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Part 16: The Chocolate Fiend

: He wants to know if the birds have flown South for the Winter. Whatever that means.

: Oh! Yes, yes! The birds have migrated successfully. But if Monsieur, I mean, Prince Juan told you that... then that must mean he trusts you! He must want you to take these. Go on! Take them, take them!

: What exactly is the point this, Mousey?

: Um, Prince Juan said that they would help with the trial. See the names, see the names!

: Gautier Cygna... Nicole Cygne... I recognize the surname, but I don’t know who these people are.

: Um, neither do I, really. Monsieur, I mean, Prince Juan just told me to book train tickets for these people, and then to make sure they caught the train. And so, and so, that’s what I did!

: Strange. I’m not sure exactly how these stubs are supposed to help with the trial, but I’ll keep hold of them, just in case.

: Let's check back on two locations that don't waste a day:

: Oh, hello again. Can I help you with something else?

: Not particularly. I just came to see if Monsieur Vulpes was around.

: (The game doesn't actually account for secondary dialog that isn't 100% necessary to win the case, unfortunately. So Falcon doesn't react to "Prince Juan's" revelation in any way)

: Not yet, monsieur.

: Come on, Falcon. Trial day is approaching fast.

: The two fools have returned. What can I help you messieurs with today? Need to know the population of Timbuktu, perhaps? Or do you Want a rundown of every character in Twelfth Night?

: Actually, Why did I come here? I’ve already learned everything I wanted to know.

: Maybe you wanted to take out a book.

: Our next destination:

Lander Hagelslak

: Or perhaps you have just returned to ask more questions?

: It's just the questions today, I’m afraid.

: Have you ever served a fisherman named Toussaint Kingly?

: He’s not a fisherman, Falcon. He’s a person who fishes and just happens to be a kingfisher.

: I don’t have time for semantic games, Sparrowson.

: In any case, no, I have not encountered such an individual, messieurs.

: Have you ever served a flower-selling swan named Catherine-Marie Cygne?

: No, monsieur.

: Hmm...

: What are you thinking, Falcon?

: I’m not sure, to be perfectly honest. If she were the chocolate fiend, then our investigation would have become much simpler. But since she’s not...

: Have you ever served a hairy wolf in judicial robes named Judge Romulus?

: Yes, monsieur.

: Alright, have you ever served-

: Yes, monsieur. A wolf in judicial robes. I did serve person like that a little while ago. On the 6th of January, to be precise.

: Did he say or do anything suspicious?

: Not that I can recall, monsieur. He was a pleasant fellow. Big toothy grin. Bought two hundred grams of classic dark Belgian chocolate with a custom filling.

: A custom filling?

: Some type of caramel. He provided it himself, although he unfortunately did not bring enough for me to sample. Hehe.

: What does this mean, Falcon?

: Well, we shouldn’t make assumptions. It may just mean that this judge liked(sic) to eat chocolate. But if the judges purchase is related to the wrapper at the crime scene, then...

: Monsieur Hagelslak, do you think I could get a copy of Judge Romulus’s receipt?

: Is it okay for us to take it, monsieur?

: Absolutely. Memorizing the receipt’s contents is trivial, after all.

{Chocolate receipt]} has been added to your evidence folder.

: Would you look at this thing? Judge Romulus signed it in green ink. Green ink! I knew Judge Romulus was shady, but only truly villainous people write in green!

: Thank you very much for your time, Monsieur Hagelslak. You have been enormously helpful.

: I'm glad to be of service. I wish you the best of luck with your case, messieurs.

: Ok, time to go to

: Or we could only have one option.

Aviary Attorney Office

: I’m somewhat relieved that “Prince Juan” came clean. His secret was putting the whole case in jeopardy.. We’ve still got one day until the trial... but how to spend it? I suppose we could revisit the Louvre... or maybe we should just play some cards at Le Canard Joyeux.

: Piss off Jayjay, that's not happening.

: Is something wrong, Sparrowson? You’re being unusually quiet.

: Falcon. We need to talk.

: What’s up?

: See, I was doing some thinking. Dangerous thing to do, I know. Anyway I realized that we were missing a crucial piece of evidence.

: What evidence would that be?

: Well, we know that Major Howl consumed a piece of chocolate before he died. And we know that he died of poisoning. But we still aren’t sure that the chocolate was the cause.

: So I thought to myself, if one were to consume the wrapper itself, then that may provide proof of whether it contains traces of poison.

: Well.. sure... that could work, but it would be incredibly foolish. Wait, were you thinking of eating the wrapper, Sparrowson?

: Maybe.

: Well, stop those thoughts right now. I’m not going to let you potentially kill yourself like that.

: Heh. I knew you would say that. That’s why I already consumed the wrapper...


: Doctor! Is Sparrowson okay?

: Well, he's not conscious right now, but he is stable. I think it's safe to say that your friend is not on his deathbed.

: Oh, thank God.

: How did you say this happened, again?

: It's... a long story. Lawyering occupational hazard. Doctor, can you tell me what poison caused this?

: I have no idea. I'm an expert in mental health, not toxicology. But I have sent for a specialist who should be here by tomorrow morning. He will make a full assessment.

: That’s good to hear. Thanks, doctor. Take good care of him.

: We’ll have to discuss it later. I have an important case to prepare for, and I'm one partner down.

: I see. Well, rest assured that your friend is in good hands.

: Did someone say something?

: Running around like a headless chicken... you’re one tricky lawyer to find. I told you to drop the investigation, but you just wouldn’t listen.

: Who’s speaking? I can’t see you, monsieur. Step forward.

: Alright. I’ll step forward. But it will be the last thing you’ll ever see.


Drag... drag... drag...


Aquarium The Carnival of Animals - Aquarium

Aquarium (Carnival of Animals - Aquarium)

: I made no mistakes. I did my duty as a lawyer.

: Your duty put an innocent man on death row, Monsieur Falcon. I hope you’re proud of that.

: It wasn't my fault...

: “It wasn’t my fault”? Is that the excuse you make after all of your failures?

: I’m not making excuses.

: Failure after failure after failure. No desire to improve yourself. You're a joke of a lawyer, Jayjay.

: Don't call me Jayjay!

: That's all you have to say? How pathetic. You don’t even deserve to stand in your grandfather's shadow.

: My... my grandfather?

: ...

: What? No, no. I'm just here to tell you to wake up. Wake up, monsieur. Wake up. Hey, can you hear me? I said wake up...

: I said wake up! You're starting to worry me...

: ...Ugh... my head......Where am I?

: The Pont Des Arts. Y’know, by the Louvre. In Paris. France. I just fished you out of the Seine. Nearly broke my rod doing it.

: You're that disrespectful lawyer-guy. Jiro Falco or something?

: What time is it... actually, what day is it?

: You hit your head pretty hard, huh? It's the 21st of January, and around nine o’clock in the morning by my reckoning.

: 21st... nine o'clock... oh no, the trial! I should have been at the Cour d’Assises ten minutes ago!

: Welp, you're running late. But take it easy, monsieur, I’m sure they'll be understanding.

: Maybe if I sprint it...

: In your condition? That would be stupid. Take a seat. Clear your head. I'll go get some dry clothes..

: No time.

: What's this? A dip pen? No, wait, it's a modern fountain pen. Bone handle... gold nib... this is very fancy.

: Thanks, monsieur, but this isn't mine.

: Really? Are you sure? You were holding it pretty tightly when I found you.

: ...I was holding this? Then...I suppose it has to be mine.

{[Fountain pen]} has been added to your evidence folder.}

: Thanks, fisherman. I owe you one.

: It's 9 o’clock. I believe it’s time for the roll call.

: Is the defense not present?

: Tsk. Such unprofessionalism.

: If there is no defense, then this trial cannot proceed any further. We must make a ruling based on the evidence that has already been presented.

: I will now converse with the jury. We shall decide whether Prince Juan is guilty of murdering Major Howl, and of conspiring to murder the king.

: Your honor, may I have a word?

: Fine. But make it quick.

: I'm a firm believer that a trial must be orderly and punctual. There is no room for wishy-washy dilly-dallying. But it seems somewhat rash to end a trial session the moment it is due to start. Perhaps it would be prudent to wait five or ten minutes, in case the defense is just a little tardy. Then the trial still has a chance to proceed, and justice will be served

: You are the prosecution, are you not? You have nothing to worry about. A guilty verdict is all but guaranteed.

: Your honor, you appear confused. I'm not here to secure a guilty verdict.

: Of course you are. You're a prosecutor. By definition, you’re here to prosecute.

: An unfair and unbalanced trial is not in the spirit of justice.

: That's very noble of you, but if the defense is absent, then there is little that can be done. I’ll hear no more about this matter.

Trial Opening

: ...

: You're too late, Falcon!

: Mon Dieu, Jayjay, you look like a total mess. Did you take a morning swim in the Seine or something?

: S... Something... like that.

: Your honor, we are all present. We are only three minutes over schedule. Let's not needlessly dirty the pure name of justice.

: Rules are rules, prosecutor. Falcon clearly has no respect for legal procedure. Frankly, for turning up while looking like a drowned rat, I ought to hold him in contempt of court.

: Your honor... ~wheeze~

: But your honor-

: Rules are rules! One more word out of either of you, and I shall have you both disbarred!

: ...

: ...

: The... The king of France?! He's here?!

King Louis Philippe (?)

: Uh... your majesty! What a surprise! We, uh, well, you see..

: You know, it's my seventh time testifying against a would-be assassin.

: That's 100% accu-rat.

: But it's the first time seeing a trial where the case has ended before it even began.

: Well, the defense, he was late, and uh..

: Oh, pish-posh. France didn't become a great and dignified kingdom through rigorous punctuality.

: Let's go ahead with this trial. It'll be fun. Look, I'll say the oath to get us started!

: Did I get it right?

: That was perfect, your majesty. Jayjay, I trust you have no objections with the king testifying?

: No! No objections here. Going ahead with the trial is fine with me.

: And surely you wouldn't stand in the way of the king, would you, your honor?

: ...

: ...

: Excellent.