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Aviary Attorney

by Xander77

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Original Thread: Let's Play Aviary Attorney - Placeholder bird pun goes here.



Aviary Attorney is basically Ace Attorney with anthropomorphic birds based on the art of J. J. Grandville. In February Revolution France. Oh, and with the ability to fuck things up to your heart's content, yet go on with the game. It's pretty amazing, and I hope we'll have a bit of fun bumbling our way through lawyer shenaninaninanigans.

Oh yeah, and thanks to ProfessorProf, for the previous attempt at LPing this, which I'm stealing wholesale.

Act 1

Our First Client
The Baron
First Investigation
First Trial - The Inspector
First Trial - The Artist
Trial Turnabout

Act 2

A new client
Prince Juan
The Louvre
Trial Preparations
First Day of Juan's Trial part 1
First Day of Juan's Trial part 2
The Chocolate Fiend
Second Day of Juan's Trial
Second Trial Ending

Act 3

Task List
Strange Device
The Rebels
Finally a Murder
Trial in the Catacombs
A Happy Ending?

Act 4B

Character Witnesses
Trial Fit For a...

Act 4C

Rebel Alliance
Enemy Mine

Act 4A

The Worst Lawyer
Playing for the Other Side
The Prosecution
Some Birds...

Cast and OST
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