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Part 15: Chapter XIII: The Mysterious Side of the Eastern Lands

Music: We'll Still Continue

Job offer




G'morning. Do you need Perriend for anything?

Yes, actually... Linca called for me earlier...

She did?

It sounded like they had something to ask me...


Why are you here?

Well, we did beat the Sand Dragon, so I thought Perriend might have a bigger job for me.

I'm sure Linca will be able to find something for you.

I hope so... Anyway, let's go see.

Good morning... I see Shallotte is here as well. I heard about your participation in the battle with the Sand Dragon the other day.

Oh jeez, that's embarrassing...

The chairman is grateful that you helped us defend the city.

Well thank you, too! What was it you wanted to ask me?

The chairman wants to speak with you directly about that... He'll be back shortly. Do you mind waiting?

Not at all.

Er, Linca? Do you have any bigger jobs I could do?

Bigger job? How does hauling industrial refuse sound to you? There're some pretty big things to move.

Uhhmm, that's not quite what I meant by "big"...

I see...

Oh, I'm sorry for making you wait. Apologies.

Uhm? Oh, uh, that's okay...

There's something I'd like to request of you... Or rather, your ship.

And what would that be?

Do you know of the continent to the east?

Yes, but, that's about it... I don't know anything ABOUT it.

That's not too surprising. It's been a few decades since the travel routes there stopped. However, since you dispatched the Sand Dragon, we may be able to open trade routes again. It's still rough around the edges, and probably dangerous, but someone with your skill might learn something.

Whoa! Exploring unknown lands is a HUGE job!

Um, thank you for the offer, Perriend, but I still have to save my village...

Yes, I know. Linca.

The continent to the east is told to be less affected by the Dusk than Stellard.

If the Dusk isn't influencing that area, there could be a solution to our drought problem there.


The documents are very old, so we can't be positive, but if there's a chance...? It may be worth looking into.

I'll do it! I'll go! I'll travel to the eastern continent.

Ah. I'm most grateful. I've let the Union know as well. Ask Raoul if you want details.


Uhhmm, is it okay if I go with you to Raoul's place?

Yes, of course.

Nice! Let's get going!

To the eastern continent

Hey, Shallie and... Shallie.

Shallie and Shallie, hehe...

What? You've got the same name...

I don't really mind, but...

I'm back...!

Escha! Welcome.

Ohh, I'm so tired... Harry and Reyfer dragged me all over the place...

So those two came along, too...? I don't see them, though...

They didn't want to leave and said "We'll stay here!", so I left them.


I'd be more worried if it was just Harry, but I guess as long as Reyfer is with him, they'll be fine.

Uh, what are you talking about?

Oh! Hey, Shallies! I actually just came back from the eastern continent.

Really? The eastern continent...

It sounds like youc an go now that the dragon is gone. Did you look into it already?

You're pretty quick to pick up on these things...

Central knows the continent exists, but it's still a mostly unexplored land.

That's why I wanted to see what it was like over there.

So what did you see?

it's just like you said, there're much fewer signs of drought there. There were flowers everywhere...

Mmm... What else?

Well, I didn't really check if anything was edible, but a lot of stuff looked really tasty!

...That's good, thank you. Please get some rest, Escha.

Wait, what?

Ugh, in other words, we still hardly know anything.


It's strange to hear you raise your voice like that... What's wrong?

I came because Perriend asked me to investigate the eastern continent.

The... Chairman...?

Yes! He said there could be a way to stop the droughts!

...Damn old man.

Me too! I'll go with her!

Calm down, you two. I don't plan on sending anyone else over there for now.

Nooo... Really? Why?

The route is pretty long, and the entire thing is yet to be secured. We can't start the investigations without a supply route.

Could maybe I go first? My village is threatened by a drought!

No. It's too dangerous.

Escha went there on her own! We'll be fine! We beat a Sand Dragon!

Don't overestimate yourself. Do you think you can beat that thing alone? Especially you, Shallotte. You don't have people following you or a ship or the ability to take care of yourself. You need to have both feet on the ground before you start running.





I'll go.


I heard everything.

They were shouting pretty loudly.

You can't tell a treasure hunter not to explore.

I don't want to stop you... Unlike these two.

No, them too. If they need something and it's on the eastern continent, they need to go.

I'm not saying they can't go, they just need to wait. Everyone from the Union is still tired from fighting the dragon. They'll have their assignment once the route is secure. Just... Wait for now.

I'll go with them.

Please, Raoul. Kortes and Teo will be with us, too.

Really? That's still not enough...

Solle. Eastern continent. Go now, yes?

Yes, Homura, the route is open. Though it is dangerous.

Dangerous adventure. I welcome it. Hurry. Ready ship.

Still not enough?

Just do what you want.

Yay! Thank you, all!

Heh. Sounds fun.

Well then, here is your official mission. But, I cannot guarantee your safety, since the route isn't secured... Crossing beyond the Eastern Sea of Smoke, follow the wear of the land to a settlement called Faav Village.

Faav Village?

Yes. It's the only place on the eastern continent that we've had contact with. You can meet up with the people I know.


Escha, Solle, what about you two?

Although I think my time would be better spent here, investigating the eastern continent sounds interesting. And for you, Raoul, I would be able to keep an eye on them.

I just back so... I guess I could help out a little in showing everyone around. I'm not sure how much I'd help, though...

Well... I guess it could turn out well, if everyone stays safe. Still, I know I've said it already, but don't push yourselves too hard... Or get hurt. Especially you, Shallie!



That was a bit much...

She was getting carried away by the Sand Dragon incident. That's when you're in the most danger. There's no one around to tell her any different. If no one else will say it, I have to say it msyelf.

She'll be fine. Jurie and Homura will be with her.

Leave to me. Solle. But reward be. Lots of shiny.

Shallie... (I should speak with her before we leave...) Well, if there's nothing else...

We should get ready. I've just got a few things to get, Shallie, and I'll be headed to your ship.

Escha, Homura and I will get ready from here.

I am. Always. Ready!

This might be more dangerous than the Sand Dragon, Shallie. Don't ever get careless out there. We have no idea what to expect.


Oh, master...

Mm? Are you ok? You sound depressed...

Nah... So, why are you here?

I heard about the survey team heading east. Do you know anything about the route they're taking?

Oh, actually, yeah. Just a little. Are you interested in the eastern continent?


What I remember is, after crossing the Eastern Sea of Smoke, you follow the terrain to a settlement...

Oh hmm, that sounds tough... Ugh, but I still need to go...

Are you looking for something? It seemed like that when we first met, too...

What's with that face?


Sorry I didn't tell you sooner... Though I have spent a lot of time with alchemists, so I know a good amount. That's why I can still teach you alchemy for a little while longer. I can help you out until you're ready to go off on your own.

You're still my master. That won't change!

Thanks... So, part of my training is forming contracts with spirits. I wanted to look for one in the east.

Oh, well... Do you want to go there together?


I'm going there with Shallie and the others, so, you could come too... If you want...

What!! YOU were the survey team? You should've told me sooner!


Come on! We need to hurry!

The people

I'm the one who wants to go there.

Oh, you are?

There were a few people, including Solle, saying there could be a way to solve the drought over there.

They probably just said that to get you to work harder.

Wait a minute, I thought you looked up to Raoul, Kortes.

What? Really?

Back when he was a treasure hunter, at least. Now he's just a lousy politician, probably just as bad as Perriend.

It could be that Raoul wants to go to the eastern continent himself.

Mmm, I doubt it.

He might be young, but he's only acting as president of the Union out of necessity. Perriend is too busy dealing with the rich folk to deal with the poor. Raoul can't just ignore them...

You don't know anything about that city, dad. You can't just say things like that.

You're the one who doesn't understand, Kortes.


I saw a ton of people pass by every day while I was repairing the ship.

Knowing your way around isn't the only thing you need to learn about a city.

Knowing the city, huh...

Teo, what kind of place is the eastern continent?

They used to have trade routes with Lugion Village and the surrounding settlements.

I didn't know that...

Oh yeah... That reminds me, I remember hearing about a legend earlier...


But, uh, I can't remember it at the moment...

You always forget the most important parts...

I'm sorry...


I heard you're going to the eastern continent?

Well that was quick...

Well, you know, my father is pretty enthusiastic about studying the eastern continent... Though I can't go.

Being rich must be SO tough.

Wait. You two already know each other?

Not like I can help running into him at the Corporation. His requests can be a pain sometimes.

I always wondered what you felt...

Anyway, did you need something? We're getting ready to leave, so we have a lot to do!

Oh yeah! So, if you find any information about the automatons while you're there, let me know.

Automatons? Are you wasting more money?

...Is he always like this?

Yeah, pretty much.

So if you actually find one, bring it back!

...Let's go.

Yeah... So uh, you seemed a little down earlier. Are you okay?

Eh? Oh uh, yeah, actually, I feel better after talking.

Oh, that's good! Let's go!


The horizon of dreams

Oh, Shallie...

Sorry for making you wait! Let's get going! To the east!

Ah, are you okay?

What? You mean what Raoul said? Eh, don't worry about it, I'm fine.

Oh, that's good.

What's more important is that we're heading east, which means we're going to have to cross the sea, right?

Yes, Kortes and Teo are getting things ready. Will Wilbell and Miruca be coming?

Heck yeah! Were...Solle and Escha coming?

Yes. Solle said he's probably going to be busy with work, and Escha is still tired from her last trip, but I'm sure they'll be well enough by the time we make it to Faav Village.

So everyone's coming... Alrighty! Let's find the cause of the drought!


Music: Koinegaufune

We're setting off!

I can't believe how vast the Dusk Sea is... Every time I see it, it amazes me how it manages to go on and on.

I don't think anyone can even see all of the Dusk Sea. From Stellard you can get an amazing look at it, but it's only when you're on a ship like this can you really understand how big it. Even if I traveled for my entire life, I don't think I could see it all. Especially if it keeps growing.

But that's why we're here, right? To stop the spread.

Of course.

So you're a witch, right?

Well, yes, but I'm still kind of inexperienced...

With the kind of power you have, I'm not sure if I believe that. How do you become a witch? Do you have to practice for a long time?

Hm, well... Why are you so interested?

I had a little talk with Shallistera one day, and I was thinking I might write a book while traveling and working with the Union and Shallie. It's going to be a book about the different kinds of people I've met while traveling the Dusk Sea. A witch would make a great entry in the book, don't you think?

That does sound pretty interesting. Well, it all starts with...

Oh...are we still traveling?

We haven't reached the Sand Dragon's nest yet! It's going to be a while.

Ugh...why is the Dusk Sea so big? I want to go inside...

Aww! Still, isn't it nice just to look up in the sky and just see everything you can?

I guess... But I think I'd still rather be working in my atelier. I can see the sky from Stellard, you know.

It's not the same!

Shallie! What do you want to eat tonight?

Hm, well, meat, and fish, and a lot of sweets! Do you have those?

Yes, of course!

Hang on, I'll come down and see what we have!

Watch your step! Ah!

Ah...haha, I'm okay...

You really should be more careful Shallie.

I know... I'm sorry. Oh! Everyone, turn around!

The rainbow of light...

It's a sign of good fortune, Miss Shallistera.


No. But continent. Very close.

You've been to the east before, Homhom?


Then how do you know?

Just saw map. Earlier.

Oh, huh.



I didn't think we'd have visitors again... I guess the Sand Dragon really was defeated!


This used to be a trade hub for Stellard. And recently, we've had a lot more people coming from the west... Is trade starting up again?

Ah, we only came here to investigate the eastern continent.

But if everything works out, you might be able to start trading again!

That's good news!

We're looking for a place called Faav Village. Is it close by?

Yes, just beyond the Crystal Valley, in fact. But you should know, there's dangerous animals and Slags living there.


Shallie. Okay... Leave it to me.

Oh, also, two people I didn't recognize took off for the Crystal Valley the other day. I wonder how they're doing.

Two people...?

This is just a small trading point, but you're welcome to what you can find.

There's definitely going to be some new materials, this far from Stellard. Let's look around a lot.

(Huh? I thought I saw a fish just now... It looked huge...)

Yeah, it's probably the head honch-fish of that pond.


It's a huge and splended fish, so everyone tries to catch it... But nobody's ever succeeded.

So if someone managed to catch it, they'd be a hero?

Huh? Uh... I guess, kind of?

Well then, I can't just sit still...!

Shallie, catch up!

Ugh, crap! Sorry!

Rules of Nature

That monster up there could make things difficult if people are going to travel through here. Let's take care of it.

This monster is pretty strong against magical attacks...

We're going to need to be extra aggressive with this one. Looks like it's recovering its wounds.

Music: FJ: Initiategram

Whew... I didn't think I could do it.

Shallie...what was that?

A secret technique of our clan. I've been practicing it for a long time, but I finally managed to do it. I'm so glad...

What beautiful flowers... I hope we see amazing things like this everywhere on the eastern continent...

The Crystal Valley is just north of here.

Music: Crystal Dance

We can't get to where we need to go without passing through here. We have to go. Right?


...Alright then, let's go.

Let's make sure to gather a lot here!

If we're going to be investigating large areas like this, we need a way to mark our movements carefully. Do you see that crystal over there?

Yeah, of course.

If you find similar objects like that, distinctive parts of the area where you can guide yourself around, you won't get lost around here. Keep an eye out for those in the future.

There are a lot of enemies around here...

It looks like the path splits off in three directions.

I never thought I would see slags like this again. There used to be a lot of them around Colseit, but I guess they've come here, too.

We're going to have to fight one. Which one do you want to fight, Shallie?


Crystal clash


This is our chance!

Yeah! We're the best!

Oh no...

What is it?

Me and Logy found Slag remains a lot like this, and we ended up having to fight it. I was...kinda responsible, though.

Ah, I remember that report... Well, at least you were successful. Still, it doesn't look dangerous at the moment. We should probably leave it alone.

Finally...looks like the end of the valley is ahead. Homura, how far from the Crystal Valley is Faav Village?

Have to. Pass. Through. Small tunnel. But close.

Great, more of these. Let's take it out.

Armor killer

I'm glad the strength of my people can help all of my friends...

I'm going to defeat this monster.

That was not difficult.

The mysterious east

Music: Red Light

Hmm, interesting...

It really does exist!

The culture doesn't seem that different from Stellard, but the atmosphere is totally distinct, even from Central...

It sure is. How does it compare to your village, Shallie?

My village is pretty small... But, this is the second time I've come to an unknown town. The world really is...

Hahaha, that's what I was going to say.

Hehe! I guess we're thinking the same thing!

Well we shouldn't just stand around! Let's go in.

Whattt!? You like saying "Barrel" too!?

Huh? Oh, yes... I just like saying "Barrel!"



Dramatic encounters

And we came all this way...


Them. I know!

Music: Seeker's Tango

Hello hello! I'm Harry Olson, and I explore the world in search of knowledge.

And I'm Reyfer. I'm not one for bragging, but I'm a pretty adept treasure hunter.

Hello. Reyfer.

Well, if it isn't Homura. Quite a coincidence meeting in a place like this.

Reyfer. You forget. Our work. No coincidences.

What, really?

Treasure hunters don't blindly blunder into random ruins. We wouldn't last very long if we did, if you get my drift.

Only amateurs. Search random places. We study much. Before going. That's why. Always a reason. Treasure hunter appears.

That means...

Yes, you're pretty smart, you know. Have you happened to have heard of a Solle Grumman?

Ah, Solle? Yes! I know him!

We met each other during one of my great adventures from the past... Hmm, maybe this can be part of my book...

Wait, you're a writer?

Wait a minute, you don't know what a fabulous writer I am? How unfortunate. I'll have to find you some copies when we return to Stellard!

Uhm... Thanks? Are you here because Solle asked you to come?

Yeah. We came as a scouting group since we heard the route to the continent's reopening. We wanted to be first.

Wait a minute... Could you two be the people Escha was talking about...?

Yeah, she decided to go back first. It's actually quite common to send professional treasure hunters to check out ruins before an investigation. More often than not, there're hidden dangers about.

There's something great just waiting for us on this continent! Grand relics of past civilizations! The automaton worshiped here as a goddess must have a ton of lost knowledge!

Automaton as... A goddess? That's right, the people in town mentioned a goddess...

There wasn't much in the town itself, though. Kinda disappointing.

I see.

We should take a look around town, too.

Alright, sounds like a good idea.

Is this... A person??

Oh, that's an automaton.

Automaton... A doll that looks just like a human? I didn't realize you know about things like this!

I encountered a few near Stellard before, but I didn't really know much about them... Al asked for things like this, but, I don't think we can take it, huh...

Al...? Oh, Perriend's son, right? I think this is what they were calling their goddess... They'd probably get upset if we took it.

...Yeah, probably.

So...I guess we didn't find out anything.

Sure looks like it... We should get back to the ship.

Wait up, ladies!

Oh, Harry. Hello.

What is it?

Our meeting must be fate! I have some good information for you for a nominal cost!

We're actually pretty low on cash...

Don't be so tasteless, Reyfer. When it comes to turning a crisis into an opportunity, the Harry Company is the best in the business!

Anyway, let us know if you're interested. It'd really help us out. Me and Harry collect all sorts of rare items. Harry sells 'em, but I help collect 'em. Speak to him if you need something.

Gathered here are some of the rarest items of the eastern continent! Why, I bet you've never seen most of these ingredients! And my prices are very reasonable, as you can see!

Thank you, Mr. Harry.

These do look pretty interesting...


Yes, the Dusk hasn't affected this place much yet... But I'm sure we'll find a clue to help save Lugion Village if we keep looking!



Escha! What are you doing here?

Raoul sent me. He said to call you back.

What? He did??

Call us back?

There's something unusual happening with the city's water supply, and it's become a huge problem.

What?! The water supply...!

There aren't enough people around to help, so he wanted you to hurry back!!

Alright, we'll head back now!

Hey, wait for me!

The Dusk is finally showing its effects... What can we do...?

Why now...? We haven't investigated enough yet...

I know... But this issue could affect your village, too, Shallie.

...My village is already in crisis. We've just managed to get by, for now. The best way of solving both our problems and the problem in Stellard is to investigate the Dusk...

But what we really need to know is what's happening in the city. We have to find something new... Right?

...I don't know.

I hope we get back soon...

This is as fast as the ship will go. We'll get there soon enough.

Yeah... I guess...


Raoul! What happened to the water supply?

Don't worry, we've just finished implementing emergency measures.

Emergency measures?

An alchemist looked at the water supply control equipment, so, we're getting by for now.

They were just passing through. They were a bit problematic, though, so I didn't want to ask them anything...

Problematic? Um...what did this alchemist look like?

He was wearing a dark coat, glasses, had short white hair, and was tall.

Wait, could that have been...

Don't worry, it's not important right now. The point is that we've bought some time.

What should we do?

It looks like Central is finally starting their investigation, so you two should just hang out on standby for now.

Okie dokey.

We can't help that. But... Seeing as they have emergency measures, there probably wasn't a need to rush back...