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Aviary Attorney

by Xander77

Part 2: Our First Client

Sullen-faced guards and visitors linger beneath the medieval archways.

: Aight, might as well actually go visit our client.

Conciergerie Elegy

: Yeah, that sounds about right.

: Ah, the Conciergerie. They say this is the finest prison in the whole of France. The outer walls are impenetrable. The cells are spotless. The guards are well-mannered...

: Good day, Monsieur. I am here to see Dame Caterline Demiaou. I am due to represent her in court.

: Oh, you're her lawyer, huh? Fine, fine. Follow me.


: Well, what are ya waiting for? Keep up.

Caterline's theme (Debussy: Valse Romantique)

: Dame Caterline Demiaou, I presume.

: M'lady is knowledgeable.

: Don't... Don't talk like that, Sparrowson.

: Sorry.

: My papa told me that he would only hire the best lawyers in town.

: I'm flattered.

: ...But they weren't available at such short notice, so he hired the first people in the address directory.

: Oh.

: You see, Falcon? I told you listing under Aviary Attorney would pay off.

: Let's get down to business. Dame Caterline, could you fill us in on some details? Your father's letter was a little brief.

: I can do my best. What is it you wanted to know?

: What exactly happened on the night of the murder?

: Ooh, let me think. It was Friday evening. Me and my papa had arrived at Château Crinière, the home of the great Baron Rorgueil. My papa spent all evening talking with Monsieur Grenwee and the baron about... business stuff.

: Business stuff?

: Well, the three of them own a railway company together. So all through dinner, they were talking about company shares and investments, but I didn't really understand most of it. But after dinner, this man with a camera took our photograph. That was a lot more fun.

: Sorry, man with a what took your what?

: A daguerreotype, man bird. They've been around for a decade at this point.

: A tiny bug sits in a box with a tiny paintbrush, and paints your picture very fast. In ten minutes, poof! You have a perfect picture!

: Wow! Technology is amazing!

: I don't think the Lady's explanation is right, Sparrowson.

: Pshaw. Let me believe.

: Still, the camera sounds like a very special device. I'll make a note of it.

: Please continue, Dame Caterline.

: So after we had the photograph, I went into the gardens to get some air, and that's when I found the body of Monsieur Grenwee. He was all ripped open! A housemaid saw me standing over the froggy Monsieur and called for help, and then the police arrived. Before I could say anything, I ended up here. It was such a blur.

: It must have been terrifying.

: It wasn't so bad. My papa taught me how to be a brave cat. Was there something else you wanted to ask, Monsieur Falcon?

: Dame Caterline, who attended the banquet that evening?

: Well, there was me and my papa. My dearest maman couldn't make it. And there was Baron Rorgueil, who hosted the dinner. And his housemaid... Couline, I think she was called. Of course there was Monsieur Grenwee... well, until, you know, he died. And there was Monsieur Robittio de Robinio, the man with the camera, but he was only there for a little while. I think that was all. Was there anything else you wanted to ask?

: Dame Caterline, did you see anything suspicious that evening?

: Suspicious?

: Like, um, maybe a guy lurking in the shadows, or, uh, a bloodied murder weapon...

: Monsieur Falcon, I do believe you are looking for an easy answer.

: You got me.

: I did not see anything, I am afraid. The evening was very normal. The food was delicious. The conversation was boring. It was all very ordinary until the incident.

: I did?

: Dame Caterline, you said, "the food was delicious"...

: You and your damn stomach.

: Let me see...

: Go on.

: Glorious. Falcon, write this down.

: What? This can't possibly be relevant to the case.

: Write it all down. Please. For me.

: Fine, fine.

: Sparrowson, remind me not to let you talk to clients on an empty stomach.

: Come to think of it, I did find it a little strange that we weren't given any cutlery.

: No cutlery? Even for the steak?

: Nope! You would think that the great baron of Château Crinière would have gorgeous silverware, but there was none to be seen.

: That is a little peculiar.

: Was there anything else you wanted to know, Monsieur Falcon?

: No, I think that will be all.

: So what's the plan now, Falcon?

: The way I see it, we have two tasks. We should head to Château Crinière, and try to see the scene of the murder for ourselves. We should try to track down this supposed "photographer", Monsieur Robittio de Robinio.

: Two days for two tasks? Seems doable.

: But we should head back and get some rest first. We have a lot of work ahead of us.

: Wait, Monsieur Falcon. Before you go... You... do believe my story, don't you?

: Of course, Dame Caterline. It's our duty as lawyers -

: - And as gentlemen -

: - To have faith in your testimony. You can trust us.

: ...Thank you. Thank you both.

: Not particularly.

: Well, it is for me. I'm going to start compiling a Face Book so that I can keep track of who everyone is.

: A what?

: A Face Book! It's a collection of people's names, pictures, and descriptions in one easy-to-carry catalog.

: I think I understand. The name could use a little work, though.

: Way to let "Beakbook" go, bird brain.