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Part 29: Bonus Chapter: Isnoop's Dreams

Blastinus posted:

Regarding Shadow's dreams, in my personal experience, certain inns will simply not trigger the dreams, no matter how many times you stay in them. For instance, Thamasa, with its glorious 1 GP inn. One place I stayed that always seemed to work was Jidoor, so you could try having him sleep there.

Bonus Chapter 02: Isnoop's Dreams
The chapter where Blastinus makes me do extra work.

I'm like 99% sure I used this inn and this party and it never triggered

You'll remember we triggered an Isnoop dream back in ADTRW and his first dream way back in chapter whatever. It was in the WoB, I know that much.

Lowtax: What, now you want to borrow some money? Money doesn't grow on the goddamn trees, you know!
Lowtax: And turn down that music! Where do you think you are, the circus? For Christ sake!
Radium: Sorry.
Lowtax: Hell, I should declare myself president, the shit I put up with.

Okay, so Radium obviously isn't the dog.

I am literally a moron and can't find FFVI's sleeping in the inn music so you get FFIII instead.

Blee bloo bleh bleh bloo blee

250 bux later:

Lowtax: Who would have known they have weapons of mass destruction?
Radium: Yeah, that's kinda fucked up, isn't it?
Lowtax: This has been the worst Halloween ever!
Radium: A nuclear holocaust is pretty bad, but Charlie Brown's halloween made me cry for weeks.
Lowtax: Well then go tell Lifetime about it, Priscilla!
Lowtax: Hey, do you know what today is?!?

Lowtax: Not tomorrow...not yesterday...not July 5th.
Radium: Unless TODAY is July 5th...
Lowtax: TOday's not July 5th! Today is THE BIG DAY.

Lowtax: Yeah, cause today's the day that EDGAR comes back!


250 bux later:

Oh, and Isnoop is your illegitimate son because you ejactulated on the toilet seat. He's also a magical elf with downs and nobody likes him very much.

I hope you've all enjoyed this magical journey into Isnoop's fucked up dreamscape.

all Inceptioning up in this bitch yo