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Part 18: Bonus Update 3


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Red Light
This was the first theme composed for the entire game. It's been used in both previews and commercials, and I think it's the most memorable track. (Asano)

It is a surprisingly good song for such a relatively small area of the game. For the first preview video for Shallie, you had this song and Those Who Challenge the Twilight.

Stop the Sand Dragon
Theme for the Sand Dragon's nest. The image is "You're about to fight a really strong enemy!" It's really fun to compose tracks for scenes where you're overcoming the odds. (Yanagawa)

Crystal Dance
The theme for a field that's glittering beautifully, but filled with powerful enemies. I made the latter half more exciting to try and show this. (Yanagawa)

Within the Feelings Left Behind
The oboe was played by Yuka. I always feel a little emotional at the end of a splendid performance. Maybe I've gone a little soft lately, because I find myself crying more often... (Asano)

Stella -2-
Normal battle theme for the middle part of Stera's story. The guitar was played by Shimizu. I really like the cool, quick arrangement. I also added the melody from the opening. (Asano)

Sweep -2-
A battle theme for Lotte after she grows a little bit. Some battles are this point should be long enough to reach the high point in the song. (Yanagawa)

This battle them has Toshinori Hiramatsu on guitar and Dani on bass. Tracks like this seem like something you'd hear when giant robots combine together! (Achiwa)

Flying Clouds, Drifting Haze
The guitar is played by Shimizu. I really enjoy titles like this. I guess I'm at the age where poetic phrases start to sound cool. (Asano)

The Warrior's Holiday
Theme for a guy with really solid abs. He might even be referred to as a brother by someone. I like "oniichan" and "niisama", but I think "nissan" is the best. Sorry. (Yanagawa)

Seeker's Tango
Congratulations Harry, for showing up in 3 games in a row! At first I thought about making this a samba, but I think a more refined track is more fitting of Harry. (Achiwa)

Mother's Wish
Theme for Nady. The oboe was played by Yuka. We first asked her to perform for the anime, but we liked her tunes so much that I asked her to perform again. Just wonderful (Yanagawa)

I guess Yuka must have just played the oboe for a song from the anime, because she has no obvious involvement in the anime's opening (song by Escha's Japanese VA, Rie Murakawa herself) or the ending (sung by Haruka Shimotsuki, who has also done songs for these games), or any of the songs from the anime's OST (which was done by Achiwa, Yanagawa, and Asano).

Droplets of Time
A grand piece. The Dusk series often has settings on a grand scale, so requests for these types of tracks are high. (Achiwa)

Blurring Sand
For heavy scenes. It's strange, playing touching tracks like this along with press conference videos seems to always make viewers think it was good. The power of music is immense. (Achiwa)

Good Night
Players of pinball and other games may feel this way as well, but jingles that let playeres know when a good thing happened are very important, so I compose them with care. (Achiwa)

Unlike in the games with time limits, where sleeping could help you pass days quickly, there is no reason whatsoever to sleep in this game. It's easy to forget you even can.

We'll Still Continue
I believe jingles are the basis of game music. At the dawn of video games, there were few real BGMs, mostly jingles and fanfares. (Achiwa)

A jingle for when new allies join, and other events. I'm always asking Yanagawa for advice with jinglees like this. Thank you. (Asano)

FJ: Initiategram
Shallistera's victory theme. I keep in mind that with a finishing jingle, the moment you hear it you know you've already won. I'd prefer to just beat this back pain, though. (Asano)

FJ: Burning Flame
Lotte's finishing jingle. Yeah, it's pretty comedic. It would be a tragedy if you beat the final boss with this one. Although that light and fun feeling is one of Atelier's charms... (Yanagawa)

Although I've never done Lotte's killing blow Super Move on camera, I have off-camera, and thus, why it's here now. I'll do the same with Miruca's killing blow, as well.

FJ: Full Auto
Miruca's victory theme. Her V sign at the end is just too cute. Seriously, I don't know what to do about it! (Asano)

Miru iro no Hoshi (Olive Green Stars, Game Ver.)
The theme for the return of the hunting team. While it may have seemed like a wild dream, the two Shallies overcame great hardship, and start to become closer... This easygoing song is appropriate for such a scene. (Okamura)

Commentary for full version

This song is by Asako Nasu. She really is a fantastic pianist and singer. If you're interested, please visit one of her live events. I'd love to go myself, but I never have any time! (Okamura)

Koinegaufune (Ship of Hope, Game Ver.)
The theme for departing to the eastern continent. We asked Canoue, featuring the series familiar Shimotsuki on vocals, to perform this song. (Okamura)

Aquamarine (Game Ver.)
This song features Annabell on vocals, and Dani on guitar and bass. This is the humming version used as a BGM in the game. (Achiwa)

This is the full version of the song. Stera and Lotte overcome their disagreements, begin to understand each other, and set off on a journey together. (Achiwa)

I really liked Annabel's songs in Ayesha and E&L, but not too big on this one. It's going for something different, but I dunno, just doesn't do as much for me.

Bonus Bonus
And for your approval, selections from the Atelier Escha & Logy artbook.

Atelier Escha & Logy artbook 1

Atelier Escha & Logy artbook 2

I'm really gonna miss Hidari after this game. Her art is cartoony and realistic, without going overboard in either direction. It's such an appealing style.

Atelier Escha & Logy artbook 3

So, for alternate character designs...

Escha: I wasn't real big on Escha's final design, so if I had to choose, either of the first three would be okay, with my probable choice going to the first rough design drawn.

Logy: a little tougher. I guess I'd have to go with closed white jacket, second from the right in the third row.

Awin: not a whole lot of great alternates here. I'd go with the second from the right in the first row if I had to choose.

Threia: some nice alternates for her. I'd go with the third from the left in the first row. It's a nice bunch of colors, but I liked her final design.

Reyfer: they were definitely going for at theme here, but black coat, black hat Reyfer in the second row is what I would choose.

Lucille: really not a whole lot of variance here. If I must choose, pink dress Lucille would be alright.

Linca: Linca's final design was really nice, so even though I would choose second from the left in the second row, I wasn't too broken up over how she ended up in the final game. Interestingly, they have briefly considered having Linca wield two swords.

Wilbell: her final design was good, but for the plucky witch, I'd go with first from the right in the second row.

Micie: blue coat would be okay.

Katla: her final design was fine, but her more mature-looking alternate costume there would be perfectly okay with me.

Atelier Escha & Logy artbook 4