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Part 12: Bonus Update 2


Syn. Ship Atelier Stera
Shallie's House
Imbuing Stera
Imbuing Lotte
Imbuing Shallie

Stellard Plaza
City Water Source
Cooperative Union Headquarters
Hunter's Hangout
Shallistera A
Shallistera B
Shallotte A
Shallotte B


Sandy Sea -Cave-
Sometimes you want to change the tempo a little to fit different instruments, but you can't! It's hard to find a fitting composition and style for these arrangements. (Achiwa)

Sandy Sea -Trading Post-
This completes this group of compositions. I look forward to seeing just what kind of impression they make in the finished game! (Achiwa)

This character theme aims to depict the mismatch between Homura's small, cute stature, and his attempts to seem big. (Achiwa)

Attractive Beach Queen
I wanted to make at least 1 novelty track for comical situations... And got this. It's supposed to be ska plus The Ventures... But I think fans of both will want to beat me up for saying that. (Achiwa)

Those Who Challenge the Twilight
This was used along with Asano's track in a preview video. Yet another arrangement of the opening. I didn't want to hold anything back, considering I was borrowing someone else's melody. (Yanagawa)

The first preview video, actually. This track, along with another song to be heard later in the game, was used in that video. This is one of my favorites on the OST, but it only plays over that one scene where Lotte and Stera go to the Union about the dragon.

Bonus Bonus

As promised, artistic exerpts from the Atelier: Dusk series artbooks. All of them are really high-quality and colorful, and I'm glad I bought them.

Atelier Ayesha artbook 1

Atelier Ayesha artbook 2

Atelier Ayesha artbook 3

Atelier Ayesha artbook 4

The most interesting bits from the book. Also, in the meantime between now and the next update, take a look at number 2. What would be your favorite alternate character designs from Ayesha for the main cast?

Ayesha: since she has so many, I'll choose 3. On the second row, I'd be cool with the third one from the left, and on page 83, first Ayesha from the left on the first row who looks like Nio. Final Ayesha would be the first Ayesha on the next row down.

Wilbell: hood instead of a hat might be interesting, but the small green-haired Wilbell I'd actually prefer over the final product. Call me a weirdo.

Regina: if I had to choose (and it's my challenge), blonde Regina would be alright.

Linca: just like Ayesha, she has a ton of concept arts, and I'll choose 3. Green-clothed Linca with the green hat would be awesome, but I'm also partial to the Linca second from the right in the second row. Next row, I guess number 6. Maid Linca I'm sure was just Hidari spitballing.

Juris: not a whole lot of variation, but I'll roll with Wild Man Juris, first from the left in the second row.

Keith: lot of strange stuff here, but let's see. I'll pick two alternates. I'll choose Cape Keith (third from the right in the second row). But I'll cheat a bit and look at alternate colors of his final outfit. G would be my favorite among that group. Also check out Internet Dude Keith at the bottom there with the fedora and scarf.

Nio: I really like Nio's final outfit, and I'm not real partial on any of the rough designs, but I guess I'd go with first from the right in the second row.

Marion: getting into the DLC characters now. Marion's final design I like a lot more than any of the concepts, but gun to my head, I'd go with A in the first row.

Odelia: first Odelia design on that page by a mile. Also bonus look at what a male Odelia would look like.

Harry: said I'd only go with the playable cast, but I'd be a damn fool not to point out Ben Franklin Harry at his section.

There is a lot of neat stuff that's hidden under Japanese that'd I'd just love to translate before I submit the archive request, including artist commentary over the event CGs. Another example would be Nio's Diary at the end of the book. I assume it's complete fluff, but it would be neat to see what manner of fluff it is.