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Aviary Attorney

by Xander77

Part 5: Photography

: Visiting the other locations results in the exact same dialog we've already seen. The exception is the Baron's estate:

: Back here already? I thought you wanted to meet the photographer? Come on, Falcon, time's a-wasting!

: Wait, there's a note on the door. Ahem. "The magnificent and marvelous artist, Monsieur Robittio de Robinio, is currently out on an artistic expedition. He shall return when his muse sees fit."

: "When his muse sees fit?" What does that even mean?

: I think it means that he is a pretentious bird-brain. But in any case, the artist seems to be out. What shall we do now?

: Hmm.

: We should knock anyway.

: Alright. I don't see the harm.

: ...

: ...

: ...

: Nope. It doesn't look like he's in, Falcon.

: There's nothing else to do. Let's make a move.

: Ugh. I hate the feeling of a wasted trip. Is there really nothing else we can do?

: We should... we should break in.

: WHAT?! Are you serious?!

: ...

: Maybe?

: Monseiur Jayjay Falcon, I would have thought that a man of justice like yourself would be against such reckless displays of unlawful barbarism!

: You're right. I'm sorry. I don't know what came over -

: It's a brilliant suggestion. Stand back, I'm barging the door down.

: Wait, just like that?! Shouldn't we discuss this first?!

Goofy (Charles Gonoud - Funeral March Of A Marionette)

: You said you wanted to break in!

: I thought we could find an open window. I didn't think you would turn into a bird-sized cannonball! Well, now that we're here we ought to make the most of it. This place is quite something. It's very...

: Swanky?

: I was going to say "ostentatious."

: That's just swanky talk for swanky.

: We don't have time for this. The sound of a door being smashed in could be drawing unwanted attention. We should find anything that may help our case, and get out.

: A picture of a sailing ship on a windy day.

: A lighthouse? No, wait, it's a man in a top hat. Actually, if I squint and turn my head sideways...

: It's a black smudge, Falcon.


: This is a tiny photograph of what appears to be a jail cell.

: That reminds me... how illegal is this? You know, breaking and entering. Rifling through a person's belongings...

: Uh...

: Uh...

: I’m not going to lie to you, Sparrowson. If were caught, we will be spending the next twenty years with a number instead of a name.

: Oh.

: Oh!

: I call 24601!

: Don't be daft, Sparrowson. You can’t “call” prison numbers.

: (Damn. I wanted that one.)

: This is a picture of a fence.

: It's a fencey photograph. It leaves the viewer defenseless. Out of all the pictures here, I would picket as my favorite. Okay, I'm done. No more fence puns.

: A butterfly. Or maybe a moth. It's difficult to tell in black and white.

: This is a photograph of a castle somewhere in the countryside.

: You know, I once had an uncle who once fell off a castle rampart while on guard duty.

: Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. Did he die?

: No. He got de-moat-ed.

: Ugh. Terrible.

: This appears to be a photograph of a ladder. Symbolic of climbing towards success, perhaps?

: It looks more like a step-ladder to me.

: Oh, no. We're not getting into that old argument.

: A beautiful picture of the Paris skyline. Given the angle, this must have been taken from Notre-Dame cathedral itself.

: I see a finely-dressed dandy fellow upon a horse.

: I see paints, inks, dyes... I'm not quite sure what the clear liquid in this bottle is.

: I could taste-test it.

: You could. But we don't have time for a hospital visit right now. So let's not.

: I see a bourgeois tigress in profile.

: Hey, Falcon! Look!

: What? It's just an easel.

: No, no, look at what's on the easel!

: There's no question about it. I see a housemaid... Dame Caterline... and I think that's Seigneur Purrtoir, Caterline's father.

: So what shall we do? Do we just... take this?

: No, no. That would be a big mistake. Every half-competent lawyer knows that stolen property can't be used as evidence. Still, we've learned some valuable information by seeing this photograph in person.

: I suppose so. Is there anything else we need to do here?

: I think we're done snooping. Let's get out of here before we draw further attention to ourselves.

: Sounds good to me.

: Oh mon Dieu! What happened to my door?!

: Uhh...

: We've been fairly law-abiding and haven't actually taken anything, so...

: Well, Monsieur Robinio, it's like this. You see, we are attorneys who have been hired for the purpose of...

: RAVEN! A raven did it! We saw the whole thing!

: (What are you doing, Sparrowson? I've got this.)

: (I'm not going to jail because your conscience is acting up!)

: (Nobody's going to jail. Just... take it easy.)

: Ugh. Damn ravens. They're always after our shiny objects, am I right?

: Y-yeah. That's right.

: Let's make a move. Trial day is approaching fast.

: Right. Let's go.