

Seeing Off the Daytime Calm
Yanagawa was very particular about adding environmental sounds to map themes. My hometown is small, about 4000 people, and the beach was a 3 minute walk from my house. I'd like to visit sometime. (Asano)

Shining Zoospore
I normally decide on 2-3 key words before I start composing a track. They were "mystery" "calm" and "beauty" for this one. Looking back, I don't know if there were any meaning to that (lol). (Asano)

Gate of Mirages
Theme for ruins with buried automatons. This is another arrangement of the opening. I got a cute, little flute, so I tried using it. (Yanagawa)

Stella -1-
Battle theme for the early part of the game. Those who chose to play using Stera will definitely heard this, so I put a lot of effort into play the guitar. (Asano)

Though I like Lotte's world map theme more, I have to say I prefer Stera's battle themes over Lotte's. It is good they musically gave different feelings to the characters, though. A lesser game wouldn't pick up on something like that, that the music of a game can dramatically affect your feelings toward it.

Until the Day We Fulfill Our Duty
Stera's victory jingle. I was surprised to see Stera uses a bell to break barrels, because at first I thought she was using her bare hands. Although it's pretty amazing to do it with a bell, too. (Yanagawa)

Sweep! -1-
Lotte's battle theme. The guitar, bass, and bouzouki are played by the very familiar Dani! The nnormal battle themes are full of arrangements in this game, so it was actually rather difficult... (Yanagawa)

Also a good directorial decision: change up the battle themes depending on your progress in the game. Too many games (the first Xenosaga being an infamous example of a game with exactly two battle themes: one for every fight that's NOT the final boss, and one for the final boss) don't do this, and even the best battle themes can get very tiring after hearing it, especially with how combat-heavy RPGs I've played recently are.

In addition, not only does everyone who play this game have three different versions of their heroine's battle theme, but people who preordered this game from Amazon got a music pack, with an additional remix of each heroine's main battle theme.

We Still Have Work to Do
Lotte's victory jingle. I can totally see her looking around for valuables after a battle (lol). Her level up animation is cute. I really like it. (Yanagawa)

We haven't seen it yet, but it's Lotte trying to get on a broom and start flying, before failing and rubbing her head. It is really cute, but it doesn't really make sense until later in the game. Also, I like the in-game name for this song more than the translated one: "I Can Still Earn More".

The guitar and bass are played by Dani. It'd be interesting to compare the different tones and solo styles used by the various composers. (Achiwa)

The Girl of the White Sands
Thsi game has two heroines! Pairings of long and short hair are pretty standard, but I wonder what started it? Pink Lady? Beauty hair? (Achiwa)

Blue Sky and Broom Daughter
Shallotte's hair style and character are really uppity, so I went with this title! Shallistera? ...Who's that? She's got long black hair? ...Are you talking about Sonoko Kawai? You don't know her? (Achiwa)

Forearm Ball
Miruca's theme. To tell the truth, this track was finished before the atelier track. Seriously though, I think Miruca is super cute. What do you think? (Asano)

I have to agree, honestly. She's my favorite of the new characters, with the Shallies pretty much tied for me.

Dual Blades and Picture Books
I want an older sister like Jurie. I only have a younger sister, so I can't stop yearning for an older sister. I want to call her "neesan". I'd wag my tail and follow along anyone who'd let me! (Yanagawa)

Baby Bird -Part 3-
Theme for a certain master. When I imagine being able to use magic, the first thing that comes to mind is how easy it would be to get to work by flying... Seriously, I kind of hate myself for thinking about it. (Asano)

A certain old man commented about a transforming magical girl in the Ayesha music hall. I was shocked to see that a drama CD actually came out! And the main character was voiced by Jouji Nakata! (Achiwa)

Keith's Japanese voice actor, in case you don't remember the name. This tune in particular was used a lot in Ayesha, and remains one of my favorite songs from Ayesha. It's no less great here.

We're Both Shallie
This is a combination of a lively, short haired girl and a graceful, long haired girl. Now that I think about it, there was a book with a name like "Two Lottes". (Achiwa)

Let's Calmly Talk
A movie I saw recently has started affecting my chord progression... Anyway, I like composing heartwarming tunes like this. I'd like to compose children's songs after I retire. (Yanagawa)

Open the Door
This is supposed to sound serious and solemn, rather than just straight-up sad. The image is of someone suddenly talking openly about their worried and old memories. (Achiwa)

I Don't Get It
This is for situations where you don't know what to do. But then naturally, you synthesize something with alchemy and solve the problem. (Achiwa)

Situational BGMs really need to evenoke that sense of "this really fits!" I'm pretty confident about this track. (Achiwa)

Orgel of Youth
I completed this track with a single play. Composing like this results in more honest melodies. (Yanagawa)

Sand Clouds

I've used this title before, but it just fits the image too perfectly not to use it. By the way, the other time I used this title was in Atelier Iris 2. (Achiwa)

Tutorial theme. I really like it when the bass jumps in here and there. (Asano)

Theme for learning recipes. When asked "Do you have a hobby?" I thought it would be cool to say "Cooking". At least I did, until 2 years ago. (Asano)

Cooking is definitely one of those talents I want to have, but just don't seem to have the time to learn.

Listen Here!
A jingle for whne new allies join, and other events. I'm always asking Yanagawa for advice with jingles like this. Thank you. (Asano)

Results Celebration!
Life Task results theme. Oh right, while progressing certain tasks, the sound of Lotte's footsteps changes. Did anybody notice? (Yanagawa)

Rusty Sky
This song is not only used for the title theme, but for various arrangements as well. Please take a listen to the full version of this song, and reflect on the Dusk Sea. (Okamura)

Game version: The opening theme for this game. In order to depict the grand scale of the Dusk World, we asked a new artist, Matryoshka, to compose for us. (Okamura)

All the artists asked to perform in this series have combined their individual musical talents with the themes and world setting of Atelier. Thank you all very much! (Okamura)

Game version: We asked Chirinuruwowaka to perform the avant-title theme. The setting for this game involves the theme of ships and traveling, so the songs fit into this as well. (Okamura)

First bonus update of a thread is always terrible in terms of number of songs that need to be reported, and I likely missed a few that actually played in scenes I've covered. Ah well, I'll be sure to get everything eventually.